Philips HR3868/01 Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender : A Rolls Royce Of A Blender

It is such a luxury having this amazing, industrial blender in your own home – it’s very much a professional blender that you’d see in coffee shops or milkshake cafes, it’s highly effective, makes light work of anything you put in it including ice which is a big plus for us because we make a lot of frozen cocktails and usually blending ice is a problem in our old blender and it would struggle but this blitzes it in literally seconds and makes large quantities (2 litres) where our old blender only make a maximum of 900ml so by over doubling the quantities i can make this is perfect for the whole family when making smoothies and perfect for parties when making frozen margaritas and cocktails for everyone. The sound minimising case really does work too – you can obviously still hear the blender when its dealing with ice or harder substances such as ice, nuts, etc but the case makes it look very pro and reduces the sound much more than without. It’s very easy to clean with a dishwasher or without, there’s no places that are tricky to get to and all in all this is an absolute dream blender, you couldn’t ask for more and we really don’t know how we’ve managed without it.

This is a serious piece of kit. Before buying you have to think about where it will go in your kitchen and if you’re not leaving it out on a counter where will you store it. It was too tall to fit alongside the rest of our appliances which are all together on our counter directly under our wall mounted kitchen units. It’s also too tall to store in any of our cupboards unless placed on its side or unless it’s dismantled. It’s also pretty heavy too so you do ideally want it be permanently out rather than heaving it from a cupboard. That saying though it is a piece of amazing professional kitchen kit and it’s unlikely you’ll be investing around £500 if you weren’t intending to use it regularly. That’s 5-10 times more powerful than cheaper models. I’ve used the 5 different setting out for pasta sauces, soups and fruit smoothies with crushed and it’s amazing. The speed that it takes is hardly anything and the results are super smooth.

I’ve got a vitamix at home and wanted a second blender for the office. This philips compares favourably in functionality, strength and design. The sound cover is a welcome addition for the office. My vitamix doesn’t have one and my neighbours have discreetly asked what the ruckus is at 6:30am every morning. The sound cover creates a significant reduction in noise. It does smoothies and shakes just as you’d expect. Gets through ice and frozen fruit (including whole frozen bananas) with no issues. It creates hot soups and purees too just like a vitamix. There’s minimal “tampering” with the raw ingredients so i like to think that vitamins and minerals are abundant. I have not had success with dough or grinding seeds so best to find a different solution for that.

I have probably gone through all of the various types of juicer and blender over the years from centrifugal. Takes ages to clean, masticating. Better but slow and lots of chopping, through to blenders, even expensive ones. That have not been that good. Particularly with nuts, seeds and some of the leafy veg. The avance collection innergizer from philips is by far the best, and also by far the most expensive, in the vitamix price bracket and is clearly targeted at someone who is looking for the best they can buy, and this 2,000w, 45,00 rpm machine is up there with the best. Easy to use, and very easy to clean too, most bits can go in the dishwasher, tho i find a good blitz with some washing up liquid does the job. I quite like the fact that it has a plastic jug, a 2l glass jug would be overly heavy. I have a number of philips robust kitchen machines, which were targeted at this end of the market and they have performed brilliantly over the last 7 or 8 years, and i would expect this innergizer to last. Having mentioned vitamix already, the innergizer will be competing in the same market.

Make no mistakes here because this is all the blender you will ever need. Blending ability, and you have a good range of options here via the excellent control panel, is absolutely first class. If you need a few ideas then check out the first class glossy smoothie recipe booklet. I can moan a little, mainly about the very high price and the plastic jug (glass is so much nicer, especially at this high price point), but actually, if you blend on regular basis, this is likely the ideal christmas or birthday gift for you. Highly recommended, but at a serious, pro standard class price. Check the market and pay appropriately. At close to £500 you may decide this is way more blender power than you need.

After using this for a couple of months now i still have the same issues with it as i did when i started using it. The canopy doesn’t fit correctly and it is very loud. When putting the blender together i noticed that as soon as i lifted the canopy it came off in my hands. Subsquent emails to philips about the canopy went unanswered so i’m assuming that this is a design flaw. To be honest the canopy makes negligible difference to the noise level, it’s better with the canopy than without, but not much. The motor is a beast and will probably outlast the house let alone the blender itself. The blender itself is massive. If you’ve ever seen the ones they use in coffee chops for frappachino’s this is it’s big brother so if space is an issue you’ll need to think about where this will live when not being used. The instruction book is also a master of double talk as you’re advised not to blend hot liquids, but then has a soup setting??.The recipe book is also annoyingly written in four languages which makes the thing thicker than it needs to be and not very simple to navigate.

