Philips 65PUS7303/12 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV – Excellent value, strong and well made

Bought this for £409 (43′ model) around 4 weeks ago. So far i’m very impressed with this tv. Had to buy due to my old non-smart lg tv dying on me. I put this tv on a wall bracket that sits in the corner of my room. Easy to fit using pre installed vesa bolt holes and was on the bracket within minutes. You are prompted for inputs much like setting up a new phone or tablet for things like wifi, google account etc. It comes with 4 hdmi which i’ve filled with sky, firestick, playstation and a wii. Also has two usb, one of which is powering my firestick the other is currently unused but can be used for hard drives or usb sticks with media on. Again once all devices were connected it was very easy to navigate to each on via the remote.

This arrived yesterday, and since then i have been able to assuage my greatest fear – the input lag is excellent. I find the picture to be better in monitor mode than game mode when upscaling my 1080p xbox, but either one is just as responsive, the input lag is absolutely not noticeable and i am massively relieved as i couldn’t find much information on this pre-purchase and it’s a big deal for me as i like to play some fairly twitchy games (titanfall 2 and battlefield 1 of late). Android tv interface is okay, a little slow, but to be honest i’ll be using the xbox / sky most of the time anyway, it loads into netflix quickly enough and that’s the main thing. Haven’t had time to play around with the picture settings yet but it all seems much better to my untrained eye than my old 1080p samsung 48h5000 (as expected i guess). I haven’t seen a lot of 4k tvs to compare it to but no complaints from me and i’m quite picky about this stuff. Sound not great but to be expected for a thin tv – the magnets have to go somewhere. – but got a sound bar plugged in so no bother there. Ambilight is actually excellent, wasn’t sure if i was going to like it but it’s very immersive so very happy with that. All in all very happy with my purchase, and at just over £500 in a pre-black friday sale i feel the value for money is excellent.

I bought this in the sale price of £450. I bought the 50′ version to replace my 50′ plasma screen. I was thrown back by how bright this screen is compared to my plasma. The pictures are from planet earth 2, which looks absolutely stunning. The pictures don’t do it any justice, just for a reference. I was a bit skeptical about 4k havihg only ever seen it in shops where everything is maxed out to look more enticing. I have to say, once setup properly, it does look amazing. The hdr looks very nice, and has dynamic contrast settings for non hdr sources. 1080p films also look amazing in comparison to the 5 year old plasma that this replaced.

Fantastic imaging, breathtaking quality and depth of colour. This tv has a built in guide but doesn’t answer my one problem of how to stop the tv going into standby every 10 minutes. Having a comprehensive built in book for complete guidance on all matters i discovered a help line phone number for support. I contacted philips by phone they were incredibly helpful regarding my one problem. I was advised to follow the instructions for reinstalling the tv. It stopped my tv going into standby and i standby my own earlier comments. The ambilight interaction is brilliant, fantastic depth in colour and built in sound. Everything is easy to follow and installing is easy. If you are looking for a new tv this would not be a disappointing choice. I bought the 43′ because my lounge is not really big enough to accomodate a larger model.

I’ve had this tv for a couple of months now and overall i’m impressed with it. For the cost it gives you a lot of features and is good quality. Android tv is something i wanted due to previous issues of relying on the tv manufactures keeping their apps updated and working – the last samsung we had (which cost the same money) had issues with the apps and two of the main ones just kept stopping working and there was nothing we could do. The tv has plenty of picture adjustments so you can get it exactly how you want, if you aren’t sure what you need to adjust then it has a quick way of setting it up by asking you how like to watch tv. Or you can go onto youtube and there are some videos on how to adjust it to your liking. In terms of on-demand tv apps, there is one big issue – you cannot get all of the catch-up apps on the tv as they don’t support the way of controlling them with the remote. Currently all4, itv, demand5/my5 won’t work with the tv remote – you can side load the apks and the apps will run but you’d need a mouse to control them. I don’t know why philips haven’t done anything about this as it is, in my mind, a really disadvantage. The ambilight is actually quite good.At first it seemed a bit distracting but you get used to it and if you then turn it off you feel there’s something missing so it’s worth giving it a go.

I have had the 50′ model for a couple of days now. I have only tweaked picture settings a little so far (mainly dynamic contrast settings, motion settings and the like) and i am very pleased with the image quality. I am sure given time i may have a look at weaking some of the other picture/colour settings but as it stands now the colours seem perfectly good to me. I have seen some other reviews mentioning issues with contrast/black levels, but speaking for myself i am happy again. The blacks are deep black and i can only assume that for others it may possibly be down to picture settings. Regarding the audio, i was actually pleasantly surprised by the tv’s speakers. I wasnt expecting much from them given the price i payed (bought during black friday sales), but i would actually have been happy enough making use of them though i am not due to the fact i already had a sound system in place. The tv was straight forward enough to set up, and after choosing to connect to philips servers the tv notified me of an available update. It took a few minutes to download and install it but it was perfectly straight forward. Finally there is the ambilight feature.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Would definitely recommend this at the sale price.
  • Decent features and quality for the money
  • Great picture, alright speakershappy I bought it.