Philips HD 7825/60 Sensei Viva Cafe : Coffee machine

I have 4 types of coffee machines and this makes the best coffee and was the cheapest.

Arrived on time and good packaging thank you.

Neat tidy, still learning to get measurements right for mugs as different settings to my old one which had a mug setting, but very pleased with it.

This was bought as a replacement for the original senseo coffee machine which i have had for 5 years. It met all my expectations and i really enjoy the coffee it makes.

Bought this for my husband and it has proved very popular in our house. Kids love the cappachino and hubby enjoys the strong coffee. Very easy to use and wipe down. I also bought two small senseo cups to use with it like the ones in the picture.

I bought this coffee machine last month, when it was deal of the day for £29. I’m so glad i did, it makes great coffee quickly, without too much faffing about. I just warm some milk in a mug in the microwave while the machine warms up, then put the mug under the coffee dispenser on the plate and press the button. I’ve also bought some coffee pods from a german supermarket beginning with l. Someone mentioned buying them in a previous review, so thanks to that person. They sell 3 different sorts for £1. 69 for a bag containing 18 pods (i think). . So much, much cheaper to run than some of the other machines on the market. I love that you just throw away or compost the used coffee bag and there’s no mess.

And i have to say it is brill. But the coffee duck that was recommended to me on here does not fit the machine its to big and stops the machine from closing.

Nice design, easy to use long last product.

  • Possibly the best coffee machine ever
  • Good coffee at a reasonable price.
  • Excellent

Philips HD 7825/60 Sensei Viva Cafe

Product Description, The Senseo coffee machine creates delicious coffee at the touch of a button and in less than one minute for 1 or 2 cups. Enrich your coffee moments with SENSEO® Viva Café HD7825/60! Its iconic design offers delicious coffee at a touch of a button. The wide range of features, like the adjustable spout and calc indicator, provides you the ultimate convenience.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Senseo Pod Machine
  • 1 x 1-Cup pod holder
  • 1 x 2-Cup pod holder
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    Brilliant machine gives you a lovely cup of coffee (with coffee pads) and no mess. You can also buy a coffee duck for it if you prefer to use loose coffee. I used to have a coffee percolator but this is so much easier to use. Water tank is easy to fill and sits nicely into the back. Press the button and hey presto coffee.

    Delivered ahead of time, was exactly what father in law had asked for and he was very happy.

    Now at last i can have nice filter style coffee without much hassle.

    First i bought the large coffee pods, which was a mistake, but now i have the regular size pods and get a delicious cup of black coffee in no time, just the right strength and size for me and very little washing up. I also have the decaffeinated pods for my husband and any of my friends who prefer it. I was slightly disappointed there were no little cups included, as in the picture, but i managed to find some just the right size. It was extremely good value and a real treat to myself for christmas.

    I brought this as a christmas present for my mother and father in-law. I have the old model, had it for around 10 years and they always rave about how nice my coffee is when they come round visiting so thought this would be an ideal present – they love it. They have ditched their old coffee machine and now use this, and she agrees, that the pods for the coffee are so much cheaper than other brands, that you use it more. I can honestly say i cannot remember the last time i had an instant coffee always have these.

    I had the older version but it packed in after 2 years. If i get the same length out of this one i would be happy. You pay for what you get at the end of the day. It beats paying £2 for a coffee every day.

    I bought this senseo viva cafe coffee machine to replace an older philip’s senseo model and i’m delighted with it. I’ve also purchased the coffeeduck so that i can use my favourite coffee if i wish. I normally buy perla coffee pads from holland or france if i can as they are much cheaper and just as good as the senseo expensive ones. If you prefer latte type coffee then here’s a tip. Put milk half way up the mug/mugs to heat up in the microwave while the water is heating in the coffee machine. Makes a lovely mug/mugs of milky coffee and it’ll certainly be nice and hot. Excellent purchase at a reasonable cost.

    Machine is what i expected but the choice of coffee is a bit too strong for me. Wondered if you can use other pads or pods in this machine. Some machines tell you not to but surely this can’t be. Anybody out there advise please.

