Philips HD9216/41 Airfryer : Great product

Great product, can make tasty snacks very quickly with very little oil.

Use it v often and oven stays off now.

Wow we use this all the time quick easy cooking and less fat.

I find it easy to clean, it actually makes me quite lazy as all i need to do is spend 2 minutes and i’m done.

Received the product quickly but no recipe as shown on the box.

Brilliant product well worth the money.

The only downside i felt was it had sharp edges for the inner tray.

There is no user manual with the product,i find it inconvenient to go online to find out how to use it and for recipe’s.

  • Potentially very useful for singletons but i regret hoping size doesn’t matter. Big enough for you?
  • Best kitchen gadget going
  • Amazing

Philips HD9216/41 Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Cooking, Baking and Grilling – Grey

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This is by far one of the best kitchen gadgets that i have ever bought. The operation of the fryer is so simple, there is a big dial at the top that you set the temperature with and a timer dial to, you guessed it, time how long you want things to cook for. When the cook time has come to an end there is a satisfying ‘ping’ noise that reminds me of an egg timer going off. When the time runs out the fryer auto turns off meaning that even if you aren’t there when it finishes cooking, it wont burn your food any longer as the heating system cuts out. My favourite things to do in the fryer are chips and chicken bits from frozen as you get a crispyness that you cant recreate compared to cooking in the oven. Even when chips are deep fried in oil they dont get as nice and crispy as cooking in this does. I would 11?10 recommend this to anyone that is thinking of getting an air fryer as they save so much time when wanting a quick meal of chips and chicken and whatever else you can think of.

This airfryer is an absolute game changer, cooking becomes effortless with a huge range of recipes to experiment with. You can also purchase additional accessories and bake. Could not recommend this enough. It’s so easy to use and clean.

There is no instruction or a booklet as to how to use this appliance. Also no booklet to let the buyer know as to how long the food items shouldbe cooked. The box says that it comes with a recipe book but none came inside.

Best kitchen appliance brought in a while. We use it more than we originally thought and we have perfect chips every time.

Excellent this is the second one i have bought can’t praise this enough i bought this as the price was brilliant to use when the one i’ve have for over 5 years now needs replacing.

I can make virtually anything on this. Only thing is that this model does not come with the baking pan. Details are a bit misleading and it says you can bake using the airfryer, but it fails to say you must buy an extra accessory.

It cooks food quicker, and keeps the flavour in it. Economical and easy to clean.

Easy to clean, and as it doesn’t agitate the chips it is better for sweet potato chips as they are too soft for continuous agitation.

  • Potentially very useful for singletons but i regret hoping size doesn’t matter. Big enough for you?
  • Best kitchen gadget going
  • Amazing

Philips HD9216/41 Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology for Healthy Cooking, Baking and Grilling – Grey

Everyone in our family owns one and use for a great number of receipts.

Better than my old one i had for 5 year.

Fantastic addition to the kitchen makes great fries, very quickly and with very little oil.

Mainly using it to prepare chicken or fried veggies, easy to use and usually the food is good and fresh.

Bit small, great for meat, nice for potato wedges, yes, better than any owen i ever used, delicious chicken tights cooker and also, healthy. Easy use for anyone, time set just 30. Good for single/couples, need a bigger one for family households.

Basket not easy to clean and temp control not that clear as it could be.

Makes hood crispy chips in less than 20 mins.

Very easy to use, simply plug in, set the temperate and timer, my wife loves it but not very easy to clean when cooking meat, overall still a great purchase.

Great product, very heatlthy option, a must for every home, only downside is the pan must be handled very carefully as it could fall off by mistake. Could also do with carrying handles.

I live alone and am struggling to force myself to cook. This seemed like a great idea as when i have work, it’s really odd hours and often i need something hot asap then i have to go to bed. Must have been evil in former life. The basket is big enough for a pork chop and some chips (to try to indicate to you it’s not big). Nb if you try to cook a pork chop in it, make sure you can reach the mute button on your smoke alarm. Mine went off for the first time in ten years. No, i don’t know what the symbols mean. I spoke with customer support, they were going to have something sent to me. Edit: response was a pdf nice leaflet which would’ve been great had i had it or a link to it in my packaging.

The best kitchen gadget ever purchased. I wouldn’t be with out one now.

Since we’ve had this machine we’ve never cooked our chips in the oven as they taste better in the air fryer.

My husband uses it more than me.

Very happy with the purchase, definitely recommended.

This is amazing so versatile and extremely efficient.

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