Philips TV Philips 43PUS6504/12 TV 43 inch LED Smart TV – Great

Available apps nowhere near as good as ‘android’ os based system. Browser not very good and not very versatile. But overall i’m happy with the purchase – it was a bargain when i bought it. Would be disappointed if i’d paid full price .

I was unsure about this tv because with the discount applied i paid £324 which seems really cheap. I’m really happy with the purchase. The picture and sound are great. Downsides if i can call them that. The remote is ok but a bit slow when entering passwords etc. Only 3 hdmi ports which is ok for me at the moment. It’s not android but doesn’t matter to me. It has netflix amazon film and you tube plus you can cast to it so i’m happy. Would i prefer a smaller bezel?.Yes but overall this is great value.

The picture isn’t always great when streaming tv through the internet. For the price paid and the technical specification of the product i would have thought the overall picture quality would be better.

I must admit to having already formed an opinion that this budget tv form their range was going to offer poor results and i was wrong it is pretty good :)i shall however go over the hdmi inputs specs which seem to me are a little strange. 2 only on hdmi1computer inputs on hdmi1 up to 4k uhd 3840×[email protected] hzcomputer inputs on hdmi2/3 up to 4k uhd 3840×[email protected] hzvideo inputs on hdmi1 up to 4k uhd 3840×[email protected] hzvideo inputs on hdmi2/3 up to 4k uhd 3840×[email protected] hzalso not listed on the product spec page is that hdr support is only hdmi2/3 and arc is on hdmi1it does not say which specification the hdmi ports meet. So to get the best picture out of a uhd blu-ray it needs to be on hdmi2/3 but if you are using an a/v amp and want the tv sound on it it has to be on hdmi1 with no hdr and 30hz maximum. I assume the better models offer more flexibility. Anyway, setup was easy and the tv is pretty light weighing only 8. 8kgit does have satellite support but no uk channel lineup but if you pick austria they are in amongst the 800 channels so unless you are a nerd ignore the satellite connection. Tv aerial freeplay support works as expected. Either wifi or wired network connection are available with options for sound style (the speakers point down and are on the bottom). The silver grey colour of the tv clashes a bit with by black tv stand but i can get used to that.

The tv came with the wrong remote control but that was rectified by amazon and philips within minutes. Both sides gave excellent customer service. I’m not sure if i’m experiencing a fault as sometimes i try to change app but the tv keeps reverting back to bbc iplayer. Only be turning tv off and back on again does the faulty go away. It’s a pity that you cannot add your own apps to the tv. When watching hdr content, the picture is stunning.

Happy with television a couple of little niggles. Remote control very sensitive when changing channels eg 3 becomes 33 or even 333 very quickly. Smart features work well but sometimes picture flickers a little occasionally but could be wifi.

I decided to upgrade my tv from a normal one to a smart one. I chose this one because it had the amazon prime app built in. After getting it set-up i was amazed as to how well the nfl looked on it.

Having bought four different makes of flat screen tv sets over the last ten years, i can say this latest phillips 55 inch ultra hd flat screen bought off amazon is truly a great buy. It arrived several days early, and because i am infirm, my adult son wired it up and said it was simple, and all you have to do is read the instructions if you must, but the tv does most of the ‘tuning’ itself. Apart from making sure the power is on and you are hooked up either by cable or wireless to your wi-fi (i. Skybox or bt box or another provider) simply update the ‘apps’ that operate the set. This is done on screen with the click on the remote control. In five minutes all was working beautifully, including youtube and netflix and loads of others. The picture is superb and sharp in focus and colours are natural. The sound is good too, although we have rigged up our samsung sound system to enhance the new set further.

Good quality at the right price.

Picture quality great and the built-in speakers sound fine but there have been lots of small issues that make this tv not so great. – this tv is not freesat which means your tv listings don’t show up or are inaccurate when using the satellite feed. You connect to the basic european satellites instead. Freeview works but our area only has 21 (the boring channels at that) out of the 70ish channels so satellite is the only option- tv very slow to respond or doesn’t bother responding to remote input sometimes. – apps sometimes won’t load up or crash after loading. There is also a very limited selection too. This is not android tv but phillips own tv os. – dlna very slow to load my nas media library but other devices load them quickly- miracast has been hit and miss even after troubleshooting- can’t easily control tv using android apps etc. Or when connecting to smart home solutions. – headphone jack output sound is compressed and optimised to the point that it ‘shuts off/mutes’ the sound when it thinks the tv show/movie is silent even when there is clearly background noise still playing in the scene.

Excellent tv, can’t fault it, and tvsandmore are the best customer service i have encountered for a while.