    • Possibly the best coffee machine ever
    • Good coffee at a reasonable price.
    • Excellent

    Philips HD 7825/60 Sensei Viva Cafe

    Nice cup of coffee, quick and easy to use. Received without a one cup duck but with 2 x 2 cup ducks. The return and exchange was handled admirably.

    Very nice coffee and easy to use, although am drinking more milk 2 pints more a week. Still the price was very good.

    We had the older model for some years and used it every day. We like the increased space for cups with this machine.

    Love this machine, makes great coffee. The senseo coffee pods are a very good coffee. Also bought the coffeeduck from [. so i can use any loose coffee of my choosing, it`s cheaper. If buying the coffeeduck make sure it`s the correct one for the type of senseo machine. Amazon shop was very efficient, delivered to ireland in double quick time and free postage. Paid 65 euro for machine, great value. Missed out on the argos offer, they had it for 52 euro before christmas. Still 65 is a good price, it`s now 130 euro or so. ]

    The downfall for some consumers is that the product is not hot enough despite pre-heating cups & milk.

    What can i say, wonderful, is not enough. The coffee pads are great, i have tried two so far and enjoyed both. At he time of ordering i also purchased a coffee duck with the machine at the same time which cuts down the cost and using the pads, this is brilliant as you can enjoy your own mix of coffee. I would recommend the extra cost. I was going to buy a tassimo, glad i bought this, you have to try.

    The phillips senseo machine is very easy to use and makes an excellent cup of coffee in my opinion.

    Very pleased with the senseo coffee machine as this was a replacement for one i had for many years i am looking forward to many more years of delicious coffee also it is very easy to keep clean.

    Love the different options with the pods. You can choose from very mild to very strong and everything in between. Good hot temperature and amazing taste.

    This is my second senseo coffee machine, which i just love. You can always rely on a delicious coffee at a very reasonable price and the new machine is much smarter than the old one i had.

    Bought this as an early christmas present for my mother as she had one before and couldn’t get on with the gaggia baby coffee machine. It came well packaged and within two days on super saver delivery, really pleasedit looks a lot sleeker than the original model and at an excellent price. Mother has since gone on to buy the different pod holders for latte coffee etc and it really does make a good cup of coffeewould recommend to any coffee lover.

    Great machine, it is very reliable and the coffee is very good from it. Coffee is very hot which is important.

    Bought this as a replacement for my old one. New design and more efficient.

    Bought this for my dad, who has trouble with his hands, and he absolutely loves it. I purchased the cafe duck as well, because he didn’t really want to use the pods, and this has been invaluable. He loves his own coffee and finds it very easy to fill and place into the machine. It heats the water very quickly and gives a lovely crema. Also, because of the design you can use your favourite mug too (be aware that if it is a large mug, make sure you press the 2 cup option). Having read other reviews, i think that i have found the answer to the ‘chemical/plastic smell in the water’. When i first took off the plastic water tank, yes it did smell funny. So i used boiling water and some bicarbonate of soda and left it over night. Rinsed it out in the morning and hey presto, no more smell. I have found also that if you empty out any excess water at the end of the day and don’t replace the tank onto the machine until you are ready to use it the next day, that the smell is completely gone and there is no after taste in the coffee.

    Easy to use, very practical coffee maker for the office if you want to make one cup at a time. Amazon supplies coffee at a good price too.

    I think the product should be described a bit better as there is barely any information in the description.

    I like to review things having given them a good few months to see if anything goes wrong and can say that i’m very happy with this product. I was a bit wary about getting this as it was cheaper than many machines. Thought about getting magimix nespresso but decided it was too much to spend. It is very simple to use and clean. I first tried the medium roast but found this not to have enough flavour. I now use the dark roast which i’d say is ‘normal’ coffee strength and not too bitter. Top tips: wet the pad first to get more flavour out of it. Also, rather than use the double holder, i get more out of doing two singles in one mug.

    Features and Spesification

    • Adjustable spout easily accommodates your favourite cup size
    • Automatic shut-off for less energy consumption Calc-clean indicator reminds you when to decalcify
    • Removable extra-large water reservoir for fewer refills 1 or 2 cups of SENSEO coffee in less than a minute
    • Delicious coffee foam layer for your special coffee moment Unique brewing system for optimal taste
    • Large coffee pod variety for a great coffee every time Polished stainless steel spout for premium look