Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV : Such a beautiful Smart TV

I bought this tv for two things, ambilight and hue integration. I can happily say that the ambilight is an incredible feature that is so unique to all other tv manufactures currently out there. Its my new favourite party trick. And then there’s the hue integration which is rather. The responsiveness of the ambilight is very quick and sharp matching the picture on the screen perfectly whereas the hue bulbs are slow to react and don’t really match the colours as well as the ambilight does. The setup process was horrific also, rather than use the ‘entertainment areas’ much like the computer application does, it has its own built in setup which is very limited and cannot accurately portray where the lights are placed. I have this tv wall mounted which has left no access to the bottom ports so bare that in mind and wire it all up before wall mounting although saying that, the two 4k 60hz hdmi ports are on the side of the tv thankfully. Rather annoying that only two out of the four hdmi ports are not 4k 60hz, saying that though the i/o is adequate for many peoples needs. Onto the picture quality, this is my very first 4k tv so naturally i think its incredible, watching youtube or netflix shows in 4k is a delighful experience, the colours really pop and the clarity is wonderful. Which sadly brings me to the next point, watching tv in standard definition looks awful on this tv, worse than other screens i have in the house although i think it may have something to do with the 4k panel. The builtin speakers are actually fairly decent, not mind blowing but vastly better than other speakers i’ve heard on tvs, will eventually upgrade to a sound bar but for now they do the job rather well. The remote is okay, its chunky but does have a keyboard which is a nice addition, too bad the apps on the tv swap between both sides of the remote constantly which makes it confusing. The buttons appear to lack accuracy as buttons will require more than one press for it to be registered by the tv properly.

I bought this tv on a black friday sale and within one month i sent it back and replaced it. Ambilight, everyone raves on about this and it isn’t just a gimmick. It really does add to the immersion of playing games or watching films, it helps your eyes to strain less while focusing on the screen. The sharpness is superb whether 4k native or 4k uprezzed. The colours are punchy and vibrantnow the negatives:1. Even on my replacement some of the direct lit led strips are placed too far forward leaving bright white streaks vertical and horizontal. It also leaves dark patches on either side of the streaks. Its very annoying when the screen goes bright with blues and whites. Both tvs suffer from it and the replacement is worse than the first2. The first tv had terrible gray uniformity and the replacement it better but more vertical strips are present. Black levels on the first tv degraded in the first 3 weeks, resulting in poor hdr and clouding which appeared orange and the led strip showing in dark scenes.

Found this tv just “as it says on the tin” the but comes with the price point, its approx £150 dearer than its little brother the 63 series. Although you do get a better performance from the 73 there’s a few niggles for me at the price you pay. There is no freeview with this tv , which means ** no catch up tv ** you cant even add the apps to it because they’re not compatible. You cant use bluetooth headphones ** once again not compatible **i know the niggles can be overcome using. But should you really have to ????its like buying a car and paying extra for the mirrors (was going to put ashtray.

The picture quality is truly the best in class and great value for money in my opinion. Vibrant, true to life colours combined with a sharp image makes watching any hd or uhd content a pleasure. Android tv is a great os even if it doesn’t support all the uk catchup apps currently. The built in microphone and keyboard make input easy; better than competitors’ solutions. Cons:•sound quality – this doesn’t effect me as i use external speakers but the built-in speakers sound hollow; i’d reccomend a sound bar if you’re purchasing this tv•outdated software – while this is being updated to android 8. 0 at the begging of 2019 (i contacted philips to ask), android tv 9. 0 has recently been released. Like most manufacturers, it’s going to be a generation behind. This isn’t a huge issue howeveroverall, i would reccomend this tv. Great image quality, fluid software and wide variety of features make it a pleasure to use. I looked at many models such as sony, samsung and lg and this offered the best overall package for the price.

Wow, i have to say i was nervous about this tv, but when it arrived and i set it up, it’s just stunning. It’s sleak, angular design looks perfect in my living room. Picture quality is great and the ambilight function is visually stunning, especially when watching animation films.The android smart features on the tv i feel are the best ones on the market, especially as you can download apps to the tv from google store such as vlc player to watch movies/shows stored on an external hard drive plugged in via usb. One thing to mention here (which i learned the hard way) is that pretty much all tv’s do not support external hard drives with a capacity greater than 2tb, because of the power needed to run them. This isn’t a philips problem but an industry wide caveat so does not affect my review of this tv. The one thing that stops me giving the tv 5 stars, is the remote. It’s such a shame that philips decided to put the text colour on the remote buttons to a shade of grey which is not far off from the colour of the buttons, so it’s actually quite difficult to see the text – i’ve attached a photo for reference. I find myself bringing the remote right in front of my eyes to make sure i’m pressing the correct buttons.

I had been in the market for a new tv as our old panasonic plasma was slowly giving up the will to live. I’d initially settled on getting a sony and had been waiting for the black friday deals. This one popped up and after a bit of googling i couldn’t really find a lot of info on it. But had seen great reviews on the cheaper model, so decided to take a punt on it. At £400 it was kind of a no brainer. I work in the creative industry in animation, so i feel fairly qualified in saying the picture quality on this tv is absolutely stunning. Out of the box it looks great. But with a bit of tweaking (there are many settings) it really is a beautiful bright and punchy image. I was really unsure whether the ambilight feature would be distracting, but we absolutely love it. Friends and family that have been over also say the same.

