Panasonic extra handset KX-PRW120/110 incl – One of the best.

Brilliant and easy to use phone with so many useful features.

In general i am happy with this product but i have one major issue, namely setting and unsetting the answering machine. On my previous phone/answering machine it was very easy to set the answering – just a single button on the base station to press as you left the house. On this one you have to pick up the handset, press the menu key, select answering machine, scroll down the menu to set and click ok (or key in a ‘quick’ code of #327) i did ask panasonic if there was any easier way and the answer was no, and no plans for any improvement.

A superb bit of engineering and design. Heavy in the hand, a pleasure to use.

Great product, and great service – item arrived within 24 hours of ordering – thank you.

A brilliant idea which works well, basically link this product to your home wi-fi network and make/take calls on you mobile phone, from anywhere within wi-fi range. You always have your mobile on you. It removes the need for multiple dect handsets, this alone will improve your wi-fi coverage as dect handsets are well known for causing wi-fi coverage blackspot/interference. One point to note, you must have the panasonic app installed on your phone, android or apple ios, and it must be running on your phone in order to receive/make calls. The unit has a really good feel to it and build quality is what you expect from panasonic. You can also use the panasonic handset as a speaker phone due to the placement of the speaker by placing handset face up on a surface, which a handy feature especially when dealing with those annoying automated answering system retailers use where you have to navigate through 10 layers of options.

Great phone very happy with it.

Hardly ever connects to the app. People voices are not very clear. Makes a kind of a vibrant in the voice. Need two phones to get all the benefits.

Often impossible to understand what is said at the other end. Connection to smart phones doesn’t work. Neither to my iphone nor to my wifes samsung.

I love being able to use the landline though my android. Works fine with my google contacts. Has some problems though- the app uses more battery than it should (even when you are not on the same wifi as the phone)- expensive. They should make it cheaper by not having a handset, so you have to use a smartphone with it.

I’ve seen a lot of comments online knocking this phone, but i went ahead and gave it the benefit of the doubt (june 2017), figured i could return it if i had a problem, but overall i’m glad i got it. I also bought an extra handset, and i’m happy with that too. I’m not convinced it looks £90 good, especially as a single handset price, but i’d say it’s a nice looking phone with a nice feel to it. The base unit looks ok on the side, might have benefitted from an answerphone call indicator, but it looks ok and the handset fits nicely on it. It’s quite a satisfying feel as it locates onto the charging contacts. The speaker bump at the top of the handset doesn’t put me off, in fact, for me, it gave the phone a nicer feel in the hand, but i can see where some may not like it. The buttons are flat with the phone, and not exactly tactile, probably the thing i liked least. The handset does have a nice clear colour display. Setup is pretty strait forward, easy enough to connect and get the phone line working, and i had no problems connecting to my wifi.

Pleased with these telephones. They look good, features are relevant and they are easy to set up and use. My only criticism is the sound quality, it’s not quite what i expected from panasonic and slightly poorer that my previous cordless phones. It’s not bad enough to return and overall i’m happy with my purchase.

Like these handsets,easy to navigate all menus and it sits comfortably in the hand,only criticism i have is the ‘smartphone connect’ app which i found wasn’t a good connection to my mobile so that’s why i purchased this extension phone for the upstairs bedroom. I would definitely recommend these phones.

If you already have the base station version of this phone then this integrates fine into the existing system. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic extra handset KX-PRW120/110 incl:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sophisticated design boasting 2.2-inch TFT (QVGA) Colour LCD, horizontal design and magnetic adaptor
  • Smart Connect – Make/Answer landline calls with your smarphone
  • Rich Functionality – Talking caller ID / Noise reduction / Advance TAM
  • Incoming Call Barring – Block upto 100 numbers in the call barred list
  • One Touch Eco Mode gives you a simple yet effective way of preserving power

I’m finding that after a while of usage the battery doesn’t perform as well as i would expect, and that’s with taking it off charge to run down and then recharging. Problem there is that it’s so easy to then let it run down and forget about it. The connected app is a good idea and it works for the most part, but there’s nothing to stop it running on your phone when you leave the house, and it can sometimes lose the connection even in the house.

Excellent product, real quality product with all the features that you could need.

Great wee phone only down side when on wifi sometimes other person cant hear me but you can use your own mp3 ring tone from your moblie to send to phone and use it.

Very good product, easy to use, lots of features, sound quality perfect and i love the style.

Won’t work on a iphone 8 people cannot hear you when using your mobile to pick up your landline or call from your mobile. If not for that a good phone and it’s so lovely to look at 💜.

Excellent solution for ipad owners. The associated app allows you to initiate and answer calls from your ios device, including answer phone messages. I have had zero problems with this product and commend it to apple freaks.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Phone, Poor App.
  • Panasonic quality
  • Looks stylish but problems with Android app

What a great cordless phone. Lots of easy to use features, it can even link to your mobile.

I should have bought this first time rather than the much cheaper one.

Volume a bit low and answer machine not the easiest to use.

It’s ok the ring is very quiet and the voice is quiet when talking i think it is a case of style over substance and i am sorry to have to say that.

Phone handset is comfortable to hold and the main functions are easy to use. Bought primarily for the call filtering features which work very well. This phone is perhaps a little expensive, but is already paying for itself as i have not had to sign up for a monthly call filtering plan from my telephone provider.

The handsets were simple to set up and are easy to use. I bought them to be able to use mobile phones as additional handsets but while i can receive calls on my mobile via the app, it cannot use the microphone so i cannot be heard by the callers rendering the app useless. The help page doesn’t help.

