Philips TV Philips 43PUS7304/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV – Great price for a good UHD TV

Brought this tv on a black friday deal at reduced price. For the price i’m very happy with it, picture quality is great, black levels look really good and colours really pop, even the sound isn’t too bad compared to similar tvs. Not had any issue with input lag for gaming with my ps4 either. Ambilight is a real bonus, if you haven’t tried it before i’d give it ago, really brings the tv to life in a dark room. Plus android os is really slick. Well picture takes a while to set just right, there is a multitude of settings and took me quite a few attempts to get the sweet spot between it being overly bright and obnoxious or dull and lifeless. I’ve tried streaming a couple of things via the inbuilt chromecast, and there’s been a delay between sound and picture, although this may be the streaming service i used. There also seems to be a niggle with the hdmi ports where it won’t recognise the input occasionally and you have to unplug and replug back in. Not a massive problem but is certainly irritating and expect better from a £700 tv.

I thought the 4k hdr picture was good on my previous lg tv but first impressions on this set blow that away. Fantastic colour depth and contrast and partnered with the ambilight 3 system just adds to the experience giving a larger than life experience. I tried android tv a few years ago and at the time the interface wasn’t great and it was so buggy i ended up returning the set but now it’s matured into an excellent system especially if you are already invested into the google ecosystem. The included remote feels premium, is nicely laid out and even includes a keyboard on the underside for when you need to enter text which on modern smart tvs is quite often. With 4 hdmi ports you can plug in a good range of devices whereas i ended up needing an hdmi splitter on my last set that only included 3 sockets. Sound i can’t comment on too much as i’ve partnered this with a high quality sound bar but the brief time while setting up that i did use the sets speakers seemed pretty much on par for today’s typical large flat screen tvs. I purchased this at the sale price of £549 and quite honestly it’s the best £549 i have ever spent. If you are looking for a new 4k hdr tv then i definitely recommend this set.

Ambilight is awesome and adds lots of magic to the experience. If it is not your thing you can switch it off. I was skeptical at first but once i saw what this baby can do i instantly changed my mind. This is my first 4k tv and it is just great. We could not decide which one to get, samsung 7100/7400 or phillips but after seeing both in action, we liked phillips more (we saw 2017 model). This model offers lots of improvements, such as p5 processor, android software, better image quality, better sound. Remote is really cool, it has keyboard at the back, really neat idea. We wanted android as we like the ui and flexibility of the software. There are apps we use on our main tv and could not resign from them so phillips was an only choice. Price, tv looks, ambilight and picture quality impressed us. We are really happy with the purchase.

Ps4 pro for hdr games and 4k netflix/prime content. Easy setup out of the box but got a lot of static while unboxing. Wall mounted replaced a 5yo samsung 40′ no probs. Instantly impressed with the picture quality without messing about with the settings. After a minor tweek and realising that only 2 of the hdmi ports support hdr i’m very happy with the picture. Got a lot of hue anyway so this integrated perfectly and ambilight is a joy which won my missus over after i rashly bought this set for £399 on offer. Haven’t used much of the android features as i mostly run with the ps4. Also have a 4k fire stick but don’t really need it as it receives chrome casting due the the os.

So this was of a course a cyber monday purchase. I wasn’t looking for 4m bid hdr. All out clients are standard firetv, xbox one s and an old (2011) mac mini. Tv was a panasonic from 2012, and has always looked washed out. First up the screen has a nice black to with little light bleed. It’s fast and responsive with the std fire stick. Everything so far look s better. Xbox s switches to be and looks fabthe selling point has to be ability light. Driven from what on seven it does a fabulous light show to mirror what is on screen. Xbox menus work nice, pugb, fortnight, counterstrick.

I bought this in the sale price of £450. I bought the 50′ version to replace my 50′ plasma screen. I was thrown back by how bright this screen is compared to my plasma. The pictures are from planet earth 2, which looks absolutely stunning. The pictures don’t do it any justice, just for a reference. I was a bit skeptical about 4k havihg only ever seen it in shops where everything is maxed out to look more enticing. I have to say, once setup properly, it does look amazing. The hdr looks very nice, and has dynamic contrast settings for non hdr sources. 1080p films also look amazing in comparison to the 5 year old plasma that this replaced.

