Philips HD 7546/20 : Looks like a great, ideal product but

The jug keeps coffee warm for hours, and since there’s no hotplate it doesn’t stew the coffee so it is still drinkable even 3 or 4 hours later.

I make/drink a lot of coffee and in the morning prefer to have a multi-serving jug of the stuff available, as opposed to individually made mugs using my senseo ‘pad’ (nb not ‘pod’ ) machine. This hd 7546/20 machine has proved to be an excellent choice, especially as it is so practical with features quickly becoming prevalent amongst such machines but, unfortunately, at a usually higher somewhat exorbitant price for what is such a simple (yet notoriously unreliable ) device. . Before i continue i should mention that i was not dissuaded by a couple of negative reviews of this item – i think it raises some issues perhaps more important than the ‘mundane’ subject of coffee-making, so shall cover them later. . Previously a user of the ubiquitous filter-drip/glass jug/hotplate variety of maker, once i’d bought a similar machine to this one with the same ‘thermo carafe’ feature i had finally ‘discovered’ the better way to reliably make filter coffee and keep it hot .I’ll give info on that alternative later on as it can often be bought for a lower price than this one, albeit it isn’t imho quite as good in some respects. . So, what makes the design of this philips maker so successful ?1. The valved-lid means that coffee heat/aroma cannot ‘leak’ out during the making process and thereafter when serving/pouring. The design of that valved-lid makes it very practical to use as you rotate a lever for either pouring/filling/sealing. Coffee is kept hot within the carafe as it’s insulated (in this case the interior is steel as opposed to the glass vacuum flask variety). The steel interior means that coffee is kept hotter, for longer and also makes the carafe far less vulnerable to breakage. After all the hot water has been ‘released’ the machine turns itself off automatically – this is (of course) because there is no hotplate so power is no longer required, which is another advantage 6.

Excellent basic filter machine no gimmicks. Fill it with water and coffee switch it on and it;s done in no time. If you warm the steel thermos jug the coffee stay really hot. Easy to clean as uses paper filters and the holder lifts out for cleaning. Came with an eu plug apapter fitted.

We chose this machine first of all because we liked the look of it (would have preferred a different colour though rather than black) and are very pleased with the solidness of it. Coffee is filtered through fairly quickly, fairly quietly and it certainly stays quite hot in the pot, although we don’t let it sit for hoursthe one star deduction is mainly concerning the water gauge – we find it is a little tricky to see the exact level when filling with water which i attribute partly to the darkness, i. However, we are very pleased to have bought this filter coffee machine (our preference is filter coffee rather than ‘fancy’ coffees) and can thoroughly recommend it. Time will tell i suppose as we’ve only used it for just under a month.

Compact coffee maker which takes up less space than our previous one but makes just as much coffee. Makes the coffee faster, and stays warm in thermal jug for a couple of hours.

Best coffee maker i’ve ever owned. I’m a big coffee drinker and have gone through a lot of coffee makers. Most would just fry, the coffee pot would break or be very slow. This one is quite fast, well built, easy to load and clean, the pot keeps the coffee warm for at least 5 hours.

This is a step up from my old hot plate machine which tended to overbrew coffee. The thermos jug helps keep the coffee fresh and stays hot for a long time. You don’t need to preheat the jug with warm water first either. I took the old filter from my other machine as this doesn’t come with a filter and it works and fits perfectly. I am really pleased with it my coffee machine.

The coffee it produces is great. It could pour a little faster and the lid can’t be worked with one hand. I was used to my bosch with the lid opening by pressing with my thumb. This one requires a much bigger hand than i have. It doesn’t have a timer, but i never really needed this function anyway and all you really want is a good cup of coffee and this machien produces jsut that.

  • Philips HD 7546/20
  • Limited function but all you want is a cup of coffee, right?
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Philips HD 7546/20

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We still haven’t used this to make coffee but the ability to remove the flask jug with fresh coffee inside which stays warm is great – a huge advantage over similar glass jug/hot plate products, in my opinion. However we were disappointed that the product arrived with a continental two pin plug and separate uk adaptor – a bit naff. I thought most electrical products now came with the correct country specific plug but it seems not in this case. What made matters worse was that the plug couldn’t be plugged into the adaptor however hard we tried, and i had to go to b&q to get another adaptor (cost £5.

