Philips HD9340/90 Glass Kettle – I would recommend this kettle

1 kettle who doesn’t smell like plastic, excellent job philips.

Overall solid build quality, the indicators on the side of the kettle which tell you how much water is required for each cup is rather low however so you will need to fill over slightly if you have larger cups. The removable limescale filter makes it easy to clean and the glass doesn’t build up limescale. The large element also boils the water slightly faster, but only marginally so.

This phillips kettle has a stylish brushed steel lid with flip switch on the handle. The transparent mid-section allows you to see exactly how much water you are putting in and how close it is to boiling (apparently the perfect cup of tea is made with water just a bit before the boiling point). It boils quickly and i have absolutely no complaints. Top quality as i have always experienced with phillips.

Ultra stylish kettle from philips. Everything feels so well put together and the materials feel and look very premium. The glass is toughened but still light enough to pick up and hold easily. The flip top is great for filling with water and eliminates the problem of water going everywhere. The switch is chunky and feels like it will last ages. Which, being philips, it will. The cord is wrapped under the base so you can hide it all away if required. I’d definitely recommend this kettle. It’s very well made and makes you wonder why all kettles aren’t made of glass.

This is a nice looking kettle that’s not too heavy. The spout is well shaped and pours well. The glass sides give it a modern feel and it looks good in my kitchen. The water boils fairly quickly and quietly but i’m waiting to see how long it looks pristine for – we do tend to get scale build up and i’m hoping that this doesn’t lead to streaks ad reduce the clean look of the kettle.

I agree with previous reviews that state eater goes cloudy and smells of chemicals, is this a fault with the kettle?.

Well designed and very attractive on the work surface this quality kettle from a proven manufacturer holds a generous 1. 5 litres and seems to boil faster than my previous kettles. The glass is robust for safety, the lid springs open for filling and the switch off when boiling mechanism is efficient. This is a good product at a fair price. Ps just discovered that it is very economical as you can see at a glance the amount of water in the kettle and adjust for the amount to be boiled.

This is an excellent kettle. With the flat element and the transparent sides it is easy to gauge how much water you need to add. It boils quickly and pours well. All in all this is an excellent kettle, however it will need to be descaled often to keep it looking pristine.

This philips kettle arrives well packaged and is modern and stylish looking in black, brushed chrome with a glass body. At first i was finding that i wasn’t filling it sufficiently for my needs being used to a 1. 7 litre kettle, this being a 1. 5, but after a few days i got the hang of it. It made me realise how much i have been over-filling a larger kettle for just two people and feel sure that this one will prove to be both water and electricity efficient. It boils fairly rapidly, not as quickly as a higher wattage one, this being a 2. 2 watts, and isn’t too noisy either. A button on the top flips the lid for easy filling and the spout is fairly wide and pours nicely without dripping. Overall, it is a lovely kettle and i’m very pleased with it. The only downside i can see, which doesn’t really apply to me, is that with the main body being made of glass it is fairly heavy for its size.

Works to expectations, boils water as quickly as any previous owned kettles with the advantage that we can see as soon as it starts boiling.

Very stylish looking kettle. Nice button on the lid to make the lid pop up. Very therapeutic watching the bubbles grow and dance as the kettle boils (sad but true)very quick to boil and not too noisy. Because it is the same size of cylinder all the way up it is taller than all of the other kettles i have had. I can see after a week’s use that there is a fair amount of calcification taking place (london water) so will be de-scaling more often or failing to notice. The switch seems a little flimsy – time will tell. Red light to say when it is on. Slight concern about knocking the kettle and having the glass explode. Means i am now extra careful filling tea pots.

Amazed at how quiet this kettle is. It fits in perfectly with my black and chrome kitchen. Would definitely recommend this product.

I have it for a week now and i’m very happy with that kettle. It boils up very quickly, especially when preparing just one cup of tea. I feel it boils even quicker than with my saucepan. The interior is sleek, made of glass and metal, so no plastic bits (except for the lid). When boiling, there’s no dripping around, it pours cleanly. As it is made of glass, you can see the limescale building up on the bottom, but a few vinegar and in it and it’s gone. Here are the specifications for the Philips HD9340/90 Glass Kettle:

  • Light indicates when the kettle is switched on
  • Hinged locking lid: easy to use, maximum safety
  • Flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning
  • Double action filter for clear water and a cleaner kettle
  • One cup indicator to boil only the water you need

