Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Breadmaker – Worth the dough, every bake.

The breadmaker is not fully reliable as it does not bake the bread thoroughly. I have had it for almost 2 months and use it up to twice a week mainly on my favourite recipe. I have tried a different recipe as suggested initially but that did not rise at all and was a total failure. Only one loaf has been 100% successful using my normal recipe. I’m looking to contact the supplier to see if this is a general fault with this model as i need reliability.

Bought after reading reviews as i wanted a gluten free bread program. Absolutely hooked on home baking daily now. All the recipes i’ve tried from the supplied booklet have produced amazing breads – both containing gluten and gluten free. A bonus over my ancient bread making machine is that it makes three different sized loaves and they are all decent sizes.

We make on average a loaf every 1. We had a sd255 which lasted about 10 years but ultimately it was a battle to get the bread out of the tin. A replacement tin costs the best part of a new bread maker so we bought the sd-2500 to replace it. It’s the same thing really in a slightly modernised case, and works just as well. The only criticism i would make is it has 1/2hr wait time before it starts making the bread (maybe that’s necessary though) making the total time for a loaf 4hrs. We use: water 320ml, white flour 300g, brown flour 175g, sugar 1 tablespoon (16g), salt 1 teaspoon, margarine 18g, yeast 1 sachet (large loaf, med crust) – nice bread. My friends say i’m a master baker, or something like that.

My second panasonic (went for a lakeland after the first panasonic stopped working, which was great for several years, but my next lakeland hardly lasted a month). As with the first one, i read all the reviews and dithered, because while there are lots of great ones, there are also a few really bad ones, especially concerning customer service in the event of things going wrong. Anyway, i have it, use it twice a week, and it’s fine so far. This one has three sizes but i just use the smallest because it’s quite hard to cut a proper slice off a tall wobbly loaf. I have only tried the wholemeal recipe.

Only had this for a few days but i am very impressed with it. Easy controls and a good recipe book have already produced nice results and as a which?. Best buy i am expecting this to continue. Although it may lack some of the features of its more expensive siblings (rye bread facility and additive dispenser) this machine is sold at a great price. Only negative points may be that the end of program signal is fairly quiet and the paddle does not automatically finish across the loaf (which would result in less slices being affected), however these are very minor and easily outweighed by the quality and price of the machine.

First one i got sent simply didn’t turn on so sent back and amazon cs had a new one sent out within days. My first breadmaker so have still only tried the basic white loaf recipe in various sizes using the timer. So easy to use and the bread it produces is fantastic. Have not subsequently bought any bread from a shop yet. Am now about to get adventurous and try some more exotic recipes. Really well put together and it really is a question of shoving the specified ingredients into the pan, and setting it off. So simple even i can use it. Went for panasonic rather than some other makes because of the reviews of their breadmakers and this reputatiom appears to be justified on my short experience so far.

Finally after almost 20 years of good service my mixing bowl made terrible noises as it scraped the sides so i decided i would treat myself to a new machine as buying the mixing bowl by itself was unreasonably expensive. It always gets the best which reviews which it deserves as there is no better machine. This model is perfectly adequate and i see no need to get a more expensive version.

My first panasonic breadmaker lasted nearly ten years. This newer model is very similar but with some refinements. For instance, the paddle hole is lined with a material that makes the paddle much less likely to remain in the bread, and there is now a list of the baking codes and their descriptions on the outside of the machine that helps avoid mistakes. To make top quality bread every time, follow the instructions to the letter, although sometimes an increase or decrease in the amount of water used suggests itself. Always use the best ingredients, they cost very little extra; i use waitrose extra strong canadian flour and when making a wholemeal loaf include 100g of white flour. Even the rapid program produces a very good large loaf. The longer program seems unnecessary. Allinsons’ yeast is very good but that from the coop not. What would be really good is if panasonic could ensure that when the paddle stops rotating, it does so across the loaf thereby affecting only a single slice. When it stops lengthways (as it always seems to), half the loaf is affected.

