Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB Blu-Ray Recorder : Rolls Royce of recorders

Works great with my panasonic tv. Easy to set up and the picture quality is superb. Very happy with my purchase.

I find this great i already had another older panasonic blu-ray dvd recorder that is 1tb i have it few years never any problem decide to buy this model as i used my old one quite a lot this model having free view plus is great you get all the bbc channel’s itv ch4 & ch5 which will give you a roll back seven day tv guide allowing you to watch any program better than normal iplayer as it let’s you watch progress that was even one hour ago plus you have netflix and amazon prime.

A more modern addition to an earlier model (dmr-bwt735) that i own. The functions are similar but different between models. Some changes to the functions and operations are better, some less so. I do agree with one other reviewer, that the disc tray eject button is inconveniently located facing vertically and reducing access if another unit is placed on top. The older device has it better placed. If the reliability of this new model is as good as the old model, i will be very pleased. Some of the simpler dvd recorders have not been so reliable in the past.

I’ve had an earlier model before and it was very satisfactory. I was able to record programs and send them to a relative on disk. Although i haven’t tried it on this model yet, i expect it to be the same for dvd/bluraythe unit is intuitive and records programs easily. It will provide you two terrestrial recordable freeview channels, together with playback, internet catchup channels, netflix and amazon, internal hard disk, usb input and bluray/dvd/cd read/write. This is probably the best you can get. I bought this as i had poor internet and needed to record terrestrial channels, as i could not rely on internet catchup tv. If you have good internet then just buy a micro-pc for your tv; it will be better and cheaper. The drawbacks of this unit are :it can’t play content from the hard disk (except your recording), bluray, usb or sd if it is recording. If you record something like eastenders each evening, then you have to stop the recording in order to watch content.

It did, we are very content about .

This covers all options, pvr and multi format dvd recorder, i use panasonic recorders (2) so the operation is familiar to me but i don’t think anyone would have any trouble learning to use this but i stress the learn part, these units do a lot so there is a lot to control. Buy with confidence because dvd recorders are getting a bit thin on the ground and some of us still like a physical media recording and playback system.

I bought this as a replacement for an older version with less storage and no 4k function, because of a new 4k television. Both it and its predecessor are very efficient with only the odd glitch over many years ( unplug and re-plug ti fix, so not really faulty). The bluray and dvd recording work well and the freeview tuners make recording easy. I would certainly recommend this machine.

It might not do what i need it to in a year or two.

  • An excellent recording and multi-functional device.
  • Not cheap, but does all it claims to do
  • A great recorder

Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB Blu-Ray Recorder with Freeview Play and 4K Ultra HD Up-Scaling – Black

Product Description, Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB Blu-Ray Recorder with Freeview Play and 4K Ultra HD Up-Scaling – Black.

Box Contains, Mains Cable Remote Control Remote Batteries Instruction Book

From the manufacturer

Blu-ray Recorder with Freeview Play

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This Freeview Play compatible BD Recorder lets you enjoy a wide variety of content. With TV Anywhere, you can watch and record programmes both at home and while you’re away. In addition, a host of image-enhancing functions include 4K Upscaling and 4K Networking.

Freeview service subject to coverage. Min 2Mbps Broadband required. Aerial upgrade may be required.

7-day catch up for selected channels. Full functionality subject to firmware upgrade.

Catch up with your favourite TV shows, whenever you want

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Freeview Play

With the newly supported Freeview Play function you will be able to watch TV programmes from the last seven days. You can watch drama, news, sports and other programmes that you missed while you were away from home, without even having to record them. They’re ready for you to watch when you’re ready to watch.

Fingertip-easy Freeview Play Button

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Quick and Easy Remote Control

A Freeview Play button has been added to the remote control.This gives you one-touch access to the popular Freeview Play catch-up service.

Experience a world of 4K quality

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4K Networking

Your Panasonic Blu-ray recorder can now bring the ever-expanding world of stunningly detailed 4K content* into your home. As well as upscaling Blu-ray to 4k*,it lets you record 4K content* onto its built-in HDD and view 4K video recorded to SD card by Panasonic LUMIX cameras and camcorders.

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Lacks a scart input which would have allowed me to transfer progs from cable box. Also sometimes loses contact with the external usb drive i added (rectified by holding down on/off button on recorder until it shuts down completely and then restarting). Also not possible to view video stored on pc on home network via dlna while recording – which is odd because you would expect the two functions to be independent. Other than these small niggles i am very impressed. Setup is generally user friendly though i did struggle finding out how to select guide categories (status i button and then blue button). Also quick selection of day and time in guide (red schedule button). Transfer of progs to ext hd is fast. Grouping and protection is simple. Just select an existing group and the new episode to add into an existing group – no need to degroup/regroup.