Bought this tv to replace 15 year old plasma that gave up the ghost. Great at black friday price (sub £800) but wouldn’t pay the £1k + price being offered at the moment. The ambilight feature is very good especially as it is able to link in with my other philips hue lights. I rarely watch live tv so most of my viewing is via amazon fire stick. The 4k content on amazon and netflix renders superb on this tv. Don’t buy this tv if you want it for live viewing via the in built satellite and freeview receivers. Android tv is awful and the set up isreally painful and the menus slow to respond. Nice remote with built in keyboard on back for internet use etc.

This tv gets lots of ‘oohs & ahhs’ from everyone who sees it. The ambilight feature is superb. The 4k uhd demo looks fantastic however watching 4k uhd programmes / movies do not match the brilliance of the demo. Still good thoughit is an android tv but not fully. You can’t install / download apk files which is infuriating. This limits those people who like to maximise the potential that android offers. Picture quality is good, sound is fine and the smart elements are okay. With a few tweaks this could have been a 5 star rating.

I bought this tv on a black friday sale and within one month i sent it back and replaced it. Ambilight, everyone raves on about this and it isn’t just a gimmick. It really does add to the immersion of playing games or watching films, it helps your eyes to strain less while focusing on the screen. The sharpness is superb whether 4k native or 4k uprezzed. The colours are punchy and vibrantnow the negatives:1. Even on my replacement some of the direct lit led strips are placed too far forward leaving bright white streaks vertical and horizontal. It also leaves dark patches on either side of the streaks. Its very annoying when the screen goes bright with blues and whites. Both tvs suffer from it and the replacement is worse than the first2. The first tv had terrible gray uniformity and the replacement it better but more vertical strips are present. Black levels on the first tv degraded in the first 3 weeks, resulting in poor hdr and clouding which appeared orange and the led strip showing in dark scenes.

The picture is amazing and if you have calibration discs then you have a seemingly unlimited amount of adjustment available. There’s isf settings for day and night viewing that are great too. The remote control has a full mini keyboard on the back which is easier for youtube or other apps. Netflix in 4k is worth every penny.

Ok, i bought this and lasted two weeks before sending back, because apps like netflix and plex kept freezing and when i switched to hdmi, the picture was blank. I took the view that must be faulty, no one is really complaining, so i had a replacement. Now i have the second one about a month and the apps don’t freeze but the hdmi issue remains, so i get up and restart the tv and hdmi comes back to life. I have searched on the web and found other philips tvs give the same issue. Send back or live with (i have chosen to live with, perhaps may get fixed with an update, i hope)picture quality from sky hd, ps4 and internal apps is very good, just wish i had a theatre sized screen, as those black bars of wasted screen do bug me when watching films, but fine on sky hd, the wife can watch casualty happy and i do watch a lot of tv series from my plex server. That ambient light feature did not make it past day 1, don’t like it, that will be a personal preference of people, but i don’t live in a night club and don’t need it. In conclusion, nice design, respectable picture but please philips fix your software, so if the hdmi is blank, refresh to make sure its blank.

The tv itself is great, but it has a few issues that philips are aware of but are not sure if/when it will be fixed. The first issue is that you cannot reboot the tv unless you factory reset it or turn it off at the plug. This may not seem too bad but apps do occasionally hang and audio can go a bit choppy if you don’t restart it. The other star loss was because of the crippling sound issue, where every day it will just stop outputting audio for certain apps or hdmi outputs, so i couldn’t get audio on firestick, built in netflix, prime or steam link apps. This became too frustrating over the 2 weeks i had the tv and i had to send it back as every day i was having to turn it off at the plug which couldn’t be doing it any good. The actual display looked great and vibrant, also the menus were easy to navigate and it supported all the movie formats i could throw at it, and the ambilight stuff is great. If it didn’t have these audio mishaps i would probably have kept it, but had to send it back :(.

