Panasonic TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV : Very easy to set up

Above, this tv is great value for money.

Picture looks great when i’m 4k.

Remote gets stuck sometimes.

Please note: in relation to the negative reviews regarding this television being made by vestel and the tv’s being made by this company are essentially all the same and sold on to the unwitting consumer at different prices. This is incorrect and very misleading. These tv’s maybe made by vestel but the components used in panasonic and toshiba televisions are different and just like android os platform smartphones you will find similarities in operating instructions regardless of which brand smartphone you are using, plus all major brands have similar practices and make different price range products for different price range consumers. Apple products are made in china but the quality is no less better as the standards are set by the brand owner. What you do need to know is the lower the price range is the lower the quality and specifications of the product will be. This panasonic 55″ 4k ultra hd, hdr, led smart tv is a reasonable value television which has good quality picture playback and sound quality. The picture quality is not the best available but this tv is reasonable value for your money. The design is smart and modern and the body is compact but not the slimmest available but the construction is good and robust. This smart tv has built in wifi and freeview play which provides fast access to catch-up tv and apps such as bbc iplayer, netflix and more. This smart tv is also good for playing games consoles on and the user layout is good and easy to use once you get to know the features of the television better.

I had previously purchased a panasonic 4k tv from pc world. Decided to upgrade to hdr tv. Tv is ok but front panel is loose and i could not be bothered to do a return for such a large item. Indeed it was manufactured in turkey by vestel.

Better than the currys own brand of this model, works well.

Need to speak to someone had trouble getting colour on pictures this morning it took half hour for it to come bk on properly.

F you are purchasing this for the 4k netflix app, dont. It constantly crashes with no explanation. The only way to clear the crash, is to turn off at the mains for 20 seconds and then back on. It occurs regularly and not whilst doing any particular operation. Luckily i use my xbox for netflix, but it doesn’t support the 4k (older xbox one). Also, my xbox will not turn on this screen like it did with my older panasonic. Not a major issue, just a niggle. Good pointsother than those 2 problems, this tv is an excellent purchase. Excellent picture qualitygreat sturdy stand that can fit on a smaller unitgreat remotegood connectivity.

  • This Panasonic 55″ 4K Ultra HD, HDR, LED Smart TV is a reasonable value
  • A great upgrade
  • Ok but not brilliant

Panasonic TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model) with Vogel’s Thin 505 Wall Mount

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I have owned panasonic tv’s before and always been impressed however i recently have bought a philips tv with ambient lighting and toshiba, both having the same specs as i was concerned over the negative reviews of this panasonic equivalent. Both the other tv’s are good but i found the sound quality poor and a few other things didnt impress me either. I have now had to buy an additional tv so have gone back to panasonic and i can honestly say it is far far superior to the others. The tv guide is easy to see and follow, sound is superb and everything is just easy to set up. I cant recommend this tv enough and will never change brands again.

Excellent sound and picture, but can not record to usb only read from it and according to hand book the record button on the remote has no function.

Very happy with this tv thanks.

Really good had a bit of a picture colour problem with it but then it updated and is now great.

No idea about durability i’ve had it for two days.

The menus are clunky with poor english in some cases. You can only change the settings on hdmi inputs if you change input to av first. The thing about slightly-more-expensive hdmi cables being a scam – i have first hand evidence that ‘premium’ cables are actually better. Ps4 with full res settings and full 4k (automatic hdr and deep colour output settings in ps4) wouldn’t work (the tv switches to ‘enhanced’ mode for hdmi autotragically – picture dies) until i switched to a higher quality cable. Also apple tv – doesn’t work at all with older, lower quality cables. After the cable upgrade, everything’s fine. Overall, for the price its a decent tv.

This was purchased to replace an 11y/o 720p sony lcd that i was still quite happy with but wanted to upgrade to freeview play, 4k and hdr without breaking the bank. From researching beforehand it seems unusual for a manufacturer to release a new model at this time of year but i suspect it may have been due to display problems with the earlier released model. Looks:- for what is a ‘budget’ tv it looks pretty smart with the gunmetal grey stand and surround. Speaking of the stand this was one of the main reasons i chose this tv as the central pedestal, if you are not wall mounting, is much better suited for smaller tv cabinets and looks far neater and classier than feet at both ends imo. The tv sits quite low on the stand so you do not see wires poking out everywhere. Picture:- i am still tweaking settings here and there but so far the upgrade from my 720p tv is fantastic. 4k and hdr content from youtube and netflix looks incredible as does dynasties in uhd on iplayer. Sd viewing is no better than my old sony apart from the benefit of a larger screen. For ps4 gaming there is a game mode and whilst my ps4 is the slim and thus not 4k, the hdr and overall improvement in picture from before has brought god of war much more to life. Little or no lag as far as i can make out.

  • This Panasonic 55″ 4K Ultra HD, HDR, LED Smart TV is a reasonable value
  • A great upgrade
  • Ok but not brilliant

Panasonic TX-55FX550B 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model) with Vogel’s Thin 505 Wall Mount

Television great great picture but remote control very cheap and skimpy.

Got this the other day and after a day or two with it – disappointed with the image. Just watched an hd film on sky on this and compared to my 5 year old 42inch lg the image wasn’t as crisp or clear ( i can compare both at the same time as i have sky q)disappointed and should have stayed with lg.

Really enjoy watching sport.

For £350 you cannot go wrong with this tv, chose 43 inches because i had a 55 inch tv and had to sell it as it was too large for my medium room that i’m renting. Picture quality is great while using youtube, not so great while watching tv channels, unless they are in hd. Wifi is steady on it, no problems so far. Remote control could have been made a little better, but its gonna do. Overall i think i can give it 4. But make sure you are ordering 43 or 49 inch tv, as this is the perfect size for any room.

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