Panasonic RP-HC56E-K In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones : A good product

Really impressed with the noise cancelling function,travel on planes regular and having tried many in the past, for the money i haven’t experienced anything close.

They don’t cancel all noise, just low frequency noise. I got them to cut out background noise when i’m working and they do help. Music quality is surprisingly good as well and they are comfy.

I don’t like having huge headphones but i want noise cancelling on the tube and on planes. For its size it is really good. Unlike some others, it needs a battery to operate at all(even in non cancelling mode), but overall i’m really satisfied and would recommend this product.

This is the first noise cancellation product i’ve ever used. I can’t say i’m that impressed. Maybe i was expecting too much, its hard to say. It does feel though that the deep rubber inner ear plugs that surround the speakers do about as much noise cancellation as the actual tech within the thing. -update: may 14: i actually am impressed with its capabilities, you just need to use it in noisy enough a space. Baically if you use it on a flight it really does seem to work. Before i’d only been using it on a train or two or in the house with the tv on in the background to test and it seems that these weren’t really loud enough environments for it to work well. Anyway, since using it on a couple of long distance flights i can now say its fantastic and it made a huge difference to my enjoyment and ability to relax on the flights. -the fact the product requires a battery to function as headphones is annoying. I purchased these at duty free before a flight and was totally unaware of this.

As with the previous review, i also bought theses from an airport retailer, but luckily i bought some spare batteries for the journey. Good job as none were supplied. I must admit that the noise cancellation is not as good as i was expecting but it isn’t as bad as the previous review makes out and the louder the external noise the better they seem to work. However, i am impressed with the sound quality. The bass is as good as i have experienced from a set of in-ear headphones. The spatial element of the sound is equally as impressive. Overall i am impressed and pleased with the purchase.

The panasonic rp-hc56e-k in ear noise cancelling headphones worked pretty well for me on two 5 hour flights. Noise reduction is substantial with engine noise almost cut out completely. Sound reproduction is ok with occasional sibilance but not overly intrusive. The aaa battery lasted well. These are not hifi earbuds but they do their job well and are worth the cost when compared to top range bose etc.

We have a noisy open seating plan at work. It helps drown out the background noise.

The noise cancelling is good considering the price.

  • Quality headphones at a really good price.
  • Good noise reduction but intermittent sound issue lets them down.
  • No battery no sound. Make sure you buy one as it’s not supplied.

Panasonic RP-HC56E-K In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones with 92% Reduction in Outside Noise- Black

Product Description, Block out background noise so you can truly immerse into you music wherever you are with Panasonic’s RP-HC56E in ear noise cancelling headphones. Cleverly designed these headphones reduce outside noise by 92% at 200Hz including a passive noise isolation by utilizing an insulating effect. The headphones compact clip on design is perfect for attaching to clothing making them highly convenient when you’re out and about. Relax and enjoy a long operation time (40 hours) with 1 x AAA Alkaline battery, and a wide frequency response of 10Hz-20kHz.

Box Contains, Earphones, 3 pairs of ear pads, Air plug, attachment

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These are great headphones although the noise cancelling isn’t quite as good as i expected. The quality of sound and volume control is great. For the price, not a bad purchase.

Purchased for its noise cancelling ability but this turned out to be rather disappointing. There is a modest impact on travel noise but it is entirely underwhelming.

Good value and good quality – not great but on the other hand, you’re paying a lot less than the bose one.

Bought as a present and the recipient was delighted.

The panasonic rp-hc56e-k noise cancelling headphones are high quality in terms of both sound quality and noise cancelling. The sound quality is clear and there is very good base. The noise cancelling is also fine with a combination of passive sound baffling and active noise cancelling. For the price they stand up well against phones of much higher price.

Bought to take on holiday, well made & satisfied with this purchase.

I used to have a pair of bose headphones with the noise cancelling feature, don’t expect these to perform the same, they don’t. The bose noise canceling effect could be detected sitting at home with a reduction in general background noise and on a plane was a dramatic reduction. As headphones they are good but you need to put a battery in them and they do not work at all without the battery so not really a good purchase if you just want good headphones. The noise cancelling can only be identified as working if the noise level of say jet engines is very loud and some frequencies of noise are not affected at all. If it is not so loud you can hardly make out any difference. The noise cancelling effectiveness is very disappointing when compared to the bose product i had before but then i guess you get what you pay for. My advice is save up and pay a little extra, i feel these are not an effective way to improve any in flight experience.

  • Quality headphones at a really good price.
  • Good noise reduction but intermittent sound issue lets them down.
  • No battery no sound. Make sure you buy one as it’s not supplied.

Panasonic RP-HC56E-K In Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones with 92% Reduction in Outside Noise- Black

Really effective on recent long international flights. Nice tight snug fit in ear and so far getting much longer battery life than documented.

I bought these to replace a previous pair that i’d had for some years but foolishly left behind on a plane. Whilst the noise reduction is good, the new pair occasionally and intermittently make a high pitched “squeak” which is difficult to to stop when it occurs. This never happened with my old pair. I find these really comfortable, light and easy to carry around but i cannot rate them higher due to the intermittent sound issue.

Unlike other earphones this wont give any sound without a battery in, so it’s difficult to tell just how good the noise cancelling actually is. Having said that, i used these for two 8 hour transatlantic flights, found them comfortable and the sound was very acceptable.

Features and Spesification

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  • Noice cancelling headphone, reduces outside noise by 88%.
  • Compact shape with clip.
  • Frequency response 10Hz- 20kHz
  • Push to hear controller
  • Air plug included.