I’ve used a lot of kettles – being a vine member helps in trying out different kinds, but this is the best yet. For a start, its beautifully made, good build quality, well made moving parts and textured handle, nice feel plastics and aluminium and strong glass – looks and feels as good as it’s made too. It’s made in germany and that is also important, instantly making this superior to all of the chinese made trash that litters the market – even expensive kettles many are made in china – so philips need to be applauded by giving their customers quality through and through. It’s a simple elegant design and just looks great and classy. The water is easily topped up straight into the spout without having to open and close the lid – and no the water doesn’t splash everywhere as the spout is wide enough. And opening and closing the lid is a sure fire way of lessening the longevity of any kettle as such mechanisms are prone to wear. Water boils rapidly, and the kettle lights up to indicate so. As with any clear kettle, using hard water leads to a build up of limescale – i have a brita water filter fitted to my kitchen sink so this isn’t a short term problem – but any kettle/iron scale remover will clean this up. Base plate is strong and sturdy, and the cable is nice and long and coils up under the base plate. Overall – the joint best kettle i’ve used (my kettle of choice is yet the braun wk500 – but that is because that has a larger spout and is a braun).

Shame the base and the kettle does not fit with precision otherwise pretty content.

This is a lovely looking kettle. It is very stylish and would look good in a modern shiny kitchen (i don’t have the modern shiny kitchen, but i do have the kettle. The lid is easy to open and close and the filter is easy to get in and out for cleaning. 5 litres which is quite adequate for my needs. I love watching the water starting to boil, and it is a bit of an educational process for my children to watch. It boils fairly quickly and it is not too noisy.

I bought this to replace a terrible metal breville kettle that made the water taste like tsp. I wanted a glass of metal kettle, plumped for this one after much deliberation. Most importantly, the water from this kettle has no funny taste. The plastic on the handle looks a bit cheaper than i hoped but it’s still a nice looking kettle. The fill indicator is nice and clear, it pours well without drips, and its pretty quiet.

Okay, i have to admit that when i first looked at this kettle i thought ‘someone used a glass beaker in the chemistry lab to boil the water for their coffee and it gave them ideas. ‘ but okay, it’s turned out to be a good idea. The clear glass body gives you a proper view of the water so you actually do see how much you put in, and perhaps more importantly, how much is left in it after you have poured out what you want. Having used a variety of other kettles in recent years which made seeing the water level next to impossible or entirely impossible i really do appreciate the difference. Might seem a bit odd, but it can be strangely soothing watching the water boiling through the glass. The anti-calc filter does the job well. So well that i forgot it was there and only remembered when i had another look through the instructions to help me write this review. The power toggle lights up a nice red colour when it is on. Never understood why some kettles have a really piercing blue light, so the red (which reminds me more of heat than blue does) is much more satisfying as an indicator that the power and the heat is on. The base is the standard round base that has become the default for most every kettle nowadays.

Is a super kettle from a well know brand. Perfect for boil even 1 cup. Very large top for easy cleaning.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • exceptional kettle
  • Good kettle
  • This is a pretty good kettle

This glass kettle has exceeded my expectations in every way. It can hold a generous amount of water, boils relatively quickly which is a definite bonus and best of all it’s so easy to see the water level because of the transparent body. In summary this is a classy looking, practical and by all indications robust kettle that anyone would be thrilled to display in their kitchen.

I have another philips kettle for 4 years which worked excellent and need another one after move. I decided to stick to philips but opted glass kettle this time. Again, excellent kettle with smooth pour. Would have prefer a bigger one and speed boil l but still very happy with this and will certainly recommend it.

As a kettle it boils water and it is easy to see exactly how much water is being boiled to cut down on energy. As an object it is very very stylish and this has to be the reason for paying a bit extra for it.

This is a very stylish and practical kettle. Not overly large in its capacity but sufficient for my use, with the design also being so different from other kettles i am used to i was very impressed when i received it and removed the packaging. It is very well made with good quality plastic used for the base, handle and top of the kettle (lid) and stainless steel for the top and spout. The spout is of a wider variety than i am used to, i haven’t had any problems with spillages from pouring. The light shines through the switch at the base of the handle when it is on, the lid for filling is opened by the switch at the top of the handle. There is also a calcium filter attached to the spout and this can be removed and cleaned. Because this is a glass kettle and you are not using any other type of fill level indicator as you can see straight through you can actually minimum fill for one cup of water. Filling to the right level is so much easier as this is clear that i have found myself saving more water. The performance of the kettle is good, not overly powerful at 2200w but can boil to the fill line in 4 minutes 36 seconds was my timing on this and for just one cup it takes only 1minute 40 seconds. For someone like me who is not a morning person being able to place the kettle just onto the base without worrying about getting it exactly right is a great feature.

The philips viva collection kettle is smart looking in a combination of stainless steel, black plastic and clear glass. Because of this is is a little heavy to hold. You can clearly see the water heating up and boiling which makes it easier to keep an eye on than the kettles which have just a small column to see what is going on. The round base allows the kettle to turn in 360 degrees and can be easily used by a left or right handed person. Measures of the amount of water to be used is shown by cups and litres which helps for someone who likes to save water by using just the right amount for what it is needed. The on/off switch glows red when the kettle is being used and the lid opens easily with a press button that makes the operation smooth and gentle. It would look good in a modern kitchen.

