Philips Gaggia Classic 9403/11 Coffee Machine : Quality costs, and this is quality.

As an italian, i’m incredibly fussy about espresso: always looking for the right cream, thickness, taste. Good coffee, but just acceptable to my standards and unfortunately their “napoli” capsules have only been on the market for a short time. It was now time to move to the next level. Gaggia classic was a great buy, it can prepare a perfect espresso even with an imperfect blend. My next step is buying a grinder and starting to experiment with different blends, to create my own. This is the first time i review a product on amazon, but this machine deserves it, and my friends (british or italian expats like me) are now buying this machine to have a perfect espresso at home. Bottom line: i’m not missing italian bars anymore.

I bought this as a replacement for an aged gaggia machine that had finally given up the ghost, and chose it for the value it seemed to offer. I’d have loved a top of the range machine, but couldn’t justify the moneyit’s taken a bit of time getting used to the new machine, but when i get it right, the espresso is fantastic, and the steamer works very effectively for milkier brews. I grind my own beans, and find the classic is a bit sensitive to them being fine enough – even the tiniest bit too coarse and the coffee is far too thin and fit only for the sink. But now i know that, i don’t get it wrong very often. While the classic does look beautiful in brushed stainless steel, in some ways the build quality isn’t quite what gaggia used to offer before they became part of phillips. The drip tray is not just plastic, but plasticky. I also found the filter basked that came with the machine was a bit like a wonderbra() – it gave the appearance of a lovely crema, but actually was designed to froth up the coffee slightly artificially. But with a basket from my old machine, the coffee’s fab. All in all, i’m really happy with the machine, but it took me a week or two to get the hang of it.

Low cost, good coffee maker.

The best for the money at this price, and parts are available to make it last for years and years.

Changed my francis francis x3 after 11 years of intense use. With this machine, after checking the reviews here and on the internet. Advantages, are for sure that you can make either grounded coffee or ese pads. Ese pads are much helpful on mornings when you need a fast coffee with no mess, but grounded coffee is much more tastier, and with a variety of coffees and tastes. Also in pros is that you can make two coffees at once with grounded coffee. Panarello steamer, compared with my old x3, is two three times faster in making steam, and two or three times more powerful. Generally good built product, good value for money. If there is a con at the moment is, that in order to remove the ‘removable’ water tank you have to remove, the external part of valve, and shower disc, which is not so easy as others. Hint: problem: first cup could be more creamy than desired. Solution: pour some water before preparing the first cup with the filter holder on.

I bought this when my old gaggia machine finally gave up the ghost after about 20 years of frequent use. This one is similarly solidly built – better if anything as it has a metal body. The drip tray slides out so that you can use mugs if you like. It has a single boiler so there is a short wait between making coffee and frothing milk.

I’ve wanted a gaggia classic for a long time and finally purchased one in nov 2011. The build quality is superb and feels far more solid than other domestic machines, and the quality of the espresso it produces is great. However, there are a couple of minor problems that prevent me from giving it five stars. Firstly, the instructions need a serious overhaul. Other reviewers have mentioned the numerous slip-sheets added to the instructions and this was the case for my new machine. Philips really need to tear up the existing instructions and start again if their customers stand any chance of following the instructions in the order they are meant to be read. Secondly, filling the water tank is easy through the lid in the top, but to remove the tank completely requires removing the thin metal tube that enters the drip tray. Whilst not a big deal it’s a shame that it can’t be designed in such a way that removing the tank is quick and effortless. Thirdly and finally, the two rubber tubes that suck up the water from the tank do not touch the bottom of the tank. This means the machine can never use all of the available water in the tank.

Best coffee machine ever, and trust me, i’ve tried then all. Bean to cup machines, pod machines, you name it. It looks the part, it’s reliable, easy to use, fairly quiet, dead easy maintenance, and best of all: it tastes like black heaven in a cup.

  • Great machine, rubbish basket
  • Gaggia Classic
  • Decent coffee!

