Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ Solo Inverter Microwave Oven : More watts is more betterer!

Very happy had it for over a month so used it plenty, its everything as described, power level good, nice and quiet operation esp door closer, im very happy very good quality for the cost.

Simple to use and very flexible in the range of options. Looks great and easy to clean, unlike stainless. Not the cheapest but probably worth it.

I bought this to replace my russel hobs microwave that died after 2 years. Overall i’ve been very pleased with this purchase. There are a whole range of options that honestly i’ll never really use if i’m honest but they’re there just in case i need to defrost something using chaos theory. Having 1000 watts is brilliant. Coming from my previous 700 watt microwave i can tell you it makes massive difference and is well worth paying a little extra for if you can stretch to it.

I got this to replace a 950w panasonic that after 6 years use seemed to be getting a little slower at cooking. This new one is a lot faster and so easy to use,all the features are simple,overall i rate it very highly.

Not the easiest of microwaves to manoeuvre around although great nonetheless. Cooks food very well, just takes a little time to get around all the functions.

Easy to use fantastic product. Ideal size – takes normal sized plates and also tall containers. Tried most of the features ie high to low including defrost ,auto clean, auto defrost simple easy to use. Doesnt seem to burn reheating food like my previous microwaves must be the inverter technology .Note the cooling fan will run for a short period after use. Only downside is easy to leave fingerprints on the door which my previous micros did but because their fronts were glass they were easier to remove/clean.

My microwave died replacement cane in 2 days perfect and delivery brill. Hid item behind my bins leaning over a 6 foot gate.

When it comes to microwaves, panasonic is the clear leader. This model in particular comes with a range of settings and modes which the majority of users will never need, but upon testing a range of them, it’s clear that the designers have put a great deal of thought and engineering prowess into each. With a large number of competing products on the market, manufacturers have become desperate to add on differentiating gimmicks to stand out, often at the expense of core usability. Popping something for a reheat, defrost or quick cook is simple and intuitive, and heating is even, thorough and fast. The available cleaning mode is surprisingly effective at removing odours, and on the whole this is a very easy machine to clean. The build quality is excellent, and i can see my microwave lasting me for many more years – which makes this great value for money.

  • Excellent small combi Microwave and grill
  • First rate microwave
  • Seems fine

Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ Solo Inverter Microwave Oven, 23 Litre, 1000 W, Stainless Steel

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The panasonic nn-gd37hsbpq combi microwave and grill is an excellent cooker in each of its modes. However, the controls need a careful study of the instructions, and there is a steep learning curve, especially if one has previously become accustomed to a different microwave. Cooking works well, as claimed above in the blurb. I like the genuinely variable power levels, much better than the old types which merely gave full power in short busts. However, when grilling, one needs to be careful in choosing the optimum height of the food. Steam cleaning with the cup of lemon in water is effective at removing fresh splashes, but baked-on grease in the grill is another matter, and the painted insides are more difficult to clean than if they had been simple stainless. The vents are on the back, and must be left clear to prevent overheating. To keep it away from the wall i put a couple of small bits of scrap wood cut to length as spacers to prevent the feet from sliding back when operating buttons or door.

Bought on a special for a good price for a high power machine – easy enough to use and so far so good.

Just what i expected from such a well known manufacurer.

Excellent product, easy to use, good value for money, would recommend.

No complications or hassle so far. A replacement for my original panasonic that worked like a dream for over 30 years. I’ve only been using this one a couple of weeks. Hopefully this one will see me out. The silver colour (stainless-look) plastic (?) casing gets a bit smeary with finger marks. I suppose good quality brushed ss would have increased the selling price. So it’s good value for the price.

The inverter supply really improves the heating power.

Use it mainly for heating up items, sounds a bit of a waste but we find it useful. Compared to our old one, this is much more attractive.

Product was so easy to install. Light to move and looks good. Previous model finally stopped working and we needed a quick replacement.

  • Excellent small combi Microwave and grill
  • First rate microwave
  • Seems fine

Panasonic NN-SD27HSBPQ Solo Inverter Microwave Oven, 23 Litre, 1000 W, Stainless Steel

I bought this after our previous microwave caused so much hassle with its analogue interface. This microwave heats food rapidly, does exactly what it says in the handbook and looks gorgeous in our kitchen. We went for the black option and that works well with our black work surface. We can highly recommend this appliance.

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