Of all of the current smart tv platforms, android tv still makes the most sense to me – google play, standard interface and built in chromecast – it really is a simple choice. Or is it?this tv was snapped up for a good price on a lightning deal – bear in mind – an equivalent, non-android tv will be circa £100 cheaper. The picture quality really is good, some reviews mention the display lacks colour depth – i don’t see it personally, sure compared to a super amoled it doesn’t pop, but then again the colour representation is realistic and accurate. Ambilight as a feature, this is a difficult subject; does it look good – absolutely, is it impressive – for sure, can i honestly say it improves the overall experience – not yet. Colours are represented clearly and accurately even reflecting the briefest appearance of on screen menu but genuinely this is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Elsewhere this set is business as usual, freeview, freesat and usb recording all features that don’t necessarily appear together on high end sets sometimes. The remote again, love or hate, voice remote is excellent, the qwerty keyboard on the reverse seems very much like an after thought. Between the two halves of the keyboard it looks like a touchpad in pictures, but isn’t. Overall i can recommend this tv, compared to a non android equivalent the functionality is considerably better. Worth at least the £400 i paid. Here are the specifications for the Philips TV Philips 43PUS7304/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV:

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  • Experience unique entertainment with the 43 inch Philips television. Enjoy movies in unprecedented quality with the Smart TV and 3-sided Ambilight.
  • Enjoy fluid motion, realistic colours and incredible depth with the 43 inch TV. Thanks to the 4K UHD resolution (3.840 x 2.160), HDR 10+ and the Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine. All these features are rounded off with Dolby Atmos for a crystal clear sound experience.
  • With the 3-sided Ambilight, LEDs project the colours of the screen onto the walls in your room – in real time. Your screen will appear bigger, every moment will feel closer and music will become a light show.
  • Get even more entertainment with the 43 inch Smart TV. Look forward to the limitless possibilities with Android TV. The TV’s compatibility with Alexa ensure a simple navigation, via an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo or Echo Dot.
  • Please note, ITV Hub, ALL 4 and MY5 UK catch-up apps are not available on Philips Android TV

+ambilight: definitely a game-changer. If you’ve not used an ambilight tv before it’s definitely the next level. The ambilight can be set to follow the video on-screen (from any input or app), follow audio (with a number of modes), and can be set to solid colours or a number of world flags. The ambilight can also be activated and cycled through following audio and solid colours when the screen is off by just pressing the remote’s ambilight button. +android tv: i’ve played with a number of smart tvs and this is the best experience i’ve used. Having android apps means you’re often getting the first-class experience rather than some long-forgotten and poorly maintained generic smart tv app. Not everything from the play store is available, but i’ve not been disappointed so far with plex, netflix, youtube, and even retroarch+google assistant: this tv has google assistant and chromecast built in. This means you can hit the assistant button on the remote to throw voice queries at the tv. Also means you can add it to your google home and use it’s assistant to control your smart home devices (and control it from your google home / routines).

The speakers that come inbuilt with the tv are quite poor, that is its main drawback. I use a surround speaker setup so not a concern for me. The user interface is a little sluggish but capable enough and i had no issues connecting via arc to a receiver and to dlna sources. Toslink was another matter and the interface doesn’t directly allow you to select it, seemed to mostly work if the speakers were turned off but spotty on its support of dolby digital and dts passthrough, but passthrough has worked ok with the main formats over arc. The picture is usually great, the upscaling looks good with decent source material. The processing does have moments when it gets it wrong and introduces artefacts or over sharpens the image. The tv by default is always frame interpolating giving it that crisp movement style. The hdr works well enough in that it can get reasonably bright at times but it is limited in just how bright it does manage to get, but i didn’t notice much in the way of bloom from the bright points. The blacks are good, they don’t get genuinely black really quite impressively dark for an lcd. Really happy with it at the sale price, looks and runs better than i expected.

Its picture is truly amazing. It has cd/m2 rating of 350 which is higher than an lg 8100 series tv. Which is 320 cd/m2 ref display specification’s. . There has been a system update recently 17 oct. It fixed allot of issues apart except the rca issue at the back of the tv, though you can use the head phone socket instead. I have no regrets what’s so ever. It all i hoped for and more. As you wound expect from an android based tv. For those who wish to order the tv from rep of ireland. It tv took 6 weeks to arrive. As it was out of stock when i order it a £490 so had wait until new stock came in at this price. Once it was dispatched it took 3 days arrive. The amazon customer care was excellent.