Gaggia Classic 9403/11 Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder – Stainless Steel Body

Product Description,
Treat Your Taste Buds with Over 60 Years of Italian Espresso Tradition, Gaggia is a company deeply rooted in Italian espresso heritage. Yet its coffee machines have evolved over the decades, from the original pressure-generating, lever-activated piston, to the latest fully-automated, bean-to-cup technology which, at the touch of a button, grinds, brews and dispenses a delicious cup of espresso. However you prefer to brew your coffee–whether you want the simplicity of bean-to-cup or crave domestic barista status–there is a Gaggia machine for you.
History, In 1938, Achille Gaggia filed patent no. 365726, an ingenious invention which saw steam pressure applied to ground coffee, so that the water forced through the coffee extracted all its flavours and aromas to create a rich foam crema layer. However, the real revolution came 10 years later when Achille filed a new patent, for a lever-operated piston machine incorporating a spring. This spring provided additional pressure, and this pressure forced water through the coffee in a shorter time, producing a short black espresso in just 15 seconds.
In the 1950s, Gaggia found fame in the trendy coffee bars of Rome and Milan, and most notably in London’s prominent Sirocci in Soho. These coffee bars soon became icons of the ’50s lifestyle. With the launch of Baby Gaggia in 1977, the company began producing domestic espresso machines, making the professional values inherent in Gaggia’s commercial machines widely available for use in the home.
Ground coffee or coffee pods Professional filter holder

Gaggia Classic, There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to inject a little luxury into your daily life. The Gaggia Classic 9403/11 coffee machine is an ideal introduction into the world of Italian coffee and offers a real hands-on, professional coffee-making experience. The elegantly styled machine brings modern coffee shop looks to your kitchen, as well as coffee shop quality and great taste into the comfort of your own home. The simple-to-use and durable manual machine is perfect for everyday use, combining advanced technology and a classic, compact stainless steel body.
The 1300 watt, 8 kg Gaggia Classic is powerful, yet lightweight. It comes with a 15 bar pressure pump and 1.2 litre water tank for outstanding results. The removable water tank/reservoir and stainless steel boiler ensure that it’s practical and easy to clean.

Your choice–ground coffee or coffee pods, Gaggia’s manual machines come with coffee filters for one or two cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for ESE (easy serve espresso) pods. All Gaggia’s coffee machines have two special ‘crema perfetta’ filters that allow you to use either ground coffee or coffee pods.
A manual coffee machine is the most traditional and well-known way to make espresso, using the filter holder and ground coffee. A professional chromed brass filter holder and ring, the same as used in Gaggia’s commercial machines, ensures a consistent temperature throughout the coffee making and dispensing process. The material of the filter is durable and safe to use. It is inert and thus ensures the best results with consistent temperature.

Rotating steamer, The panarello steamer attachment rotates for easy access to froth milk in seconds, and also delivers hot water for tea and other hot drinks.

Solenoid valve, Espresso coffee, originally created in Italy, is made by rapidly forcing water that has been heated to the correct brewing temperature through finely ground coffee beans. The heart of the espresso machine is a precision engineered pump. The pump and water flow is easily controlled with just a flick of the switch. The internal mechanism of the Gaggia Classic is composed of a solenoid expansion valve that allows rapid drying of the interior. Gaggia’s solenoid valve delivers a widespread shower through the coffee, eliminating hotspots which can burn the coffee. Its precise pressurisation ensures no drips and leaves drier coffee grounds after brewing, for easy cleaning.

Traditional frother, The Gaggia Classic coffee machine comes with a traditional frother. The higher the fat content in the milk, the denser the froth will be. The ‘turbo-frother’ will give you perfect, creamy froth, but just a tip–don’t let the milk come to the boil! It may require two or three attempts to become an expert barista, but you will be successful at frothing milk if you give it a chance. Just swivel the turbo-frother steam nozzle slightly outward so that you can get the frothing pitcher under the nozzle without knocking the base of the machine.