My fourth panasonic hdd/disc recorder so maybe i find it easy to use because i’m familiar with panasonic’s way of working, but i reckon it’s pretty easy to work out. The user guide can be a bit cryptic in places but, again, a couple of minutes’ trial and error usually sorts it. The machine is my second blu-ray machine and it was really easy to copy all the stuff i wanted to save onto blu-ray r/w disks and then back onto the new machine’s hdd. One nice feature is that it saves the programme info when recording which can then be displayed when searching for a particular episode (press the ‘i’ button while the item is selected in the playback menu). The, ‘smart’ function now works at a reasonable speed – the previous model took forever to respond to selection commands – although i’m not quite sure how much i’ll use it given that i have a smart tv and i am fairly sure that one cannot record material from the internet. All in all, a good box if you can afford the price. By the way, i cannot comment on the 3d recording – i have no use for 3d – i bought it mainly for the large hdd, the twin tuner and the ability to write blu-ray as well as conventional dvd.

As per my review title, this is a review for the pictured model – the latest (c2015) panasonic dmr-bwt850 smart 3d 1tb hdd/blu-ray/dvd recorder with freeview play. I say that since, at the time of writing, amazon themselves (and others) sold this unit on another page but the details for the product were somewhat lacking – they hadn’t even stated the model number in the title . That has since been corrected but just in case it changes again, you can see/confirm the product in the ‘product details’ section or by looking/zooming at the product photos as the model number is on the facia of the machine. This is also important as some of the reviews on this page are clearly for a different machine, as criticisms of it are incorrect and, even if valid, observations clearly refer to a different model. There is another amazon page for this item with more info (nb it adds dvd multiregion capability) :panasonic dmr-bwt850 (multiregion dvd player) smart network 3d blu-ray disctm recorder with twin hd recorder – 4k upscaling & recording etc. I already own a bwt700 and bwt740 which are earlier ‘iterations’ of this panasonic genre and have a similar range of features, but with each model new (often very significant ) features are added but usually a feature or 2 is removed – and (of course ) it’s usually something i found useful i try and stick to panasonic units as i use panasonic cameras/camcorders, so playback via their sd cards is easy and these blu-ray units, for example, support the fantastic quality ’50p progressive’ avchd video footage i can take on them. A good ‘rule of thumb’ for panasonic hdd/blu-rays units is ‘bdt’ is a player only, ‘pwt’ is a player and hdd recorder but does not record to blu-ray/dvd disc and ‘bwt’ are the ‘biggie’ units which play/record to all media (but with differing/occasional limitations eg no support for dvd-ram, record to hdd requires disc ‘registration’ which limits the ability to play recordings elsewhere). It’s important to ‘spot’ those differences as sometimes the product description can include the terms hd/blu-ray and then ‘recorder’/’player’ without being 100% clear which of those media can or can’t be recorded to. So, to check the unit specification/features/’desirability’ for you it is essential to download/peruse the user guide – that way you can confirm, for example, the connections it has, what media it supports and whether the functions are all you require/expect. The basics of what this (surprisingly small/light) unit will do are :1.

This is an excellent bit of kit – in many ways superior to its panasonic predecessors but i wish the had kept the previous display for the timer recording guide.

I am really pleased with this recorder, it easy to use ,has a massive storage capacity ,1 tb and has made my tv into a smart tv with catchup tv ,all the hd and extra freeview channels that i could not get before, i also like the programme guide and ‘pause live tv’ feature. All round i’m very happy with this hd smart recorder.

This is a great machine and will fulfil most needs. Do bear in mind that although it will record hd tv to a blue ray disc it will only play these discs back in a panasonic blu ray player only and this may well change at any time so that these discs will only play back in this machine onlyso be careful if you’re thinking about archiving discs for years to come.

Seems very good but the software is very confusing.

Bought for mother in law who at the age of 86 has no problem operating it – after a few false startstypical panasonic quality and integrates nicely with a new samsung curved smart tv. Can only echo the comments of earlier 5 star reviews.

  • An excellent recording and multi-functional device.
  • Not cheap, but does all it claims to do
  • A great recorder

Panasonic DMR-BWT850EB Blu-Ray Recorder with Freeview Play and 4K Ultra HD Up-Scaling – Black

Very pleased with this product as i wanted a recorder with a dvd player. Very easy to use, can’t fault it.