This is an amazing,though expensive,blender. It will blend just about anythingit’s easy to set up and has pre sets to help you use it. The instructions are basic but i found it easy to use. It comes with a good recipe book and can make smoothies,milk shakes or soup. It blends ice really easily. And so you would have to think about that as storage could be a problem. It has a cover to dampen the sound when in use and that works well. It’s also dishwasher proof. You wouldn’t need another blender after this as it’s superb.

I think the first noticeable thing about the philips hr3868/01 avance collection innergizer high speed blender is the price, wow its expensive. Once i’ve got over the price and i have a good look at the blender i can see its a superbly made product, best by a mile i’ve seen, although i’ve not seen any other £480 blenders. Its a fair weight and size, again that because of the quality and the size of the motor. The blender is still a blender, even with the very high price, you will be a serious blender to spend this amount of money, the blender does have a 2l tritan jar (plastic) which is a larger than average size, good if you have a bigger family, my wife is a soup fan, makes loads and this does the job amazingly well. It has 5 pre-sets for smoothies and milkshakes, crushed ice, ice frozen, nuts and hot soups. Every comes apart easily for a clean and is dishwasher safe. Operating the blender is straight forward, you probably need 5 minutes with the user guide to get to grips with some of the functions, but is pretty straight forward, one thing i did notice was how much quieter it is to our other much cheaper blender. I tried some frozen fruit and it made very light work of it, mushed it in no time at all, my wife is loving it for soups (shame as i’m not a soup fan), i’m still mastering smoothes, never get the taste i hope although i know what i do produce is packed with goodness. If you don’t mind paying the price then this is an amazing blender, i’m not saying its great value for money as its a lot of money, but its hugely better than our cheap philips, which cost £70, still find it hard to except this is £410 more.

  • Really expensive, really noisy, really big, blends really well.
  • Amazing blender!
  • Big But Great Results

Philips HR3868/01 Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender, 2000 W, Silver

Product Description, High speed blender with ProBlend Extreme nutrient release technology releases 97% of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Test conducted by independent laboratory in May 2016 with pear, strawberry, beetroot, tomato

Box Contains, 1 x Philips Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender HR3868/00, Stainless Steel

From the manufacturer

Your Smoothie, Now with an Extra Boost

Why Choose Philips?

Philips is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. The Philips brand is synonymous with innovation, products and services of high quality, and an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unlock More Nutrients

Release 97% of nutrients from fruit and vegetables.

High speed blender with ProBlend Extreme nutrient release technology releases 97% of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.*

*Test conducted by independent laboratory in May 2016 with pear, strawberry, beetroot, tomato.

  • Powerful 2000 W power and 45000 RPM
  • ProBlend Extreme technology
  • 2L Tritan jar for everyday nutrients and fibre intake
  • Silent dome to reduce blending noise

ProBlend Extreme Technology

ProBlend Extreme nutrient release technology unlocks nutrients from cells to be absorbed by the body.

Powerful & Quieter Blending

Powerful blending with 2000 W and 45000 RPM. Silent dome to reduce blending noise for convenient use especially in the morning.

Health Tips and Recipes

Download our free Philips Healthy Drinks app. It’s filled with delicious nutritionist-selected smoothie recipes to fit your needs.

Digital UI Screen

Digital UI screen with 3 to 5 pre-programmed modes and manual mode with variable speed options.

Manual Mode

Manual mode with variable speed options.

Dishwasher Safe

Easy cleaning with detachable blade and all parts are dishwasher safe, except for the main unit and blade assembly.