Important to know……, 1. The taste of your coffee depends on the characteristics of the beans from which it is made, the type of bean, and where it was grown and processed. Coffee beans that are roasted for a longer period of time and at higher temperatures will be much darker in colour. Darker beans will produce a richer cup of coffee than lightly-roasted beans.
2. A variety of dark roasts are available from which you can choose to brew your espresso. Each of these roasts is a blend of coffee beans that are roasted at a specific temperature producing a specific type of flavour. There are also decaffeinated beans that have had up to 98% of their caffeine content removed. The next time you purchase coffee for your espresso maker, experiment with one of the many kinds of coffee on the market. You may just find that it tastes better than the blend you have been using.
3. A fine ‘espresso grind’ for pump-driven machines must be used. Be sure to ask for this when buying coffee or when having beans ground. Do not use a blade-type grinder because it makes too much coffee dust and produces an irregular grind.
4. The mark of real espresso is its dark colour, rich taste and the light brown, natural froth called ‘crema’ in Italian.
5. Cappuccino is simply a combination of espresso and hot, frothy milk. Cappuccino is usually topped with cinnamon, nutmeg or cocoa powder.
6. Espresso coffee should be served immediately after it is made.
7. Espresso should be served in 2 to 2½ oz demitasse cups. A 4 or 6 oz cup or glass should be used for cappuccino.
8. Ideally, coffee beans should be ground immediately before using. Remember, it must be an ‘espresso grind’ for pump-driven espresso machines.
9. Ground coffee tends to absorb food odours, so it’s best to store ground coffee or whole beans in an airtight container in your freezer.

Important information – How to descale your coffee machine, In hard water areas, minerals found in the water will accumulate and affect operation of the unit. Approximately every two months (this can vary depending on use and water condition), clean the machine with Gaggia descaler (in which case follow the instructions on the packet).

  • Remove shower disc and clean.
  • Pour solution into tank and turn on pump for 15 seconds. Allow solution to flow through brewing head and steam nozzle for several seconds. Wait 20 minutes, then repeat process until solution has been run through.
  • Rinse machine thoroughly by running plain cold water through machine. Replace shower disc.
  • NOTE: Product failure due to scale accumulation is not covered by warranty. No other servicing should be attempted by the user. Use “Gaggia cleaner” for best results.
    There has been a modification to some of the accessories included with the item, which will impact the way you use the machine. The machine includes crèma ground coffee filters and a black pin to hold the filter in place. In order to brew coffee, insert the black pin into the filter holder and then place the crema filter on top.

    Box Contains,

  • 1 x Gaggia Classic manual coffee machine with professional filter holder
  • 1 x Measuring spoon
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
  • Buy on Amazon

    This machine is to replace my old one of the same model, but in brass. I debated buying another brand, of copper and brass and wood, but in the end stuck with this one. Very pleased, it’s the same, simple, good pump, fast boiler and beautifully made. And that’s coffee, simple and beautifully made. What an incredible model, fantastic flawless service. I paid a little extra for next day before 1pm delivery, a saturday too. I got email updates from amazon and the delivery people. I even got a text from the delivery people saying when, virtually to the minute, they would be at my door. Amazon, if you did tv, internet, gas, electricity.

    I was looking for a good quality machine to replace the krups machine that eventually died after many years service. I have been happy with the classic so far, it is definitely a step up from my previous machine. Pros: sturdy and feels well made, easy to top fill the water tank, makes great coffee and the frother works well. Cons: like other reviewers have mentioned the little crema device that sits below the filter basket is just asking to be lost (i also bought a traditional filter basket to use without it). You can’t overfill the basket; i was used to filling the basket and using a knife to scrape of the excess before tamping, if you overfill the filter holder it won’t go on. I think i will grow to love this machine and perhaps would then give it 5 stars; for now though it is 4 due to the crema widgit and the fact that it does take some getting used to. Its a case of getting out what you put in.

    The element takes longer to heat up than the indicator light would have you believe. It is all you need to make any coffee type going. It is more of an art than a science. Get one, keep it clean, it helps to filter the water before you put it in (less cleaning and clearer foamier coffee),.

    Have had this machine for about 2 months now, makes an excellent coffee, latte etc. Pump has enough power to push through coffee, so nice creama, design is simple, compact but you realy don’t need all of the other bells and whistles if you know how to make a good coffee. Best of all (well other brands i have used are particularly weak in this department) the milk frother is strong and heats the milk quickly. It’s a quality product for price and the ss body is a bonus. If you want a machine for a few coffees a day this is ideal and it’s a gaggia, so you at least look like you know what you are doing.

