Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven – Fantastic microwave

Don’t have masses of space for a microwave but this model fits really well into the space available due to its compact footprint. However, for a small microwave it certainly delivers on performance. Microwave function is perfect and the grill is an added bonus. I don’t use auto programmes a great deal, but the jacket potato programme produces excellent results for a quick lunch. Usual excellent panasonic build quality. Nicely finished and smart looking. Excellent value at this price, can’t find fault with it at all.

I needed a microwave to fit in my baby sterilisers but this one is too small. Not enough clear information listed for microwaves in general when it comes to external/internal sizes. Internal dimensions are not the dimensions of what you can fit in, as the wheel disk and plate must also go in. Microwave manufacturers need to be more clear about this information. Selling websites need to have more search options to narrow down these choices.

The grill is a bonus for the price. Nice looking and easy to use. Good microwave for 1 or 2 people. Tends to move a bit when pressing as you have to keep it 10 cms from back wall. Only dislike so far is 5 bleeps when it has finished. A bit annoying but good if your a bit deaf or preoccupied.

This panasonic microwave nn-k18jmmbpq – i believe represents good value, it’s a compact microwave and has a smaller footprint. It is a quick and easy to use microwave and grill combi oven, however, for me the combi times and grill usage was hard to figure out what timing to use for other goods. I found that there are a few forums on the net that will help you, from other people who have used the same oven for other types of foods. Nonetheless still an affordable and not heavy microwave. It should fit anywhere in a kitchen and blend-in with silver/grey appliances that are already there. I have used this microwave to reheat, defrost and cook various types of food and the performance was good and the food tasted nice and warmed up well throughout without cold spots/areas. In general, this is a really smart looking and well-designed microwave. It does well in reheating and defrosting. The heating performance is fast and effective, the build is durable and the design is compact. Has a smaller footprint and find this more suitable to my needs.

Easy to use, very good value for money.

To be honest i took one star off the easy to clean because of the fact that it had a recess that made it a little trickier than a lot of other models but at the end of the day, that was because i was being very picky about that one thing. Other than that i really can’t fault it. In a time when space is at a premium in most homes, items tend to have to be multifunctional to warrant space in your kitchen. Having a grill within the microwave makes this so much better as it gives you a lot of versatility with the food that you’re preparing. The micro output is bang on 800 watts and for me reheats the food precisely to the way i like it as well as having good air filtration through the various slits to help avoid the steam built up that occurs in a lot of earlier models. Add to this a known brand name and the fact that i last bought a panasonic micro years ago and i’m only just replacing it. Says enough about the build quality.

This is very similar to our old panasonic both in looks and functions, with the added bonus of having a grill which is brillianti used this tonight to do jacket potatoes which i often start off in the microwave (under a microwave food dome) until they’re starting to soften, then i wrap them in foil and pop them in the oven to crisp up a little. I put these in the microwave with the dome i usually use, and as i was about to set the timer i noticed there was a jacket potato option so i chose that, it came up with ‘200’ (wasn’t sure what that meant – and i don’t read instructions) so i pressed start and off it went with a countdown from 14 minutes. I was in the immediate vicinity for the first few minutes, turned around to wash some dishes and then when i turned back i was intrigued that there was an orange glow coming from the microwave. I opened the microwave door and to my horror the glow was the grill, and my plastic dome was quickly melting.It appears that the microwave’s setting for jacket potatoes included a grill presumably to crisp up the skin 🙈in short it’s a good microwave, has some quick select functions, and is pretty good value for money considering it includes the grill as well. It also comes with a wire rack to lift your food closer to the grill. We haven’t braved grilling sausages in it yet as i know the inside of the microwave is going to be disgusting.

This is our second panasonic microwave oven. The other one was ‘borrowed’ by our daughter for her new flat. It is a small oven, with a neat look to it. The microwave is 800 watts, and the grill is 1000watts. Good for reheating convenience food, making jacket spuds, grilling cheese sandwiches and that sort of thingpretty versatile overall, with a few useful presets to get you started. Not really big enough to do ‘proper’ cooking, but at this sort of size and price you wouldn’t really expect that.

Found this very easy to use and is in use nearly every day now.

Bit more complicated but that is because it also has a grill. A family might benefitfrom the larger model but for one it is perfect.

I should of double check the size it was smaller then i thought.

Looks good and easy to use and clean.

I like the small compact microwave which is still root enough to take k e a large dinner plate, it is a bit noises and the grill function is too slow to heat up. On the whole i very pleased with it. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven:

  • 20L capacity
  • 800W High Power Microwave
  • 1000W Grill Function – Perfect for bacon or toast
  • 9 Auto Programmes to help you easily and quickly cook foods such as jacket potatoes, pastry, chilled meal, frozen meal and more
  • Touch control panel
  • Quick 30 second increment setting
  • Child safety lock to protect little fingers from harm
  • 25cm turntable
  • Round wire rack included for grilling

Really good and all functions work.

