Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ Slimline Combination Microwave Oven – Price great , Quality Suspect

Replaced a previous similar model which gave up, as cheap to replace as to repair. Only problem is reading the touch pad buttons which are black on grey, a big design error here.

It does exactly what i wanted thanks.

I am very pleased with my panasonic microwave oven, which replaces my previous one that i had for some years. . Also for the quick delivery after i placed the order.

Superior alternatives from the likes of samsung available at a lower price.

All aspects of cooking and baking.

Having owned the same panasonic micro for 20 years, i was not surprised when it finally gave in. However, when i ordered and received new but similar panasonic item, i was disappointed about the noise and also a mechanical fault with the turntable. After contacting amazon concerning my disappointment the micro was immediately replaced and to my delight all problems were solved. Very pleased and look forward to the next 20 years with panasonic.

Replaced my original panasonic oven which i had had for 15 years. The only thing i would like to change would be clearer controls as i have to use my glasses to read them. My previous oven has black figures on white. Other than that i am happy with it.

The door is not a tight fit and steam escapes. The start button is very loose.

All good with no problems does what it claims.

Simply, a very good product that replaced a similarly good panasonic microwave after a few years of ‘active duty’.

Better than expected, haven’t used all options yet.

Baking instruction need some clarification. The digital keys currently set for minutes. Seconds and hours can benefit an elderly person if spaced out perhaps be reorganised.

I have long been a fan of combination microwave ovens. You can cook just about anything that ordinary microwaves won’t cook, even pastry and pizzas which, you will know if you have ever tried them, go horrible in a normal microwave. The combination modes give you a similar result to using a grill or oven in about half the time. This is an excellent machine offering a helpful array of possible cooking methods. You can set it for microwave, convection or grill, or a combination or sequence defined by you, or use one of the 26 auto programmes where you state the weight and the type of food and it runs its own sequence, sometimes stopping to ask you to turn the food. The instructions are comprehensive and clear with a lot of specific and general advice and guidelines so that even micro-phobes should start to feel comfortable that they can cook something they wouldn’t normally microwave and get it right first time. You will sometimes have to select the trays or grill inside the machine but it gives a lot of advice on what piece to use for which foods, as well as what containers to use and, to my surprise, even some situations when you can use metal, provided you do it correctly. At 1000w it is relatively powerful. Although described as compact it is a lot larger than some compact microwaves so check the dimensions and bear in mind that you need additional clearance for ventilation. They want 15cm at the top, 10cm behind, 5cm at one side, and the other side fully exposed. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ Slimline Combination Microwave Oven:

  • Discover the joy of fresh and healthy cooking with Panasonic microwave Inverter technology. Thanks to its precise power control, dishes are evenly cooked and are ready in no time.
  • The intelligent internal design reduces the overall footprint by approx. 20% compared to conventional combination ovens, leaving you with more space available on your kitchen worktop.
  • By moving the fan from the back of the oven to the top, The interior space has been increased providing you with a spacious 34cm turntable. This gives you more flexibility to use larger dishes and plates.
  • The convenient pre-programmed Junior Menu ensures that even picky Eaters enjoy healthy delights. Just enter the weight of the food and the oven does the rest. Pre-programmes for children include puréed fruits/Veg, pasta bake, vegetable fries and more.

Bought to replace a similar panasonic that died after only 3 years, but that had replaced a panasonic that was still going well after 20 years and stayed with a previous house, so hopefully the last one was an aberration. Does a couple of baked potatoes beautifully in about 15 mins. Plenty of programs, few of which i’ve used.

It looked very similar to my last oven which was also panasonic, i haven’t used all the features but it is a great little microwave oven except there is one major flaw, the cable is far too short and i had to rearrange all my kitchen furniture to accommodate it.

Did what it said on the box very happy.

So an early review after a fair amount of research. It’s my second inverter multi functional microwave combination oven. This one is small than my previous panasonic 40lt. It’s a good size inside and very smart looking. Very similar programs to my last one so i am familiar with it. Although i have made a point to checked some functions and the guide as its been a few years since i looked at the operating instructions. One minor niggle i have noted for the would be purchaser – it is very lightweight and initially moved whenever i pressed the door open so have a rubber mat under to grip it in place. I hadn’t placed it directly against a wall.

As just farthest, one of the two heating bars, in the top of the inside on this oven, behind the protective stainless steel lining, ever glows orange with heat. I thought the first one i received was faulty, but the replacement was exactly the same (sorry amazon) so i kept the first one and returned the replacement as it had noise issues. Otherwise, i love this product, the inverter power does seem to prevent microwave heating hot spots and i am confident that i am using a fraction of the electricity to heat than with my big oven or grill for a measly frozen croissant. You don’t have to wait for the grill to reach the temperature either. I love the evenly spread browning too and being able to have it up at surface top height. Goes perfectly with my panasonic inverter fridge freezer :).