    You only need to spend 5 minutes researching entry level coffee machines to realise that this is the machine to get, and for good reason. The coffee i have made so far has been excellent, once i got my grind adjusted to suit. It comes up to temperature quickly, has plenty of steam pressure, which lasts plenty long enough to steam milk for a latte (probably longer but i only ever make one at a time). The design is not for everyone, the exterior is made entirely from brushed sheet metal giving it a strong industrial vibe. This is strengthened by the 3 large, easy to use rocker switches adorning the front. If you prefer form over function or ‘chic’ styling, this is not for you. The only downsides to this machine are the dumbing down of several key parts, the steaming wand and the filter baskets. The steaming wand has a large plastic contraption called the ‘pannarello wand’. This is designed to incorporate air into the steam to make it easier to froth the milk, unfortunately this also alters the quality of the foam, making it very difficult to get the correct microfoam with the delicious velvety texture you want floating atop your coffee. The filter baskets have been completely revamped, i was expecting to receive a single, a double and a pod filter basket, but instead someone decided everyone needs pressurised baskets and only include them, in single and double capacities.

    Makes great coffee & for this it should get 4+ stars, but there seems to be a fault with the tap for the steam wand. It doesn’t fully turn off, and as such has potential to scald & will result in ‘puddling’ on your work top if not turned back in to allow it to dispense into the drip tray. Really annoying on an otherwise great machine (once non pressurised basket was purchased to replace ‘gimmicks’ supplied). Had the first one replaced by amazon (great service) but the replacement is exactly the sameseems inexcusable that there should be such a fault on a basic component. I’ve not contacted the manufacturer yet, as i’ve been put off by experience of others & i’m not sure that amazon can do anything other than keep replacing which seems a bit futile and a waste of resource. I guess i’ll contact the manufacturers when i’m in the mood for a challenge, but in the meantime i’ll be wary of the risk scalding & dream of proactive customer service from the manufacturer where they contact me after reading this review.

    We have been using a gaggia coffee machine for many years. Our old machine was much the same model as this one from the 1990’s, so it was easy to decide on a replacement. Machine consistently makes a great cup of coffee although expertise of the operator comes in to the equation.

    1y ago to replace my nespresso machine. My observations are:- it’s all a bit messy (which is not surprise coming from a nespresso). After every coffee (and i don’t use the steamer at all) you have to wipe and clean. The filter basket is dripping after each coffee so the tray has to be cleaned as well. The filtercake is never dry so to get the coffee out is not easy. – the basket (pressurised) as delivered together with the perfect crema plastic bit is rubbish. First of all it doesn’t sit tightly in the filter handle, i. To clean the basked you have to take it out of the filter which ultimately will lead to losing the little plastic bit between the basket and the filter bottom since it is loose (only a matter of time).

    • Great machine, rubbish basket
    • Gaggia Classic
    • Decent coffee!

    Gaggia Classic 9403/11 Coffee Machine with Professional Filter Holder – Stainless Steel Body

    We love this machine; our house smells like a coffee shop and evokes all the great holidays we have had. The machine is easy to use; but not easy to clean. Makes great coffee but the machine broke after 18 monthswould not buy another classic.

    Brilliant machine, follow the instructions and don’t try and make coffee whilst steam heat button (big middle button) is on and you can’t go wrong. Before you go out and buy any extras like different filter baskets, take note :- mine came with two little stainless steel baskets that sit in the handle, one with one tiny hole in it and the other with several holes in it. The one with several holes is the one i use. I also purchased a plastic coffee tamper to compress the powder prior to use. I leave this in the other little basket when not in use. I took note and got some “illey” coffee, very nice but also expensive. Has anyone got any ideas where to buy any cheaper than my co-op which is at £6.

    My beautiful chrome gaggia classic stopped working after 12 years of superb coffee making, they are rugged and excellent machines. A new matt stainless steel one purchased (not as good looking as the chrome version) from amazon on the 17. I see this week they have been reduced to £179. 99 inc free delivery, very good buy, wish i had waitedbut buyers beware that the photo’s do not tie up to what is delivered, the first photo is the old machine with a screw down top plate, second photo is the one you get, it also states machine comes with coffee filters for 1 and 2 cups plus special filter for ese pods, as shown in photo 4, it does not, it only comes with a 2 cup filter (which can be used for 1 cup, but is not as good. ) plus the ese pod filter, also the filter holder is totally different to the one in the photo, come on amazon get it right .