I love the fact that this kettle is transparent, so i can see at once how much water there is in it, without having to open it or pick it up and heft it in my hand. This makes it easier to boil just the right amount of water and not waste power. As with all good kettles, the element is hidden underneath and not exposed to the water, so it doesn’t get covered in limescale. If i have a criticism, it’s that the automatic cut-out takes a little too long when the water is boiling merrily away and i usually have to shut it off by hand, but that is a very minor niggle.

The clear glass body is a great-looking feature, and it’s quite a novelty watching the water boil. The rest of the styling is black plastic and stainless steel, which look good together. The on/off switch has a reddish light, and that’s the only illumination on the kettle. Boiling speed is quite quick – certainly not the fastest kettle in the world but also not one that you’ll be wasting time waiting for. There’s a definite feeling of premium quality with this kettle – it’s well-made, is sturdy in the hand, and simply looks great. I’ve got real confidence it will last a long time, and it’s a million miles away from the almost throwaway quality of many kettles on the market. Minor downsides and niggles;bulky size – despite a slightly smaller capacity of 1. 5 litres it’s not compact whatsoever. 7 litre kettle for me, which is actually slightly smaller.

Was looking for a glass-bodied kettle that didn’t have glowing lights, multi-temperature options or cost the earth. This is a pretty good kettle. It boils quickly and generally behaves itself. The only downside is that it is clearly designed for people with bigger hands than me; the handle is on the chunky side and the rocker switch at the top of the handle to flip the lid open is to big a stretch for me to easily reach single handed. The switch would be fine if it rocked back rather than forwards.

The beat value for money glass kettle. Looks amazing and works like a dream, we have had the bodum glass one before but it was terrible in comparison. We have a kitchen full of flash gadgetry from kitchenaid mixer to magimix nespresso and this fits in perfectly.

This jug kettle has a partly glass and metal construction. This gives it a very elegant appearance. The transparent container gives a view of the contents so it is easy to judge the amount you are using. The crystal clear view of water boiling is attractive and gives an impression of purity. The heating element is 2200 watts and this is less than a lot of other makes. However , the boiling cycle is not slow and i find it meets my demands well. The setup of base and kettle is as usual these days and i would recommend the kettle to anyone ,.

Still love my kettle one year on.

This came at the time when my old kettle was starting to look a bit careworn. So, i thought, lets brighten up the kitchen with a nouveau piece of tech. Like most modern kettles it is of the type often classified as cordless. All that means is that it has a base that the kettle rests on to connect it to the mains power and there’s no lead to get in the way when filling or using the thing. When delivered the kettle’s base has the cable wrapped around and stored underneath it. Ensure that you extend the lead to it’s fullest and do not use it with any of the cable left stowed in the base. That can be extremely dangerous. Public safety announcement over. . Firstly i must say that the kettle looks better in the photographs than it does in real life. The brushed steel top on mine has a previously used look about it.

Its a bit thick/bulky for a 1. 5 liter one for the very purpose of hopefully getting a smaller one, but i could’ve of course asked for exact dimensions to avoid disappointment. Collects limescale on the bottom but with hard water i think they all do, comes off with suitable cleaning products very easily. Very nice softly opening lid. Easy and smooth to use, not too loud. Edit 2018: around 8-10 months into use, the filter because detached from the frame, meaning it lets through white pieces of limescale. I only got around now to ordering a new filter, just to find out there isn’t one.

Nice looking kettle, usually find philips kettles last for years.

Very quick and reliable kettle.

Brilliant kettle with none of those silly blue leds . I don’t need to colour my water blue while i’m boiling it. It arrived really well packaged and once you’ve boiled water in it a couple of times, it is ready to use. Keep the instructions handy though for those moments of having to de-scale it. Which i am guaranteeing you, you will forget to do .

Good quality, it does need to be kept clean and descaled to stay looking good but that’s to be expected. Only slight negative is that it’s not the fastest boiling kettle but very satisfied overall and would recommend.

This is a very well made and really nice product. Not the cheapest but well worth the additional cost.

Can see the amount of water that is in the kettle. Which is better than the gauge on the side of the normal kettles. Much better to see if getting dirty. Will match any kitchen as being glass it will not cause any colour clash. Not the cheapest kettle around but the not the most expensive. It doesn’t dribble like a much more expensive one does.

I purchased this kettle because it is glass and i think it will be less toxic than plastic. I like philips products as they are stylish and work well. I was fed up with noisy kettles that kept breaking after little use. This kettle is the quietest i have ever had. It looks exceptionally nice in my kitchen. The water level is clear to see. It boiled in super quick time. Very solid well designed kettle.

It warms and boils water as required. Condensation remains adherent on the glass, so does not look that nice after a few hours after it’s been used.