As a family, we always used a basic microwave. This new combination microwave oven seems to be a real game changer. The oven offers more cooking flexibility than a rudimentary solo microwave. This is because combination microwaves, as the online bumf states – ‘combine microwave energy, a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air) so they can heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a large conventional oven’. With pre-set programs, it can really be handy when cooking certain foods, as they spontaneously cook food for the correct time and with the correct sequence of microwave, convection and grill, without you having to set this yourself. Always best to consult your microwave instruction handbook for guidelines on cooking different items. The intelligent internal design reduces the overall footprint by approx. 20% compared to conventional combination ovens, leaving you with more space available on your kitchen worktop. 1000w microwave power provides a great cooking time, which is somewhat quick. Must say still learning all the subtle options, nonetheless, they all look handy- the defrost has been useful.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing! A truly flexible cooking device.

  • This is the microwave/combi I have been looking for

  • Panasonic pleasure

Great product, bought for new home while it was being renovated and without a proper oven. Have been using it for 10 months now and it hasn’t let me down.

This is the third one we’ve had over a great many years (15+) and they have all functioned ok. Note: if either the microwave component or the oven heating element goes faulty, it will cost you more to have an electrician fix it with what the labour charges would be,. So bin it and buy another unit and get the warrantee.

Already done a review of this, shortly after i purchased it. Despite what other reviewers might have said, it’s reliable. Nothing has melted or set fire whilst being used as an oven, despite what some reviewers might have experienced. The only slight niggle is a tiny hairline crack in the plastic on the outer door casing. It’s purely cosmetic, has no function to do with containing microwaves or heat inside the unit, so to be honest i”ll live with it. I originally ordered from amazon, but cancelled as at the time, panasonic were doing a special 5 year guarantee through high street retailers. Amazon were great about it at the time, and sorted a refund mid transitnow, back to that crack. Now, i suppose under the guarantee, i could claim under it, but do i raelly want to waste a day waiting for an engineer. Nah, just live with it, it’s an excellent, reliable workhorse.

Great product use all the time cheaper than using our main oven.

Very easy to use in all functions, use mainly for grilling, microwaving and convection oven.

This microwave has multi feature and easy to use however if you are looking for a microwave oven that does not leak the emission, this is not the one.

For quick meals – no waiting for ovens to heat up etc.

I had bought this microwave to replace a 10 year old panasonic that had given excellent service. It was easy to set up and i followed the instructions to use the convection oven for 5 mins to get rid of any factory oil. However the unit sounded like it had a loose part and had a very noisy rattle. I used it for 3 weeks with no issues unless i used the convection oven which continued to sound very very noisy. It was so bad it made me think twice about using it. I then reported the problem to amazon customer service who replied in 10 minutes. They advised they would send a replacement unit out immediately. This was amazing service and i cannot be more pleased with their response. The replacement as arrived and the oven function is quiet as i would have expected. Will this oven last as long i am not sure as i think that items these days are built to a price and not quality.

Many years ago i had a combi/ microwave and i loved it, it broke down after a lot of use but circumstances dictated that i hadn’t got another of its standard ,my current combi wasn’t that user friendly and the baking/grilling element was of the exposed kind (not good for cleaning). This one is more like my old appliance but so much better and easy to use. Yes there are a lot of functions and you will need the manual close to hand for a while until you get to know all it’s functions (there are many) but what i have used it for so far has cooked the food to perfection. The auto settings for frozen pizza produced a well cooked,soft based tasty meal and in a family of shift workers you need an appliance that can cook or re-heat meals without using the large standard oven 4 times a day. The interior is completely stainless steel with a concealed element and oven fan and it comes complete with a glass turntable ,steel oven tray and a wire rack. The best thing about the unit is the display where the clock is displayed also gives helpful instructions to help navigate through the different functions which does make everything just that bit easier to learn how to use it. The microwave itself cooks very well and heats evenly throughout the food and with the new inverter technologie the power is totally adjustable. The manual itself is very comprehensive right down to an explanation as to how microwaves cook your food and includes recipes,reheating charts,cooking charts,9 auto roast programmes,8 auto cook programmes and 8 junior menu programmes. There are instructions for using the timer,multi stage cooking, combination grill and microwave , convection and microwave and how to defrost (manualy and chaos auto defrost), in fact i don’t think there is a thing this manual under decribes or misses out. This unit will be used multiple times throughout the day and i expect it will save quite a bit on electricity bills in my house.

