Panasonic DP-UB820EB-K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player – – Brilliant

Does what it has promised more than pleased.

A pitiful remote control that requires the minute fingers of a child to operate are the only letdown on this otherwise flawless machine. The picture quality is beyond superb, as is the sound when the soundbar is utilised. Playing the 4k uhd remastered ‘2001 – a space odyssey’ (on an lg 4k tv) was breathtaking. So incredibly vivid, it was like watching the film for the first time. So many things that i had missed previously were brought to the fore. The unit is compact with good build quality. A frontal usb socket is a handy feature – unused at time of this review.

Managed to get one before they disappear or the price goes sky high, only using with a panasonic 50” plasma at the moment until funds allow to get the tx-55gz950, picture looks same as old pani blu-ray player but the interface is so much better and there’s plenty of tweaking to do, so i’m sure going by other reviews it will perform just fine, luckily it arrived undamaged as it was only wrapped in a layer of brown paper and fragile tape around it. Perhaps a layer or two of bubble wrap wouldn’t have gone a miss. Overall it’s looking great only given 4* as no 4k screen so i can’t comment on true 4k yet.

Really great 4 k player with dolby vision and atmos. Also the best player i’ve seen at upgrading blu rays , well worth the money.

It is a good product but it cannot read my 4k bluray jurassic world fallen kingdom.

Great uhd blu-ray player, very small and light which allows it to fit on my narrow shelf under the tv. Very quick to start up and produces amazing picture quality in 4k, standard blu-ray discs upscale to near uhd quality and with hdr10 and dolby vision the richness of contrast and colour is awesome. The player does have a slight audible hum whilst in use, but in all honesty i don’t notice it once the speakers on my tv/home cinema are blasting out sound. Remote control is ridiculously small, with tiny buttons and zero weight to it, but you do get used to it-i’ve placed it next to the tv remote for comparison.

This is the second item of a gradual upgrade for all my av stuff to 4k uhd, the panasonic eb820 replacing a sony bd-s375 player. Since i haven’t made a 4k tv purchase yet i tried the panasonic out with several good quality blue ray and dvd disks and have to say was really impressed with how much better the colours and contrast were than on the sony, (i gorge watched the whole of fringe season one bd in three days because of it. ) the biggest surprise however came when trying audio cd’s. Playing classical, rock or pretty much anything it made my yamaha 5. 1 surround set sing, even with the middling speakers i use i could hear musicality and detail the sony had completely missed – guess it shows where the money went. One final point, – the panasonic downscales 4k uhd disks to hd without complaint – quite useful for meedit 30/7/19. Tv is now a 4k philips pus6703 and good 4k hdr disks look astonishing. Added bonus is netflix via the panasonic built in app is in dolby digital + 7.

Fabulous video and audio quality, small and neat unit which is quiet in operation, sadly let down by an awful remote control which has tiny control buttons.

Not going to win any awards for design and aesthetics, and fairly cheap build quality of the actual machine but sound and picture quality are fantastic. I noticed a pick up in picture quality but the sound quality was where i noticed a bigger change with going up to 4k. 1 surround sound system, the audio is very impressive.

Superb sound and picture quality and works really well with panasonic oled tv.

Great 4k player; good upscaling; atmos and vision; quick load; simple user interface; very impressive at sub-£300 (it’s much much better than the more expensive denon bd udp it replaced.

4k, hdr10, dolby vision, twin hdmi out (one audio only) optical out – fast, reasonably quiet,i’m a happy graham.

This is a good standard blu-ray player from panasonic. It is a quite basic model, with no smart features, although almost all recent tvs will have these as standard now. The unit is quite smallish, much more than my previous panasonic model which i had only purchased 6 months ago, which shows how quickly technology gets compressed these dayssetting up the connection was easy, and the remote functions well (albeit it is quite lightweight, small and cheap looking). The plug is for some reason quite oddly shaped and i’ve had to put at the end of a multiplug as it can’t fit in the middle due to its strange shape. The picture quality is quite good and produces a very bright image, especially when playing 4k disks. It provides a lot of precision and depth, especially when you have hdr on. It can’t however play 3d blu-ray discs, should you have any. A good entry level model, but i think if you want enhanced quality it might be worthwhile spending a little more. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic DP-UB820EB-K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player –:

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  • Our Hollywood Cinema Experience, or HCX, picture processor is inside our UHD Blu-ray Player. Years of picture know-how and collaboration with Hollywood studios, are captured in this chip to deliver precise colour and picture definition.
  • This Ultra HD Blu-ray player supports multiple HDR formats, such as HDR10, as well as supporting HDR10+ playback with dynamic metadata, it is also compatible with Dolby Vision and supports Hybrid Log-Gamma as well.
  • Our original image processing technologies achieve HDR images with higher definition than ever before. Tone mapping is used to adjust the brightness level of the content and HDR images from ordinary HDR10 and TV footage, provide optimal playback.
  • Technology from Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, are applied to our unique 4K High Precision Chroma Processing. 4K image colour signals are interpolated into 4K by a multi-tap chroma process, for natural texture and depth.
  • This model is designed for high-resolution audio reproduction, in addition to the conventional formats, DSD and ALAC music files can be reproduced. Simply connect to your home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.

