Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Inverter Microwave Oven : A very versatile combined microwave and grill

Looks smart and modern and is easy to wipe down to keep looking good. Perfect useful size for a small kitchen- surprisingly roomy inside and yet neat and compact. The door opens smoothly and quietly clicks closed. The microwave functions are easy to work out and programme, although i looked at the manual for working out how to use the grill. 6 power setting for the microwave is very handy, and are quickly and easily scrolled through by turning the nob. The defrost setting does take a long time but as claimed, defrosts very gently and evenly. The high setting is 1000w so quite powerful- you will need to reduce cooking times on alot of things a bit, or it will overflow or overcook slightly. Microwaving milk and porridge i do on a lower setting or it will just boil over even before it is hot. This microwave is a great improvement on my previous tiny basic one, and a pleasure to use.

The microwave is working exceptionally, it more than meets my requirements.

I bought this recently and have used it every day. I am extremely pleased that i bought it. The quality is great, easy to use and it is speedy. Much cheaper to use than my large electric oven.

I do all kinds of cooking and having this convection / inverter microwave is the perfect solution to all my cooking needs.

Good looking microwave and suprisingly quiet. No annoying or unnecessary beeps or notifications – huge bonus in competition with some other very annoying microwaves on the market. Grill and oven are very powerful which makes this very good value for money. Auto cooking, grill and combo programs are simple and well programmed and additional guide – sticker on oven door frame is s nice touch. This microwave does grill / cook jacked potatoes very well.

Excellent and easy to use and clean. Remember this is a micro with grill and combi -3 in one.

I am an amazon vine reviewer. I have not used a microwave oven with a grill function before, so this is a new experience for me. The panasonic nn-gd37hs microwave/grill oven (mgo for short) arrived in a well-packaged box. The turntable was positioned in its own well-protected polystyrene recess. The 56 page operating instructions are both very comprehensive and easy to follow. The first 10 pages cover safety advice. This includes the fact that children 8 years and over can use the device (page 4) – with thorough training. Also not to cook an egg in its shell as it can explode either in the oven or on removal as it continues to cook. I placed the mgo on the kitchen worktop using the clearance dimensions shown on page 11. The mgo is a good-looking piece of kit in its all stainless steel look.

Bought to replace 20 year old combination microwave, the microwave and grill is proving to be quite adequate. It had to be stainless steel to fit with existing kitchen, and looks like a quality bit of kit. I’ve only had it in use for one week. I love the chaos defrost – weigh the food, sleet the program, select the weight on the dial, then turn twice at the beep. However it does have to stand 30 mins. To continue defrosting, but the advantage is that the outer edges haven’t started cooking. The auto cook program requires the weight of the food to be entered, i always weigh out my food anyway, or for convenience food it’s on the packet, so not a problem. The guides to the auto programs are displayed conveniently when opening the door. I have used both the reheat and cook programs which require setting both power level and the time. I’m used to 750w and 900w ovens, this is 1000w with settings 600, 440, 300, 100. Most of the charts show the times recommended at 1000w. So it’s caution and trial at the moment. The timer is set in 10 second increments which is useful for reheating, but turning the knob round to get anything over 5 minutes gets a bit tedious. I haven’t used the grill facility yet.

  • The best microwave oven I’ve ever used.
  • Excellent
  • A very versatile combined microwave and grill

Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Inverter Microwave Oven with Grill, 23 Litre, 1000 W, Stainless Steel

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We have used a panasonic nn-st477sbpq microwave oven almost daily for the last eight years and it has given us reliable service without any problems. I was therefore very interested to see how this new panasonic nn-gd37hsbpq model compared with our older one. The main difference between them is this new model also incorporates a built-in grill – we had never used a microwave over with this feature before and it took a bit of time to get familiar with it. The microwave section itself is very straightforward and compares favourably with our older model – it is slightly more powerful at 1000w against 900w but is also a bit smaller with a 23 litre capacity against 27 litre. Neither of these differences are major issues – we just need to remember when we use the oven that it is not quite the same. The grill is a useful feature to have but takes a little bit of practice to get the most from the combination of the two heating methods – and it is best to read the safety features in the booklet first. Simple things like not using the supplied metal grill rack in microwave only mode – and not to use plastic cookware if using the grill too. Obvious – but unfamiliar at first. This microwave oven uses panasonic’s inverter technology and gives as consistent results as our older model did – which we like, and it also features a good selection of power levels for microwave, grill and combinations of the two, plus 13 auto programmes to make life a bit easier. The oven is compact and has an attractive stainless steel finish so fits easily on your work-surface or shelf and looks good too.

Nice machine very happy with so far.

This is a nice little microwave with a handy grill. I am finding this to be very useful and a good replacement for my older panasonic microwave. My old microwave was a bigger one with a convection oven which i no longer need and was getting very old. This is smaller but still big enough for most things – the only problem i have is it is not quite tall enough for the microwavable rice pouches which get caught on the grill at the top. It has a good cleaning function and so far is still looking clean and shiny. The controls are intuitive and there are various possible settings including the microwave and grill combination. This is solidly constructed microwave and from my previous experiences of panasonic microwaves i expect it to last well.