HR2052/91 HR2106/01 HR2162/91 HR3652/01 HR3868/01
Revolutions / minute 35,000 45,000
Wattage 350 400 600 1400 2000
Technology ProBlend 4 ProBlend 4 ProBlend 5 ProBlend 6 3D ProBlend Extreme
Speed steps Variable speed Variable speed Variable speed Variable speed
Pre-programmed speeds Pulse function Pulse function Pulse function, ice crush Pulse function, ice crush, smoothie Pulse function, ice crush, smoothie, nuts, soup, frozen dessert
Material mixing container Plastic Glass Plastic Glass Plastic
Jar capacity 1.25 L 1.5 L 2 L 2 L 2 L

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I have to say that this is an amazing blender – it really will blend pretty much anything. At first i was a little disappointed that the jug is plastic and not glass – as i prefer the look and feel of a glass blender jug, but the power and efficiency of this blender and its ability to blitz absolutely anything into a smoothie is amazing. Truly amazingyou have to do a lot of blending and have a good sized kitchen to warrant this beast of a blender or be using it for events in a bigger kitchen – a tiny kitchen just won’t be able to handle it as it is big. It is good if you have a work surface without a cupboard over the top as we have, as then you won’t have issues with the height or with opening and closing the dome. You can use it without the dome, but if you are trying to make smoothies last thing at night (as i do) or first thing in the morning (as my husband does) without disturbing the rest of the family – this helps. It doesn’t magically silence the blender, but without the hood – it is really loud, so anything that helps does just that – it helps and considering the power of this machine, it’s not surprising that it is loud. You can use the pre-programmed modes or the manual mode – both work perfectly and i have been blending like mad – both smoothies and soups and it is so efficient – i haven’t found any lumps lurking in anything yet. The settings are for fruit and veg smoothie – 1 minute; 5 grains and soy milk – 4 minutes; nuts – 30 seconds; soups – 4 minutes and ice crushing – 30 seconds. If you want to stop the programmes for any reason (like if you forget one of your fruits for your smoothie 10 seconds into the programme) the manual mode is great too giving you more control over the speed and length of blending. This looks stunning and is extremely efficient – i have been using this at home and have also taken it to use at a smoothie making event at my children’s school – it was the best one in use and everyone wanted to have their smoothie made in the “rocket ship” blender.

You know when people get all misty-eyed about the kitchen appliance their grandmother inherited, that never broke down and last a lifetime, and how they don’t make them like that anymore?. Well they do, and this is one of them. Pros: excellent build quality and performanceagainst: price (though comparable with other top end blenders) and size. I gave up trying to make the blender struggle just this side of throwing bricks in – it deals with anything you’re likely to throw at it without apparent effort. It’s actually quieter than some much less powerful blenders i’ve tried. It is big, though – over 2 foot tall when assembled, with a 2 litre jug. For me that’s ideal for family soups, but you might find it overkill for a quick smoothy.

This is, as you would expect from the price, an absolute beast of a blender. It’s huge, loud, shiny and will make short work of whatever it is you decide needs to be blended. It’s a massive piece of kit, so do check the measurements before you buy it to make sure it will actually fit where you want to use it. Dead easy to use, fill it up with your stuff-to-be-blitzed, and turn the big knob. A clockwise turn will pulse, and a left hand turn will change the power output from ‘bloody hell’ all the way up to ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh’. This thing blends with extreme prejudice. If you’ve often struggled with inadequate blending, then this is the solution to all your problems. It will happily blend anything you can think might need blending, and probably quite a few things you shouldn’t. There are some preset buttons on the front for things like crushing ice, making soup, and chopping nuts which run on a cycle of various speeds and pulses to get the best results for what you want to achieve. There is a nice little screen showing you how long is left for the cycle to run, or if you use it in manual mode it will tell you how long it’s been running for.

This is a very powerful blender and if you love your smoothies then this may be the product for you. It really blends smoothly, i made a frozen fruit smoothie and it was so smooth, no gritty bits at all. The power unit feels really solid and i expect its very well made and the motor should last and last. The jug has a large capacity, which is convienient for batch cooking. The noise reduction hood is definitely needed, the words ‘whisper quiet’ will never be applied to this blender. The hood doesnt make that much difference but its better with it than without it. Certain things confuse me about this blender. I thought all quality blenders have a glass jug?. This one is plastic and if you dry chop nuts etc then it may scratch the plastic jug but this wont affect it (according to the instructions). It doesnt fit into my cupboards so it has to sit on the side but its so big i struggle to reach up to the top of it. It also takes up a whole lot of surface space. If you get this, you will have to really love blending things or have a big kitchen. The lid is a close fit (i struggled to get it fully seated) and has a removable insert. The cover also has a removeable cover in the lid so you can add stuff into the blender while its running.

