Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer – Brushed Aluminium – Love it

Excellent product & prompt delivery. With regards to juicing: simple & easy to use, makes the most of most fruits, it takes less than 3 minutes to juice 750 ml of fresh quality juice of your choice. Most fruits/vegetables do not require peeling (aside from oranges), however once peeled the whole process is flawless and quick. Cleaning the machine is relatively simple as well. However, it takes slightly longer than 1 minute (as advertised), averaging out at around 5 minutes. All in all from start to finish it takes around 15 minutes to assemble, prepare the fruits, juice and clean. All in all, a highly recommended product.

I’ve ordered this juicer as i needed a bigger than my old small philips (hr1832-01) as i juice a lot, i didn’t like to empty the pulp container on half way. So i ordered this one and that part is almost the same size than the small one’s. Its bigger and stronger but as i experienced it’s less effective. So, if you have a small kitchen and you don’t mind that you need to cut the apple into 4 pieces than buy hr1832/01 instead of this.

I love this little juicer, it’s very powerful, super easy to clean and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen. I got mine as used and it came as new to me, didn’t look used one bit.

Good juicer, but just to much waste or too little juice either way i ended up with a blender that will liquidize carrots and give me more but thicker juice ( the magimix).

I would normally give this more stars but it has a real downside. It is not easy to take apart the reason being that once you have taken the top off and arrive at the blade you then have to lift the blade up but inserting your fingers down the side of the machine. The gap is small and the metal blade is very difficult to take off and very sore on the hands trying to get it off – in fact almost impossible as it is so tightly attached to the machine that it is really extremely hard to lift the blade off to clean. It is very frustrating and a bad design. Usually i find philips products good and well though out but this one needs some rethinking. The juicer works well with the fruit and is easy to clean once you have wrestled with the horrible blade.

Overall this is a very good juicer – it’s powerful & attractive, with the widest feeding tube i’ve ever found. However, i dispute phillips’ claim that it can be cleaned quickly. The shape of this juicer means it’s tall but not too wide, so doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on my kitchen work surface. At 800w it’s very powerful – and this results in a lot of noise. It’s not my first juicer so i knew what to expect but this is very loud – like someone using power tools in your kitchen. The extra large feeding tube is very handy, too – it can fit small apples whole but i’d still recommend coring them first. However, i’m not convinced by phillips’ new design. The first juicer i owned (also a phillips) featured a design used by cheaper juicers these days, which consists of a pulp container on the back. To empty the pulp, just remove & empty – job done. With this one, however, the pulp container is housed within the middle of the juicer.

Very good product, bought for the health benefits of juiced vegetables and fruits. My only flaw is the fact that when juicing some types of fruit and veg it leaves a slight froth. This is because of the high rpm from the blades. Simply let it sit for a few minutes and discard the froth with a spoon. Don’t worry, you’re not throwing away all the best bits. Alternatively you can sift the juice for true smoothness.

Bought this to replace another juicer. The ideal would be this one for ease of cleaning and the j10 for quality of juice. This lets a lot of bits through and is terrible at softer fruit. Hard fruit and veg offer not issues.

Recommended this exact product by relative, saw it in action and easy to use, whole apples go in, lovely juice with no additives, concentrate rubbish, the real thing. We have 3 apple trees in our garden and only so many crumbles, pies you can eat. Worth buying a more expensive model like this, rather than have to core, de stalk or quarter apples. This is also £43 cheaper than a well known high end store.

Love it quick and easy to dismantle. U need quite a bit of fruits to fill up the jug. Easy to clean takes a few seconds more than just a minute if u do it at normal pace but if u do it at a fast pace then u probably would be able to clean it in a minute. At first i was scared to use it in case the machine broke on me but after i got use to the juicer it was all good. It isnt as big as i thought it was as i read some reviews were it said its soo big it takes up all the unit space. Yes it is a bit big but that juicer cant that small either because of what it does i personaly think the size is just right.

I bought this juicer based mainly on the reviews but just goes to show you shouldn’t beleive all that you read. First off i had a complete nightmare with amazon failing to deliver on the promised day, or the following day – leaving me with a kitchen full of decaying fruit and veg etc. A juice expert had said to get a juicer with an outside pulp collector – i see why with this juicer as the inbuilt pulp collector soon gets full so pulp over-flows into the juice. Also the pulp is a pain to empty out of the donut shaped collector. To get less than a pint of juice i had to empty to pulp container mid juice – and found lots of fine pulp still in the juice when i ran it through a sieve. It does rinse clean easy but overall not impressed and am sending it back.