This was such a good purchase i will never regret making. The 4k direct backlit panel allows for deep blacks and crisp pictures which look stunning when watching 4k content from netflix or youtube. The sound of the built in speakers was very impressive too, but at higher volumes the bass frequencies distort a bit so i would recommend a soundbar with the tv. The led ambiance was the main feature which makes this tv stand out and wow, it isn’t a gimmick. The level of immersion this tv has is steps beyond any other, you can configure then to follow sound or video or have them off or still on one colour and this versatility makes it perfect for everyone. My personal favourite is when it follows the video as this extends the colours and gives you the unique experience no other tv can. The remote of the tv has a keyboard on the back of it which was a very nice addition and making typing a much better experience. Android tv is a better os than most and has voice recognition built into the remote. It also has the ability to download games from the google store and you can download apk files from google so with a ps4 bluetooth controller i was able to play gta san andreas directly off the tv with no console, something no other tv can do. Definitely would recommend for the price and unique experience.

Nice tv but a few annoying things. First cannot get teletext to work, constantly says not available, this despite no problem on any other tvs in the house and a new aerial being fitted. The second issue is the constant loss of the network connection the constant asking which area we live in. I have updated the software but the issues still persists. Getting the set to accept your google store account if you have any sort of google security turned on is a complete nightmare. Would suggest turning it all off prior to setting this feature up. Picture and sound quality are excellent and having a built in satellite tuner and android is a bonus too as is the ability to record onto a usb memory stick. Altogether, although a few issues, given the price against features it is excellent at what it does. I also bought an lg which has similar spec, however it does not use android and would not record on the usb stick. Although the lg is a good tv, this philips is superior in just about every respect for the same cost.

Great picture, love the lighting behind tv, i have to say for the reduced price i love itbut unfortunately bad mess up with amazon over delivery, and then no remote in box resulting in more delivery issues and being given second whole tv, when they could have just delivered a remote control- very frustrating.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect. Don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it.
  • Not bad, could do better, but dont regret buying
  • Unique TV at a great price.

Awesome tv with fantastic backlights. Very happy with android tv functionality. Installed on kitchen’s wall and using it only trough wi-fi.

The picture is good, and ambilight looks great. Although the tv guide is basic, it works, but it’s not a patch on freeview play or youview where you can scroll back and catch up via the guide. Really basic pvr when you plug in a memory stuck or hdd, it does pause and record, but no time shifting/ rewind of live tv. I returned it even though i got it for great price of£419 on black friday, just couldn’t justify to my wife spending good money on a tv to then have to use either a fire stick or set top box in order to watch itv programmes on demand, pause and rewind, she just wants to be able to watch corrie on catch up with minimal fuss. It’s just not quite smart enough when you still have to use a £25 fire tv stick for catch up, or a £40 youview box for pause and rewind and catch up.

I don’t think you can get a better 55 inch tv for the price. Perfect size for 9 to 12 feet viewing distance. Ambilight is simply stunning and very easy to control, you can switch it off or set it to respond to picture or music- lots of great modes to create an atmosphere or even throw a party. The remote accepts voice commands, it makes it super easy to play videos from youtube. The design is great, looks very sleek and doesn’t overwhelm the room. Very happy with this purchase. Only tip- it’s pretty heavy so ideally you need two people to set it up on the stand (which takes about 5 minutes).

Having terrible luck with this tv. Picture quality and sound are fantastic, the lights are brilliant however we’ve had to return two sets so far. The first had issues with the ambilight constantly being on green in the top corner even when the tv was on standby. Issue couldn’t be resolved with it support so we had to have a replacement. Thought all issues were resolved but after 6 days we discovered the tv had simply stopped working. Now waiting our 3rd replacement to come tomorrow and hoping it’s 3rd time lucky, but i can imagine this constant back and forth being near impossible to organise for people who work full time and can’t be in at the drop of a hat to wait for a courier. However, when the tv is working the picture quality is amazing, the apps run smoothly and quickly and set up is a doddle (and we’ve run through the setting up process a few times now) it’s incredibly handy to have a full keyboard on the reverse of the remote which makes logging in and searching for shows/movies a breeze. The voice function works well, and we’ve not had any issues with it mishearing us between my midlands tone and my husband’s yorkshire accent. I think disregarding our luck with the sets we’ve been sent so far the tv is fantastic quality at a bargain price. Only discounting stars because it’s so far been unreliable and i do worry about how long it will last in the long run.

