Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker : The machine is looks like a many other pieces of kitchen equipment

It’s easy to manage and clean. The only problem i find is that it struggles to grab the mixture when it’s a bit wet because it gets stacked to the mixer tool and that pasta doesn’t come out fine when it’s a bit dry, so you need to find the perfect balance of flour/water. And i hope i’ll find the appropiate ammount of each ingredient soon.

We were worried that the washing would make this impractical and time consuming (pasta is often a go to food for us for the sake of swiftness). But the minor fiddly bits don’t result in a significant problem and the dishwasher copes with the rest. We use this regularly and have completely stopped buying dried pasta.

I followed the instructions meticulously and after the first use to make quite lovely pasta, the mixing bowl and parts within couldn’t be removed for cleaning, despite numberous attempts at following the trouble shooting guide. I am sending it back for a refund and will try order another as the pasta machine is easy to use. Hopefully this was just a dodgy machine.

So far so good, been making spaghetti for a few weeks now and beside the first try where i did not read the instructions properly, it has not failed. It is very easy to wash and assemble. The only fault with this product is there is no option to let the dough sit for x amount of time, which some recipes are required.

It does pasta in different shapes and very quick. I don’t buy dried pasta any more.

I eat noodles and pasta quite a bit, but i’ve only ever used dried noodles bought in a packet. This then was a new culinary adventure for me and one which has been a learning experience. The machine is looks like a many other pieces of kitchen equipment, and it’s on the larger end of things so if you’re stuck with one of those typically microscopic english kitchens, this machine isn’t going to help matters. It’s attractive enough though and doesn’t draw attention to itself. It’s also solid and well constructed. Making pasta in it is relatively simple, as noodles are basically just flour and water in their traditional form. You simply attach the right nozzle to the machine, add the flour and water, then turn it on. After a few minutes of churning out come the noddles, uncut of course so unless you want spaghetti a mile long you have to trim them to length as they emerge. Within a few minutes you’ll have a plate full of pasta. Cleaning the machine is however much less easy.

It was a bit fiddly to clean, but it’s not the end of the world. Apart from that i’m really happy with this purchase. I would recommend thiss item.

This is a great pasta making machine for people who eat pasta often. It makes several varieties of pasta. The whole process takes around 15 minutes and the machine comes with a handy booklet including the ingredients for each type of pasta and some useful recipes. The freshly made pasta could be stored in the fridge for several days, or frozen and takes only a few minutes to cook as desired. The only thing that i found this machine to be a let down is cleaning it- granted the attachments are dishwasher safe, but it still takes a bit of time to extract all the bits of pasta from them. In the future i will aim to make big batches of fresh pasta and have portions in the freezer ready for cooking to save on cleaning faff. All in all a great kitchen gadget.

  • Fantastic Product!!!

  • Easy to use and makes delicious pasta (just a bit of a hassle to clean)

  • If you like fresh pasta this is a good machine

Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker, 150 W

Product Description, Philips Viva collection pasta & Noodle maker – HR2332/11 a fully automatic solution that enables you to prepare fresh pasta and noodles from scratch. Simply add all your favorite ingredients through the lid and the pasta maker does the rest

Box Contains, Pasta maker. Cleaning tool. Measuring cup. Recipe booklet. User manual. Guarantee.

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Philips Viva Collection Pasta Maker


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Fresh, Quick Pasta the Way You Like

Add Ingredients And It Automatically Does The Rest

Philips Viva pasta and noodle maker is a fully automatic solution that enables you to prepare fresh pasta and noodles from scratch without spending a lot of time and skills. With compact size, it can easily fit into your kitchen and storage.

  • Automatically kneads dough and shapes pasta
  • Make 450g of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes
  • Four classic pasta types: spaghetti, penne, fetuccine and lasagna
  • Free colourful recipe book full of inspirations

Fresh Pasta in Minutes

We’ve made it easier to make homemade pasta. Now, with the fully automatic Philips Viva pasta maker, you can make fresh pasta and noodles much more often. Because your new pasta maker does all the hard work for you.

Fully Automatic

With the optimised mechanism, the Philips Viva pasta and noodle maker not only enables fast and automatic mixing, kneading and extruding process in just 18 minutes, but also guarantees good texture and taste of the pasta and noodles.