I do all of my cooking in this oven i have found the booklet very helpful 8 months oni am struggling with my panasonic combination microwave the heat is not distributed evenlymy baking is burning at the back of the oven before the bake is finishedithink the microwave is not always cooking through.

You can only open the door to 90 degrees. Our previous panasonic would open well in excess o.

My last panasonic microwave was used every day and gave 10 yrs great service. I replaced it with this updated model. It is an easier to use cleaner line design which is usefully a slighter larger capacity than most microwaves. A great buy highly recommend.

Seems to do everything very well.

I like the fact that it is a large oven and also the grill is good for browning as it alternates between microwave and grill. It also has a good defrost menu and it is quiet compared to other ovens that i have had. I will recommend this microwave a must have in your kitchen.

The panasonic nn-ct54jwbpq slimline combination microwave oven has a nice sleek design, and this particular edition comes in white. This new combination microwave oven seems to be a real game changer. The internal space has been improved providing you with a roomy 34cm turntable. This gives you more options to use larger dishes and plates. The use of good ergonomic design diminishes the overall footprint of this unit by an impressive 20% when equated to conventional combi ovens, thus leaving you with more room on your kitchen worktop. This combi oven offers more cooking flexibility than a rudimentary solo microwave. This is because combination microwaves, as the online bumf states – ‘combine microwave energy, a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air) so they can heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a large conventional oven’. With pre-set programs, it can really be handy when cooking certain foods, like children’s meals, as they spontaneously cook food for the correct time and with the correct sequence of microwave, convection and grill, without you having to set this yourself. Always best to consult your microwave instruction handbook for guidelines on cooking different items. The 1000w microwave power provides a great cooking time, which is somewhat quick imho.

This is a 27 litre combination microwave oven with a punch, i have had two of these types of microwaves but this one is a step up from my old ones this does far more than grill , micro and oven cook so take some time and read what it can do. It has 29 auto programmes to cover all your needs with a 1300w grill and fan assisted oven up to 220 degrees c. Which will give up to 40% faster cooking using different functions at the same time. The junior menu is a nice addition. The other plus with this all in one oven is for elderly and people with restricted movement it can be placed at any height to save on bending and using a standard oven so far safer.

As i live on my own i love the small oven for convection cooking. Use it a lot for reheating meals i have cooked myself and frozen.

If i had to pick one piece of kitchen equipment which i could take with me to a desert island, it would have to be this microwave. Not only does it do all the standard microwave things, but it also has a convection oven and a grill function as wellif all you use your microwave for is heating your dinner up when you’re late back from a day at the office, then this unit is probably overkill. If however, you want to be able to do everything from defrosting sausages to roasting a joint of meat, to baking a carrot cake, to grilling toast – then you may have come to the right place. One thing i will say (and this may seem obvious) is that you really should read the manual quite carefully. Depending on the mode of cooking you select – you may or may not need to supplement the glass turntable with an included elevated wire rack and/or enamel platter. If you don’t use the correct combination of accessories, you risk sub-optimal results or even breakage. Apart from the number of cooking modes, it’s important to realise that the way the panasonic microwave works is fundamentally different to the way other manufacturers’ microwaves work. All other microwaves are essentially like a light switch – the magnetron (the element which generates the microwaves) is either 100% on or 100% off. If you select 60% power, the magnetron will switch on 100% for 6 seconds and off for 4 seconds, and repeat this until the timer ends. Obviously when you’re trying to cook something like a sauce or scrambled eggs, this is a big problem – you really do need fine control over the power rather than just intermittently blasting it at full power.

What i like to say in my short review is i appreciate this respectable panasonic white 27 litre microwave. This large electrical product was delivered last week on 19th march 2019. My parents and i use it lots of times such as when we are eating and cooking our food every day in the kitchen at home. Lastly, important safety instructions are available – see attached photograph.

I saw this and was lucky enough to get it. I had the older version which had just packed up. I loved this mircowave and it was excellent, this version is even better for me as i don’t have much space and it’s slimmer. It’s a good family size 27 litres and has a 34cm turntable. On this model they have moved the fan from the back of it to the top, the inside also seems a lot bigger than the old one too. You can actually use the microwave at the same time as the conventional oven which is great and a good time saver, there are also pre-programmed functions for children’s healthier meals , which takes the guesswork out of it. You can do anything from defrosting food to baby food in this one, a real step up on the older model, i have to be honest i don’t use the conventional over a lot as i usually do a family roast but this is great for smaller things. I am very impressed with the size and functions on this newer model, it’s white so fits in with most kitchens, and i like the type of push buttons not dials. Really like this would recommend as i said i had the old model and delighted to get the newer one.