First all the build quality is excellent, the tv looks very well built. I do dislike the tv stand, they just isn’t any flexibility with it. I give the tv 3 starts for sound but the truth is i dont use the tv audio i got an av receiver connected up. 4 starts for picture because out the box its horrible, do yourself a favour and go to av forums ‘link below’ for much better user settings. Switch off the motion interpolation, its rubbish for most tv tbh it doesn’t do anything good. 4 stars for use, it taken awhile to get used to the android 7. 0 software, mostly connection my av receiver up. Hdr – this is my first tv with hdr and while i believe its the low end hdr 400 i was blown away by it on the ps4 god of war looks amazing. Android os – i gotten used to it now and i really like it, netflix is amazing uhd 4k hdr, amazon prime no hdr :(soon android 8. 0 will be releasing for this tv.

Wow, i have to say i was nervous about this tv, but when it arrived and i set it up, it’s just stunning. It’s sleak, angular design looks perfect in my living room. Picture quality is great and the ambilight function is visually stunning, especially when watching animation films.The android smart features on the tv i feel are the best ones on the market, especially as you can download apps to the tv from google store such as vlc player to watch movies/shows stored on an external hard drive plugged in via usb. One thing to mention here (which i learned the hard way) is that pretty much all tv’s do not support external hard drives with a capacity greater than 2tb, because of the power needed to run them. This isn’t a philips problem but an industry wide caveat so does not affect my review of this tv. The one thing that stops me giving the tv 5 stars, is the remote. It’s such a shame that philips decided to put the text colour on the remote buttons to a shade of grey which is not far off from the colour of the buttons, so it’s actually quite difficult to see the text – i’ve attached a photo for reference. I find myself bringing the remote right in front of my eyes to make sure i’m pressing the correct buttons.

Incredible tv for the price. I have it set up with sky q and it’s superb. The ambilight is something that is difficult to do without once you get used to it hence i bought this tv to replace another philip’s ambilight. This is the best so far with a superb picture. It took an hour to set it up with sky q and get the best picture. Could you really get better from any other brand at any price?. Maybe an oled, but not another led tv.

Bought this for £409 (43′ model) around 4 weeks ago. So far i’m very impressed with this tv. Had to buy due to my old non-smart lg tv dying on me. I put this tv on a wall bracket that sits in the corner of my room. Easy to fit using pre installed vesa bolt holes and was on the bracket within minutes. You are prompted for inputs much like setting up a new phone or tablet for things like wifi, google account etc. It comes with 4 hdmi which i’ve filled with sky, firestick, playstation and a wii. Also has two usb, one of which is powering my firestick the other is currently unused but can be used for hard drives or usb sticks with media on. Again once all devices were connected it was very easy to navigate to each on via the remote.

Great value for money with fantastic picture quality. Perfect for gaming with my ps4 pro, and i love watching movies on it. Ambilight can be a little distracting when watching movies, but you can just turn it off when i suits you. If youre looking to upgrade to a 4k television, this is the one of recommend. Plus, the remote is awesome.

This will be my second philips ambilight tv, the first being the 6401 model from 2016. After my first i switched to a more expensive sony bravia, however i have just missed my philips tv since and decided to switch back as these really are underrated and awesome televisions that offer a unique experience that no other brand has. Not to mention motion processing, colour reproduction and contrast as good as if not better than more expensive models. Philips settings can be a little on the fiddly side at times to get the best out of them but for the price these televisions are in a class of their own. Cannot recommend them enough.

I’ve had this tv for a couple of months now and overall i’m impressed with it. For the cost it gives you a lot of features and is good quality. Android tv is something i wanted due to previous issues of relying on the tv manufactures keeping their apps updated and working – the last samsung we had (which cost the same money) had issues with the apps and two of the main ones just kept stopping working and there was nothing we could do. The tv has plenty of picture adjustments so you can get it exactly how you want, if you aren’t sure what you need to adjust then it has a quick way of setting it up by asking you how like to watch tv. Or you can go onto youtube and there are some videos on how to adjust it to your liking. In terms of on-demand tv apps, there is one big issue – you cannot get all of the catch-up apps on the tv as they don’t support the way of controlling them with the remote. Currently all4, itv, demand5/my5 won’t work with the tv remote – you can side load the apks and the apps will run but you’d need a mouse to control them. I don’t know why philips haven’t done anything about this as it is, in my mind, a really disadvantage. The ambilight is actually quite good.At first it seemed a bit distracting but you get used to it and if you then turn it off you feel there’s something missing so it’s worth giving it a go.

