Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel : A good microwave

This is the third one of these i have had and will keep on buying them. Good capacity, great functionality, easy to use and easy to clean.

I bought this microwave as i had the earlier model and really found it to be perfect in every way. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost and i decided i still liked it and looked for a nearly identical replacement. I am equally happy with it and the only difference i can see is that this one has a 24hr clock (much better) and also has lost the vents on the right hand side and top of the outer casing. I now have a spare glass tray and the circular rotator in case i have an accident – as the new one uses the same. I would recommend this microwave for its simplicity and ease to keep clean inside and outside.

Hi thanks excellent product well made cooks like a 👩‍🍳 shef brilliant delivered on time well packed looking great so far.

After reading differing reviews, we like this microwave. Stainless steel interior, easy to clean, won’t rust or peel like white-painted versions.

Great microwave, we have had one before so knew the product already.

Waited awhile before writing a review. Not used all the functions yet, but i love this microwave its easy to clean cooks well and has plenty of room for my large oval plates. It does stay on for about 30secs after you have finished cooking, but this is only on some occasions. It doesn’t get too hot as i expected and sits really well in the corner of the kitchen. Feels and looks well built and doesn’t move when when opening and closing the door. Bought this for the inverter technology, and the auto sensor, it has not failed in this department. The only thing that i would have wanted is the reminder beeps if you haven’t opened the door after cooking has finished. As it only beeps once finished cooking.

I ahve always bought panasonic microwaves as they have served me well and after 8 years i decided to replace my microwave simply because it didnt match my new kitchen. The sensor microwave is brilliant and does everything it specified.

I bought this panasonic microwave for my newly fitted kitchen to replace my old panasonic which we’ve had since 1993 and was still working perfectly but was just too big to fit in the new housing unit with the new oven. It is a very sleek, modern design and is very easy to programme and the controls are very clear and simple to use. I am very please with it, just hope it lasts as long as the old one.

  • Very pleased with microwave
  • The March of Progress
  • Uncomplicated and good looking

Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel

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This has been purchased to replace our old panasonic genius that we had for 28 years. This is more powerful than the genius, but still has the auto sensor, which in my opinion, is a must. So simple and straightforward to use. Thanks panasonic – here’s to next 28 years.

Easy set up and user friendly, heats very well all round, cooling fan cools down product after use too, good value.

Fantastic microwave was recommended by which.

All goodreplaces my old model which never failed.

Replaced two previous panasonics and this has some nice new features. Have fun setting the clock however as the hr button has been discarded and it is no longer an instant fix.

Dead easy to set up and works like a dream. Has everything a microwave cooker should have. Especially impressed by the fact that there are no vents in the top which means that items can be placed an top without damage.

Exactly as we expected replacing a much earlier panasonic ‘genius’ that had given excellent service for many years.

This was bought to replace another panasonic which had been working for years, and still would have been if i had been prepared to spend a few hours giving it a total clean. The only criticizm would be that the decals might wear away if they are cleaned too often.

  • Very pleased with microwave
  • The March of Progress
  • Uncomplicated and good looking

Panasonic NN-ST479SBPQ Family Solo Auto Sensor Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel

Very pleased with microwave. Stainless steel interior is easy to keep clean. Haven’t used all the programs yet but the ones i have used have worked perfectly, eg. Jacket potatoes and chicken breasts sensor cooked perfectly. I just have to get used to the noise of the microwave when it is cooling down, i sometimes think it is still cooking. Delivery was quick but i am not happy that it was stated as being ‘left in an outbuilding’. It was left on the ground in the open outside my back door while i was out and anybody could have come round and taken it.

The panasonic family solo auto sensor is a well built microwave oven, but if you don’t do a great deal of microwave cooking this machine may be a little bit over the top in terms of all the settings, up to now i’ve only used cooking and defrost as all the other settings seem too complicated. It is a light machine as when opening the door you can push the machine back, i fitted a strip of wood behind the front feet to stop this. Easy to clean and just the right size.

The auto sensor programmes work well. It is pity that panasonic do not fit a grill in this model.

Great price fast delivery love this its big and easy to use.

A replacement for my lovely old microwave, the size is smaller yet has the same internal space, just what i needed. Simple buttons for various settings, perhaps too many for my needs however i love the auto sensor for reheating. I noted on others comments that the display is hard to read but i have found it clear and it rings to tell you when you need to stir and when the cycle has finished. Arrived well packed and very quick delivery.

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