Very functional micro wave grill and value for money.

Excellent small size and powerful microwave.

Everything lifts out easily to clean, and it all wipes down easily.

Panasonic lead the way in producing well built, great quality and functional microwaves and this is no exception. For a fraction of what they used to cost, panasonic brings a combination of 800w microwave and 1000w grill oven in one small unit. The microwave is great with 800w of power (not as much as some but it does seem more powerful than our old samsung which claimed to be 900w) with some lovely features. The bright green led display is clear and easy to interpret. The buttons are touch sensitive and flat on the panel making them easy to clean. My favourite button is the 30s button which gives multiples of 30s microwave boosts – so useful and well thought out. I don’t really use the pre-programmed buttons as i tend to just wing it but the microwave it really even in cooking and consistent in its power. The mark of a good microwave is in the cooking of a popadum and this is great without burning them. The grill is great for occasional use and the included rack is very useful – oven chips and pizzas come out really well under the grill.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Too small

  • Very good, but the grill disappoints

  • Small and compact yet still takes a full dinner plate,good range of functions.

Buttons have bad graphic design, are hard to see, small and hard to use. Has small platter and internal capacity.

Colour,size and makemainly quick dinners.

I got this for my son who has recently moved in to his own, small space rented accommodation and it was perfect in both its small size and didn’t come with the bells and whistles of more expensive models. It’s ideal for reheating ready meals from chilled, jacket potatoes come out particularly well as you’re able to crisp the ski using the inbuilt grill. The 30 second and 1 minute time set buttons make manually setting cooking times a breeze, and so far, the auto cook button have worked to perfection. All in all, a good value versatile microwave/grill from panasonic.

Needed replacement microwave but didn’t want one taking up too much space. This one is ideal and seems faster than previous panasonic. One worry is that door opening button went on last microwave so hope this one is made stronger.

I put the microwave in my caravan after the old one no longer worked. The panasonic microwave does everything i expected and is much better than my previous microwave because it has a grill.

We got two panasonic microwaves – this (nn-k18jmmbpq) for work and a nn-ct54jwbpq at twice the price for home. I have to say both are really good microwaves and highly recommended. It’s taken a bit of getting used to but now we’ve figured out all of the features it’s really our to go appliance for cooking in the kitchen. So much so that we tend not to use our regular oven anywhere as much. For a microwave that’s not terribly bulky or heavy it has an decent 20 litre capacity. This means if you’re tight for space you don’t have to worry. That combined with the built in 9 programmes, convection and grill functionality make for a great appliance. Saying that it is quite easy to get going with it as it’s quite intuitive and the instructions are easy to follow. The 800-1000 watts of power also make for fast cooking. We’ve found that no matter which function we are using the food comes out evenly cooked.

This is a replacement for a very old panasonic microwave that we have had for at least 25 years and cost ten times the asking price of this model. To be honest apart from the slightly lightweight feel to the casing and the slightly smaller size this does everything that our old microwave did. Like the small grill and rack. So far this new model is proving very good although the interior has a recessed area that will need an extra clean from time to time. The silver casing is attractive and the side air vents allow for better ventilation of the unit. I’m sure the fact it is from a tried and tested manufacturer will prove a bonus.

I used to own one of these before but without the grill. I purchased this because i wanted the versatility of an additional grill. The microwave does what it says and it does it very well. The defrost function is particularly good. It’s a poor substitute for the real thing. It does the job, but it’s a long wait. However, the microwave is still a great buy. Just don’t have high expectations of the grill.

Actually, this is a microwave that will fit in any kitchen, but it comes out top for a small kitchen, and for someone who will be doing more reheating than cooking – so ideal for students. Three things stand out for me. One, that small footprint – this will fit just about anywhere, but still fits 20l inside. Two, the grill – it won’t make a great souffle, but it will reheat a pizza in minutesand three, it has seven useful presets – being able to pop in a potato and then ignore it for 14 minutes and get a nicely crisped jacket takes care of all the student calorie needs which aren’t covered by kebabs and pot noodles.

Fab microwave, small size but holds a large plate, easy to set clock and ease of use, would definitely buy again, very pleased.

I really like this panasonic microwave. We’ve had one before and the build quality is great. Its very neat and compact without unnecessary bulky plastic covers and fits into a kitchen very well. Its an 800w microwave and a 1000w grill, and it does both great. There are plenty of power settings and programmes to get you started quickly. I found it heated most things evenly and on the whole is very pleasant to use.

We never realised just how, over time, our old microwave oven had gradually lost power. For the first few time we overcooked everything. But it is an excellent oven and i’ve just bought a second one to help with catering for friends visits.