I use this every week and i will never buy bread from a shop again. It makes the bread so soft you do not even need butter. It also makes your house smell gorgeous. I tend to use menu 5 for a wholemeal loaf in just 3 hours. I even worked out that per loaf it is about 75p which is cheaper than the cheapest nastiest bread you can get from any supermarket. I have also used it to make jam and it even did a good job of doing that. I always have people asking if i will make them some bread once they have tried some. I really could not live without a this. It is great for vegans (like myself) who want to make sure all the ingredients are cruelty free.

This was brought on advice of someone who already had one for an elderly lady. She is very happy with the bread maker and can use it on her own. She loves the bread it makes as she finds the shop bread is not what it used to be. Having her own machine means she can make a small loaf when she needs it and it lasts just as long or longer than the stuff with preservatives in it. So i would say this is a winner.

Absolutely love this, my third breadmaker and performs outstandingly. Every loaf has come out perfect and the jam is ridiculously tasty. The pizza dough setting is a godsend and is ready in just 45 minutes (although you still need to let it proove afterwards). I wish i’d bought one with the nut dispenser now as i just know it’s going to turn out well when we get adventurous with the other settings. The tower breadmaker we bought was absolutely atrocious, am so glad we found this, highly recommend it.

Absolutely love this bread maker. I had a bread maker some years ago, but gave it away as the bread was always so disappointing. However, i used my friends panasonic bread maker (with dispenser) when i stayed at her house and was truly impressed,so much so, i went and bought this one (no dispenser). I have not bought shop bread since. I make all our bread and bread products ( rolls, malt loaf, flavoured bread, pizza dough, even hot cross buns). I could not justify the extra cost for having the model with the dispenser and just add the extra ingredients when the machine beeps at the correct time. The hook stays in the pan whenever i turn out the fresh bread (unlike others which get stuck in the loaf). Quality of the bread is great, but that may also be as a result of the types of flour, which i have experimented with. I bought another for my daughter who is also delighted with the results.

Have just received this and used once on spelt programme with wonderful result. Seems like a very good bread maker. This is our fourth bread maker (wore out the other three) but first panasonic. One slight problem – their site makes it extremely difficult to register this product.According to their model drop down menu this model doesn’t exist.

My old panasonic died after 15 years excellent service and i thought i would try another make as it was £30 cheaper and got good reviews. Used it twice and sent it back as it didn’t mix properly and the bread was flat and pale on top. I went back to a panasonic which is what i should have done in the first place, beautiful evenly browned loaf well risen and tasty. The dough program is perfect for all sorts of rolls. This is an updated version of my old one and is very easy to use with all the different programs numbered on the front of the machine, it is also slimmer than the old one. The non stick bread pan means the loaf just slides out when cooked and the 13 hour timer means you can wake to the smell of freshly baked bread. It may be tempting to go for a cheaper one but don’t bother, this really is the bees knees. Hope it lasts as long as my original one.

This is our third panasonic breadmaker. Our first lasted 15 years and we used it pretty much every day. When the plastic connecter joint in the bottom of the machine finally shattered (the bit with two teeth that the pan /bucket sits on which turns the paddle), we decided to buy another one. We plumped for the top of the range sd-zb2502. We have a small b&b in sw france and so that our guests have fresh produce for their breakfast, we use the machine to make brioche the evening before and bread during the night. The smell of freshly baking bread is wonderful and fills the house. However, the yeast dispenser on the sd-zb2502 is unbelievably noisy and could wake the dead. Although our guests couldn’t hear it, it woke us up on numerous occasions.The raisin dispenser broke and stayed open, even though we never even used it. I managed to repair it (wedge it shut) with a bit of tin foil, but it is not what you would expect after such a short period of time. After three years, the same connecter shattered and we hesitated whether to change brands or not. We decided to stick with panasonic and we are delighted with the sd-2500wxc. You can buy the sd-2500wxc with your eyes closed. It makes fantastic bread, brioche and all the other things it advertises (as did the sd-zb2502), but without the need for a sound proofed kitchen and dispenser repair kit.

