Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB Smart 500GB Recorder : Panasonic quality hard drive recorder

I really like this piece of kit. Very easy to use and great picture quality on both live tv and recording playback. To be honest, though, the recorder it replaced was virtually prehistoric, so anything is going to seem like a light-year leap in performance.

Ordered on 19 december and i picked it up from locker on 21st. Bought this to replace a lg rht399 which was getting very temperamental. Very easy to set up and operate. Impressed us with series record prompt which comes up when you choose program and was clever enough to follow labyrinth changes in times on xmas schedules. It even waited if a program start was delayed which lg never did. Records 2 hd programs at same time but have to go to antennae to watch a 3rd ( however you can watch a previous recording at same time). Have had it for a month now and cannot fault it. Have not tried to save to sd card or portable hdd yet so cannot comment.

I recently ditched virgin as the price had increased to a level i couldn’t afford and was un willing to pay anyway, this panasonic box is great and does virtually the same job.

Arrived earlier than expected,thanks to all concerned. Installation was simple, and the recorder was operational in a few minutes. Very impressed with the picture resolution. Must point out this kit is working with my panasonic tv which has 3d, and internet connection. Recording of programmes is easy and the ability to record two programmes is useful.

Moved to an area that wasn’t cabled and decided to use freeview. Perfect reception on all channels plus hd. Better still i’m not paying a monthly fee. Getting broadband soon so will try the internet connection. The optical outlet allowed me to link to my home theatre system.

Throw away the useless instruction manual, forget any reservations you may have had and buy this smart recorder without hesitation. It may not perform as quickly as some others but it gets there and it is superb. I wish panasonic would contact me to write their instruction manuals as we’ve had the same problem with their latest microwave.

Excellent hd quality indistinguishable on playback or direct, and perfectly quiet in operation as no internal fan noise. . Only slight reservation i have is that recorded programes can’t be dubbed off to play elsewhere. Backup is possible to ext hard drive , but files are only recoverable back to this machine. Beyond that, can’t fault it.

Outstanding picture on my panasonic tv. Very slow to respond to the remote to the extent i initially thought it was not working. I still find it ten days on very frustrating. One really has to plod through to record and/or delete. I expect a better responding piece of kit from panasonic. Seriously wonder whether i’d have been better off with humax.

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  • less than favourable reviews of this machine but I like it. Yes there are a lot of buttons
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Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB Smart 500GB Recorder with Twin Freeview+ Tuners (Not a BLU-RAY or DVD Recorder) and AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 3 Feet

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An excellent freeview recorder – works with ease once you get the hang of it. 100% reliability thus far (contrary to some other makes). Probably more useful if epg scrolling was in shorter increments than just 24hrs at a time as it’s quite slow to move through the list of programmes to get to others. Otherwise, a very good piece of kit.

Bought to replace sony tuner which went wrong and is no longer available. So very pleased we went for panasonic. Arrived very promptly and was very quick and easy to set up. Navigation round system is very easy and so easy to use. Formatted remote so that we can control our sony screen from same remote as tuner – again so easy to do. Very impressed that message came up on screen letting us know that it had found new channels and with one click it updated in a couple of minutes – when we updated on our old sony we lost all timer settings but we were really surprised and happy that the panasonic kept all our timer settings when we updated. Also the price is so reasonable – it was cheaper than having our old sony one repaired. Overall we are very impressed with our new panasonic freeview tuner and would certainly recommend it.

Fantastic product just a shame it dosnt have a rf loop that just means changing the tv input when both tuners are recording. Bought this at a fantastic price in a amazon warehouse deal can’t see any cosmetic marks all accessories are with it. Just a very small dent in the panasonic cardboard box. Its new can’t tell its a warehouse deal. Wonderful picture the guide tells you if your recording is available in hd.

What a great machine; i record all my tv now and watch everything at my convenience. Hd is great and extra channels on top of freebies ones.

Great product i love this one. Good quality picture easy to set up. Would recommend this to everyone.

Very good unit easy to understand much better than recording discs the clarity is excellant so easy to get on to channels would highly recommend.

This recorder is the usual excellent quality from panasonic. The hd picture quality is very good and the epg is very clear and easy to operate. I have a humax recorder for my freesat service it is good but the panasonic recorder is easier to use and more responsive when using the remote.

Worked beautifully straight out of the box. Good picture and sound quality. The epg is easy to navigate. Pluses: when requesting to a record it highlights if there is a hd version and asks if you would prefer to record that instead. A few quibbles: on turning on it often thinks it’s found more channels and asks you if you want to spend 3 minutes waiting for it to download these – almost certainly not. The epg is not easy to scroll down or up whole pages – you can but using the channel down/up button and you cannot nagivate to a certain channel by typing in the numbers. Does exactly what we wanted exactly as it should.

  • Looking for an Answer to your SKY / Virgin box ?
  • less than favourable reviews of this machine but I like it. Yes there are a lot of buttons
  • Mmm

Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB Smart 500GB Recorder with Twin Freeview+ Tuners (Not a BLU-RAY or DVD Recorder) and AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 3 Feet

Good product very easy to set up and use with panasonic tv.

Takes a little while to get used to its limitations compared to expensive monthly packages and is a little slow to respond to commands but works very well otherwise and large memory for all the recordings you want.

At the moment it is not working, it packed up over a week ago. Waiting for the man to hopefully fix it. Only had it since november but when it was working i liked it. Nice to be able to record 2 programmes at the same time.

