Panasonic RP-HD605NE-T 40 mm Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Brown : Comfortable to wear and great sound

I have found testing these headphones a most pleasurable listening and tactile experience. My two most important considerations in evaluating any headphones are whether they offer great sound playback and are comfortable to wear for extended periods. These pass both tests with flying colours. They also offer usage flexibility. I found that everything worked and worked well. You can listen using bluetooth connection, with or without switching on the noise cancellation feature or simply by connecting the supplied cable to your chosen audio device. It’s nice to have these varied options at your disposal to obtain optimal playback in differing circumstances. While they ship with multi-language quick start guides, i would strongly advise you download the appropriate user manual from the panasonic site. It offers much more detailed information on how to charge, pair, connect and use your phones to get the most from the product. If you find this a problem, i understand panasonic would send out a printed manual on request.

These headphones are great, although the noise cancellation doesn’t necessarily live up to the likes of bose or b&o, they are very high quality and look great.

I was excited about these noise cancelling headphones having had some blue satellite noise cancelling headphones that i thought were excellent until they developed a power fault and were rendered useless. In the box is obviously the headphones themselves that fold in and curl round to fit flat in the compact hard travelling case. Also in the box is usb-c charging cable, 3. 5mm jack cable + a handy plane adaptor for the 3. 5mm jackthe headphones fit nice and comfortably over the ear with soft foam pads. There are 3 buttons power, noise cancelling and volume. The volume is my favorite thing about these headphones being a spring loaded slide switch making changing volume very easy. Power button is held to begin pairing on power on and a voice states paring mode is active, a quick search and the headphones are paired. Noise cancelling is the final button and has 3 levels that the button toggles betweenhonestly i have detected very little effect in any of the 3 levels beyond what the overear isolation provides – very disappointing. Also the sound is not as full across the range.

This is an impressive item, offering very good quality sound along with excellent noise cancelling properties. They are also extremely comfortable to wear, easy to pair and come complete with a hard storage case that takes up minimal space thanks to the compact folding design. The headphones need a four-hour charge before first use, with a red charging light that goes out once capacity is reached and should then provide around 20 hours of playback. Pairing (to an ipod, ipad and iphone x) was all very straightforward without any glitches and achieved by just holding down the power on/off for a few seconds. A multi-function button allows for easy volume adjustment with a sliding control but also enables track skipping, restarting, fast-forward and fast-rewind with double and triple fast clicking (an acquired skill, which is quickly achievable with some practice). The noise cancelling properties are good (accessible via the n/c button), with three levels available or an ambient sound enhancer can be switched on, again using the n/c control, so you can take your pick. I could pick up a slight difference in the three levels of noise cancelling, albeit these were subtle in something that is good even at the lowest level. These feel lovely to wear, even over glasses and are easy to adjust using the controls once you have become used to them (i needed to remove a couple of times to identify these initially, but it does become intuitive, particularly finding the multi-function control). Sound quality is excellent across a range of music and the storage case is a very nice thing to have included in the box.

The sound from these headphones is crisp and detailed, with good bass in musical pieces and good handling of speech. Bluetooth connection is straightforward and stable, though i’ve found the range between source and headphones to only be in the 3-4 metre range before the signal begins to break up. Edit i’ve finally got the noise cancellation feature to work. It does minimise, though not eliminate the ambient sound you can hear and it works better for some types of sound than others. For example, it blocks out the sound of the tumble dryer almost completely, but i can still hear vague snatches of the sound from the tv. The ambient boost facility, which temporarily disables the noise cancellation and enhances the sound so you can, for example, hear someone speaking, works well. Much of the noise isolation comes from the very close fit the earpieces have to your head. In fact, they grip so tightly that spectacle wearers may find they are uncomfortable over long periods. They also make your ears feels sweaty with prolonged use. I have a much cheaper pair of bluetooth in-ear earphones from another manufacturer and their design – jamming the earpiece into the ear canal – seems to be almost as effective at isolating external noise.