Unique Stirring Bar Design

Featured with angled multi-pins, the stirring bar ensures the flour and liquid is mixed evenly and thoroughly from every corner in the mixing chamber.

Personalised Flavours

Add your favourite ingredients for your own flavours. You can use different flours such as whole wheat, durum, and spelt to make healthy pasta. You can also add extra flavours by using various vegetable juices such as carrot, beet, and spinach.

Long Kneading Tube

The long kneading tube guarantees optimal kneading process, resulting in perfect and bouncy dough.

Compact and Modern Design

It has a seamless and compact design. With built in storage for the shaping discs and power cord, you can always keep it on the countertop or in the cupboard without occupying a lot of space.

Easy Operation and Cleaning

With the detachable components, Philips Viva pasta & noodle maker can be easily installed, dismantled and cleaned.

Inspiring Recipe Book

Accompanying the machine there is a colourful recipe book created by culinary experts giving inspiration for homemade fresh and delicious pasta and noodles.

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Durham wheat recipe is best in the book that comes with it. Total convert to making my own again now. Whole family live it and my children enjoy helping make it. Takes a little practise to get the right consistency for it to work to its best, but that’s the same with anything. Would just love more variety of cutters.

This is a well-designed gadget that takes up surprisingly little space in the kitchen. I was expecting something much bulkier. It’s quite heavy- that’s presumably the motor, and has non-slip feet so it stays put, no danger of it vibrating itself along the counter in use. I love the fact that it has a pull-out drawer built into the base in which to store the discs which determine which type/shape of pasta will come out, you do however need to store the measuring cups elsewhere. There is also a neat built in niche around the base to neatly wrap the power cord into when not in use. The instructions were a little daunting at first, in terms of what goes where, but actually once you get your hands on it, it’s fairly simple and obvious. It said that you could use a flour with water& egg mixture, or just flour and water, so for my first attempt, i used just flour and water. You add the flour first into the main see-through mixing chamber, then switch on and gradually pour the liquid into the chamber through the little hole in the top. For the first couple of minutes it doesn’t seem like anything is happening and then suddenly the dough comes together, and suddenly you’ve got pasta appearingthe pasta was really good, however it’s definit better with egg. I wouldn’t bother doing it again without egg,.

This machine is brilliant, i love it. Love pasta one of my favourite things to eat. I wanted one for years but too expensive, got this on a cyber monday deal (bargin). I like the fact i can make it earlier in the day, part cook it, clean up the mess and then finish the cooking when i need it.

Easy to use fresh pasta in minutes – recipes could have measurement/weights as this bit is quite difficult and if the mix isn’t spot on the pasta doesn’t work – precision is key. The machine comes apart for easy cleaning and although this is quite simple it is a bit time consuming. Overall very satisfied with this machine having spent years using a manual pasta maker this is great and we are certainly eating more ‘fresh’ pasta. Have recommended this to friends and family.

1st attempt we didn’t get the flour egg water ratio correct and it didn’t work. 2nd time it came out perfect. I’ll never use the packet stuff again. A pot of arrabiato sauce and voila. It’s more than a bit fiddly to clean but no worse than my juicer and a little brush is provided to help clean the nooks and crannies. Make sure you do get it completely clean before putting it back in the cupboard as otherwise the pasta paste dries like cement and needs a good soaking to get it off. The machine comes with different nozzles for different shaped pasta. Next time will try the shaped pasta.

I so wanted to like this machine and say wow. I have found the best and quickest solution to home made pasta making – sadly not the case. It’s a great idea in principle, but in reality it is just too fiddly, hit and miss and frustrating to be a credible alternative to the good old fashioned hand method – or the lazy version via the supermarket. Firstly, the instruction booklet is complex – you actually have to read this one – no quick start here. There’s a lot of flicking between the picture diagrams and written text (multiple languages if you needed) to work out what’s what. So do set aside time to read through everything way ahead of beginning your first pasta making session. Secondly – whilst there is a very simple recipe to follow – 200g of 00 flour, to 80g liquid made up of one egg and the rest water. You might need more, or less liquid. Personally i’d add a bottle (or two) of chianti to the list as you’ll soon be needing alcoholic sustenance to endure what may or may not happen in the machinethirdly, there are so very many little fiddly bits to the machine and process (i counted 9), that you need to have enough time to assemble/disassemble and wash up – adding perhaps a good 30 mins to the ‘quick’ precess. I nearly lost the will to live digging out tiny crumby flakes of pasta dough from little nooks and crannies. Lastly, it has a fairly large footprint for an average kitchen (food processor size) so you’ll need decent storage to accommodate it (remembering not to lose any of the many parts).

