Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbud Headphones Rose : Worth trying for a good fit

This is the second pair i’ve bought. This time for me daughter who after testing mine was sold. I wear them in bed listening to podcasts. The ergo fit makes them much more comfortable.

I always buy these because they just fit my ear right and the sound it great.

Better job at reducing external noise than so-called noise cancelling earbuds. Bought two pairs, and a good price too.

I bought the blue ones for my wife to use at the gym, and they’re so good i got myself a pair as well. An amazing sounds considering what they cost, and they are really comfortable. Overall, they easily rival my older seinheisser cx300, and i would say are a better fit.

I’m usually very wary of cheap earbuds because the sound quality is always questionable. I’d rather buy expensive ones that work than cheap ones that half-work. These earbuds, however, are incredible. Great sound, quality bass, and comfortable. The same quality as very expensive earbuds, but much cheaper.

Surprisingly good sound quality and ear fit – especially for those whose ears get tired with normal ear buds quickly.

I’m no audio buff and only bought these to use on public transport. Anyway the sound quality seems really excellent to me, can’t believe that they only cost about £10. Much better sound than the sh ones i lost, which cost 3x more.

I’ve reviewed these phones already, basically fine for the money and comfortable, you won’t regret buying them.

  • A lot of bang for the buck!!
  • We will see
  • These are pretty great all rounders.

Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbud Headphones Rose Gold (RP-HJE120-N)

Style Name:No Mic  |  Colour Name:Rose Gold
Product Description, Enjoy the ultimate in style, comfort and listening pleasure with the Panasonic rp-hje120 ErgoFit earphones. With three included sets of ear pads (S/M/L), you’ll get a custom, comfortable fit that won’t slip out. Vivid fashion color options with color matching cords let you choose one that complements your outfit, accessories and mood. Large 9mm neodymium drivers along with a wide frequency response and smart ergonomic fit deliver dynamic, crystal clear sound while blocking ambient noise. A 3.6-ft cord threads comfortably through clothing and bags.

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They’re pretty good, especially for what you pay, but there’s been a bit of an issue with them. When properly inserted into the ear, they form a seal, presumably to cancel out noise. Normally there seems to be something to relieve the pressure inside your ear, but recently my right earphone has decided to stop relieving the pressure. This means that i can’t hear much out of that ear as my eardrum’s utterly taut from the air pressure increase when the earphone’s in there. Changing the bud’s not worked at all, either. The best result i now get is when the earbud isn’t on the earphone, which leads to the issue of it still being quieter, and the earphone being more than willing to fall out. I suspect it’s being caused by some earwax or something similar getting into the pressure releasing system, but the earphone’s proving highly resilient to being opened, short of me just cracking the thing apart.

We have two of these now and they are unbeatable for the price. Yes there are better headphones but some mp3 devices may not be good enough to demonstrate the difference.

Amazing headphones, beat £30-40 pairs soundwise.

Not bad quality, no sound level switch and very tangly but they are not bad quality at a good price. I have bought too many others at a higher price that sounded awful before so these tick that box. Headphones that are tangly tend not to last ages which is a shame but good for the price.

Have bought a few cheap phones in my time but for the price of these brill ,very comfortable in the ear ,great sound with my i-pad and also matches the colour of my pad.

Great earphones especially for the price.

Undoubtedly the best earphones i have ever owned. I have previously bought 2 pairs from argos a few years back, i think for around the £20-30 price range but like all earphones they went eventually. However, they probably lasted at least 2/3 years each with fairly regular use (most days each week) which is far better than most other earphones i have bought for around the same price; usually the jack lead or at least 1 of the ears goes a bit crackly or stops working altogether within a matter of months. I find the sound quality is absolutely brilliant, especially for the price with a very good bass on them. They fit comfortably in my ears (and actually stay in pretty well unlike a lot of other earphones). I recently bought a 3rd pair of these on amazon simply because i was desperate to have another pair of them rather than fish around for other earphones, finding some that i liked. *look away now seller* it is just ridiculous that they cost me under £10 including delivery when they are of great quality – the value is unbelievable. If you have £100+ or something to spend on a pair of earphones, maybe these might not quite do it for you but if you have £30 or even £50 to spend, i seriously recommend these.

There is not much you need to evaluate on a pair of headphones at this price range. I initially got them as the pair i would carry with me when i am out and about. Something if i miss them on the train seat or the gym, i wouldn’t cry and think about waiting a long time until i have saved enough for the next pair. To be honest, even with all the excellent reviews on the net, i was not expecting anything big about them. But what a pair of cheap headphones. Rich sound and clarity with most of musical styles. Now they are my main headphones. I use them at the office during work for hours and i really enjoy them. In my opinion, they have two small annoyances. Which is very obvious anyway. The cable is very thin and is very easy to end with a cable mess after putting them in your pocket. Although i have seen headphones 10 times or more the price of these ones in the same situation. So it is not a real complain. The second is less obvious and at the same time very subjective.

