Philips 43PFT5503/05 43-Inch Full HD LED TV : Empty the box and discover how to adjust the sound and picture!

It has been several years since i owned a television and i usually watch tv on my laptop. Offered the chance to try out this philips tv i thought it might be a good idea – at least when visitors come they have the option of watching tv on a reasonably sized screen. For the rest of the time it is small enough not to dominate a room, or can be easily stored away. I was surprised at how compact the packaging was when the tv arrived, and it is lightweight too (2. 7kg) which means i can easily carry it around and take it upstairs. There is a ‘stand’ which snaps into the back of the tv (and is secured with a couple of screws) and holds the tv upright, at a slight angle, so that from the front it does not appear to have a stand at all. In effect it leans backwards. This looks clean and neat from the front although it means that the angle of the tv can’t be altered. Once plugged in and connected up it is really simple, just following the on-screen instructions, to automatically load all the digital freeview channels. I don’t have any more complex requirements than that and it was straightforward to set up.

Good picture and controls but the sound is very tinny.

I loved this item, the picture is crystal clear, the size is perfect for my room.

The sound is tinny, which others have also said, but if you overlook this, the screen quality is superb, and for the price i paid £150 – an absolute steal.

Great tv excellent picture highly recommend.

Well for the money you can’t beat it, fantastic picture, the sound is ok ,,i use a b&o sound bar, i would use on any tv as all modern tv’s have bad sound, buy it you can’t go wrong.

Just got the 24 inch version today and happy so far with the tv as picture quality is good when using freeview hd plus when used with a ps4, sound is ok but don’t expect to be blown away only thing that lets it down is the stand which is a bit odd with the lean back why they just didn’t do a normal centre stand i will never know plus the remote and buttons are a little bit on the small side other than that i’m pleased with the tvps yes it will sit on top of a ps4 just.

Got this telly for the kitchen (daytime telly etc. ) and it’s perfect for that. Not bulky and nice profile, looks good mounted on a wall if you can hide the cables. Sound is ok, not great, wouldn’t bother with music channels though and definitely wouldn’t use this as a main room telly (otherwise the sound will annoy you). About the remote: it supports the hdmi-cec standard (which philips call “easylink”) so you can control some devices plugged in via hdmi with the single remote which is handy. Please note that while it has freeview, it is not a smart tv – if you want netflix, iplayer etc. (and you don’t have a virgin v6 or sky q box with that in-built) you’ll need to get the version that comes with the fire tv stick or get another device like a chromecast which will take up one of your hdmi slots. While the tv has a socket for a wired network connection this is presumably for firmware upgrades only.

  • Much better than expected with latest software
  • Decent image, horrible audio
  • Amazing picture, lovely telly.

Philips 43PFT5503/05 43-Inch Full HD LED TV with Freeview HD – Black (2018 Model)

Colour Name:Black  |  Size Name:43 Inch  |  Style Name:TV Only
Product Description, This Philips 43″ Full HD LED TV has a stylish edge feet stick stand design. Full HD TVs provide crisper and more detailed images compared to HD Ready TVs. The Philips Pixel Plus HD processing engine gives crisp detail, improved contrast and realistic colours for true to life picture. This TV has Freeview HD built-in, giving you access to a wide variety of TV channels without the need for a subscription. You can connect your USB memory device and play photos, music and videos. There are also a variety of connectivity options including two HDMI inputs, a USB, Scart, Digital optical Out and headphone out. Has 16W RMS sound output. For added peace of mind all Philips TVs come with a two-year warranty included.

Box Contains, Remote Control, 2 x AAA Batteries, Power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and safety brochure, Table top stand

From the manufacturer

Full HD Slim LED TV

‘Enhanced simplicity comes to the big screen. The Philips 5503 offers full HD resolution, clear sound and great viewing experience.

Simply plug it in and start enjoying your shows, movies and games with ease.’

Pixel Plus HD

Philips Pixel Plus HD engine optimises picture quality to deliver crisp images with beautiful contrast. So whether you’re streaming online or watching from a disc, you’ll enjoy sharper images with brighter whites and blacker blacks.


Picture quality matters. Regular HDTVs deliver quality, but you expect more. Imagine crisp detail paired with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colours for a true to life picture.

Two HDMI inputs with Easylink

Avoid cable clutter with a single HDMI cable to carry both picture and audio signals from your devices to your TV. HDMI uses uncompressed signals, ensuring the highest quality from source to screen. Together with Philips Easylink, you’ll need only one remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray, set top box or home theatre system.

USB (photos, music, video)

Share the fun. Connect your USB memory-stick, digital camera, mp3 player or other multimedia device to the USB port on your TV to enjoy photos, videos and music with the easy to use on screen content browser.

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Just had sky q installed with this tv we can if we require watch and listen to which ever program we like.

Good tv, i needed a tv with limited space to fit under project screen for during the day without having to move it at nighttime to watch projector as it doesn’t have the extra height from a usual stand it’s just the job.