    Produces great espresso coffee. Simple to use and based on the traditional gaggia system. Only criticism is that the silicon water pipes are a bit difficult for someone with big hands to get back into the water reservoir.

    Eversince the 60’s in the coffee bar era i have loved frothy expresso coffee. Whenever i went abroad i could always get a great cup of either expresso or cappucino as it is now known as. I have tried many different machines over the years without any luck so now that i am retired i did some searching on the internet and purchased from amazon at a really great price a gaggia classic. This is a really great bit of kit, a bit fiddly at first but i soon got the hang of it and after a week getting myself organized i am producing a really great cup of frothy coffee. All i need now is to knock off 50 or so years and get a pinball machine. If you go for the classic, do like they all say get an original filter basket from happy donkey, not a pressure one as supplied and only use illycoffee and filtered water and you just can’t go wrong. I makes a great cup of cocoa too.

    I purchased the gaggia classic from amazon uk as it could be bought and delivered to australia for half the price it retails for here in australia. I was very impressed with the speed it was shipped to me, i was able to follow it via tracking from sheffield uk to cologne germany to paris france, to philadelphia us, to louisville us, to honolulu and finally to sydney. The package arrived in great shape. The machine was easy to set up where i then underwent a steep learning curve on how to make usable espresso shots. I have had the machine for nearly a month and can say i now make very nice cappuccinos. The gaggia classic will make beverages as good as your local coffee shop, no question. I have replaced the steam wand with rancilio sylvia version as i prefer a slightly longer all metal one. All up i am very satisfied with this machine and i have been extremely pleased with the quality of the coffee i have been able to produce. I initially purchased a haro hand grinder, which was very good but very tiring. I have upgraded to a iberital challange grinder which is very good for the price. If you are wanting to get into making quality coffee at home this machine is a very good starting point.

    I was very happy to recieve the old model with a silver emblem ‘gaggia classic’ on the front and not the new philips machine with black tape letters. Com say that the new machine have worse quality. I bought the cheapest beans i could find in my local supermarket. I wanted to practice on cheap beans. To make the first cofee was very easy. And i was really surpriced by the taste. It tasted as good as the cofee shops. I think when my skills goes up together with fresh quality beans the espresso is going to be excellentthe machine indicate that the its warm after less than 1minute. But if you touch the grouphead and filter holden its not warm yet.

    I purchased this machine in july and fell in love with it. Finally a decent cup of coffee. It took a little time to assemble and thumb through the instructions for use. Once familiar the machine became an essential bit of kit which produced superb fresh coffee on a daily basis. However after three months use it became less friendly and very slow to produce good coffee. This machine needs filtered water to help prevent the build up of limescale. Moreover there is a fair bit of regular maintenance needed. It needs a little back pressure to flush the pipes and a blank basket is available to purchase that will help provide the pressure needed to do that ‘back flush’. The ‘shower screen” above the coffee basket requires disassembly and cleaning too. On my machine i cannot unscrew the screen as it is well and truly stuck and the fixing screw has become burred despite careful attention.

    I have been a fan of coffee machines since about last 10 years and always had one to provide me with fresh coffee every morning. I have been using de’longhi for the last years but recent quality of those coffee machines has made me look elsewhere. This might be a bit pricy for a coffee machine but paying 4£ for a cup of coffee and not being happy with it makes up for it in no time. Now about the coffee machine. :this is by far the best coffee machine i have ever used. It is quiet and makes no noise while warming up (sometimes i am wondering if its actually on)the pressure for the steam frother is excellent and warms the milk with a rich froth within seconds. The espresso part is the best you can see how the coffee comes out with ease and rich froth like a real cup of espresso as seen on photos. I would recommend this coffee machine over any other out there from personal experience. Simple italian design with a stainless steel finish makes the machine look much nicer on your kitchen shelf rather than a cheap plastic coffee machine. So people dont think twice buy it as you see it you will not regret or be disappointed.