  • A lot of bang for the buck!!
  • We will see
  • These are pretty great all rounders.

Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbud Headphones Rose Gold (RP-HJE120-N)

You cannot loose by purchasing these panasonics. They are not exactly wow but they do give you an awesome run and sound for the money. For the price, the bass was very impressive. Dont expect the bone rattling experience that the klipsch s4’s give but dont put your expectations too low either. The bass i believe was the best feature for me and the mids and highs were very well balanced too. The in ear design of the ear buds allow for remarkable noise isoloation, clear depth of sound and amazing comfort. It was so comfortable i often forgot they were still in my ear after listening to music or an audiobook.

I’m writing this review after using ’em for the first time. They’re good for the price i bought them for, they deliver a quality sound and i can’t hear any of that fuzziness you get with some other earphones so all is good. I prefer earphones like these over samsung or apple ones because they actually have a much clearer sound.

Excellent earphones, good sound ,good quality and comfortable when listening to music.

Brought because recommended for small ears. Even with smallest ear cap provided still have to put pressure on buds to hold in place to get a decent sound probably why sound sounds tinny as the don’t sit in a perfect position but they haven’t fallen out of ears yet and don’t hurt my ears like others i have tried.

Good for the price but occasionally get crackling in the ear. This happens in both the pairs i bought and do worry i may get electrocuted.

The sound quality is very good, they fit perfect inside my ear, max volume and the sound is still perfect. I am buying a second pair right now.

I was so impressed by one pair that i bought my wife a pair, as well. She uses them all the time, whereas, previously, she had found in-ear headphones to uncomfortable to use. She does not care over muchabout the quality of sound but it is, in fact, very good.

They fit nicely, the sound quality is great, and they really do cancel out all background noise, making it great for those mornings when you just don’t want to hear what your boss has to say.

I got these for my fiance as she has tiny ears and standard earphones just drop out. These are perfect, and now she can listen to her ipod to her hearts content.

Had these for just over a year now and they still work which i consider something of a miracle for a pair of cheap in-ear headphones. I haven’t exactly treated them brilliantly – thrown them around, shoved them in my bag etc. The one thing i haven’t done though is let them dangle from my top when i’m not using them because i’ve always found that to be the quickest way to break your headphones. So if you don’t do that they should hopefully still be good a year on. The sound quality is fine i guess, and they are actually pretty comfortable and never fall out – you get a choice of 3 sizes for the covers.

They say you get what you pay for, they were right. Very flimsy feel to them, also is wire as thin as string. Audio isn’t perfect either but can’t be surprised by this for the price.

I have tiny ears for some reason so a lot of ear phones fall out but these are great. Sound quality is awesome for such a small price.

Fit really lovely and snug in the ear. Using regularly at the gym and so far so good lasting better than others that i have bought which broke very quickly after purchase.

I bought these as a spare set for my ‘phone. The volume is not very good compared to the originals, nor was i impressed with the sound quality. This could just be a ‘compatibility’ issue, but although they are not bad, they are no more than adequate for the use to which i have put them.

I’ve had loads of this type of headphone over the years & 1 side usually gives up in too short a time (usually the left) or 1 of the rubber bits drops off (as they do all to readily) & then they are useless. However these headphones i have had for ages & ages & ages & both sides still work, the rubber bits stay on – circular rubber on oval speaker & they are just brilliant.

Probably one of my best purchases as i have really weird ears so normal plug ins don’t fit – i use these every day and everything about them is amazing.

Maybe they happened to get faulty products or something, but i’ve bought these several times and each time have been fantastic. Really dont know where on earth they’re coming from.I dont normally write reviews, but i felt like 1 star was very very unfair so here it is.

Great fit – the first in-ear headphones i’ve had that haven’t continually fallen out. Time will tell how sturdy they are (i’ve managed to beak last 2 pairs i’ve owned just by over-use) although they look quite sturdy as the wire doesn’t come straight out of the attachment that plugs in to your player, so hopefully won’t break easily just by wrapping them around my ipod. Great sound, worth paying for.

Features and Spesification

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  • Connectivity technology is wired. Maximum input 200 milli watt
  • Ultra-soft ERGOFIT in-ear earbud headphones conform Instantly to your ears
  • Vivid fashion Color options with color-matching earbuds and cords to match your style
  • Long 3.6-ft cord threads comfortably through clothing and bags