Panasonic Microwave NN-CT54JWBPQ in – Seems like a straightforward improvement over our previous Microwave – but gets hot in use

I like the fact that it is a large oven and also the grill is good for browning as it alternates between microwave and grill. It also has a good defrost menu and it is quiet compared to other ovens that i have had. I will recommend this microwave a must have in your kitchen.

My old panasonic combi oven died after16 years duty. This model is virtually identical but lighter and not quite as bulky. The controls are slightly easier to use but all in all it is the perfect replacement for a much loved microwave. Let’s hope it lasts as long.

This microwave has been a brilliant addition to our kitchen. Our last microwave broke ages ago and i hadn’t realised how much we had used it. Out if the box, this microwave is easy to set up and start using. The instructions are very straightforward. The microwave function works really well and everything comes out piping hot. We use he other cooking functions less, but it works and is a good backup should there be a problem with out cooker. In terms of looks, it is shiny and smart looking. My family are pleased with this and it is used a lot.

I have long been a fan of combination microwave ovens. You can cook just about anything that ordinary microwaves won’t cook, even pastry and pizzas which, you will know if you have ever tried them, go horrible in a normal microwave. The combination modes give you a similar result to using a grill or oven in about half the time. This is an excellent machine offering a helpful array of possible cooking methods. You can set it for microwave, convection or grill, or a combination or sequence defined by you, or use one of the 26 auto programmes where you state the weight and the type of food and it runs its own sequence, sometimes stopping to ask you to turn the food. The instructions are comprehensive and clear with a lot of specific and general advice and guidelines so that even micro-phobes should start to feel comfortable that they can cook something they wouldn’t normally microwave and get it right first time. You will sometimes have to select the trays or grill inside the machine but it gives a lot of advice on what piece to use for which foods, as well as what containers to use and, to my surprise, even some situations when you can use metal, provided you do it correctly. At 1000w it is relatively powerful. Although described as compact it is a lot larger than some compact microwaves so check the dimensions and bear in mind that you need additional clearance for ventilation. They want 15cm at the top, 10cm behind, 5cm at one side, and the other side fully exposed.

This microwave has multi feature and easy to use however if you are looking for a microwave oven that does not leak the emission, this is not the one.

Amazon offered me two panasonic microwaves to review, this nn-ct57jm, advertised at £229, and the nn-ct54jw advertised at £199. I chose the first, because it was then touted as “amazon’s choice” – but is no longer. The first thing to say is that, operationally, these two models are in fact totally identical, both with each other, and with the nn-ct55jw and the nn-ct56jb; the manual supplied with the one i chose declares itself appropriate for all four, and shows that they all have exactly the same specification – but often widely differing prices. The only differences are presumably the colours; i suspect the the b indicates black and the w indicates white; the m – mine – indicates silver. This mumbo-jumbo numbering can only have one purpose – to confuse the consumer. If this is the specification you need, and you don’t care about colour, simply seek out the cheapest of these four models. But there’s more; the manual tells us that the control panel design may vary – but that the words on the pads will be the same. This leads me to suspect that there are other microwaves out there in the recent panasonic 27l/1000w range which may be of identical specification, but operated via last year’s buttons and knobs instead of this year’s touch-panels – and are likely to be even cheaper still. I’ll leave you to do the legwork. I actually prefer knobs and buttons.

Every ten years or so we buy a new panasonic microwave. They’re easy to use, durable, nice and powerful so they cook quickly. Our last one was a st462 which was a 900 watt 32 litre model. Apart from having only three of its feet touching the work surface at any one time it seemed pretty perfect to me. My wife complained it was too big. But i’ve now replaced our one year old st462 with this panasonic ct54jwbpq combination microwave oven. This oven is 27 litres but i haven’t found anything i needed to cook that doesn’t fit inside, it’s still a fairly sizeable machine. This is up to 1000 watts so is even more powerful than our old machine. The big difference of course is that it’s not just a microwave, it is also a convection oven and grill. It came at just the right time because we’re in the middle of rebuilding our kitchen so our main cooker is out of action – it turns out that the oven and grill feature in this ct54jwbpq is really effective and is likely to revolutionise the way we cook – it surely costs so much less to use the microwave to do most of the cooking and use the oven or grill feature to finish your food off with traditional cooking.

I’m so pleased with this excellent microwave/grill/convection oven, it’s just brilliant. We have been using it for about 4 weeks and i have found that we barely use the big main oven at all any more, because this fabulous combination cooker does it all for me and has a massive capacity which is plenty for our needs, but which heats up in a matter of minutes and saves me loads of time. The convection oven on its own is great for pizza, cakes, fish fingers etc, and it can also be used with the microwave on at the same time for bigger things like roasts, lasagnes, cottages pies etc that will cook faster ifthey have the microwave heating up the filling at the same time as the oven is crisping up the top. The grill can also be used at the same time as the microwave, which is perfect for things like chops, sausages etc. The kit comes with a very robust, solid enamelled baking pan that you place on top of the glass turntable when you want to use the oven or grill function. If you want to grill, there is also a well-made wire rack that stands on top of the enamel pan and the food goes on top of that. While the food is cooking, no matter which setting you choose, the turntable goes round, so you never get patches where some bits are over browned and others are too pale. This was a problem with my main over, and i was always having to turn food round halfway through as it cooked unevenly. This oven has no such problems, and everything seems to cook a lot faster too. The quality of this combination oven is excellent.

Here are the specifications for the Panasonic Microwave NN-CT54JWBPQ in:

  • Slimline design, 27L
  • Larger turntable (34cm)
  • 1000W Microwave power with Inverter Technology
  • NEW Junior Menu
  • Large control panel, screen
  • Combination cooking
  • 29 automatic menus
  • Grill 1300W
  • Quick 30 second setting
  • Oven up to 220 degrees Celsius

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent microwave
  • Very easy to use.
  • This microwave has multi feature and easy to use however if you are looking for a