For the last six years i have been happily using a pair of sony mdr-1rbt ‘phones. They’ve seen better days and one of the two arms on each side has snapped but they still work, still hold their charge and still sound great. For a while i have been thinking of replacing them and then i got the chance to try these, the snappily titled rp-hd605ne-t’s from panasonic. First thing to say is that panasonic for some reason decided to make their new all-singing, all dancing headphones brown. Great for me, being a retro kind of guy i love brown and orange and to be honest most of my clothes are brown, so i was very pleased. The headphones are supplied in a stiffened carry case and despite being the over-the-ear variety they are surprisingly compact in design. They are quite plasticky and the headband and ear cups are faux leather rather than the real thing. Nice and soft though and very comfortable to wear even for extended periods. Not sure how they would feel in an overly warm environment though. The phones are supplied with an adapter to use on planes, a standard microusb charging cable and an audio cable if you want to use the headphones wired. Bluetooth is easy to set-up and i didn’t need to refer to the enclosed quick-start guide. Press the on/off switch located on the right-hand ear cup, the light will flash alternate blue/red, this is pairing mode. I looked at the list of devices located by my samsung s7, saw the panasonics there and paired. I found the sound excellent. I listened to various tracks on deezer and the bass was lovely and rich (without being too ‘boomy’) and mids and highs were open and spacious. I also listened to some flac files from my nas at home and again the sound was balanced and crystal clear. The nc (noise cancelling) feature is useful if you are in a particularly noisy environment but i found it altered the sound too much, so turned it off.

These headphones have proved to be quite an eye-opener for me as i wasn’t sure how they would compare to other premium headphone brands. And yet i really, really like them. Setup was extremely quick and painless – as i’d expect. I love the sound quality that these headphones produce and the noise-cancelling feature works pretty well, although isn’t perhaps quite as complete as some other headphones that i’ve tried. It’s great that the noise-cancelling feature is adjustable to your needs and the idea of being able to shut off the noise-cancellation by quickly putting your hand to the side of the headphones is a really good one and one that i use quite a bit. The headphones are pretty comfortable to wear – despite my head being a little on the larger side – and i can wear them for quite a while before they become hot. I have to admit to not being a huge fan of how over-ear headphones look in general. However, these look about as smart as most that i’ve seen and are relatively low profile although perhaps look a little more ‘plasticy’ than the main premium makes.

Panasonic have thrown down the gauntlet to the premium brands such as bose, b&w and b&o here. They are priced similarly to these brands who have many years of experience in personal audio. So are these headphones a match for the offerings from these brands?.Firstly the styling and quality. Yes, these are very nice headphones. They are well made, light and comfortable to wear. But in my opinion, the bose ones are just nicer to look at and look a lot more premium. These headphones feature subtle panasonic branding to the shells and give the option of aux use or bluetooth use. As with every other headphones i’ve tried, aux use wins hands down for sound quality.

  • Comfortable to wear and great sound
  • It takes burn in time
  • Amazing sound quality

PANASONIC RP-HD605NE-T 40 mm Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Brown

Product Description, These Bluetooth wireless headphones (HD605N) deliver high-resolution sound, reproducing the detail of sound in dynamic range. Adaptive noise cancellation ensures reproduction of pure sound with three modes to select from to suit your preference. The ergonomic design provides superior comfort.

Box Contains,

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I travel a lot and work in an open plan office, so i’ve owned many pairs of noise cancelling headphones over the years from various well-regarded brands, though this is the first set i’ve had from panasonic. I have specific criteria for judging wireless ‘phones:are they comfy?================at the first wear, they seem a little tight. This closeness is a byproduct of the noise cancelling function – you need a good clamp over the ears, otherwise the fancy sound attenuation won’t work properly. However, the headband is easily adjustable, and i’ve found that they’re very wearable. If i’m lost in work or half asleep on a plane, i’ll forget that i’m wearing them. The headphones are pretty uncomfortable when worn around the neck: this is because the headband is quite tight, causing the earcups to dig in a little. Fortunately, since the ‘phones have the palm-to-listen feature, you won’t have to take them off nearly as often. The trick is to remember that the feature is there. Basically, if you place your palm against the right cup, the integrated mic ‘opens up’ the sound around you and the volume of whatever you’re listening to is lowered. This allows conversations to happen without taking the headphones off.