Well pleased with this player.

Hdr 10 plus, dolby vision, hdr, atmos. Amazing upscalling makes your blu ray look 4k,your dvds look blu ray. Best 4k blu ray player i’ve owned( previously had ubx800, ubp900, ubk950)does a fantastic job at tone mapping hdr, a setting for everyone. This is replacement for my sony ubx800 and the difference is astonishing. Future proof as already capable of dolby vision /hdr 10. The 4k upscalling is almost as good as 4k native discs, brings your current collection of blu rays a new lease of life. So far i’ve had 0 problems, considering it’s replaced a sony ubx800 (budget) player that was littered with faults this comes as a relief.

Bought this to go with panasonic 4k tv. Nearly went for the more expensive hdr10+ version but because tv won’t support that, it would have been a waste of money. Very happy with picture and incredible sound through surround system. Like the way that when you turn the blu ray player on, the tv comes on too and the tv remote can be used to control the player. Very neat, simple, compact and high performance player.

After returning my first one due to a fault and receiving a replacement i must admit the picture quality is pin sharp and awesome colours even in blu rays is astonishing. Hdr optimiser makes the picture even better. The only downside is that it doesnt play 4k files with atmos or dts x which is a pity as i would have given it more stars.

It’s much better than my xbox one x. The sound is incredibly clear. Love the dolby vision and atmos on my panasonic tv. Be clear though, this is impressive circuitry, but is one cheap cabinet, small, uninspiring design for the money. Nothingthe remote control is cheap and nasty and the button layout is garbage. The drawer is cheap and nasty too. Old fashioned cd player mechanical noise from the early 90s.

Panasonic dp-ub150eb-kthis is a really good 4k hd blu-ray player. The picture is superb for such a small lightweight player. There is minimal on device information or controls. An on off switch and an eject button – no display panel – it’s a really clean and simple design. The rear panel has an hdmi socket, a network socket and a mains connection. If you have an older av receiver and speaker set up this is where you may see some issues as audio signal is delivered through the hdmi port and there is no separate digital i:o on the panasonic dp-ub150. Your tv may handle this – i’m running a projector and have an older av amp so the signal is routed through the amp. This player supports hd audio, both dolby digital and dts hd so a capable system would do it even more justice. Overall this is great player. It will also play media from usb devices via a port on the front of the player – but has no onboard smart features or apps.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Grab one before its too late.

  • Superb sound and vision

  • Only for BD/DVD/CD, not good as a media player

Admittedly, i’ve only watched very few uhd, fhd, and even dvd media on this so far. I’m not sure how it could be improved upon unless. Could we add the capability to automatically vac the house?.

This 4k player surpassed all of my expectations. When connected up to my panasonic 4k tv, onkyo 4k av receiver, and tannoy 5. 1 speaker system the output of the picture and sound was breathtaking.

Fullhd picture is only moderate.

Brilliant picture, and fantastic sound – panasonic do it again.

Great player really good picture , i got this because i got a 4k tv , i’m not very technical but i do know when i’m seeing a good picture & you do with this player.

Panasonic launched two new 4k ultra hd blu-ray players at ces 2019 earlier this year – this dp-ub150 model and the dp-ub450 – both share an amazon product page, along with the award-winning older model, the dp-ub820, from last year. The dp-ub150 is the entry-level model and has fewer features and less connectivity than the other two models but still turns in a very impressive performance at the current price of around one hundred and fifty pounds from amazon. The dp-ub150 has a power-in socket, a single hdmi port and a wired lan socket at the rear – there are no smart features and the lan connection is for system updates only. It can play region 2 dvds, region b blu-ray discs, including 3d ones, and 4k ultra hd blu-ray discs – which are region-free. It features hdr10+ (high dynamic range) and when playing older discs the blu-ray and dvd upscaling is pretty impressive. For around fifty pounds more the dp-ub450 model offers dolby vision as well as hdr10+, and has an additional audio hdmi port and co-axial audio socket for connecting to a home cinema sound system should you have one. Last year’s award-winning dp-ub820 is nearly twice the price of the dp-ub150 but offers many features film and music enthusiasts will be looking for, and is still a serious contender in the 4k ultra hd blu-ray player market. If you have a new 4k smart tv, and want to get the most from it, then building up a collection of 4k blu-ray discs could be for you – i only have a few 4k films so far but they all included a standard blu-ray disc along with the 4k version so this can partly justify the higher price. If you want a no-frills 4k player that offers performance over features then the panasonic dp-ub150 is a good choice and at the current price from amazon offers decent value and gets an easy five stars from me. Reviews for all models are grouped together on this amazon product page so check the reviews for the model you are considering – most reviews currently refer to the dp-ub820.