Firstly i’ve not tried gaming on it but would have no reason to believe at this stage that playing any of the games from the play store would be an issue. There is nothing not to like. Fast processor certainly compared to the sony android i have. Ambilight is clever and interesting. Probably not amazing but that said i like having it and it’s definitely not a disadvantage. It can be switched off regardless. Install firedl and well the world is your oyster with this set then.

 have had this tv for over a month now and i’m very happy with my purchase. The screen is fantastic with great colours and response times. The ambient light is a great touch and really adds to the experience. I’ve added a few phillips hue lights around the room and these correspond perfectly to the ambient lights at the back of the screen. Everything connects seamlessly and the screen casting is a synch. I’ve got an iphone 6, samsung 7, nexus 9 and ipad pro and they all cast to the tv quickly and effortlessly.

I have had the 50′ model for a couple of days now. I have only tweaked picture settings a little so far (mainly dynamic contrast settings, motion settings and the like) and i am very pleased with the image quality. I am sure given time i may have a look at weaking some of the other picture/colour settings but as it stands now the colours seem perfectly good to me. I have seen some other reviews mentioning issues with contrast/black levels, but speaking for myself i am happy again. The blacks are deep black and i can only assume that for others it may possibly be down to picture settings. Regarding the audio, i was actually pleasantly surprised by the tv’s speakers. I wasnt expecting much from them given the price i payed (bought during black friday sales), but i would actually have been happy enough making use of them though i am not due to the fact i already had a sound system in place. The tv was straight forward enough to set up, and after choosing to connect to philips servers the tv notified me of an available update. It took a few minutes to download and install it but it was perfectly straight forward. Finally there is the ambilight feature.

This arrived yesterday, and since then i have been able to assuage my greatest fear – the input lag is excellent. I find the picture to be better in monitor mode than game mode when upscaling my 1080p xbox, but either one is just as responsive, the input lag is absolutely not noticeable and i am massively relieved as i couldn’t find much information on this pre-purchase and it’s a big deal for me as i like to play some fairly twitchy games (titanfall 2 and battlefield 1 of late). Android tv interface is okay, a little slow, but to be honest i’ll be using the xbox / sky most of the time anyway, it loads into netflix quickly enough and that’s the main thing. Haven’t had time to play around with the picture settings yet but it all seems much better to my untrained eye than my old 1080p samsung 48h5000 (as expected i guess). I haven’t seen a lot of 4k tvs to compare it to but no complaints from me and i’m quite picky about this stuff. Sound not great but to be expected for a thin tv – the magnets have to go somewhere. – but got a sound bar plugged in so no bother there. Ambilight is actually excellent, wasn’t sure if i was going to like it but it’s very immersive so very happy with that. All in all very happy with my purchase, and at just over £500 in a pre-black friday sale i feel the value for money is excellent.

I work as a film editor so quality of image is very important to me. I had been looking at the philips 9002 oled. But i’m still not sold on tech that has inherent screen burn issues that companies refuse to cover with warranty. For well over a grand that’s simply an investment i decided i wasn’t willing to make. So when i checked the rest of this years philips lineup and saw that the pus7303 series used a direct lit led panel. Not only that, but it’s va too (vertical alignment) as opposed to ips (in plane switching). In short, direct lit led panels have the screen lights behind and across the entire screen. This means you get far superior blacks and conformity of image. As opposed to the cheaper and far more common edge lit panels of today where the screen is lit from lights around the edges.

Bought this tv (50in) during the prime day sales for ~£450. Overall a really nice tv, the picture is great, sound is more than good enough for me and the ambilight is a really nice addition. I had to get the first tv replaced as there was a tab issue causing a thin line of red pixels to appear whenever there was red on the screen, first noticed on the netflix logo screen. The second tv arrived as quickly as the first and worked perfectly. One thing i would mention is that the first was shipped using hermes and the second with dpd as i requested weekend delivery. Personally i would never use hermes as a delivery company as i find them particularly useless. The set up process was simple, the remote works well although it can seem complicated. The full keyboard on the back is useful. Using the tv for both console gaming and watching tv shows it is great all round. The difference between this and my old tv playing hd content is very noticeable.