I had no problems hooking them up to my mobile phone to stream music or tv. They are the most comfortable headphones i have ever used. The pads are very squishy and comfortable. I was able to watch a tv show on my phone, lying down on my side, without any discomfort. The lack of wires was a marked step up from my previous headphone; it really made a difference. On top of all this the sound quality is really good. The only cons that i can think of is that you can’t use them while they are charging. As usual the charging cable could be longer.

The panasonic rp-hd605ne-t 40 mm bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones are a set of high-end, quality headphones that are packed with quality and effective features. Aesthetically the headphones look stylish with their matt brown colour and metallic gloss edging. The headphones are certainly of a durable and long-lasting construction – with every join and piece looking and feeling tight and very well manufactured. Indeed, it is very unlikely that you will ever manage to accidentally damage the solid, one-inch thick headband or the chunk earpieces. Even the volume controller (located on the underside of the right earpiece) feels secure and able to withstand accidental knocks and bumps, giving the whole package an air of durability and overall strength. Comfort-wise, when being worn the headphones feel incredibly comfortable. This is no doubt primarily down to the brown leather (probably faux leather) padding on the headband as well as the insides of the two earpieces. The earpieces also swivel to fit comfortably against your ear, adjusting to the size and shape of your head. You can also adjust the height of the headband by where the earpieces join the headband (just above where they swivel). They extend by around two inches on either side, making for a particularly accommodating size range.

I was disappointed by the product at first, but after a month the headphones started to sound much better – so i decided to keep them. The noise canceling effect is weak – compared to other models i’ve had.

These are good headphonesthey took a frustratingly long time to complete the first charge – but they do last for ages on a charge following this. They come with a nice zip up case to store them in which is solid enough to really protect them from bumps and knocks. They are very comfortable to wear and i can easily wear them for an hour or two at a time. In terms of sound they are pretty good. I have listened to a variety of music through them and i am pleased with the sound across the board. The noise cancelling is pretty effective too. Overall, these are a super pair of headphones.

A great quality set of bluetooth enabled headphones. Initial charging is straightforward with a standard usb charging cable (supplied) and takes about 4 hours via a laptop. Once fully charged, pairing the headphones to an android device (nexus 7) was really straightforward and worked straight away. The battery charge lasts for around 20 hours or so depending on usage. Actually wearing the headphones takes a little bit of getting used to initially as they are a very tight fit but this being said, they are extremely effective at cancelling out external noise. Sound quality is impressive across a range of genres and the set has 3 additional noise cancelling functions which be toggled via a button on the right-hand cup. There is also a handy multiple function button which allows the user to increase the volume and skip, rewind or pause tracks. It takes a bit or practice to use without looking but works very well. Another nice feature is the ‘ambient sound enhancer’ whereby placing your hand over the right-hand cup switches off noise-cancelling and lowers the volume to enable the user to hear what is going on around them. Take the hand away and normal service is resumed.

Firstly these panasonic noise cancelling headphones are extremely comfortable to wear when in use over the head. The faux leather ear cups are nice and soft but grippy too. I soon forgot i was wearing them. Perhaps not quite so comfortable to wear when not using them but keeping around the neck. They’re a little tight and bulky. So when out and about it may be preferable to take them off and bag them. Sound wise though they are excellent. Giving a very well balanced and clean reproduction of the music from both my lounge hi-fi and/or my tablet. A nice tight bass, crystal clear highs and solid mids. The noise cancelling too works very well at all but its very highest setting (there are three in all) when a little background hiss/static starts to appear.

These are excellent quality headphones. They look good and feel sturdy. They fitted well over my ears. I paired them easily with my iphone 7 plussound is immediate and engaging. Different from my bose quiet comforts but i still liked itthe noise cancelling is adjustablethey also have a great extra. . And i think this is a top level innovation. If you put your hand over the right hand side of the headphones, just by covering, it activates the microphone so you can hear people talking to you. Fantastic for a plane journey. Consi think they feel heavythe buttons are a bit fiddly,at first,compared to someoverall, fantastic.

