Peaches & Co! Affordable & Quirky Gift Ideas & PayDay Treats

stay-curious-art-print pocket-mirrors-makeup art-printsLet me introduce you to Peaches & Co; an online store set-up by graphic design enthusiast, Danielle Jeffery. You will find a selection of pocket mirrors, phone cases and A5 prints which showcase all of Danielle’s quirky, bright and talented designs.

I don’t know about you, but I love fun accessories that scream personality. Peaches & Co provide the everyday necessities the majority of us have in our handbag; a handy pocket mirror for checking makeup, food in-between teeth and our hair when we’ve got that windswept look going on. But also protective phone cases to keep our gadgets in good nick where ever we go!

In addition to sweet, floral patterns and geometric designs on these accessories, you can also choose from a selection of A5 art prints. The range of designs and quotes is so eclectic and really has something for everyone! If you’re into play on words and pictures to accompany them, the Catte Latte is my ultimate favourite out the lot! I’m not a cat person, but I am a coffee addict so I just find this overly amusing to say the least!

Peaches & Co is the ideal place to go for affordable gift ideas for birthdays, leaving presents, or even to simply treat yourself. We don’t need an excuse, do we? All products, site wide, are so affordable for anyone to shop and better yet there’s a page filled with discount codes! So if you thought you were getting value for money already, delve in deeper and treat yourself or someone else a little more!

Danielle was kind enough to supply me with a sample of her products that I’ve been eyeing up for some time now, so I want to show you exactly how pretty, fun and eclectic these products are…

I’m a sucker for pocket mirrors*. I have two of my own which I’ve had for years; one which stays on my desk at work and the other on my desk at home. But it’s been my mission – a pretty pointless, yet handy mission – to get a pocket mirror for each bag I own. Sound excessive? I thought so too, but the amount of times I switch up my handbag on a day-to-day basis and then forget to replace the contents is annoying! So, having more than one of everything seems fairly handy from my point of view…

Anyway, now my little ramble is over, Peaches & Co have a vast range of pocket mirrors with incredible designs! Now, from my experience in the past when purchasing a pocket mirror, these things can be tiny and pointless. These ones however are a handy circular shape, with a diameter of 6.5cm which I would say is a pretty decent size! They slot perfectly in the pocket (obviously) inside your bag, but the designs are just so quirky that I love to be able to show them off!

My favourite has to be ‘Concealer that b****’, which I know of a few others who would love this too! But going back to a classic childhood favourite of mine, which I really did not expect to see as a design, is the ‘You’re a gem’. The back of the mirror is scattered with prints of the classic Ice Gem biscuits/sweets I used to have in my lunch bag all the time!


*Gifted Product