This is the king of blenders. Heavy and powerful, with a large 2l capacity, this unit is very well built. There are rubber grommets to insulate the vibrations between moving parts, and an optional ‘silencing’ hood to reduce noise. There are automatic modes for ice, nuts, smoothies, grains and soup, as well as a manual setting with 10 speeds. A sleek digital display reveals blending time elapsed for manual mode, becoming a countdown display for auto modes. It’s easy to wash and straightforward to assemble. The only negative point i could find was the flimsy way the handle attaches to the optional silencing hood – this broke almost immediately with light use. Otherwise, this is a very impressive piece of kitchen kit worthy of its (not insignificant) price.

It wouldn’t look out of place in your local costa or starbucks blending countless frappucinos and sugar laden cream based concoctions of unicorn colour. But with that said it is great it blends perfectly and the noise cancelling dome, does muffle the sound quite well so that you don’t need ear protection for a bulk load. Its a bulky and tall piece of kit so not made for small kitchens but if you have the counter space, and a passion for blending then this is the way to go. It feels incredibly well made especially when its running, its power mixes and churns well ensuring a smooth consistency. Overall its hefty price tag is reflected in its design but if your looking for something for a small coffee shop or a busy household kitchen then this would be perfect. Oh and its great to make frozen strawberry margaritas.

This is a rather large bit of kitchen kit so perhaps not suitable for the more compact kitchen. It comes with full instructions as well as a book of smoothie recipes for a wide range of smoothies as well as the chance to try something new. It has different settings, depending on what you are trying to blend or prepare. I have only used the dedicated smoothie option so far. The smoothies have turned out delicious, well blended and full of flavour and with a nice texture with the berries and seeds. It blends the perfect smoothies in about 30 seconds, it’s quick and easy to use. I’m looking forward to testing it out with soups and sauces as i am sure they will come out great. The blender also comes with a plastic casing that sits over the blender to help reduce the noise of it while it is working.

Arguably with a bit of an industrial look, this quality machine is way too large for my kitchen cupboards or even under them on the countertop but i like this so much, i have modified my kitchen layoutgiven the price of the various products in the shops in 250 ml, plastic bottles and the fact that i still have so much frozen fruit & veg from the garden, this has proved to be a very successful gadget. Fully assembled including the sound-reducing ‘dome’, it stands around 58 cm tall, 25 cm wide & 25 cm depth with the dome closed/38 cm is required for clearance on opening. The 1-metre flex length is adequate, in my case. With the (detachable) dome in place, i still wouldn’t blend my smoothies at 5 am with guests in situ, but it is a step in the right direction. Ooooo※ philips hr3868/01/a※ avance collection※ innergizer‘powerful 2000 w power and 45,000 rpm noise level: lc = 89 db [a’colour : brushed silver & blackcomponents:~ motor unit with rubber pad (red) and around 1-metre of flex, plus uk plug~ blender jug: 2 litre (0% bpa tritan™)~ measuring cup (incorporated in the blender lid/removable)~ tamper2 year limited guarantee (separate booklet)‘made in china’ooooothe ‘high performance blender’ comes in a colourful cardboard box measuring around 60 cm x 34 cm x 29 cm and in a sturdy outer carton for safe transit. All items were wrapped securely inside the box. The hefty machine is easily assembled as per the enclosed black & white user manual (multi-model/multi-lingual) with a pictorial guide at the start, ending with a troubleshooting section, on page 15. A colourful, 70-shiny page ‘smoothie’ recipe book is also enclosed, which is enough to give some great ideas & the quantity of ingredients required for 2 servings; some have toppings too. The recipe details the level of preparation of the ingredient/s in brackets, e. Citrus fruits (peeled), strawberry (crown removed), bell pepper (stalk and seeds removed), apple (peeled, core removed), cauliflower (flower head), banana (peel removed) or eggplant (cooked, never raw). In practice tho’, i am tending to try recipes with the glut of products ‘i made earlier’ that are already in the freezer along with regulars from the fridge & pantry. If you are looking for something to do with the flesh cut out from your hallowe’en pumpkin/s. Page 42 could be the place to go:🎃 ‘papaya pumpkin with apricot & (blood) orange’:200 g of pumpkin is what you need, along with a (blood) orange, 8 dried apricots, a peeled & de-seeded papaya and 400 ml of water to make a pretty, tasty drink (last image refers). ]

