Panasonic DP-UB391EBK 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player – – Not bad!

I have tried the other dvd players from amazon and all have their merits, but i have not beensatisfied and i have either trashed them or given them away. The player i have now got thepanasonic dp-ub391 is the one. It has so far outlasted the others which for me is a good point. I am quite pleased with the menu system. I had a problem with the remote as it was interferingwith my other equipment but a phone call to panasonic solved this.

This is an honest review with no vested interest in the supplier and i have bought this with my own money. Well pleased and very rarely give 5 star reviews. Matched this with a sony 4k kd49xf8577 tv and the match could not be more perfect. Both are hdr10, running at full 4k with a 4k blu ray dvd the picture is astounding. With a regular blu ray there’s significant upscaling and a regular dvd again a noticeable increase in clarity. The motion fluidity is right up there noticeably above a 1080 24fps to the specified 50/60 fps for 4k, the dynamic range is perfect and setting is matched to the original production level but if you want more then the option is on it’s remote control to increase. I’m using the optical out for for my older str-k740p 5. 1 surround system which decodes the output audio well and the sound is the best i’ve heard it. It feels well made and a nice smooth action on the door, runs smooth. It’s quick to set up and although not wifi it works great with my wired ethernet hub which is how i prefer to have everything connected anyway.

The dvd player itself is very good but let down by its remote control. Unlike my panasonic recorder the remote tv on /of control and volume will not work with my tv and seems to be no way of making them operational. All my other remote works all functions but not this one which means i have to use both panasonic remotes to get all functions that is why it only gets 4 star.

Very quite, gives great picture.

Im very inpressed with it and it dose what it says it dose and very easy to set up.

I am very impressed with the picture quality this displays on my 4k tv. The level of detail in the upscaled regular blu-rays are stunning. Not only that, the player itself is pretty quiet when playing discs, so that’s a bonus. For the price as well, i totally recommend this player for people who have a 4k tv.

First of all, i am a huge film fan and have a fair sized collection of dvds and blu-rays but for the last year or so i’ve wanted a 4k blu-ray player for the extra image quality and hdr support. After thinking long and hard, i decided to treat myself and get this. I was impressed when i watched my first 4k blu-ray on this player (ready player one). The image quality and colours when in 4k mode with hdr enabled looked fantastic. My only gripe is that it didn’t come with an hdmi cable, but that was easily fixed. For the price i think it is a pretty good deal and should last me until the next big thing comes out (8k maybe?).

Bought as a present for my husband.

Brought this panasonic 4k blu-ray player much cheaper from curry’s pc world, and i have to say this was a bargain. , i all so got a free 4k film when i applied online. And i have to say the picture & sound is just amazing, and i love how you can adjust the hdr setting.

Great picture and great sound through the optical output.

Before i post my review i am in no way being paid for this review and i bought the blu ray player used with my own money. This replaces my xbox one s and sony bdp s3700. This blu ray player is connected to an lg 43uk6400plf ips tv. Compared to both the stand alone sony blu ray player i was using and the xbox this blows both of them combined out of the water. The image quality is a whole lot better than both the xbox and blu ray player. The colours are much more natural and the sound is amazing from the player when using the hdmi audio out to my sony str dn=1020 amp. Also one feature i was not aware amp had was dolby digital + which this blu ray player output with one of my blu ray disks. If this is what panasonic does with the lower end 4k blu ray player then i would love to see what their high end blu ray player can do. But theres one feature i miss from the sony blu ray player is with 4:3 video the sony has an option to use wide screen or pan and scan. Its not the end of the world though because my tv has an option for full screen zoom where i can make the picture fill the width of the tv without cropping the top and bottom of the image.

Bough the lg one before and was utter crap where as this one is a different story and it works really well great picture.

I’ll start off by saying i would recommend this player, the picture and sound quality are top notch, particularly for the price but it has some irritating little ways about it which means it’s gonna annoy you now and again. If you leave a disc in it it’ll start to play that disc as soon as you power on, and there’s no option to turn that off. Once you’ve managed to stop the disc it doesn’t take you to a home screen, it takes you to a screen saver, there’s no option to get rid of that so it’s another step you have to take to get to what you want to do. If you’re watching a film and you get a phone call or something you pause the film, but don’t let that conversation go on too long because after 20 minutes the player is calling it a night and turning itself off, again there’s no option to change this, it just is what it is. On top of all this the control is easily the most crowded control i’ve ever used and the netflix button is right on top of the up button, very easy to hit by mistake, you hit the home button and you’re back at the screen saver again, really poorly thought out. Despite the lack of options regarding the front end you’re spoiled for picture settings and this is where you begin to forgive some of the failures. The image and sound quality is first rate, it really is, it’s just such a shame it has these silly little faults that sound small but can really get annoying. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic DP-UB391EBK 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player –:

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  • 4K Ultra HD native Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Ultra HD Premium Certified
  • HCX picture processor & 4K Direct Chroma Upscaling
  • Twin HDMI terminals & High Clarity Sound
  • Compact size (320mm) with full panel cover

Big improvement compared to my last blu ray player, the fan isn’t too loud so even with quiet scenes it’s not distracting. Only complaint is the rather cheap build quality, but feels like it should last. There is a similar model on amazon for £40 cheaper, but i had to spend extra on this just to have the option of a digital audio connection.

Don’t normally do reviews and i buy a lot of stuff on amazon, but this panasonic player is very good, upscales normal blu-ray very good and native 4k ones are amazing, and its quiet when working not like some, optical output a bonus.

Works well and compatible with my alexia remote device.

Great quality picture and easy to operate.

Superb for the money great 4k and blu ray pictures and sound. Only complaint the smart features and menus outside disc menus feel more at home in the 90s very dated and clunky.

Vey good player, would be nice if the digi box and player did not turn on and off with each others remote bit of a pain.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Awesome piece of Kit

  • Great player that does more than is described but

  • Not without its faults.

I really needed to buy this machine as i didn’t have a dedicated dvd player, solely relying on my xbox one s and an old hd dvd player. When reading the reviews, somebody had hinted about it possibly reads 3d disks as wel. I then checked with panasonic and was informed that it ‘does’ play 3d disks as well as 4k / uhd. I then bought it and can recommend it but i would also recommend that you also shop around for the best price first as i found out only days after buying this that it was £50 cheaper at john lewis. That is the the only negative thing i can say about this, i could have saved £50 going elsewhere. Back to the player itself, there were a few choices for me, including sony and lg but the panasonic one was finally chosen because i also have a 59′ panasonic 4k, 3d, hdr tv and i am so happy that my intuition paid off as this player works so well with my tv. If you have a 4k tv and have this player, the player will try to ‘upscale’ a normal / hd dvd to 4k quality then the tv will receive the data and also ‘upscale’ the quality so you finally acheive a near 4k quality viewing experience from a standard dvd.

So disappointed to find out too late that my new dvd player doesn’t support 4k or now tv app. It is outside the 30 amazon refund, or i would send it back. Works well for netflix and amazon prime.

Very happy with this, great picture on all types of dvd and a great price. Only 3* on durability because it’s not very old.

We had a panasonic blu-ray player and like this brand but we have had it a long time, it began to not play all our discs or stop part way through which is very frustrating. We were pleased to find this player it had everything that we wanted and is half the side of the old one. It is all worked on the remote which is good but with teenage children worry it might go missing. It was delivered the next day too and was easy to swap them over.