I’ve had this breadmaker for a year or two now and am still delighted with it. I can’t rate its versatility because i’ve only used it for making the basic white loaf, but this it does extremely well. I was amazed at how much less sugar is required compared with my last breadmaker of another make – one teaspoon instead of two and a half – got to be healthier. The loaf always rises well and has an open rather than dense texture and tastes as a good loaf should taste. I’ve only given four stars for durability simply because the lid feels a bit flimsy, but handled gently it hasn’t been a problem. Two things which could, i feel, be improved on – a warning that the breadmaker begins with a rest period which made me at least, think it wasn’t working at first. Also, a complaint i’ve read in other reviews so why doesn’t the manufacturer take notice, the bleep at the end when the loaf is ready, is pathetically quiet. I put another, much louder timer on, to let me know.

I could see this machine was better made than others i have owned as soon as i got it out of the box. The bread pan is heavier and more rigid. The stirring paddle is thinner and never sticks in the bottom of the loaves i have made. The paddle leaves less of a hole in the bottom of the loaf too. The machine came with a comprehensive recipe book, and after a year of use making a loaf every other day it has never failed to make a great loaf. Even with 100% wholemeal of granary flour, the loaf is well risen and cooked perfectly. We have made white and brown loaves, pizza dough and dough for wholemeal bread buns (makes summer bbqs with freshly baked rolls heavenly). I have had a number of bread machines over the years. Before this one they were all at the low end of the price range and were a bit hit or miss. Some never made good bread, and some did if you got the recipe just right but after a year or two the stirrer seised up or the bread pan began to leak around the stirrer.

As a coeliac, i’ve been struggling to find a good breadmaker that does gluten free. The panasonic sd 2500 is amazing. It’s so easy to use even for a complete novice like me. Makes gorgeous bread as the photo shows.

Having owned a breville breadmaker that had lasted me over 10 years, things have progressed a lot in searching for my new one. Found that panasonic seemed to be the overwhelming recommended brand, so after a lot of research went for the sd2500. Arrived quickly, well packaged. Immediately set to, trying it out, but the plastic measuring cup supplied for the water, was found to be cracked. Contacted amazon who said they were currently out of stock, but immediately credited me with £8 to obtain a new one. Rang panasonic and explained to them, who promptly said they would send me another free of charge. Very pleased with after sales service from both panasonic and amazon. The product itself makes superb bread. I have found the programmes to be a lot longer than my previous old breville, but then again have to say that the quality of bread produced is by far better also.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A good nights sleep!
  • Perfect, don’t bother looking at any others!
  • 6 years in and still going strong. Amazing non-stick

Only ever used the gluten free cycle with either rye flour or gluten free white flour. This produced a great loaf of bread every time. Used the recipe in the accompanying book or those on the flour packets (with slight variations in quantities). The manual seemed to imply that the 2500 couldn’t make rye bread. I didn’t seem to have a problem.

We have had a breadmaker in use in our household for the past 4 years. It was a morphy richards and it produced a reasonable loaf. I only bought a new one as it started to stop halfway through every other loaf cycle which i presumed meant it was on it’s last legs. The bread from the old breadmaker was ok but never as nice as shop bought. We stuck with it as we like to know what is in our food and we put the difference down to shop made bread having lots of additives which made them so soft and yummy. I did a good dig around on the internet and ended up with the panasonic from reading lots of reviews. We made our first loaf last night. There was a certain amount of trepidation as the only negative things i read was the recipes in the manual could need adjusting as people seemed to prefer the recipes from their older model. Not having an older model panasonic i had no idea what the old recipes were. Anyway – last night, with much excitement we counted down to the end of the cycle and lifted out the loaf.

This purchase replaced my original panasonic breadmaker which had given many years of reliable service. At this price it never was going to be viable to see if the old one could be repaired. I firmly believe that no other brand can match the end result of a loaf made in a panasonic breadmaker, the texture is absolutely superb. Well-packaged item with less polystyrene than i could have hoped for. Operation of the machine is as easy as can be, just read through the literature first. The instruction/recipe book is worthy of note as it is well written, easy to understand, in a good sized font and in perfect english. This model is noticeably quieter than my previous machine ever was, hardly heard any sound of it working. The countdown clock is a useful feature too. The appliance arrived today and produced its first loaf within 3 hours – tasted delicious. Could not be happier with this excellent deal.