Firstly, be prepared to have a couple of failed attempts to get anything to come out of the machine. Especially if you skip the instructions, or just don’t pay attention, then things can go wrong. But if you follow the guide, and watch youtube reviews, then i reckon it’s worth the money. I have now mastered fettucine, spaghetti and finally lasagne. But i think you have to be prepared to use the first few attempts as experiments and then it’s a breeze. This evening, while my ragu sauce was simmering i set the pasta off and then made the white sauce while the lasagne sheet were resting (lasagne needs a bit of tender stretching and shaping – at least mine does). But i have a feeling i’ll be using this kitchen gizmo quite a lot.

I saw this at a friends house and was so impressed. Having bought one it is so easy to use – pop in the flour, water & egg and off you go. And then a few minutes later you have fresh pasta which is so quick to cook and is so much nicer than dried pasta. The machine is easy to clean – i love the fact that it has a little spatula which allows you to poke the little remaining bits out of the shaper before you wash it.

  • Fantastic Product!!!

  • Easy to use and makes delicious pasta (just a bit of a hassle to clean)

  • If you like fresh pasta this is a good machine

Philips HR2332/11 Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker, 150 W

Now you make your own fresh pasta at home with the philips pasta maker.

After reading previous reviews i was a little unsure about ordering. Have used this several times now and the results have been consistent, though have only been making basic pasta using egg & plain flour. The machine is easy to take apart for cleaning as long as all the parts are removed immediately the machine has finished and the dough is not left to harden.

I was lucky enough to buy this product when it went on pre-order, so i got it for a massively discounted price. I can make fresh pasta in around 10 minutes, which cooks in 3 – 4 minutes and tastes delicious. It also freezes well so i can freeze little batches and cook from frozen in around 4 minutes in boiling water for my son’s tea. I’ve made various different types of pasta using the accessories which came with the machine, and have now purchased 3 further ‘dies’ to create different shapes, from amazon germany as they aren’t available in the u. I’ve also tried various different flours, including wholemeal, and all have produced good results. All in all i am extremely happy with my purchase.

I had been wanting a pasta maker for some time, as there is nothing like the taste and texture of freshly made egg pasta. I have used the pasta maker twice so far and i am really happy with this product. The first time i made spaghetti and i had fun making it and the result was delicious. The second time i wanted to make ‘pappardelle’ so i made lasagne and cut them up in strips. The first batch was perfect but i tried to make a second batch and had to throw it away. The reason could be any of 3: i used a different type of flour (homepride plain flour instead of organic pasta flour); i used only the cup provided to measure the flour (whilst the previous times i weighed the flour); i made the second batch straight after the first. To summarise, this pasta maker is easy to use and makes delicious pasta but i think it is important to take care to choose the right flour and weigh it correctly. The reason i give it 4 stars instead of 5 is just that some of the pieces are quite fiddly and annoying to clean.

I must admit i was a little sceptical when i tried it the first time but the first result was fantastic. They tell you to fill the pot with flour and scrape level but i went for the suggestion of weighing the flour which i think is more accurate. If your using the egg recipe remember add the egg to the measuring jug first, then water and then mix. Do not beat egg until you have added water. When you watch the mix going around the initial reaction is it is too dry but don’t be tempted to add more liquid. I find simmering the finished pasta for four minutes is about right. I’m so enthusiastic about it i bought the extra shapers from amazon so we could make angel hair.

We’ve had this a week and used it twice teying two of the dough recipes in the recipe book that came with it. Super easy to use and clean. Good piece of kit for the kitchen.

