Philips Bass : No wires and look good.

I had these for my birthday last year and love them.

Sound quality is very reasonable at the price i paid (£41. As described, the bass is boosted sometimes un comfortably if you’re listening to your music very loud. They are fairly comfortable to wear but i found the navigation buttons difficult to use, which is why i sent them back.

These headphones overall quite good. These have pretty good bass and i don’t have to worry about the battery on a normal day. They’re a bit cheaper here then on argos but the audio starts to distort at higher volumes. Overall i’m impressed but there is a bit too much emphasis on the higher frequencies.

Nothing bad about this headset my son loves it.

I recently needed a pair of wireless headphones for the gym especially when on treadmill anyway after trying these out i have to say these are decent quality with rich bass they are very easy to pair up with my samsung s7 edge and also my tablet but i do have to turn off the bluetooth on one of my devices if i wish to listen to say my tablet if im on youtube i had to figure this out for myself as i couldnt find in the instruction booklet the only other drawback and feature i would off liked is to disable the voice you hear when pairing up it can become a little annoying at times the other feature i would off liked is the ability to put a memory card in like you can get on other headsets such as the powerlucas headphones which are a good buy. The only other thing i find is i find after a while off listening to music these can become a little discomfort after a while but its not a big issue i find as i just take them off for a few minutes and then use them again, thesealso have a volume control on the headphones as well as able to skip tracks as for hands free i cant comment on this feature, overall im pleased with these a good buy.

These came very quicky and are a great headphone set.

I bought these headphones because it claimed to have an internal microphone element; but after trying it for facebook messenger and calling someone on my phone; the recipients have said that it’s really quiet and they struggle to hear me (and i have a loud voice). The sound quality in playback however is much more acceptable.

For the price these headphones are excellent. The sound is completely acceptable. The charge lasts a decent length of time and the fit very nicely. If i had one complaint, it’s the white crosses on the ear pieces that look rather unsightly that you can’t see in the images above. It’s worth googling images of the headphones and making sure you can life with it.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Good Value for Money
  • Good at £15!

Philips Bass+ SHB4385BK True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic, Big Bass, Stability Fin, Compact Charging Case – Black

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Great pair if headphones, easy set up and sound/bass is amazing.

I bought the red wireless ones for running and so i can charge my phone and listen to music at the same time and i love them. Sound quality is great and it blocks out all other noise. The controls are easy to use and get used to. Battery is really good and i love how when it connects it shows you how much battery it has left. Delivery was also really quick.

This product doesn’t sit on the ears very well. Even though it’s padded,the padding isn’t thick enough. I’ve been using it for a week now and my ears are starting to hurt.

I have 2 pairs of these headphones in 2 different colours. I have to say that as a previous owner of top range headphones such as beats, skullcandy & bose, which are all top end brands & also far more expensive i am so very pleased with these. Before making any purchase i avidly check out a number of reviews on the product before taking the plunge to buy. In the modern world today & where technology is ever evolving, i look for quality products that will last & perform the exact needs that i am looking for in them, & well. I previously owned a pair of philips flashing headphones, which of course i didn’t purchase with the sound quality in mind. They appealed to me due to them flashing brightly to the beat of the music & i still own them & have to say that they are simply amazing. I was also astounded by thier quality of bass and sound. 99, and for the price i did not even contemplate that these would deliver any near quality of sound comparing them to the beats & bose headphones that i had previously owned. At the time i was also just expecting to use these headphones as a temp stop gap just until i could afford to replace them with a more top end pair that i had been reviewing before taking the plunge to buy them.

I just got this headphones and i’m impressed. Very comfortable and the sound quality is unbelievable. I like loud music with clear bass so i would recommend to anyone who’s looking for something like that. I had expensive earphones before and i cannot say that they where a lot better. These are worth the money for sure.

Got a pair of these at £15 from amazon warehouse as no packaging or charging cable. Use them exclusively for gym. Daft white crosses look insane but coloured them in using a permanent black marker. Bleed sound badly but this is fine in gym. Loud enough to block out most of terrible gym music. Would pay normal 40 for these.

So i finally relented and switched from headphones with a cable to bluetooth, so this is all new to me and have no real way to compare against other similar products. But i have paid just over £30, and realise that this is really cheap in comparison to £100’s of £££ people can pay. On the good site, they work straight out of the box, connect to my phone with very little effort and the fact that i can talk to google on the go means i can dial, listen to music and have calls. The negative side when i am running on its really windy the noise from the wind can start to be intrusive, but for the price i paid i cannot complain. I really cant stand having headphones in my ears, these are great so far after a weeks use of the headphones.

Just bought the shb075 a few days ago, great battery life, good volume, a little low on bass but for less than the price of a night on the beer what can you expect, head ache maybe but only because they are quite loud.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Good Value for Money
  • Good at £15!

Philips Bass+ SHB4385BK True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic, Big Bass, Stability Fin, Compact Charging Case – Black

Great product, well worth the money.

Left earcup does not swivel 180 degree like the right one, it gies only about 10 degrees in one direction, this creates a hotspot on the ear that hurts. Also the lack of any foam or padding on top makes them not very comfortable. Sound quality is good to very good, bass is very present, mids and higs a little muffled out but can be fixed with eq.

Excellent product, excellent price.

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