  • Really expensive, really noisy, really big, blends really well.
  • Amazing blender!
  • Big But Great Results

Philips HR3868/01 Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender, 2000 W, Silver

Looks======straight out of the box this looks nice. It’s a monster of a blender. It’s comparable with the magimixers and other premium blenders. I’d actually say this is the best blender i’ve used. It looks much better in real life than the pictures show. A very attractive chrome finish with a premium look and feel. Juicers do come in all shapes and sizes and some look nicer than others. Looks: 5 out of 5cleanable==========most blender/juicers have at least five separate bits that need cleaning. This is important as once the initial novelty has worn off, an easy to clean blender will have more chance of continued use,if they have awkward shapes they can be very difficult to wash up.

Be aware this is very heavynot too much packaging which is great but all the parts are secure and not rattling around the box. Simple to follow instructions for set up. Each setting is easy to use. Recipe book is included but not a huge amount of recipes in the book. Definitely quieter than i was expecting. With a bit of practice i have managed to make quite a few soups and smoothies that the family have enjoyed. If you make soups, smoothies and nut butters on a regular basis then this is worth the investment.

Wow this blender is massive. It’s actually pretty much exactly the same as the one that my local smoothie cafe uses and the ones i’ve been making and experimenting with actually take just as good. Doesn’t seem to struggle regardless off the bulk of the ingredients.

Very smart in brushed stainless steel black plastic and a transparent main jug, with very high speed capacity. A premium blender which is designed to power through all your blending needs, equipped with a 2000w motor spinning the stainless steel blades at upto 45000 rpm is more than a match for tackling any blending task. There are 5 presets for quick selection including: smoothies/ milkshakes, crushed ice, ice frozen, nuts and soups. The machine features a large manual control knob allowing 10 different speed settings for precise blending control. The attractive digital led display gives clear information regarding the settings. Also able to perform a pulse actionthe 2 litre jug gives capacity to blend a lot more, equipped with a sound reducing dome which encases the main jug ,helps significantly reduce operational noise. The jug is constructed from high quality plastic which is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance (would be nice to have a glass jug, being premium priced). The jug has marked graduated measurements to help estimate capacity. A generous 2 metre power cord offers plenty of flexibility with regards placement and usage of the item. A beautiful glossy smoothie recipe guide to provides plenty of inspiration for creating your next smoothie masterpieces.

I really really wanted to hate this but i don’t, i think its amazing. Now this is a monster and will take up a lot of room in your kitchen, unless you have somewhere to keep it on the top or have a fridge freezer you can chuck it on the top of i wouldn’t buy it because it will not fit in any of your cupboards. The base is 22cm x 24xm x 18cmthe dome is 21. 5xm x 32cmthe jug is 16cm x 16cm x 25cmit is very straightforward and easy to assemble, it comes in 4 parts which you just fit together. It is not that loud in operation and the dome does take away about 1/2 of the noise but not really enough to make it silent. I have never had a blender though so i do not know if this is comparable to other models or makes. I don’t own a blender because i don’t like smoothies, i find the taste and texture revolting, i understand that people like them but yukkk so i am only using this for soups of which i make an enormous amount. You get a booklet containing 40 smoothie recipes but no soup recipes which i was quite disappointed at but never mind. I also used it at the weekend to make up a batch of pasta sauce which i freeze in philips avent baby food containers.

This is not a small blender – if you have small kitchen this may not be the blender for you. Easy to put together out of the box (the big hood slots on), it blends virtually anything brilliantly. 5 presets for pulse function, ice crush, smoothie, nuts, soup and frozen dessert. Gives a very even blend without the odd lump. Good sized jug (2l), which i would have preferred to be glass, but one can’t have it all.

Features and Spesification

  • Philips Avance Collection Innergizer High Speed Blender HR3868/00, Stainless Steel
  • 2L Tritan Jar for everyday nutrients and fibre intake
  • 5 pre-sets for smoothies and milkshakes, crushed ice, ice frozen, nuts and hot soups
  • Easy to clean – all removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Nutritionist selected 40 smoothies recipes to fit your needs