Philips SHL8800/10 New HeadBand : Amazing! Especially for the price!

These are great in many ways, the sound is good and the opportunities with the design are obviously endless, but the jack plug is so rubbish on all three pairs i have owned that it breaks within a year. Which is a shame, because if they just changed this tiny little thing, these would be the greatest.

These headphones are amazing quality. Not only do they look cool but the sound quality is incredible. Do not be put off by the fact it says “heavy bass ” on the packaging because although the bass is good it does drown the highs mids and treble like other headphones (beats by doctor dre for example). The mids and trebles highs and mid bass are all stable so you can listen to piano music as well as dance music (tested). I find the customisation feature awesome. Unlike the philips shl5000 sound does not leak from these headphones and they isolate exterior noises well. The headphones are also very comfy ( i wore them for 4 hours and felt no discomfort ) have a strong build and look like they cost a lot more. All in all, after testing over 40 different models, i have come to the conclusion they are the best for the money and perform better than some top range headphones.

I bought these in november as my ears kept blocking up with in-ear phones. They were wonderful earphones (sound quality was good, i was picking up bits in music i’d never noticed before), but they broke yesterday and any treble the music had was lost. 5mm jack detached from the cable at some point during my commute home causing the sound to become tinny. I wasn’t throwing them about and treated them well, so it was a surprise when they sound suddenly went funny. I was using them every day with my ipod for a couple of hours, and thought they’d be able to cope with that. I also found that they did get a little uncomfortable (i wear glasses too) and they made my ears hurt (not inside but the ears themselves). So be careful when purchasing these, but i would recommend them to anyone who likes the look.

This is the second i have bought for my daughter, not because they are badly made, they’re not. They get a lot of abuse, being crammed into her school bag and they get a lot of use. That is why when her other pair packed up she was more than happy to have another.

My granddaughter loved them and uses them both for music plus dvds. Good value for money, am not sure if she still has the exchangeable covers though.

So i bought these headphones, because predominantly i had enough of earphones, they were frustrating in that they fell off constantly and as i have an ipod they broke easily due to apple’s lacklustre design, moreover they did not do justice to the muusic i listen to. Secondly but not majorly behind, is that i wanted to hear amazing music in my ears, i wanted the bass, the crisp sounds, the pure eminem for example. I got just that in these headphones, the bass they bring out of songs for example such as 25 to life is astonishing, i was considering the more expensive headphones, but these provide crisp sounds, furthemore all ambient noise is reduced to a minmum. As much as i would like to say there are no flaws however, of course there are, for example they are rather uncomfortable when you put them on for more than 10 minutes. Although this can be rectified by just re-adjusting them. I must stress though that this is only my experience, my ears stick out, and i have really short hair, which add to that affect, furthermore, they could sound better with classical, if you want to listen to classical, they are above average, but you should really look elsewhere for the true classical experience. As a result, they are superb headphones, for the price, you could get cheaper ones, but they do not sound as good, with a little flaw with the comfort, other than that, brilliant headphones that you should purchase if you’re looking to hear your music properly at an affordable price, p. S this is a subjective matter, and your opinions may differ, but im taking this from the general stance, except for the flaws, which are opinionated.

Bought theese because i had really wanted some good quality headphones, but didn’t want to pay a fortune. Also, the ear-bud type headphones i had previously been using were really getting on my nerves. The sound quality is really good and an added extra is that you can change the design in the sides. I don’t really use the ones provided, although they are nice, i prefer to print pictures off (usually of bands i like) and cut them into a circle to use them. Nobody will have the same looking headphones as me.

And a great price too that’s why i brought 2.

  • Amazing quality in sound,style and comfort: the best for the money
  • Great headphones
  • Three Stars

Philips SHL8800/10 New HeadBand with Exchangable Covers Headphones

Product description,
Manufacturer’s Description, Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality; These Philips headphones are all about your music and your style; Change your caps with one of the included designs; The 40 mm speaker driver is made of a composite Mylar material for a highly sensitive yet powerful element that delivers sound without audible distortion; Sounds around you are perfectly blocked out while the sound from the headphone is kept in a sealed chamber for perfect quality; ideal for monitoring during live music or recording sessions; Acoustically-tuned design and high-quality drivers ensure best-in-class audio performance; 24k Gold-plated plug providing a more reliable connection for better quality audio; The special shape and luxurious materials used for the ear cushions ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort; Prevents audio leakage and enhance bass performance; The ear cushions are shaped in such a way that they perfectly align with the area around a person’s ear; The headphone set is designed to be folded flat; Designed to fit in your travel bag easily; 1.2 metre cable is ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want.

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Amazing sound quality for that year but reliability is a shamble.

  • Amazing quality in sound,style and comfort: the best for the money
  • Great headphones
  • Three Stars

Philips SHL8800/10 New HeadBand with Exchangable Covers Headphones

Features and Spesification

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  • 40mm speaker driver delivers sound without distortion
  • Interchangeable caps thatmatches your style
  • Closed type design blocks out ambient noise
  • High-performance speakers deliver booming sound and power
  • Flat when folded to fit easily in your travel bag