This is a fantastic product and is exactly what i want, my previous model was the sony version but this had started to fail and i needed a replacement but sony no longer have dvd recorders in their range, so i upgraded to the panasonic blu ray recorder. The only negative comment that i have for the product is the user manual it is very poor not easy to understand and some functions are not fully explained.

Delivered four days ahead of schedule. Very easy to set up, and ease of use is straight forward depending on what you doing.

Price of panasonic things always high but have had many years good service from them and this one is just the same.

Can you play dvd on the blue ray recorders please thanks you very much.

This recorder has a great deal of functionality. For those who want to record only then look elsewhere for a far less expensive device. For those wanting a recorder with all the technical add-ons then this is highly recommended. In addition to a blue-ray player and recorder there is a valuable facility allowing the import and export of files via usb. The transfer of files to an external hard drive i now regard as essential – how often have i heard people say that their recorder hard drives are now full of recorded programmes which they wish to keep. This machine now solves that problemi have also connected this recorder to my broadband router via a ethernet cable for internet streaming – this picks up things such as bbc iplayer, youtube videos, etc. And the results are excellent. Summing up, anyone wanting this sort of functionality will not be disappointed. And it is all readily accessible by a simple use of the function menu button.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this. And having owned 3 previous panasonic dvd recorders (dmr-ex83, dmr-ex88 and an even older dvd only recorder, whose model number i can’t remember), i am stunned by the improvement in picture, sound quality and useability in this model and freeview play is a handy addition too. 1) i know what follows will be old hat to many but as well as the expected hdd/dvd recording etc functionality, panasonic have made it easy to use miracast to exactly mirror what’s on my smartphone screen onto my 50′ non-smart tv screen, so i now can browse the internet on my tv with a fully functioned standard browser, ‘project’ slideshows of my photos & much much more. No need for me to buy that chromecast (or other) dongle for christmas any more2) update 23-dec: with a bit more time to try some more features, i’ve been playing with archive/copy from hdd to blu-ray & dvd-r disks (both verbatim brand). A) a simple archive (copy) of all 6 episodes of planet earth ii (originally recorded on bbc1 hd to the recorder’s hdd) onto one blu-ray disc took just 12() minutes and picture quality on playback of the copy seemed pretty good to me. B) had to use six separate disks when doing a copy to dvd-r discs & couldn’t find a way to copy in high speed, so took 6×1 hours, with (obvs) a disc change needed after every episode. C) finally, copied all 6 episodes to one blu-ray disc in high definition (in hx mode to get 6 hours on single disc, as hg only allows 4 hours per disk) – this also took 6 hours, but with no need to change discs between each episode. I need to compare the playback quality of each of these archive types to see which one will be my standard way of archiving future recordings i want to keep.

Excellent sound and picture quality – copying to dvd is a bit complicated and i still have to work out how to copy in long play mode.

I bought this unit 7 months ago as i have a 4k panasonic camcorder, and i wanted to transfer my 4k footage to the recorder to watch on my 4k tv, as the panasonic adverts tell you. The footage taken on the camcorder is in short clips, but the recorder can play them back grouped together as one video, as it says in the manual. After 13 emails to panasonic support, (who bizarrely told me the machine cannot play 4k files. Of course it does) it transpires that this is not the case – the footage can only be played back one clip at a time – useless. Viewing a 20 minute home video would take all day. This is the same for avchd files as well. This is a serious shortcoming and if you use a 4k camcorder as i do, this machine is not fit for purpose. Other functions work well, and picture quality upscaled to 4k is excellent.

I was looking for somewhere to store my 4k camcorder footage. This machine does the job very well, allowing me to save mp4 also, and play them all back (to a 4k tv), and back to a sdxc card if or when required. With excellent up scaling to a 4k tv of tv programmes, and avchd video is as close to 4k as you could possibly get. With a one terrabite hard drive and many software up grades, it’s miles better than previous models, and they were good .

Buy this and you will not be disappointed.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Scroll back through EPG guide for 7 days catch up Freeview play
  • 4K video playback and archiving 4K ultra HD upscaling and 4K networking.Mass Strage – to HDD:MP4, AVCHD, AVCHD 3D, Xvid, MKV, JPEG, 3D Photo,AAC, ALAC, DSD, FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Easy settings for all your favourite series TV series recording
  • 1 TB HDD for 684 hours of HD recording
  • Netflix and Amazon instant video