I have just upgraded from my 39′ panasonic 1080p tv. The picture quality is superb- the screen is bright and colourful but also has great organic looking blacks. Great bass and doesn’t buzz on the high end. My only issue is that the interface can be sluggish at times but as i don’t use the smart features all of the time, this isn’t really an issue.

It’s been on the wall now for a while with no issues. Great picture and sound – no complaints. Sometimes switching sources can be a little laggy, but it doesn’t cause any issues. Overall it’s a great tv, at a great price. Here are the specifications for the Philips TV Philips 43PUS6504/12 TV 43 inch LED Smart TV:

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  • The 43 inch TV will stun you with its sharp picture. Benefit from 4K UHD (3.840 x 2.160) with this 43 inch television and see every detail.
  • Thanks to its HDR 10+ support, you can enjoy a crystal-clear picture. Benefit from high contrasts, lifelike colours and a perfect brightness. The 43 inch TV makes it possible.
  • With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, you will experience picture and sound with a cinematic atmosphere. Enjoy a perfectly tuned sound in combination with a razor-sharp picture thanks to the 43 inch television.
  • Immerse into the world of entertainment. With the 43 inch TV and Saphi Smart TV, you can stream a variety of films and series at any time.
  • Included in delivery: Philips 43PUS6504/12 TV 43 inch LED Smart TV (4K UHD, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV) black (2019/2020 model); remote control, batteries, power cord, quick start guide, legal and safety brochure, table top stand

A great smart tv at a great price.

This television is so much better than my old television the picture is excellent i love it h.

The tv is great quality price, the picture and sound are awesome. Easy to set up so many preinstall apps incluiding prime video. But i put 3 stars because the power cable is missing, i wasn’t on the box.

Overall this tv is great – great picture, easily laid out and easy to set up but i have noticed 2 flaws:-it has a habit of disconnecting from wifi and having to reconnect pretty much daily (even though it remembers the wifi password). I know in my parents house their lg does the same so maybe its a smart tv thing but it can get annoying. -unable to download a spotify app to the tv (or i can’t find it) which isn’t a deal breaker but again a bit annoyingoverall i would recommend this tv but consider setting up wired internet connection.

The tv arrived without a power cable, which was extremely frustrating. The tv itself is good value for money, although it will need a sound bar or speakers i suspect as the volume doesn’t go very high.

Sound is so much better than other smart tv’s i have bought recently.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Trusted Name, brilliant product.
  • A Lot Better Than I Imaged It Would Be (But Funny Specs On HDMI Inputs)
  • Surprisingly good sound, excellent value

Easy to set up and get online, great picture and sound quality. For the price it is a real bargain, best £300 i’ve ever spent.

My first ‘proper’ smart wifi enabled tv. . Gorgeous picture with blu-ray, hd-dvd, dvd and youtube hq videos. Don’t get me wrong – an excellent smart tv for those starting out on a 4k capable tv experience, but not for me. Just watch out for the ridiculously small buttons on the remote (which has a curved back, impossible for picking up when relaxing and needing to wake up sufficiently to pick up and aim the damned thing) and the confusing menus for someone who has spent over a decade with panasonic gear. I now have the panasonic equivalent and peace is restored albeit with a slightly inferior picture (but not by much). A flawed miracle that may suit others (sent back).

For the price this is a really excellent tv, particularly the sound for a flat screen tv. We have a sony costing four times as much as this in the living room, with much inferior sound from its built in speakers, so had to add speakers to make it ok. I assumed i would have to get speakers or sound bar for the philips, but the sound is actually really very acceptable, so shan’t bother. Picture quality is fine too, although best to fiddle about with the settings to get something better than the over-sharpened over-saturated out of the box settings. Very happy with this: a steal at the price.

Freeview hd channels look stunning on this tv and my playstation games have lot’s more detail, the downside at least for me was that ‘normal’ channels look particularly poor, there seems to be fringing on the edges of everything and everyone as though it’s been over processed. I have altered the settings and still, non hd channels look worse quality than on my old tv. I cannot say 100% that it may be improved by more fiddling about with the settings but as i rarely actually watch tv i’m not too fussed. Tv was extremely easy to set up and having the catch up internet channels right there is excellent. Very much worth the money on the budget end of 4k smart tv’s.

The sound is a tiny bit crap.

Great quality 50 inch smart tv; philips brand for sure a lot better brand compared to heinse such wraps properly & protected the screen in the box, screen a lot better quality, stronger but light & all the functions a lot better too. Therefore, i can recommend philips brand to anyone wanting 50inch smart tv as great quality & value for your money.

Good functionality for price, took some manipulation to get the colour setting right.

