Philips HR1889/71 Viva Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer : just great, not to fast as one review stated which

Usually, you spend more time prepping the stuff to go in the juicer than it takes to juice – but not with this one – it takes whole fruit – cutting down the time, and giving you a really flavoursome juicefresh apple juice has been my favourite – so easy and it just rinses clean after use. Amazingit comes complete with a large feeding tube – making it so easy to put whole carrots in, apples, etc. , just amazingit is quite dear, but if you can afford it, get it.

I am usually completely put off by juicers – due to the time it takes to prepare the fruit and veg. Also, they are often really fiddly to clean. Its easier to buy the stuff. However, despite the strange look of this juicer (to my eyes anyway) this is an excellent juicer for the fact that it does a really good job of juicing. You stick the ingredients in whole through the largeish sized tube and afterwards you can easily clean it simply by rinsing. Better still the parts are safe to use in the dishwasher. My only downside is the look of the thing.

Excellent juicer, which seems to extract more flavour, possibly due to the masticating technology. My usual problem with juicers is that they are too slow, that you need to do most of the chopping, and that they are fiddly to clean. This model seems to address my problems directly, and i’d recommend it. I especially like the extra large feeding tube – you can drop whole apples in here, and other chunky vegetables. Expensive, but worth it for the results.

It literały changed our life now. We totally have up aby vitamins in tabletts or capsules. Any vegetables or fruits are great. Easy to wash out and cleaning. Fairly quite for such equipment, quiter then our blender.

This juicer lets you discover tasty, nutritious drinks. No need to peel or dice your fruits/veggies. This big boy lets you put the whole fruit in the juicer. Not the cheapest on the block, but certainly one of the best. Pound for pound a brilliant machine. There is also a recipe book in the box.

This is a serious piece of juicing kit. It can handle everything you throw at it without the need to chop everything into small pieces, and effectively separates the good stuff from the waste. While it does take some trail and error for best results, because not every part of the fruit/veg adds positively to the flavour, this will squeeze out the last drop of juice. Although some parts feel a little flimsy, this feels like it will last, which is important because you are going to be shelling out a very significant sum for this, so for me this is only for households where juicing is well established – this is not for a casual user. Add in the footprint (large) and the design, which is a bit “marmite” and this gets 4 stars.

This juicer makes delicious juice, but the racket it makes while juicing is very off putting. But i’m prepared to endure the noise because this juicer is fast and the wonderful juice is an absolute delight.

This is a good juicer in most ways. It does an excellent job of juicing. It leaves very little liquid behind. I really fell like we are getting the most juice possible squeezed out. It does indeed have a wide tube to feed your food into. I still have to cut anything larger than a small apple in half. The tube isn’t wide enough all the way down to allow it to pass through otherwise. However – if you have the space (it’s hi) for it and juice a lot – it does a good job.

  • just great, not to fast as one review stated which
  • It’s easy to use
  • Too noisy, but great juice

Philips HR1889/71 Viva Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer with X-Large Feed Tube, Drip Stop, Quick Clean and Recipe Booklet, Plastic, 150 W, White/Black/Silver

Product Description, Drink your daily shot of healthy juice. Philips masticating juicer is the ultimate juice machine. This cold press juicer features an XL feed tube – so you can juice whole fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. Rinses clean in just 90 seconds. Note : The appliance is equipped with a safety system. If the parts have not been assembled properly, the appliance does not work. Check whether the parts have been assembled in the right way, but switch off the appliance before you do soPhilips Customer Care Contact: 0207 949 0240

Box Contains, 1 x Jug, 1x Recipe booklet, 1x Philips Viva Slow Juicer HR1889/70, with XL feed tube

From the manufacturer

Healthy juicing made easy, every day.

Why Choose Philips?

Philips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. The Philips brand is synonymous with innovation, products and services of high quality, and an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Your Daily Nutrition Boost in Just 1 Minute

Drink your daily shot of healthy juice. Philips masticating juicer is the ultimate juice machine. This cold press juicer features an XL feed tube – so you can juice whole fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. Rinses clean in just 90 seconds.

XL Feeding Tube

Save time and start juicing faster. You no longer need to cut up most fruit and vegetables to fit this juice machine. Just pop it all into the 70mm XL feeding tube, and enjoy a boost of nutrition every day.

Masticating Technology

Release nutritional goodness from fruits, vegetables with up to 80% extraction. A great slow juicer for leafy greens.