The speakers that come inbuilt with the tv are quite poor, that is its main drawback. I use a surround speaker setup so not a concern for me. The user interface is a little sluggish but capable enough and i had no issues connecting via arc to a receiver and to dlna sources. Toslink was another matter and the interface doesn’t directly allow you to select it, seemed to mostly work if the speakers were turned off but spotty on its support of dolby digital and dts passthrough, but passthrough has worked ok with the main formats over arc. The picture is usually great, the upscaling looks good with decent source material. The processing does have moments when it gets it wrong and introduces artefacts or over sharpens the image. The tv by default is always frame interpolating giving it that crisp movement style. The hdr works well enough in that it can get reasonably bright at times but it is limited in just how bright it does manage to get, but i didn’t notice much in the way of bloom from the bright points. The blacks are good, they don’t get genuinely black really quite impressively dark for an lcd. Really happy with it at the sale price, looks and runs better than i expected.

This was such a good purchase i will never regret making. The 4k direct backlit panel allows for deep blacks and crisp pictures which look stunning when watching 4k content from netflix or youtube. The sound of the built in speakers was very impressive too, but at higher volumes the bass frequencies distort a bit so i would recommend a soundbar with the tv. The led ambiance was the main feature which makes this tv stand out and wow, it isn’t a gimmick. The level of immersion this tv has is steps beyond any other, you can configure then to follow sound or video or have them off or still on one colour and this versatility makes it perfect for everyone. My personal favourite is when it follows the video as this extends the colours and gives you the unique experience no other tv can. The remote of the tv has a keyboard on the back of it which was a very nice addition and making typing a much better experience. Android tv is a better os than most and has voice recognition built into the remote. It also has the ability to download games from the google store and you can download apk files from google so with a ps4 bluetooth controller i was able to play gta san andreas directly off the tv with no console, something no other tv can do. Definitely would recommend for the price and unique experience.

  • Great TV; truly best in class.
  • A new experience
  • Such a beautiful Smart TV

Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with 3-sided Ambilight and Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

From the manufacturer

7303 series

Slim 4K UHD LED Android TV with Ambilight

Indulge in the shows, movies, and games you love with a 4K UHD TV that makes content from any source look superb. With Android TV, wireless connectivity, and Ambilight you won’t just stream your favourites. You’ll get lost in them.

Philips 7303

Philips Ambilight

Ambilight changes the way you watch TV forever

Philips’ unique Ambilight technology creates a more intense and immersive experience, with lights and colours that projects onto the wall behind the TV. The colours matches the scenes on the screen and gives the impression of a picture that moves beyond the borders of the screen

Sharp picture quality with 4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD TV has four times the resolution of a Full HD TV. With over 8 million pixels, you’ll enjoy a sharper and more detailed picture.

4K Ultra HD

Android TV

Android TV™: a world of content

With Android in your TV, you’ll have access to an endless stream of apps, games, movies and music. You can even use the built-in Chromecast to connect your smart device with the TV.

If you like streaming, you’ll love the P5 picture processor

Philips’ new 5-in-1 picture processing engine P5 optimizes sharpness, colour, contrast and motion. It also corrects flaws while streaming low quality video content.

P5 Picture Processor


High Dynamic Range Plus

High Dynamic Range Plus is a new video standard that captures the original richness and liveliness of the content, allowing for brighter highlights, greater contrast, a broader range of colours and more details.

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Brought this tv on a black friday deal at reduced price. For the price i’m very happy with it, picture quality is great, black levels look really good and colours really pop, even the sound isn’t too bad compared to similar tvs. Not had any issue with input lag for gaming with my ps4 either. Ambilight is a real bonus, if you haven’t tried it before i’d give it ago, really brings the tv to life in a dark room. Plus android os is really slick. Well picture takes a while to set just right, there is a multitude of settings and took me quite a few attempts to get the sweet spot between it being overly bright and obnoxious or dull and lifeless. I’ve tried streaming a couple of things via the inbuilt chromecast, and there’s been a delay between sound and picture, although this may be the streaming service i used. There also seems to be a niggle with the hdmi ports where it won’t recognise the input occasionally and you have to unplug and replug back in. Not a massive problem but is certainly irritating and expect better from a £700 tv.

  • Great TV; truly best in class.
  • A new experience
  • Such a beautiful Smart TV

Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV with 3-sided Ambilight and Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

Features and Spesification

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  • Ambilight 3 sided makes your viewing experience more immersive by emitting a wide glow from your TV screen onto the wall. Colour and excitement move beyond the screen.
  • Ultra HD has 4X the resolution of standard Full HD. This gives sharper, crisper, more detailed images, and with HDR Plus enjoy improved colour and contrast.
  • P5 perfect picture engine optimises sharpness, colour, contrast and motion.
  • Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. Includes HDMI output and micro-USB port for power. For those customers who prefer to use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, the Amazon Ethernet Adaptor is available as an optional accessory.
  • Experience true-to-life picture quality and sound with access to vivid 4K Ultra HD up to 60 fps, HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.
  • 10,000+ channels, apps and Alexa skills with access to over 200,000 movies and TV episodes from the BBC, Prime Video, Netflix, ITV, Curzon, UKTV Play, and more. Plus, access millions of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with browsers like Silk and Firefox. Additional charges may apply.