    I really didn’t expect my coffee to taste this good. I was happy with the way it made coffee right away, but once i replaced the pressurised basket (what you pack your coffee grinds into) with a bottomless one, the results were amazing. I can now consistently make the best coffee in town. Not much competition though.

    I am really pleased with this machine. . Spent months researching coffee machines prior to making my purchase and i must say that i am really chuffed with it. This product is a robust, well made pice of kit that is easy to use and clean. A simple well made coffee machine that will in all probability last far years. Although not cheap by any stretch, based on my experience i would recommend this product.

    It’s true, i also had the ‘missing crema widget coffee fountain’ experience, but this is the best homemade coffee i have ever tasted. So, if you’re new to coffee machines and thinking ‘i’ll get something cheap and see how i get on with it’, save yourself the money and the bother and get this, and if you’re trading up, getting something beefier, again save yourself the money and get this. Believe me, i know both arguments, i have had two delonghis and a krups nespresso, and more recently sent back a disappointing ascaso and nothing i’ve experienced comes close to the rich, sweet, dark, syruppy, crema topped magnificence that this machine produces. I have even started enjoying espresso for the first time. Though i don’t understand a comment i read about the steam wand, it is excellent. This won’t rattle across the worktop like cheaper machines, as it weighs a tonne and sits on substantial rubber feet. This is the best thing i have ever bought, no lie.

    Ordered on a sunday and picked it up at the post office on the thursday, 6 days earlier than promissed. Unpacked it and read the instructions, looked online and found easier to follow instructions on how to get started. Rinsed, primed and then brewed my first espresso in less than 20 minutes.The tamper that comes with the product is too small (you need 58-59mm). You get a firm froth when steaming the milk -does not take loong. Need to invit all my friends to put it to the test now.

    I read all the reviews about the gaggia classic and wondered if we were doing the right thing. We have had one for years and as long as you descale regularly, it’s a fabulous machine. I can’t understand how so many negative things have been written about the new one. Ordered this, it came within days even though it said it wasn’t in stock for 6 weeks, made a coffee instantly and the crema was magic.Much better than the original machine, though that could have been down to agei love my coffee machine and wouldn’t be without it, i love it. Ordered the gaggia descaler online. . Took over 4 weeks to arrive. You won’t go wrong with this machine.

    This is my second gaggia classic machine, my first one sadly gave up after 7 years of daily use so i replaced it with the same model as soon as i could, i’m just as happy with this one as i was my first, makes excellent coffee looks good too, love, love, love it. Just a quick update my original review which was in may 2013 it’s now august 2013, unfortunately 6 weeks into using my new machine it started to leak so i got in touch by email to amazon, they told me that unfortunately they had no replacement machines in stock so i could only have a refund so i returned the faulty machine by courier a week ago and i’m still awaiting a refund, but more annoyingly i looked on amazon for an exact replacement and lo and behold they were in stock but the price had gone up so really it must just be that they wouldn’t replace it as they wanted more money, fortunately it did come down in price but not as low as i originally paid but as i love the machine i ordered a new one that is working perfectly so far but i’m not happy about having to pay a higher price when i only had the original machine for 6 weeks.

    The steam wand has never been good on this machine. There are much better steam wands on other machines. Luckily i don’t drink cappuccino. Most of it is the same old same old. Makes great espresso (if you leave it on for a while), looks great, lasts 10 years. However they’ve let themselves down with the new-fangled crema device. Yes it creates crema where none previously existed (if you have the wrong grind or stale beans) but for decent beans/grind you get a better more natural crema with the old version. Luckily i had the old-style filter without the plastic crema device, so i was able to put these new-fangled bits in the drawer where they will stay.

    Arrived very quickly, well packaged, good value for money many thanks.

    This machine is just the best. I had a small krups machine for 9 years and it died a fortnight ago so i bit the bullet and after reading lots of reviews bought this one. The first espresso was beautiful, loads of crema and tasted much smoother and full bodied than from the krups. I used the same illy grind and its brilliant. Just made my 1st capuccino and full marks there too. Would definately recommend this machine, so far so good. Only tip is take care you don’t lose the crema widget in the basket.

    Features and Spesification

    • Milk Frother
    • Removable Tank