Inspiring Recipe App

Download our free Philips Healthy Drinks app. It’s filled with delicious juice recipes and inspiration. For everything from detox drinks to energy boosts – and even juices that help you sleep peacefully. Includes detailed nutritional information.

Clean-up in 90 Seconds

With QuickClean technology – including our easy-to-clean micro-sieve. All parts are easy to remove and rinse.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Thanks to our unique design, you can quickly assemble and start using your new masticating juicer. It’s also easy to take apart, and quick to clean. All detachable parts can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher – which makes it even easier to clean up after your daily juice session.

Stop Those Drips

Your kitchen countertop will stay nice and clean, thanks to our integrated drip stop.

HR1947/31 HR1889/71
Power 200 W 150 W
Key feature MicroMasticating technology Masticating technology
Extraction Up to 90% of nutrients Up to 80% of nutrients
Additional feature QuickClean QuickClean
Filtres 2 (2nd filtre more fibre) 1
Pre-clean function
Drip stop
LED feedback
Colour Silver Black / silver

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This is a well designed and effective machine (and a considerable improvement on our previous, much larger, juicer)to begin with it is a modern-looking and attractively designed appliance that has a pleasingly small worktop footprint for a juicer. Once out of the box it is very simple to assemble (requiring little or no reference to the supplied instructions) and is intuitive and simple to use. It has a very effective mechanism and made short work of all the fruit and veg we tried it with (and because this is a ‘masticating’ juicer you don;t have to prepare the fruit/veg beforehand i. Remove stalks, pips, skin etc: just bung the whole lot in). . What/s more the machine is also significantly quieter than our other juicer. It collects the ‘mulch’ effectively and produces a nicely smooth juice (and the unit also comes with a useful recipe book), disassembly to clean is also surprisingly easy, with the three main components separating easily and – once rinsed – easily snapped back into place (and i estimate you could remove the juicing housing/mechanism, rinse and replace in no more than a minute: that’s impressive i think). The components and engineering also seem to be of a reassuringly good standard too. In short this is a compact, well-made, highly effective and practical juicer that is easy to clean (and reasonably priced too). Also coming with what i have found to be philips impressive customer care/after sales support: i can’t fault it.

This is a good masticating juicer, we’ve been using it for a month now, trying different fruit combinations, here is what we think:good points:really powerful – you can throw whole apples in and it ‘squeezes’ them with easenearly all fruit or vegetable can be masticatedreally easy to use – one buttonreally early to dismantle and clean (my kids do it) – all can be washed in the dishwasher toobad points:the sieve (mesh) can get clogged up, we found that soft sticky fruit like banana can do this, the only remedy is dismantling and cleaning the machine (this is not a problem one just need to know to put in banana last)notes:the feeding tube is not angled as the main picture might suggestthis is quite a big machine, again the picture might disguise the size.

This is the first masticating juicer that i have tried and it has not convinced me to convert. The basic premise of a slow juicer is that it produces better longer lasting juice. I do not believe that it produces better juice. Slow juice may be (but not always) oxygenated less, which helps it keep for longer. For me that isn’t much of an issue as the whole point of having a juicer is that it enables me to have the freshest fresh juice possible. You mostly get less froth by slow juicing, which some may prefer. The philps viva does live up to its easy to clean claim. Also the elongated shape means that it does not completely hog my worktop. The extra large feed tube is supposed to save time , but this is not always the case. A succession of apples can cause a jam.

I’ve tried a few juicers over the years and this beast, which some might find rather ugly and others be impressed by its engineering, has quite a few features that i like and some that i’m not too keen on. First of all it is generally well made. It fits firmly together in an obvious way (no need to read the instructions) and inspires real confidence as the masticating screw turns and chews up your fruit and veg. Many people will find the whole process of juicing this way very satisfactory – and the children or grandchildren will enjoy watching and/or helping. If harder veg looks like it is overloading the screw you can put it into reverse so nothing gets impacted. The juice collects underneath and the impressively dry pulp comes out the end. When you have drunk the juice everything pulls obviously apart for cleaning and all bits can go in the dishwasher – though i recommend a small brush for the grater bit and a bottle brush to reach inside the screw tube. Once clean and dry (and that last bit is none too easy because you can’t get past the safety latch at the top of the feeding tube) it all fits very logically back together. With such a well made machine i don’t know why philips don’t provide better quality accessories.