  • Comfortable to wear and great sound
  • It takes burn in time
  • Amazing sound quality

PANASONIC RP-HD605NE-T 40 mm Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Brown

Panasonic has not held an elite spot among japanese brands for some years but has retained its corporate skills. Pricewise and on specification, these “panasonic rp-hd605ne-k 40 mm bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones – black” are generations beyond those last used from the brand which were not of ‘audiophile’ quality; these certainly are. There is also a brown option; the black is preferred. They are not only bluetooth and aptx compatible but also allow cabled use where there are potential advantages to be had and also noise cancelling which can be important on an aircraft, train and other environments where noise levels can be high and disturbing. One reviewer had used his crying baby when testing ‘phones with noise cancellation on-board. Having recently reviewed another such set, these are of a very similar price but add noise cancellation which the other set did not. In principle, these offer better value for money than the other set from a previously unknown brand although it is very highly-regarded in certain quarters and with good reason. Bluetooth and cabled connections can work well with a variety of source devices from a low-end music player to a high-resolution model costing several £00, home hifi systems and smartphones. For the latter, this includes a speech optimised microphone for two-way communication but it isn’t made expressly clear whether that works in both connection options. Worn over-ear, they should fit most although with larger ear-lobes may need to tuck them in.

I bought these back in september ’18 when they first came out. I’ve been using them virtually every day since on my commute. I find them very comfortable to wear for long periods, the ear caps float within the outer shell and adjustment in the headband length means i can adjust a comfortable fit depending on if i am wearing a baseball cap or not. They can get a little warm to wear after several hours but more pleasant than wearing earphones for the same period. The noise cancelling is good, and the over ear design isolates a lot of external noise as well. There are 3 levels of noise cancelling which you cycle through via a button on the right speaker: 3 (highest)->2->1(lowest) i normally have them set between 3 and 2 for walking around outside in the city, and 1 in the office. You can get a bit of wind noise sometimes being picked up by the mics, but changing the noise cancelling setting will often get rid of this. Placing your hand over the right hand speaker will activate the ambient environment override so you can hear what is going on around you without having to remove the headphones: i use it when listening to train station announcements etc. But will lift the headphones off an ear if i need to hear things around me for a long period, or talk to someone. The headphones have 3 buttons for control on the right earphone: on/off switch, nc button and a multi function control: controls volume with a flick up and down and starts/stops music with a press.

I really like these headphones. I’ll state the bad before the good. I have noticed some colour transfer onto my face but only from the left ear. Annoying and strange but will hopefully stop eventually. They also feel quite heavy on my face, no matter how much i tighten the band around the top, it does feel like it’s dragging my face down. Other than that i really like these. The noise cancelling is okay. I’ve definitely heard better but it’s not bad at all. They give you 3 different options of nc, my preffered is 3.

Over the years, i’ve tried a a lot of different headphones at varying price points and of different types. With these ones, i’m very much aware that they are pretty pricey, so you would absolutely expect to get good performance. The other thing is, they are bluetooth. This had many advantages, but i still tend to find you need more expensive wireless headphones to get a reasonable comparison with wired. This is probably to be expected, but there’s no point, in my opinion, having a wireless headset if it’s rubbish. The first thing to notice about this is that they are a good solid and well made set. They are over ear so the look is more noticeable than with in ear. I expect, with care, they should last well too. They are comfortable to wear and you can wear them while doing jobs around the house. I did this for several hours so can also report they have a decent charge time.

Really excellent sound from these. They’re comfortable to wear, very nicely cushioned and the noise cancelling works really well. 5mm jack if you don’t have bluetooth, and an adaptor to use for airplanes. The ear pieces are on a ball joint so can move with your head and also fold up so that they take up less space when not in use. There’s also a usb cable for powering it up, this lasts up to 20h.

Absolutely stunning sound wuality.

Features and Spesification

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  • Bluetooth wireless high definition sound which reproduces the subtle ambient acoustics within the music
  • High Resolution Audio with wired connection (as well as being Bluetooth wireless ) which allows you to hear the subtle details in the music
  • Noise cancelling for an immersive experience with three levels of cancellation
  • Up to 20 hours battery life, playback for 120 minutes with only a 15 minute quick charge
  • Built-In microphone for Smartphone