New: Bamboo Pete Panda Clothing

I’m not sure what’s in the water lately, but over the last year I’ve developed this sudden love for Pandas. Random, right? Last October I went to Edinburgh for a short weekend and of course I had to visit Edinburgh Zoo where I booked our slot to see the Pandas – despite waiting all day because they were constantly asleep inside (did you know Pandas sleep for up to 16 hours a day? Crazy right?!), I eventually got to see one just sat there, on its back eating/playing with bamboo, as I stood there thinking, ‘this is awesome!’

Bamboo Pete Panda Clothing Bamboo Pete Panda Clothing

Today’s post is in fact dedicated to a new clothing brand called, Bamboo Pete, which has it’s own Etsy store, where you can find all sorts of Panda clothing; t-shirts, sweatshirts like above and the most comfy-looking hoodies – I was genuinely torn between this white floral Bamboo Pete jumper*¬†and the black blue Bamboo Pete badge hoodie, because hoodies are all I live in come the weekend (if not going out of course)!

If you’re a Panda-lover like myself, or animal lover in general, Bamboo Pete hopes to start partnering with RZSS in the near future to begin donating a portion of their profits to help their Giant Panda Conservation work which is awesome! So hopefully the business will begin to grow more and more as a start-up, and the brand’s work will begin to really contribute to their beloved ‘Pete’!


Bamboo Pete have kindly given me a discount code to give to YOU, so you can enjoy 10% of their line of clothing! Simply enter:

into the discount code field at the checkout before 31st Dec 2017.


*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.