Bought to replace another failing unit from a different manufacturer. It was easy to set up and seems to be working as expected. The only criticism is that, on fast forward or reverse of saved items, there is no timer to use to locate a specific time point into the programme, as my old unit had. This is a minor issue, however.

Panasonic quality and fairly straight forward operation. The unit appears to have more steps to allow you to view items you have already recorded but once you get used to it it is okay. Quality of recordings seems good, easy to delete and set programmes to record.

Should have got this the first time. Excellent product, software and easy to install. Works as it should and most importantly it has been recognised as an hdmi unit from the tv port. Really very impressed with it so far. If you have a bravia i would recommend this unit without a doubt.

I was very happy with the speedy service and the product itself which is brilliant in that it receives the high definition channels plus in my case quite a few more additional channels and it provides clearer pictures for them too. I’m a bit of a technological doughnut but even i was able to get it working quite quickly. The recording through the channel guide is very easy and it produces a quality picture in play back.

Because my much-loved toshiba hdr ‘died’ after just 3 years, i purchased this panasonic product. So far it seems just perfect. The only confusing thing is that remaining time is based on expected hd recording, and if, like me, you usually record most of the programmes in sd you have to double the figure shown. I only found this out by reading the ‘specifications’ section at the back of the manual. Otherwise no problems so far – i have only had it 2 days though.

The twin tuners are very useful, but i’ve found that it is very easy to inadvertently set it up to attempt to record three programmes at once. You are not warned clearly enough that you have maybe forgotten that you set up to record a series of programmes and are trying to record two more that clash with it. The programme guide indicates with a small red clock face symbol on all three that it’s set up to record, but in fact one of them will not. I’ve lost one or two programmes before i sussed out what was happening. But another plus point is that subtitles are automatically recorded, and can be accessed or switched off as you wish imply by pressing the ‘sttl’ button on the remote. A boon to london viewers with less than perfect hearing who enjoy watching films set in glasgow, belfast or newcastle.

Second panasonic hard drive i’ve purchased(this ones for the wifes tv) simple to install and auto setup with only a few security inputs to do. Easy to use even for my non technical wife.

There have been some less than favourable reviews of this machine but i like it. Yes there are a lot of buttons on the remote but all you need to do is “read the instructions” and all is fine. It can be a little slow to react, but this is a low/mid price box, i think some people expect too much. Picture is sharp and it has adjustable digital delay for sound sync. It will handle dolby sound (up to a 6. 1 rig) and i have not noticed any overheating as some reviews allude to. The only thing to beware of is dont use it until you have entered a pin number, otherwise it will default to the “family” setting and you will find all your after 9pm material will record, but not play. If you do this, all is not lost, but you’ll need to ring panasonic for a “get out of jail free” set of instructions. Great piece of equipment, unbelievably low price for what it offers.

I bought this second hand and saved a small fortune. The savings don’t stop there because having this bad boy meant i could get rid of sky +. You can record 2 programs at once do series links, pause and rewind live tv. Its basically the free alternative to sky. I bought this in january and i now have 98 films recorded from itv2, film4, channel 4 etc etc – who needs sky movies.

Ever been in love with an electronic product?. We are sold on it, this is worth so much more its simply brilliant, we had to add a tv amplifier but thats because we are in a poor freeview signal area full of trees but once sorted this is simply the best value ever. Sharp picture, easy to use, simply great.

I was rather sceptical of making this purchase, however, i found the set up instructions extremely easy to follow and within half an hour of receiving delivery i had connected everything up to my tv set and found my way around the programming editing etc. , unlike some other products which come with an instruction dvd panasonic provide a ‘proper’ booklet as they obviously realise that not everyone has access to a computer and that more senior citizens do like to have instructions at hand to refer to. The recorder is so quiet too and does not have to be left on at all times, it will record quietly in the background and automatically switch itself back off when completed. I now wish i had paid a little extra for the 1tb though.

The first one was ‘lost’ by the danish post office. Thanks to amazon for refunding the cost. I ordered a second dvr, which arrived on time and undamaged. It’s now connected to my samsung plasma tv and works fine. I particularly wanted a dual tuner free-to-air dvr, to replace my old sagem dvr, which was becoming unreliable after about 9 years – and the only alternative dual tuner dvr in denmark costs more than 3 times as much. There have been many negative reviews, and most of them are justified. However, i did not want (or expect) a ‘smart’ dvr. I get danish subtitles, which i can turn on or off, for all programmes, including those in danish. I must agree that the instruction book could be greatly improved, and the design of the remote control often causes me to cancel something i’m in the process of doing – because the buttons are too close together. It would be great if panasonic could update the software so that the tv programmes could also be shown in a portrait format.

Downloads the guide without any hassle – no chunks of data missing like our humax did all the time. Hd quality great and the ease of use is good too. Just one thing: no search facility on the guide.Can make for a long and frustrating 10mins or more looming to see if programmes are available or not. Please you guys at panasonic, write some extra coding for a software update and give us the search facility, make it the perfect hdd.

I am still finding my way around all the new facilities after upgrading from a 10 year old humax. I like the way i can control my panasonic tv as well from the remote control, although it sometimes leaves the tv on external source and needs resetting next morning.

Ideal for a bedroom where you only have freeview and want to record your favourite programs. We had the older model for years & have now just replaced. It has got user interface but we don’t use it. We always buy panasonic as always reliable.

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