So far, proving to be an effective juicer with all the benefits that brings. Nice-looking unit doesn’t look out of place on the counter top. One of the selling points is how quick to clean the machine. Well, that aspect is still pretty unproven. Quite a few parts need dismantling and washing. It does seem the elements could be washed in the top drawer of a dishwasher, but that’s not exactly quickthe collected fruit pulp is reassuringly dry, if you have pre-prepared your ingredients. Coring apples, fully peeling oranges, seems to assist the efficiency. The unit is fairly noisy when actually juicing, but that’s to be expected, i guess. All in all, a budget addition to the kitchen counter top.

It looks amazing on the worktop and seeing it in action is also very impressivei do agree with others that you can’t make lots of glasses of juice without emptying the skin etc. I used 4 carrots, 2 applies, handful of straweberries and a 3 celery sticks to produce 2 glasses of juice. I may have been able to produce another glass without emptying the skin etc but that would be all. So ideal for 2 adults and small families. Not sure if it’s great for larger families. I used a youtube video to see how to dissassemble. I gave it a rinse and away we went. I would say the cleaning is pretty straight forward and agree the 1 minute is an exaggeration.

This juicer has quite a small footprint which in most kitchens is quite handy. It works extremly well, it has a good sized motor that has coped with everything i have put in it, i was a bit apprehensive as the design is a bit different from others i have owned. The pulp is stored in the machine and is removed at the end along with the clever cleaning, which i did find works quite well. The instructions are simple pictures and are easy to follow. Once placed on the work surface the machine sticks itself down with strong suckers which do prevent it moving.

I started out with good intentions to improve my diet but it seems to have fallen by the wayside. The juicer is ok but, like most of them, it’s fiddly to properly clean.

I have never had a juicer before so can’t really comment on it in comparison to others. It is not quick and easy to clean though. The cutting drum requires scrubbing after each use. The other components always need rinsing and washing or popping in the dishwasher. The pulp container is a doughnut shape too so the handy tip i’d read of putting a bag in to catch the pulp doesn’t work.

The juicer arrived quickly, when i read the description i thought it indicated that the juicer could do up to 2 litres of juicing which it can. However the jug that is supplied with the juicer only has about a 1 litre capacity. Another problem with this juicer is that the juice splutters out of the juicer so you cant just put another receptacle under juicer, unless you want juice all over the work top. The juice comes out quite pulpy which is a disappointment considering the price. As this is the first juicer that i’ve owned i have nothing to compare this to. Also when i received the item (through amazon the box was damaged, machine was fine though).

I was dreading cleaning this despite the reviews saying it was easy but it is really easy to clean and makes delicious unpasteurized juice full of vitamins. It’s does remove the fiber but you can get that elsewhere in your diet and i’d never be able to eat that much fruit in a day without this brilliant juicer.

Quite a good juicer, takes about 5 minutes to clean it, not the 1 minute promised. It is much easier to clean than most juicers though. Juice sometimes has bits in it & the pulp is quite soggy still. I had to watch an online demo to work out how to take it apart & use it & would definitely recommend that you do this before using it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pretty good juicer but some design flaws
  • Don’t believe the hype.
  • Impressed and will use atleast weekly

Very happy with this juicer. It makes lovely apple and orange juice for me. I’m a little boring so haven’t tried anything else reallythe reason i am giving only 4 starts is because despite the fact that they advertise it as a ‘quick clean’ it still takes some time to disassemble and clean the individual parts. Also – juice sometimes come out a little frothy rather than pure liquid and it could also have done with a bigger storage area for the pulp / seeds etc. All in all a good juicer however.

Does the job without complications and ridiculously easy to clean. Enjoying a fresh orange and ginger juice as i speak.Oh, and prompt delivery, thank you.

Apart from the clean up, its very good. Theres still small amounts of pulp in my juices so i would have to let it sit for while to separate it.

We spent some considerable time checking out numerous juicers. Some offered the same features as the philips but whenever there was a down point with any of the others there was always a reference to the philips as being a superior machine. It became apparent that this machine was seen as a bench mark by a lot of people. We bought one and have been impressed with its performance and ease of use. My wife and i just cannot understand how an occasional person talks about the ‘difficulty’ of cleaning this machine. It couldn’t be simpler and my wife has arthritis but still has no problem dismantling and putting it back together. Everything has been made well and thoughtfully by the designers. It is excellent value for money and a name you can trust. The instructions with it could be better but there’s not really a lot to do and the internet offers advice if you got stuck but not really likely as it is pretty straightforward.

So far used it once to make orange juice. Can’t wait to juice some morerecommend it to anyone wanting to get a juicer for the first time.

Quick, easy to clean (8-10 mins). Only thing that i have to tackle is how to clean the blade and side panels of the blade part – nicked my fingers on it one or 2 times. My food bill has gone up though, going to get fruit every 2/3 days – they’re juice mad now in my house.