Too expensive and nothing fantastic.

The answer is a slower process but a better juice in texture and taste that presumably also retains more of the good stuff from the fruit you are using. However this isn’t why you should get this juicer. You should get it on looks alone. The machine looks great on the countertop. It is intuitive to use and easy to clean. Very space age in the kitchen.

I am amazed at how much juice this machine can squeeze out of fruit and veg. 3 large oranges will produce nearly a pint of fresh juice. A heads up though; i tend to peel oranges before i pop them in this juicer. If not, the juice tends to have a very strong ‘peel’ taste. Everything else i’ve tried; such as carrots, a variety of apples, blueberries and cucumber have tasted fine, but i do plan to use some lemons soon and will definitely remove the peel first. 4½ starswhat i do like:• the amount of juice produced is impressive. • washable parts can be quickly removed and lock easily back into place. • washable parts are dishwasher safe. • the juice collector has handy ‘lips’ at the corners to enable a smooth, splatter free pour into a jug or glass. • there is a handy ‘reverse button’ which helps collect every piece of fruit or veg.

This is a serious juicer, which seems to do far better than most (in my experience) at extracting maximum juice from fruit. It takes up quite a lot of space, but if you’re a dedicated juicer that doesn’t really matter. The shoot allows you to put in quite large pieces of fruit which saves time, and frustration. We had a lot of fun trying different fruit combinations (some worked, some didn’t). Does seem to extract a decent amount of juice. Easy to deconstruct and clean.

  • just great, not to fast as one review stated which
  • It’s easy to use
  • Too noisy, but great juice

Philips HR1889/71 Viva Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer with X-Large Feed Tube, Drip Stop, Quick Clean and Recipe Booklet, Plastic, 150 W, White/Black/Silver

This is a review for the philips hr1889/71 viva slow juicer with x-large feed tube, 150 w, white/black/silver. This is an amazing-looking piece of kitchen kit. Like generally all philips products, this is another well constructed item. They really do seem to be the king of juice makers. Getting it out the box and putting it together is easy. Indeed, operation is easy and doesn’t need much in the way of reading the instruction manual, although i recommend that you do to get the best from it. From a visual standpoint, it is stunning, and watching the whole juicing process is quite enjoyable. It’s clear that lots of juice is extracted as the ‘waste’ that comes out is very dry, surprisingly so. Cleaning the juicer is easy.

Overall this juicer exceeded my expectations, though i got it at a discount from warehouse deals. It’s not whisper quiet but it’s definitely not offensively loud. It’s quieter than my last juicer (the rubber seal at the pulp bin end is noisy when dry/brand new but that stops when it gets wet. )it has a big chute and you can drop whole lemons/limes/medium apples in there without cutting, and with a slight push to get started it chews them up perfectly without further pushing. It extracts pretty well and the pulp is moist but not wet. There are some nice touches. The juice bin has pouring spouts on the end so you can pour easily direct from the container without spilling. The auger is quite long and is designed to chew the food against metal fins not against a porous surface, so there is only a small piece of sieve to clean. The only oddity is that the chute, while large, has a hinged cover with a smaller opening and it is not quite large enough to fit a whole cucumber through, and if you open it (as you would for a lemon/apple) then there is a tongue in there that prevents you from inserting a long item like a cucumber, so even though lemons/limes and small apples/oranges are really convenient, ironically you may have to quarter a cucumber lengthwise.

It’s easy to use, you can get a lot of juice from the fruits and very easy to clean, it takes me around 2 minutes. Very good for: orange, grapefruit, apple, grapes, pineapple, pears, blueberries, beetroot, celery, carrots, cucumber, lemons, cabbage. Not very good for very soft fruits like bananas, kiwi. I guess a smoothie would work best for these. I already knew this when i bought it and wasn’t interested in that, hence the 5 stars. I’ve been using every day for the last month and it does exactly what i wanted.