Picture quality and colour depth is exceptionally good when viewed in 4k with hdr. You can tell the difference with the philips built in netflix that netflix then detects as a 4k connection, so you get the added features in the app, that are not shown or available on my hd full sat boxes. I got ultra high fibre direct to the house and very impressed with the tv picture detail and quality. Unfortunately it looses a star for i got it to use the built in satellite connection with its internal epg (program guide)during installation the country of origin being here the uk is not actually listed . Only other eu countries but it did latch onto astra satellite 28. 2e and i got 598 tv channels . You cant actually delete channels you don’t need only move channels you want into a favorites list which is ok. In the epg most of our uk terrestrial channels were showing but non of them including bbc etc showed what was on after the first hour and half. Especially if you want to record in advance later that day or indeed the rest of the week.

Plenty of picture settings to please your choice. Just need to buy bracket for the wall then all sorted.

All smart functions are disabled unless you agree to filter all content via a third party (tp vision bv). Allowing this also converts the tv to an advertising platform with ads. Interspersed in the tv guide. I am pretty sure this violates gdpr .Disabling channels (for example shopping channels) is very difficult requiring ‘export to disk/edit on a pc/import from disc’ but of course there is still the problem that these may auto update and re-appear.

Ordered the 65 inch version and i’m delighted with it. It was bought as a second tv for a bedroom. I’ve ended up swapping my two year old 65 inch samsung to the bedroom and putting this on the wall in my living room. Perfect picture, easy to set up lots of preloaded apps and great sound. A ridiculously low price for a fantastic 65 inch tv. This would have been a bargain at twice the price.

Great picture quality and contrast. This tv is on 24/7 in our office and it works great even when exposed to sun light.

This really is a fantastic tv especially for the price that i bought it for from amazon. Very easy to set up and use. Terrific picture and i have to say the sound considering the width of the tv is impressive. If your thinking about buying one, do it. I’m very happy with this uhd tv. Obviously not had it too long to comment on reliability, but great buy and would buy again.

Love the tv but disappointing that at the moment for some weird reason it won’t tune any bbc channels. All my other tv’s can tune them from the same aeriel. Might return for a replacement if it doesn’t sort itself out.

First time i recived a damaged tv with a blue line on the left of the screen,but the repleace of the tv was verry quick and the second tv it working verry good the quality of the image it s awesom,the sound can be better but at this priece it the best 4k tv you can get.

Bought from amazon warehouse. Couldn’t see any issues with it. 55inch looks great on my wall. Sound and picture quality is awesome.

Very good quality for the money. Smart features are good but some are not worth having. Find remote a bit fiddly but getting used to it.

Arrived 16hrs after delivery, not on prime just standard free delivery. The hardest thing about the set up was opening the boxit took me five minutes to set up wifi, hdmi input devices and xbox connection. Looks and sounds great so far, of course it’s only the first day of use but, wow.

I have had this tv for a couple of days now and so far i’m pretty impressed. Considering the price it’s not bad at all. The only thing i have found is the sound quality is pretty poor but again considering the price i can’t grumble too much. This was rectified easily by adding a sound bar. The connections on the back of the tv are at an awkward angle so elderly purchasers may need some assistance. The tv is very easy to install and didn’t take long at all. All in all it’s a great tv for the price.

Don’t really like the leg stands. I like that the outline is thin and silver.

I’m really pleased with the tv i love it.

I bought this 65-in tv for my xbox and i am really happy with it.

Btw the tv doesnt android but it has some apps already installed like netflix and youtube.

I don’t dislike it it annoying because as you watching the screen decides to switch off why.

Overall, lost a star because of two issues for me. 1) after hanging on the wall, there is no access to the various ports, usb,hdmi etc. 2) every time i switch on the tv, it tells me there are no channels registered and to connect an aerial or cable and register some. I don’t have a tv licence so do t want any channels.

Love it would definitely recommend 👍🏻.

A decent tv, but mine came with no manuals.

Great picture quality easy to use. I purchased this for my 88 year old father and he is overjoyed with it.

Wasn’t sure given the price what this would be like but it’s excellent quality very pleased , though maybe should have gone for a bit less than 50 inch screen haha.

I would have gone 5 stars if i didn’t have the issues with the tv installation. When i ran the setup everything went ok until connection to the server to install the smart features. It didn’t work through the setup. It took me a while to figure out. I used the phillips support site to download and install from usb to correct version of software. But, until that i’ve been trying to reinstall the tv multiple times.

Great price for a great quality tv, sound and picture quality are excellent, as was the price.

Sound not so good ,apart from that good picture.

Easy to set up and very pleased with it.