Could be just a little bit cheaper, but love the thermos jug rather than a glass jug.

Looks a little plasticky in parts , the “hinge” for the coffee filter ” seems ” flimsy. Works well , does it’s job well and keeps the coffee hot. Used regularly for a couple of months without any problem.

Never forget to switch off the coffee machine again. It also keeps the coffee hot for ages and because there’s no hot plate you can leave the coffee pot on the table. Seams to be well made as well.

This is a very useful unit for domestic use. The thermos keeps the coffee hot and being portable makes serving to guests easy.

We are devotees of filter coffee machines that use a thermos to keep the coffee fresh and hot rather than a hot plate where the temperature and flavour quickly deteriorates. This is the best example of the thermos type we have ever owned. Considering that the price is relatively high there are no added sophistications such as timers, beeps to signal its finished and so on. However the most important thing is that it makes great coffee. Plus the jug’s lid has can be set in a position that really seals it closed with the result that the coffee stays piping hot and fresh tasting for much longer.

I don’t know why i am asked to write, once again, a review on this particularly brilliant coffee maker – the best coffee maker we’ve had, so far. . It is used every day, and it keeps working without the slightest trouble. Lovely hot coffee that stays hot for quite a while (but we never have to wait for a whole hour to empty the coffee pot).

The product itself is nice enough, but like others writing reviews i am extremely disappointed that philips no longer supply the required adaptor as they used to. This is just cheap money-saving on their part. If they are going to supply a product to the uk market then it should come properly equipped in terms of a uk plug. Uk manufacturers have to comply with this – why shouldn’t european manufacturers?.

  • Philips HD 7546/20
  • Limited function but all you want is a cup of coffee, right?
  • coffee maker

Philips HD 7546/20

I have to say i was sceptical about this machine as it ships directly from germany but i have been pleasantly surprised the delivery was super fast and i was able to track it via amazon. The machine was really well packaged and i ordered some filters from amazon at the same time which work wonderfully well, the instructions are very clear and it makes wonderful coffee that stays warm for at least 3 hours. The only slight negative is it doesn’t have a turn off button and if you have forgotten to add water or even press it accidentally this can be a pain. Regarding the company selling the machine i had only one negative and that was that the supplied plug did not fit the 2 pin but after an email the company shipped me another out in record time that fits perfectly all in all a really good seller. If you are looking for a great quality machine that keeps your coffee warm and is so easy a child could use it look no further.

The lid is easy to open/close. Because the jug is a thermos type flask as opposed to a conventional glass jug, there is no hot-plate to keep the coffee warm but i have not found that a problem. I would certainly recommend this coffee maker.

We needed a replacement for a vacuum jug filter coffee machine that had served us well for many years. A trip to the local electrical superstore reveal a poor range of options – filter machines with a glass stewing jug, ‘designer’ machines for bespoke sachets or foolishly expensive expresso machines. These all dominate amazon too but a careful look revealed this option, delivered from preis in germany. The nominal delivery time was several weeks but it arrived on the 4th working day after placing the order and it came with a uk adapter too. As for the machine – beautifully made and does just what we want with a very quick coffee production cycle.

I don’t understand other negative reviews – this machine is brilliant – very fast very high quality – makes superb coffee. I have used every day for 2 years and it still looks like new this was after several machines from de longhi & john lewis which broke down within a few weeks – because of pointless over complicated controls. This philips machine has a single on button and automatically switches off when ready – simple reliable perfect. I love filter coffee – especially tesco finest costa rica which is amazing – gives a much better caffeine hit than espresso, also less calories & less filling than the milk shakes from starbucks. To get great taste you need a machine like this – which uses a thermos jug and paper filters – this is essential most filter coffee machines ruin the coffee by stewing it – it is surprisingly hard to get a machine like this in uk because of the fashion for very expensive to run nespresso type machines. Anyway the german supplier was very efficient and included a uk adapter so i highly recommend them, i’m just about to buy 3 more as christmas presents.

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