Bought the machine to support our sirt diet, and after eight days of frequent use, juicing curly kale, celery, rocket, spinach, apples and ginger, feel we have made a very good choice. The machine fully deserves five stars for juicing efficiency, ease of cleaning and silent operation, but falls down badly on its claim of ‘xl wide feeding tube’ as an aid to ease of operation. The feeding tube is indeed wide but the poorly designed and positioned ‘safety flap’ negates much of the benefit. The tube cap has a smaller central hole, sized to control the position & depth of insertion of the robust ‘pusher’ (which we quickly abandoned in favour of a celery stick, which is far more efficient and controllable and not a problem if the machine grabs it). As the tube cap is lifted,a rather flimsy clear plastic ‘paddle’ rises across the feeding tube, preventing all but the slenderest of stalk passing down the tube. This leaves a small space at the top of the tube, about 3 cm deep, where the material to be juiced must sit until the lid is closed and the material is released to fall down the tube. This annoyance is further compounded by the mechanism of the paddle preventing the lid being opened fully, so making loading of the material a fiddly and messy business. Juicing 160 gm of curly kale is a long, long job due to the tiny loading space available, and reluctance to compress too much material in, for fear of snapping off the flimsy paddle. Closing the cap drops the paddle to the side of the feeding tube, but the springy kale sits in the top of the tube and has to be pushed down with a pusher clear of the paddle to allow the lid to be lifted. This was a problem for all the leafy ingredients.

The philips viva juicer is an outstanding pro standard machine. Even granny smiths apples can be used although i have found that the unit a little quicker if you help it by chopping larger items in half. Dishwasher friendly although a little bulky and awkward on a storage shelf, its easy to use and has a good enough capacity for family use. I usually add crushed ice which creates the most luxurious slushy drinkeasy to handle and clean although not for the novice, this is definately pro use.

This philips hr1889/71 viva masticating slow juicer sets a new level of juicer performance – i say this having used a few before as i’m a juice fan. The out of the box experience has been really thought through and it’s easy to get up and running plus there’s a recipe booklet and two year warranty. The machine looks and feels well made and, despite its futuristic appearance, it harmonises with my traditional shaker kitchen surprisingly well plus has generated quite a few admiring comments from friends. This is an easy to use juicer and what i particularly like is the large feeding tube which can easily accommodate largish apples and oranges as well as smaller fruit and vegetables. The operation is relatively quiet and although the process is a bit slower than some juicers i’ve used it’s very thorough and seems to produce a better yield of juice – more in terms of quantity plus the quality seems better too, although nothing unwanted gets into the output. I found firmer fruit and vegetables work better but it’s still okay with soft fruit and can cope with a mixture of the two. Apple and blackberry is true nectar from this machine and the 1l output container means you can make enough to go round for the household. One thing which has put me off juicers on the past has been the amount of clean up time – that’s not the case here, it’s really quick and easy which, in turn, makes you more likely to use the juicer in the first place. In summary, this a really well designed and made juicer that you’ll actually want use every day – there’s a lot to like about it.

Wow, just great, not to fast as one review stated which concerned my, it really does a great job especially on leafy greens. My tip is to still chop items and add the items in a mix a bit of one ingredient, then another and so on, so it blends everything. Very easy to clean, top tip is to clean straight away before you drink, its so much easier, over the sink flush it through. My only regret is that i took so long buying one, my biggest pleasure is the price i paid, what a bargain.

The philips viva slow juicer is the second juicer i have tried over the last few months; the first being a spinning unit; this a more complex screw / mastication unit. There are 7 parts to the juicer; the drive unit which has a very small footprint. There are two supplied bins; one is for the fruit juice and the other for the fruit pulp. The remaining parts make up the mastication unit; and a plastic prod to force fruit/ vegetables into the screw. The mastication unit locks onto the drive via a sturdy looking drive shaft; and locks into place through some large thick plastic tabs. There are two power options; on and reverse; reverse is there in case something gets stuck – it didn’t help me with the apples but they didn’t jam it up – they just didn’t fully feed into the unit. The juice that comes out depends on the fruit you put in; there is a recipe book included; with lots of blank page as you try things. The delivery tube is quite wide; and can take a medium sized apple without a problem. The plastic feeding handle though isnt up to the task; i tried using full sized apples first – and soon gave up as they would get stuck at the start of the screw – and the feeding handle wasn’t able to push them deep enough into the threads to of the masticator. Softer fruits like melons and oranges didnt give an issue; cutting apples into halves seemed to reduce the problems.

Features and Spesification

  • Save time and start juicing faster with wide mouth 70mm feeding tube
  • Masticating technology release nutritional goodness from fruits, vegetables with up to 80% extraction. Cord length:1.05 m
  • Wide mouth 70mm – XL feeding tube
  • With drip stop to keep countertops clean
  • A healthy App for inspiring delicious juice recipes
  • Philips Customer Care Contact: 0207 949 0240