This is great as i live alone and can just boil 1 cup and so more economical also.

Quick to boil and i love how you can see the amount of water inside. The opening is also large enough to squeeze my hand in for scrubbing the interior with a sponge.

Very easy to see how much water is in. I like to make coffee with water that is under boiling temperature and this kettle makes it much easier to judge how far off the boil it is. Also i am used to a 3 kw kettle so this seems slow at 2. The dropped star is really because of this and the high price. My old breville was half the price and boils a lot quicker.

Great product and if you sensitive to a plastic taste from kettle you won’t be disappointed with this one. The only minus is that you have to descale it every now and then as you can see limescale on the glass if the water is hard where you live. Otherwise is great and boiling water fast without any extra taste. I would recommend this product.

The philips hd9340 kettle from their viva collection is not the model ordered or expected (amamzon were notified) but is of superior design and features a schott heat-resistant glass body; the handle, base and lid and of a contrasting matte black plastic. However, the top section is in brushed metal (aluminium?) and includes an exceptionally wide spout for easy pouring. The capacity and wattage are identical to the anticipated model at 1. There is a lid release button at the top of the handle and the usual power switch below. Filling guide markings are engraved in cups and litres on both sides which, because of its glass body, will be exceptionally easy to read. The kettle is an upright and parallel-sided jug design and could easily fit into a modern kitchen with dark stone, glass or possibly brushed steel work surfaces. As much of the body is glass, the kettle was expected to be relatively heavy to lift but it feels no different to any other. The kettle has a fitted internal filter and the base is the now standard freely rotating type. Relative to the diameter of the kettle, the lid appears small. As we live in a very hard water area (se england), calc is a major issue and other all-metal, metal-skinned but plastic-lined or all plastic kettles have required frequent descaling. With this, the scale should at least be readily visible and descaling may be performed more often in order to preserve its appearance. For this reason, it may be better suited to soft water areas. In comparison to most kettles which are typically 2. 5-3kw, this will be slower to boil. Philips use a flat element (not the normal tubular ones) in some of their kettles and claim higher effeciency for them but there is no indication that the element in this is of that form. Any lessening in boil time due to its lower wattage will be partially compensated by its slightly reduced capacity, just sufficient for six cups if fully drained (about 4 average mugs). Although they may look rather similar and share a similar base, some kettles can be far less noisy than others and a few may be so loud as to be annoying and may be audible a room or two away.

First kettle leaked from the bottom, however we sent it back for a replacement and the second one works well. 5 liters is definitely sufficient – our old kettle was 1. 7 liters so was worried at first that it would be too small. Turns out we never need more than 1. 5 liters anyway, so we were just wasting water and energy with our old kettle. Unlike other glass kettles, this one does not light up to be blue/whatever when it’s boiling. I actually don’t mind this as it makes it less flashy (literally). No plastic comes into contact with the boiling water, which is a big plus.

Very attractive kettle and easy to see how much water is in there. I love the fact that the lid is damped when you click to open. Some kettles spring open quite aggressively. The lid isn’t that large and so it can be a little fiddly to get your fingers in to remove the spout filter for cleaning. Otherwise, the build quality is excellent.

This kettle is very well designed, with one caveat: there’s a very plasticky smell after it boils, even after many uses, which is not explained by the plastic filter attachment at the top (intended for catching bits of lime scale). The reason may be the thick silicon rubber seal between the glass and the metal in the base (in the past i’ve owned other makes without the seal, so i know it’s not essential). If you’re concerned about the chemicals that leach out of heated plastics and what they can do in the human body, you might want to think twice about this model and look for one without the seal.

Like the kettle, quiet and quick. My only comment would be there is a slight design flaw – you cannot empty the very last bit of water out of it easily due to the rounded top.

I’ve now cycled through a few other kettles of different brands. I can only say that this kettle works well and reliably, whereas the other brands either arrived faulty or attempted electrocution soon afterward. The pour spout/filter doesn’t easily empty the last few ml of water but i’ll forgive that. The button is soft touch and quiet. The lid works consistently and doesn’t show obvious signs of wear. It has a higher price tag but it is worth your time not to be sending cheaper models back through the post.

Does what a kettle should do. Boils water fast enough, feels solid and is fairly quiet.

A smart and stylish finish, coupled with the glass means that looks smaller than it is, and although it’s not a large kettle to begin with, it will certainly do the job for a smallish household. As some other reviewers have commented already, after a while with see-through kettles, limescale becomes a problem and they will start to look a bit grubby, but keep it clean and change the filter regularly and it’ll be fine. Overall, a good kettle, nice design, possibly a bit small but otherwise a solid purchase if you want a nice looking and functional kettle.

Excellent kettle, more than lived up to the reviews, very quick to boil, much quieter than i expected.