Bakes jacket potatoes really well. We use it as an oven too, to cook frozen burgers.

This is the more recent model of the one i had that packed up. Easy to use, very even cooking. I use the convection oven a lot and am very happy with results. Came well packed and delivery was prompt.

This is a great piece of equipment for your kitchen that really packs a wallop of a punch. It’s more than just a microwave as it’s a very competent convection oven and grill. As a convection i’ve found that it warms up really quickly and cooks very evenly and i rate it as better than our aeg oven which, incidentally, cost a lot more money. As a grill it does what you want it to, while as a microwave it defrosts really well so you don’t find you have a part-frozen, part-cooked piece of food. The microwave also cooks really evenly and does what you always wanted your microwave to do. Panasonic is also a very reliable brand and the operation is really simple. Yes, it’s not cheap and you can pick up a very cheap microwave but it will be very limited. Short of a hob, this does everything you want a full size cooker to do which is great if you are on a tight budget or have limited space.

This is a microwave device that can also do other types of cooking, like a little oven. It is beautifully engineered -no surprises there, from pananasonic – and, while not simple to use, the manual teaches everything you need to becomeproficient. It is on the expensive side, but well worth it. It wil pay for itself, anyhow, as over the years we shalluse it in many occasions rather than the big, much more expensive, electric oven.

Do’s what it says on the box.

Product was for my 86 year old mum. But this on the kitchen worktop is perfect.

As recommended by which – a reliable excellent microwave.

Our previous microwave that went faulty was a panasonic and i thought it was a reliable machine with all of the features that we needed from a microwave. I wanted to stick to a panasonic because of the previous reliability so i knew what i was getting. This new panasonic microwave has all the features of our old model and is a bonus because it has a grill built in. My sons use our microwave ten times more than me. So far, they are fully satisfied with this new machine. Youngest son calvin says the door on this one sounds more sophisticated than our previous model so he’s impressed.

Our previous microwave (also a panasonic) has been a little unreliable of late. That was a flatbed and we found that it was heating things unevenly. So we were pleased that this has a rotary to ensure stuff gets more even, but of course the downside is that you do lose a chunk of space compared with the flatbed. Truth be told though, i can probably count on one hand the times in the last five years that we needed the full flatbed size, so it isn’t a big compromise and the even heating seems more important. Overall, this does a good job. Whilst it is a combi (so microwave/convection and grill modes) the reality is that, if you’re like us, 99% of use will be as a microwave. So the first annoyance sounds like a little thing, but you’d much rather the microwave function was the first button on the top left instead of convection mode. The microwave thing button is actually the third down – it just means you have to look and can’t instinctivley press it. It’s a minor gripe, but a gripe that’s going to gnaw every time i use it.Also, the fan does seem a little bit noisier than our previous model, and for the more premium price, i would have preffered the finish to me more convincingly metalic in the silver version than the not quite plastic/not quite full metal finish on this.

Not as easy to use as my old panasonic combination microwave. It moves when i push door button.

This microwave has been a brilliant addition to our kitchen. Our last microwave broke ages ago and i hadn’t realised how much we had used it. Out if the box, this microwave is easy to set up and start using. The instructions are very straightforward. The microwave function works really well and everything comes out piping hot. We use he other cooking functions less, but it works and is a good backup should there be a problem with out cooker. In terms of looks, it is shiny and smart looking. My family are pleased with this and it is used a lot.

The first panasonic microwave lasted me for many years so i ordered another one to replace it when finally it stopped working. So far (approx 6 months) i am very pleased.

I like the compact size and the fact that it is lightweight, however it is badly designed in terms of operation. I had a sanyo showerwave for years, which was very straightforward to operate. This one has a lot of functions but there are too many keystrokes involved, the programs are awkward, time consuming and cumbersome and will require reference to the book for a long time to come. I intend to keep it but i would not buy a similar one again.

Very useful for a family home, the combined microwave, grill and oven gives plenty of flexibility for cooking. The size is good for cooking family meals, inc. However, that does make the unit larger than many units, so check it’ll fit your worktop. The combination is great for baked potatoes using microwave/convection or convection/grill for pizzas. It also cooks noticeably quicker than 700/800w microwaves. The included guide is comprehensive, covering all the features and also some recipes. There’s also recipe books which focus on combination microwaves like this. In use, the metal case gets warm when using convention over – i use the top as a plate-warmer.There’s also some hot air blown out the back.