I have had this product for over 12 months now and i still use it mainly for a standard white loaf (400g strong flour, 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt, 280 mls of luke warm water and mixed with 1 teaspoon of fast acting dried yeast and 15g of butter). Very easy to use with multiple recipe settings including dough only recipes i. : pizza dough and cakes, scones etc. That require baking in an oven. Slim design makes it very easy to ‘store’ on the kitchen shelf. It takes 4 hours to make a standard loaf with timings of between 4-5 hours for most recipes. Easy to clean central cooking pan (non-stick surface) and comes with clear instructions and ~30 recipes to get you started. You can use dried yeast straight out of the packet but i prefer to pre-start mine in ‘blood temperature’-warm water before adding to the dry ingredients in the pan. Three sizes of loaf (small, medium and large) and three crust setting.

We bought this bread machine specially as it had a gluten free bread making option. It’s easy to use, very easy to clean and the booklet is full of very useful menus for all kinds of foods this can make. Unfortunately gluten free bread is not the best, but that’s not the bread makers fault. Its great smelling and great when it’s cool but by the next day its like a building brick.5 stars for the breadmaker though as it was so simple to use.

This is the second unit i have bought, this one going to my mother for christmas. I have been using the same model for over 2 years now and it gets used very often. There is nothing like waking up the smell of fresh bread using the up to 13 hour delay timer. There is higher model that has a nuts dispenser but i decided not to pay for that feature as i didn’t think i would use it all that often. In actual fact sometimes i just drop them in right at the start and the bread turns out just fine. Although you can’t put it in the dishwasher it is still easy to hand wash. 5 years and it is still working flawlessly.

Wow, i can’t believe it’s taken me 6 years to write a review for this, but there you go. We bought this over xmas as a family activity investment. And in the full knowledge that it’ll probably be a novelty. My kids are now 9 and 7 and still love the magic and smell of making bread. Most of all they love setting it up at bed time and setting the delay timer for coming down in the morning to warm, amazing smelling crusty bread. We still use it around once a week. Main programs that have proved favourite for us are: easy ciabatta (just a little olive oil), french bread, and using it to make really good pizza dough. We also make cakes sometimes too. It’s a big beast to store, but adds some great non screentime entertainment to a busy family. And now 6 years on, it’s still available to buy, and still looks as good as new.

Makes the most amazing gluten free bread. The shop brought gluten free bread is in comparison is terrible. I don’t think i will ever buy bread from the shop again. This machine is highly recomended.

I enjoy the bread more than the one from the shop and also is more healthy. However, i wanted to bake rye bread as well and this product is not compatible. Thank you to all the people who answered my question regarding this matter. I wrote to panasonic as well and they were very prompt in answering my question , as following:’in response, i would like to inform that the manual that came with the breadmakers includes the specifications of two products, which do have quite similar specifications. However, the main difference between the sd-2500 and sd-2501, the model in question, is that the sd-2501 the rye kneading blade which you have mentioned. This blade was not included within the package as the sd-2500 was not designed as the sd-2501 to bake rye bread. Therefore, as you can clearly observe on page 10, where the list of bread types and baking options are listed, there are two columns, one for sd-2501 and sd-2500. For menus 7 and 20, meaning bake rye and dough rye, there is a line, explaining that this option is not available for your breadmaker, as it was not designed for this purpose. ‘anyway, i am happy with my bread machine.

Got my breadmaker 2 weeks ago and was desperate to try out a gluten free recipe for my dad. My first attempt was a greyish white rubbery doorstop that when solid as it cooled lol. I read other peoples reviews some of which were negative and was becoming worried that i had made a mistake in buying it. Fortunately i also purchased carolyn humphries ‘ gluten free bread and cakes from your breadmaker’. I followed her milk loaf recipe that was ok and edible. I then tried doubled the quantities and this wasn,t so good. In the mean time i decided to try ordernary bread and set the timer on a multi grain granary loaf which completed cooking at 6 in the morning. The smell was wonderful and the loaf delicious. I followed that with a white loaf and then a packet mix rosemary and garlic. Every loaf since has been a huge success except another attempt at gluten free.

Having had a panasonic for years we decided to go safe an order another and it was a good decision. One hint we have is to warm the water slightly in the microwave first and measure out the amount of flour you need and then microwave it in its own for 30 seconds, it helps no end with the rising process.