Somewhat sceptical after seeing other mixed reviews, but works really well here. Linking to router a cinch (draytek), in fact whole setup a cinch. Phone app (android) works fine even if it could do with a bit of updating to reflect recent android styling. Home phone gets call and our mobiles ring – no more lost/flat dect handsets. Perhaps it is a bit equipment sensitive explaining why some see issues and others do not.

Still have not been able to link in mobile telephones into the system. I can take and hear a call on my apple mobile but can not talk to the caller although i can hear them clear as day. Otherwise the phones are clear and easy to use.

So battery life still to be proved. Fine initiallybought to replace a £400 gigaset. Which has been a nightmare since purchase. Now in bin awaiting sacrificial burning thought had bought top of range unit ?. So went back to panasonic, as all the panasonic kit i have has never been any bother. Glad i didunit is stylish, feels quality in hand. Don’t have the volume issue some have in reviews. Connection to smartphone was minutes.

Does exactly what it says on the box – it is an extension phone for the main unit. It is well designed and feels well made.

Bought in combination with the panasonic repeater and has not achieved the range expected.

Ever thing i good except there some thing missing in the stand ( no bottom in the stand for adjustment.

Integration with smartphone was easy to set up and easy to operate.

This item really has 2 parts to it:1. The sleek, sexy phone and base – works very well, looks amazing, sound is clear, features are plentiful, speakerphone is outstanding – overll 5 stars – brilliant. The app to use the phone on android/ios. When installed and connected it is great. I use it daily, i use a bluetooth headset with my android phone and with this app i can use my landline for calls and still make use of the headset. I dont need phones in every room. I take my mobile with me which means my landline is also with me. Sound is clear and it works well. Part 2, the phone app is a big problem. Aside from the fact it draws a lot of power, it disconnects randomly, several times a day. I can pick up my mobile and sometimes it is connected and sometimes it is not. When it is not connected, you need to close the app and re-open it or go through the settings and re-register with the base. This means that if you do not check it and reconnect when it has dropped, you could miss calls.

Great product, good value and excellent service.

Love the style of the phone. Really easy to link to base unit. All contacts added to phone from base unit automatically which is a real benefit .

Love that you are able to share your phone numbers from your mobile phone rather than having to sit and physically have to input them. Really handy being able to use your mobile to pick up calls too – not sure the range is that good for this – fine within the house but the call had some interference when i was in the garden – not had a call like that since to test my theory.

Best cordless phone i’ve used and with the added benefit of being able to answer the landline with your mobile phone.

Easy to set up with good menu layout, handset has good range from bars station, my only issue is that the maximum ring tone volume is not very high.

Small compact and like that its wireless.

Have 3 now work great and connect well to my mobile.

As we live in a townhouse we already have one of these on each floor and have now added this extra handset in my office. Really easy to set up with the base unit and the reception is second to none.

I bought this phone for the ability to take and make landline calls from my mobile. This seems to work ok with an iphone (7), but there is terrible echo when using it on my android device (pixel 2).

Bought this phone because it allows smartphones to make/answer calls. Was well boxed and only two cables to plug in (power and bt socket)handset has a good feel to it feels well made the base until is small unassuming. Then took about a min to select and enter the wifi pass-phrase then downloaded the smartphone app and was up and running in a couple of mins. Menu system is also simple and is easy to use.

Good connectivity with smartphones, so i don’t need to buy extra handsets. However, it is missing a headset plug and bluetooth.

Does what is said on the description. Fairly decent phone but not worth the money. I like the idea of using the smartphone phone as a handset over a wifi.

I’m writing this for those who have suffered some hearing loss. This set is by far the best on speaker phone out of all the panasonic phones i’ve owned. The battery life is great for our use. Total talk time per day in our household is approximately two hours & the phones manage about five days before the single battery bar is shown. On previous panasonic phones the single bar has lasted two days but i’ve not tried it with these yet. Love that a picture & audible caller name can be set in settings. Best home phones we’ve had so far.

Unusually for amazon the item received was not in the original box but was thrown into the box of another panasonic phone model, and packed with paper. The unit had obviously been used as it had phone numbers an other handsets registered to it. I did have a play and it appeared to be just what i wanted, however the base pin had been reset, so could not access many of the features, or de-register the 6 handsets registered previously. I will buy again if amazon can guarantee that i get a new one.

Don’t understand why some people are carping about this phone. It’s a terrific bit of kit on the expensive side but so easy to set up with additional sets and your smart phone transferred 70 numbers to the system in a couple of minutes.

Easy to setup and connect to our mobiles and looks great.

Love the fact once paired with your mobile you can send contacts, ring tones, even pictures very easilygreat battery life & easy to use. And the app to use your mobile as a second house phone is great.

I had a few reservations about this product given that there had been a few negative comments regarding the app used to connect mobile phones. However having used the phone for a month now and connecting a samsung note 3 and two iphone 6s mobiles i am satisfied that it does everything i wanted it to. First off it looks great and unobtrusive sat on a table top. I no longer have to have more than one home phone plugged in, lost or out of charge. Everyone in our family keeps their mobile close to hand 95% of the time these days, so it makes perfect sense to utilise them as part of the landline system. Set up with our wi fi was quick and painless, as was connecting the mobiles to the base unit. The app does draw some power from your mobile as others have mentioned. But having monitored this on my note 3 i would say that it is nothing to worry about, perfectly acceptable. When out and about the app shows you are disconnected from the base unit, and on returning home it automatically reconnects with no fuss. The only issue users may come across is that when answering a landline call via their mobile it might take time to acess the app because of their security pin, if activated, on the mobile, then finding and opening the app to answer.