The tv arrives double-boxed by amazon. There are step-by-step instructions in multiple languages but these are straightforward and simple to follow. The only assembly is fitting the stand-bar which requires some pressure to locate before securing the screws. There is a wide range of input and output sockets clearly labelled. After plugging in and switching on you need to make the language selection to bring up easy-to-follow instructions for tuning to your chosen tv source. Once completed the picture quality is sharp with a good colour balance even without adjustment. Turning up the volume reveals this product’s shortcoming. Sound quality is thin with no bass response. To resolve this a sound bar or alternative form of sound reproduction needs to be connected. This product should more accurately be described as a tv/monitor to give a clue as to its likely specification.

It helped that i had read several reviews and knew what to expect. Otherwise i might have been less happy – because i only found the quick start guide before recycling the cardboard carton. When i removed the bottom layer of polystyrene, i discovered the guide, buried at the bottom of the boxif you take time to explore all the settings, there are ample opportunities to adjust the sound and vision.

This is a terrific little tv for the kitchen or a small room. The picture quality is great but don’t expect hi-fi sound; this is only a slim 22′ telly after all. It was easy to set up and is simple to use.

Bought this for our grandaughter when she went to uni. Great tv, easy to install etc.

Set up was ridiculously easy. I had the freeview channels all set up in minutes and the picture is sharper than my old lg set. However, the sound is reasonable, but not great. Obviously to price a tv for under £200 there are going to be cuts and that is for the speaker system. Yet, it’s fine for my requirements and already have a streaming box to watch netflix etc without requiring the smart functionality.

I was worried reading the other reviews but just received this tv (28 aug 2018) and it must have new software as it’s unplugged daily (installed in our motorhome) and does not need to go through any setup when powered up again. Picture quality is great – and freeview works well. Sound is pretty poor compared to a big 50′ tv but acceptable in our motorhome and a sound bar could be used if you wanted deeper bass or higher volumes. For the price it’s a good deal.

  • Much better than expected with latest software
  • Decent image, horrible audio
  • Amazing picture, lovely telly.

Philips 43PFT5503/05 43-Inch Full HD LED TV with Freeview HD – Black (2018 Model)

Looks great, you can’t see any stand so it fits perfectly on an appropriately sized bookshelf. I have it set up with one of the new fire tv 4k sticks (bought for the volume and power remote not 4k obviously). I haven’t had to use the philips remote apart from initial setup; there’s nothing wrong with the philips remote but the fire tv one is outstanding. The tv will even let you turn it on and off with alexa, my wife thinks this is great. Great tv for kitchen or bedroom. I would have liked an hdr /bt2020 version though.

Cant see the point of the internet connection. Sound quality is adjustable from poor to o. With limited volume upper limit.

Good but not great, but then again it wasn’t dry expensive either.

I don’t usually bother writing reviews but am doing so after almost not buying this telly because of negative reviews. After doing lots of research on 32 inch tv’s i decided on the phillips as it ticked all my boxes; not a smart tv, full hd, 1080 pixels and white. It arrived really quickly, was incredibly easy to set up, looks fantastic and the picture quality is amazing. The remote activates my amazon fire stick so does away with a remote. Overall we are really pleased with it and glad i chose it.

Easy to set up using the on screen instructions taking hardly any time to scan for all the channels available. Hd picture quality is as you would expect, glossy white finish is a nice touch. One of the cheapest televisions around for the size and a major brand makes it a bargain. Fits in perfectly with the white furniture, a definite recommendation.

Very pleased with the picture quality, after using the many available adjustments it is possible to get really natural looking colours, unfortunately the sound is very tinny and quiet however you adjust it, yes it is a flat screen tv so the speakers can’t be great due to the lack of depth but this tv is at least three times thicker than my little tablet which has far better sound, more volume and even some bass so there really is no excuse for this.

I run a bnb and have installed these tv’s in my rooms.

So i’m hovering between i don’t like it and it’s ok. I’m using the tv as a monitor for my pc as my old one had seen better days. I thought, great, it’s going to led with bright colours and easy set up plug and play. I had assumed that when you plug a pc into it via the hdmi cable, the screen would adjust for the best size, wrong. I though it would also adjust to give the best quality and make everything sharp, wrong. It has taken me nearly 24 hours to mess around with the settings, changing the pc graphic card settings and adjusting the colours. But then i noticed that when i was in the settings for the tv, hidden away there is actually a setting for using the tv as a monitor for a pc. So, if you are getting it for that purpose, here’s what to do. Go into the set up, go to all settings, select picture, then advanced, then you will see computer, make sure you highlight it and click ok.

Image is satisfying for movies and video games up to ps3. Sounds like a mobile phone speaker. If you have it as your main tv, you will need speakers.

Excellent screen, slick and looks great when hung on the wall. This was bought for he bedroom so whilst the sound is a little weak, it’s not bad for a small room. Screen is crystal clear and was very easy to set up.

Smaller tv required for my sons caravan.

Bought this as a present for bedroom, husband very pleased with it good value for money .

Great picture, east to set up.

Purchased because it can be used as a / monitor / watch tv /watch free view / use for c c t v monitoring, al in 1080p.

Features and Spesification

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  • Full HD TV with Pixel Plus HD processing giving detailed and natural-looking pictures
  • Freeview HD, giving you access to a wide variety of channels without any subscription cost
  • Connect your USB memory-stick or other multimedia device to the USB port on your TV to enjoy photos, videos and music with the easy to use onscreen content browser.
  • Slim bezels with a two feet stick stand design
  • Includes two year UK warranty