I can confidently say, that this is the best microwave oven i’ve ever owned, panasonic have obviously put a lot of thought into producing a quality product. To begin with, this is about as high a power microwave you can get domestically, at 1000w, in practice, this means significantly, proportionally shorter cooking times. Of course, cooking times are much reduced over traditional methods to begin with but i, certainly, noticed the difference. The oven cavity is spacious and takes a dinner plate without it clunking against the interior walls as the turntable turns. I can also fit in taller containers that my previous oven couldn’t. Despite the spacious interior, the body of the oven isn’t huge. Neither is the oven too heavy and shouldn’t cause much problem for any able-bodied person, to fit. The grill is a fantastic addition, as it has allowed us to reheat certain foods that would otherwise have gone soggy on the top. It can be used in conjunction with the microwave or on its own and makes perfect cheese on toast. The exterior finish is nice, though stainless steel is a fingerprint magnet.

Quietly impressed with this microwave and the inverter technology. Seems to heat up leftovers more evenly and the combi grill function is handy for jacket potatoes.

A fabulous looking microwave, with all the features you need and a quality edge. The general construction is of steel and the front panel and door are coated in stainless steel which not only improves the look of the device, but also keeps it easy to clean. The control layout is simple and intuitive, with timing controlled by a pop out rotary knob and all other features by simple press buttons. An attractive green led display shows the time or remaining cooking time. The first row of buttons determines how you cook, with microwave power alone, with the built in grill or a combination of both. The second row of buttons are defrost, auto microwave cooking or auto combination cooking, again with each feature the rotary control sets time (or weight). The third row of buttons include aqua clean – a system for removing food odours and cleaning the inside of the oven; just simply pop a pyrex jug with 200ml of tap water and a squeeze of lemon juice in the oven, press ‘aqua clean’ and ‘start’. In about 20 minutes the oven emits 5 beeps and then just wipe the inside with a soft cloth. The other buttons are timer and clock adjust , then on the final row, the stop/cancel button and the all important start. Compared to my existing oven, this is so easy to use – controls are intuitive and straight forward.

Reasonable size for a small kitchen. It fits very welllovely finish (stainless steel) on the frontvery easy controls to operate itlots of options to cook food£20 will buy 2 years of cover (repair cost or replacement)100% buy & go no further (we had quiet a few of this item over the years & found that it beats all so far)i will buy it again keeping the size the same ( ideal size for 3 people in the family)we cannot do without a microwave for a single day & this one arrived in reasonable quick time (4/days). The best 3 options we liked very much are: can use only microwave on its own or grill or both microwave+grill combine. So there are 3 options to choose fromtimer button cab be pushed in when not in useall other buttons are sensitive so only a little touch/push is requireddoor opening push/button is comfortable to operate & not too tight like [email protected] £140 a value for money item then all other good & well known brands100% recommending to buy.

This is a well made, well-functioning combi-microwave. It looks very neat, is intuitive to use. Compared to previous microwaves, this is considerably quieter which is a big plus. It’s major downside is the lovely aluminium finish marks so so easily, so it constantly has very obvious finger marks/smudges over the outside.

  • The best microwave oven I’ve ever used.
  • Excellent
  • A very versatile combined microwave and grill

Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Inverter Microwave Oven with Grill, 23 Litre, 1000 W, Stainless Steel

After 9 years it was time to say goodbye to my last microwave, that left me with a decision to make on which brand, what functions i wanted, price etc. The panasonic nn – gd37hs seemed to fit the bill, it was in my price range at just under £130, 1000 watts, ample 23 litre capacity and a grill that can be used in combination with the microwave. It arrived this morning a day earlier than expected, well packaged and in perfect condition. Setting the clock was so easy and that’s something i usually struggle with.A quick read of the instructions and i was ready to start using it. For practice i cooked minced beef for the dogs and although initially confusing it didn’t take me long to realise how to set the timer for two different cooking temperatures at the start of cooking, 5 minutes on 1000w and a further 10 minutes on 440w and just wait for the beeps – so clever, no more waiting for part cooking to change the power levelthe reviews said it makes great cheese on toast and i have to say it’s much easier than using the grill in my oven, it’s a better working height for one thing. The wire rack was the right size to two slices of bread, i set the grill to power level 3 and although it did seem to take longer than the oven grill there is no heat up time as the grill only works with the door closed, the bread was evenly toasted and once topped with cheese it took no time to melt and bubble. So far i’m delighted i chose this microwave and i’m looking forward to trying cauliflower cheese next on the combination setting.

Ok can do the job just don’t expect perfeaction nothing is what it’s supp to be.

Received this microwave a couple of weeks ago and have held off writing the review until i’d had a chance to test it as fully as possible. I’m pleased to say, it’s a great microwave and has done everything i’ve asked of it very well. First of all, it’s a smart looking machine and fits in well with the other stainless steel items in the kitchen. Secondly, it comes with a clear and concise instruction book which may seem a bit ‘wordy’ at first, but really it’s written for anyone who is entirely new to microwave cooking and explains all about the theory of microwaves, safety, the correct type of cooking containers to use etc, all of which is important. If you are already familiar with the techniques etc, you can just go straight to the operating instructions, no prob. There are some recipes in the book also to get you started. I’ve had microwaves since the 1970’s but this is the best one yet and i really like the grill which means the food looks and tastes very appealing. Microwaved food can be a bit blah. But sausages were nicely browned when cooked on ‘combi’ setting – the book tells you how to do it. Baked potatoes were somewhat better than purely microwaved, cheese on toast was good without having to heat up the big grill and use all that electricity, fresh carrots and frozen veg were dead easy. The controls are all easy to get the ‘hang’ of and really, there is nothing negative to say about it at all.

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