Goes well with my 4k uhd lg tv.

This is a pretty basic 4k uhd and blu-ray player which is really let down by the remote which is not much better than the one you get with one of the cheap android tv boxes. You have to point it pretty much exactly at the player for it to work. On the rear it only has power in, ethernet in (no online smart apps) and a single hdmi out. The mains adapter is also a little odd and takes up room to the right (see my picture and you will see what i mean). I was also hoping being panasonic that it may play my panasonic dvd-ram discs but alas not so i still have to have my old player connected to play them. No problems with dvd’s, blu-rays and uhd discs and playback resume works as one would expect. Fairly quiet in operation and just has one led indicator on the front. Picture quality is pretty good playing most discs and 4k uhd discs look great e. Ender’s game and oblivion which are both nice and sharp.

I bought this product to replace the bp-ub700, this is basically the same 4k player with the odd tweak, it has been returned, better build quality on the 700, sorry panasonic the 820 is not worth the extra £200 price, go look for the 900 or 700 far better products . At a vastly reduced price with far better build quality.

Could not ask for a better quality machine.

I bought this for audio playback of cds, because i like the sound from my other panasonic blu-ray player and wanted to have music playback in another room and needed a player with a display showing the track number. I an delighted with the very balanced and musical presentation.

I recently bought a very expensive 4k uhd television, but have been playing all my blu-ray discs through an old sony blu-ray player. It was time to get a 4k player, but i didn’t want to spend a fortune on one. I spent a lot of time looking at reviews, and this one consistently came up as a great value player. Having had it for a week now, i can say that this is a stunning little player. Image quality is staggering if you put in a 4k disc (i ordered a pack of 4k films with the player) – the martian looks truly beautiful. It also upscales blu-ray discs to 4k as well. I played john mayer: where the light is and the opening scene where john is playing guitar in the hollywood hills with la glistening in the distance is absolutely breathtaking. If you want a great 4k player for very little money, this deck is the one.

Superb quality from panasonic with wifi connectivity.

I was discussing this player with someone at work yesterday and they were astounded that cds, dvds, and blu-rays still exist. I’m not sure what nonsense he was buying in to but physical media will never go away so purchasing a 4k player is not a dodgy investment. Naturally, the cheaper the price the less features it will have, and this panasonic model has rather stiff, annoying interface which i hate. I was so used to my ps3 being my blu-ray player for 10 years that when i went back to a dedicated machine i hated the menus and remotes. Sadly, this one is just as sluggish and clunky as others i have operated. The actual machine is quite small and makes virtually no noise, but the start-up time is really slow. Now, as for the picture, this player only supports hdr-10. I have detailed the negligible differences in hdr-10 and dolby vision in another review and i stand by those comments. It all depends on the mastering, the cinematography, and even the settings on your tv. Neither format is superior, both have their big plusses and slight drawbacks.

I don’t know if its my imagination but the video and sound quality of 4k blu rays seem better than streaming – this player is basic but does the job – actually more responsive than i was expecting.

Been looking for a dvd player compatible with cds, dvds and blueray. . Coyldn’t get one in local shops as everyone has gone digital. . Lightweight and compact, easy to instal, excellent sound and vision all at a good price. No warranty for me as outside the uk but still good value for money and can now enjoy my cds and dvds again super pleased.

Picture quality, user friendly.

The image quality is gorgeos.

I bought it to compliment my new 4k panasonic tv and sub woofer/sound bar system. Quite small with a very small remote control. Got it at just less than £100 for black friday it’s now up in price but nowhere near the quoted rrp.

Then first one would not play 4k movies. Got this one from amazon as easier to buy and return if any problems. The unit is a no frills player. Does not have any smart features like youtube or netflix but not needed as all tv have these feaures. For the price can’t complain as the ub450 plays hdr, hdr10 and dolby vision. The picture and sound quality is awesome for the price. If you look on youtube there is a comparison between the ub450 and ub820. The picture quality is on par with the ub820. The remote is basic which i prefer as does the job.

Wanted an inexpensive 4k blu-ray player for occasional duties feeding a new 4k tv in the bedroom and this fitted the bill perfectly. Has more features than i’ll ever use in this application but hey. It works well, setup is easy. Video quality is excellent, sound quality through the tv is fine. There’s no wifi, only wired ethernet, but the tv has wifi and smart features so no biggie. Build is a bit light and plasticky, try and push the disk tray to close it and the player slides about due to lack of weight. The remote is a bit small and fiddly but the hdmi-cecc/anynet+ feature works well with the samsung tv so you rarely need to use it, the tv remote does most things. So to sum up, excellent little player and ideal for what i want.