I have never made pasta, so this was a revelation in more ways than one. If you eat a lot of pasta and you have the space for such a machine, i think that this is a no-brainer of a purchase, given that you will end up saving a lot of cash, and who doesn’t like fresh produce. The machine makes four types: penne, fettuccine, lasagna and spaghetti. I have used it for the first three, as i’m simply not a fan of spaghetti. Having researched how to make pasta by hand, i can tell you that the machine makes it a breeze, and it’s a lot quicker. You dump the ingredients into the machine, switch it on, and let it work its magic. It detects when it is ready to produce the final product by itself, and then extrudes it as required. A lot of work has gone into this, and reading the instruction booklet does pay dividends. It is very interesting to vary the ingredients; it’s all rather fun and good for dinner parties if you’ve mixed the pasta up with, say, spinach or tomato juice for the water, or make the pasta more eggy, which i really like.

Really good to havehave used two times, all families love it. Just remember don’t add too much water, follow instrunction.

It is an amazing device, i bought it especially for ravioli making and it is not as easy as i imagined, the machine drying up the pasta or lasagna sheets as the final product and it is very complicated to fold ravioli as the sheets are becoming dry very quickly. However if to use it for pasta or lasagna it would be appreciated.

Had to send faulty one back it was placed very quickly ,new one makes very good pasta hope to buy the attachments some time.

Philips consistently produce great products which are easy to operate and this pasta maker is no exception. Arrived nicely packaged with predominantly recyclable packaging with a very easy to understand booklet with lots of ideas. The pasta i have made has been of a consistently high standard and the pasta maker itself is a doddle to clean afterwards.

Everyone should have this pasta maker; it’s fantastic and i love it.

This machine is pretty easy to use once you work out how to use it, the instructions however are pretty terrible. The pasta recipes are pretty tasteless and rubbish so i’ve had to make changes to make them worth bothering. My biggest reason for getting it was for fresh lasagna but the attachment to make the lasagna sheets is just garbage making me contemplate returning the machine. Ignoring the lasagna sheets it’s a pretty well rounded machine that does what it is supposed to.

Home made pasta is much nicer than dried. It is a bit fiddly at first but when you’ve got the ingredients just right it’s a breeze. I usually leave the pasta cap, (the bit that the pasta is pushed through) to dry out and that makes it much easier to clean.

After 1 use the mixing bowl chamber was stuck and i was unable to dissemble to clean it. Have ordered a replacement, let’s see how this one turns out.

Wow this is an exceptional piece of kitchen equipment. I think i have used it every other day since i got it. The machine is a lot more compact than i had anticipated, it has clean lines and sits in a cupboard or on a shelf easily. You get the machine itself, a cup for measuring the flour, a cup to put the eggs in, a cleaning brush, the 4 different nozzles plus a weird plastic cutting tool, which i am still not sure what the metal bits on the ends are for. It was easy to put together and easy to use, i managed to get the ingredients right 1st time around although i have not experimented with different flavours. I have however been using fresh herbs in mine, basil, coriander, and mint, yes i know but it tastes so good. I am not a big fan of either spaghetti or tagliatelle (yes i know its the same recipe as the other 2) but have tried both the penne and the lasagna. I have been using plain flour for the ingredients and it has come out perfectly every single time. My favourite so far has been the lasagna, it comes out in a circle but you cut it off and it lies flat with slightly patterned edges. It is narrower than dried lasagna by half, but you can measure it out to fit in your own lasagna pan so you dont need to break apart the lasagna to fit.

I have only used it a couple of times, so i need to perfect my dough mix, but i can we this being used a lot.

Just made delicious spaghetti using egg and italian 00 flour. Makes it incredibly quickly. Looking forward to trying the other pastas.

Features and Spesification

  • Philips is the #1 pasta maker Brand in italy
  • Make 450g of fresh pasta and noodles in just 18 minutes. Add all your favorite ingredients through the lid and the pasta maker does the rest
  • 4 classic pasta types including spaghetti, penne, fettuccine and lasagna. The long kneading tube makes smooth, bouncy dough
  • Thoughtfully designed for your kitchen top, compact footprint and integrated storage drawer for shaping discs and power cord
  • Add vegetable juices for flavored and colourful pasta. Free recipe Book full of inspiring ideas