Personalised Letterbox Cake by Bakerdays

Cake. Who doesn’t love cake? I could eat cake all day long; vanilla, chocolate, coffee & walnut, or my absolute favourite – a classic Victoria Sponge. When it comes to birthdays or other occasions, I do love the thought of a celebration cake, but although my cake-making skill may be alright, my cake decorating skills aren’t – which is why I rely on shop-bought cakes half the time. But, one place I do love to go, is Bakerdays.

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake

I’ve bought a Letterbox Cake from them in the past, as well as being gifted them for birthdays and Christmas, and I simply LOVE their cakes. The sponge, the flavour, the icing…just everything about them is so good (and tasty)! My family recently organised a surprise Baby Shower for my twin sister who is due in as little as 4 weeks (crazy!) and Bakerdays were kind enough to send me a personalised Letterbox cake for us to gift her afterwards and it was the cutest little thing!

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a big slice of cake to tuck into, but Bakerdays’ letterbox cakes are perfect for gifting to a couple or as a single gift for a loved one to congratulate them on a new job, a birthday, an exam, new house, or even just for a kind gesture – we all love cake at the end of the day!

The best thing about their Letterbox Cakes? You don’t need to worry about being in to wait for the delivery. They’re called a letterbox cake for a reason – they fit right through your letterbox! Understandably you’d be worried about the cake being ruined, but trust me, they are protected! Your cake comes in a metal tin with a small tab inside that helps you to lift the cake out without ruining it. The tin is then placed inside a compact box that fits through your letterbox, completed with a gift card inside and a pack of balloons and candles! It really is the perfect package.

Looking for something a little bigger? You can get standard cake sizes, large ones, and even personalised cupcakes too! You can also add small gifts such as party balloons on to the cake order if you’re sending directly to the recipient.

Wonder what flavour the cake will be? You can choose! I’ve often had the traditional sponge which is very light, and the icing is unbelievably tasty! You can also get fruit cake, chocolate chip, lemon drizzle and also a dairy free or gluten free cake for those with dietary requirements too, so you get a good variety to choose from.






Here’s the link to the exact cake I got. Click here.

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