Nothing to dislike everything to like.

Ok, so this panasonic does not play sacd or dvd-a, but it does play the alternative dts or dd soundtracks, and boy does it play them fantastically. I had been using a ps3 for blueray discs for quite a while, when first the red laser packed in, and then the blue. So i finally needed to purchase a dedicated player. Spent quite some time online checking specs and looking at the players for their esthetics. Decision made, amazon for the panasonic 820. Also bought ‘blade runner 2049 in uhd. . Wownever realised what a visual and sonic difference there could be. One of the best purchased decisions i’ve ever made.

*update* – the issue described below has been resolved with a software update. Good build quality and excellent picture. Does everything it should except one simple thing. If you stop a movie part way through, it won’t pick up from the point at which you left off.Frustrating to have to fast forward or restart an entire chapter to get where you left off. Please panasonic, find a way to fix this through an update.

I have the older ub700 and bought this absolutely only for its dolby vision (dv) spport. I spent a wee fortune on 4k dv titles, but after spending the last 4 weeks making never ending changes to the picture settings, i can only say that the results have been underwhelming at best. The promised glory of dv didn’t happen in my case. There was also alipsync issue with titles that are both dolby vision and dolby atmos (not plain hdr10, dolby truehd, dtsx or dts hd ma). This issue developed after a new firmware and was not corrected with a newer firmware. Of note that the dv logo is found only on the box and not the back of the unit so i wounder about the reason for this, is it not officially supporting the standard of dv perhaps?. Anyway, this model did not produce the goods, not for me, so i returned it and will stick to my plain hdr ub700 player for now. Perhaps panasonic will make a better model next year in this mid price range.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching and viewing different 4k players to compliment my lg oled b7 tv. After narrowing it down to either the panasonic ub820 and the oppo 203, i decided to get the panasonic. The reason for this was that the oppo has now been discontinued therefore further software updates will soon cease but the main reason was that the panasonic displays a slightly better picture. A dolby vision update for the panasonic is due in july 2018 and along with it’s ability to play hdr10 and hdr10+, will guarantee that this player will be future proof.

I connected the ub820 directy to lg oled b8 tv, it works fine but i did not notice any big difference between ub820 image postprocessing (like hdr optimiser) and the same functions performed by lg tv. When ub820 connected through denon avr-x3500h receiver then hdr does not work, i am still trying to find the reason for this. Ub820 has a lot of video settings that one needs to know how to play with. At least in my case ‘automatic’ mode did not work well, the screen was blinking and displayed some dot-type noise in the background. Regarding playback from a network drive or a usb stick the device has very limited functionality, like it was mentioned in some other reviews. You can’t continue watching from the place you left yesterday and you need to use fast-forward every time. For quite many video files the player can’t really see all the audio tracks (there is only one available quite frequently) and does not play truehd audiotrack, so there is no way to enjoy dolby atmos if you play content from a usb hdd or a nas. The user interface is really out of date and user unfriendly, especially if you got used to lg tv web os with a mouse. Summary: probably a nice overpriced device if you have a huge collection of bd, dvd and cd, but if you are planning to play content from a network drive or use netflix, amazon prime and youtube heavily, then there is nothing that this player can do better than any up to date tv. If i bought it from a store close to my place i would have returned it back the next day.

I’ve not tried it with a blu ray movie yet, but dvds are superb, better than any dvd player i’ve had before. Looking forward to trying out some blu rays with it.

Very good picture for bluray 4k and good upscalling for bluray.

Remote control is poor quality.

I have researched several players over the last couple of years. I had difficulty deciding whether discs have a future?. If i did purchase another player i didn’t want to have to part with a kidney to pay for it. Panasonic have just produced a couple of newer model players at 2019 ces. Although tempted, the newer players are smaller in width, one of the criteria i would have liked however i didn’t find them as aesthetically pleasing as the ub820. Its brushed effect top cover and front flap hide away the tray. The only visible aspect is a couple of switches in the top right hand corner. They look as though they are going to be awkward to navigate but in actual fact they are quite functional. This player shares much of its hardware with the more expensive ub9000 too which even on offer would be over double/triple the cost of this one. The player i am replacing is an older panasonic bd player without 4k features.

Overall good unit and price and picture excellent.

Very basic with no smart features but the picture quality is outstanding. Handles dolby vision a lot better than my last lg player. Cheap remote but does the job. Worth the price and very happy with this purchase.

I bought this as a present, the person i bought it for says that it brilliant, the picture is fantastic, a lot better by far than the hd player that this has replaced + it is only half the size, incredible machine.