Bought this when it was on sale and for that price i was very impressed. Have had it for nearly a year now and it’s one of the best purchases i’ve ever madethe main feature that drew me to this over other tvs was the ambilighting. It didn’t disappoint, make the room a lot brighter if lights are off and makes a more immersive experience in my opinion. I’ve paired the ambilights to my philips hue lights for even more immersiveness.Everyone i’ve showed it to is amazedpicture is good although other tvs will probably be better but i upgraded from a non 4k tv so the difference in comparison is outstanding. Especially when watching actual 4k content on netflix or amazon prime video. I originally couldn’t decide between this or another model in the ambilight philips range which had saphi software. This one has android tv which seems a bit more futureproof. Only have two downsides really. One being the speakers, whilst they are actually very impressive for a thin tv they do not sound great when you put the volume higher.

Setting up the ambilight and hue sync is a ball ache. Do not hardwire/use ethernet cable and attempt to use ambilight + hue it crashes. Only use wifialso took 4 attempts to update softwarethe ambilight software has changed since last tv and not as good, lost some good settings. Now all working fine love the tv.

Have been using this tv for a month or so and can report the following: positives are excellent picture quality with upscalling of hd sources very good. Upscalling of sd is poor but not the fault of the tv. As the saying goes you can’t polish a £#&@. The big issue isthat even after installing all updates when turning on from standby tv prompts to enter both country and region even though thesewere saved during installation. The remote is attrocious on many levels and the menu system is sub menu after sub menu after submenu and is not user friendly at all as one press of the back button takes you completely out requiring you to make your way backthrough the many sub menu’s. Freeview play is not included and not downloadable so the only terrestial catch up apps are bbc i playerand itv hub. Freeview play was promised when this tv was shown to the press in january. In conclusion,once again, philips have releaseda smart tv in common with last years model which has issues. Shame as everything else is excellent. If philips resolve these issues then i willbe delighted to ammend this review.

Really pleased with this tv, it was an excellent purchase. The screen is great, i love the ambilight. The picture quality is great for both streaming and aerial tv, ive been impressed with its connectivity, i can beam sound across via bluetooth to my soundbar which is fantastic. My only quibble is the remote is silver/grey and its actually quite hard to read some of the buttons.

I bought this for my gaming room and boy oh boy was it worth it. It’s a lovely size, the frame is sturdy and the led lights are fantastic. Unless you are a tech whiz, the settings can get a bit much but i enjoyed playing around to set it up the way i like it. The lights are great and can be adjusted if you don’t like the different colours. I tried 4k on netflix, youtube and amazon prime and really loved it. The remote is two sided which is just amazing. It’s an android tv so you will be able to play around here and there. Sound quality is very good and there are plenty of ports for all types of media outlets. I’ve had no issues connecting my consoles and pc.

***editing after a couple of weeks more use. I’ve improved the score to 4 as i took in not only improved pq but also the amount we paid into the equation. So it took a while of playing around and removing all the presets philips used on this. Turning down the gamma (making brighter) made a huge (massive) difference. The colour and contrast to my eye is so much better and black levels now better too. It’s certainly not perfect but for just over £500 its very reasonable. Quality is massively improved after much fiddling and we are now pretty happy. As said below the ambilight is great. We don’t use this for gaming.

This was my first ambilight tv. I think it works well, my partner took a while to get used to it but you can turn it off easily. The interface seems good to me, fast with little or no lag. I have not sideloaded an app yet but it doesn’t seem difficult to do. The missing catch up apps don’t bother me as i have a fire tv stick. Picture set up can be very complicated but if you concentrate on contrast, colour and brightness you end up with a great picture, not oled but pretty close. Sound is ok but i will get a sound bar.

So far i’m about 8 hours into owning it, the screen and picture quality is great, easily hooks up to my surround sound. The android tv bit is good as long as you’re not expecting it to be like a phone, it’s got netflix, prime, youtube etc but you can’t install any android app you like, it has an uninstallable app with a button on the remote that is just advertising which is annoying but overall i’m satisfied, 65 inch tv for 800 with all the bells and whistles, never expected the so called smart aspect. Of the tv to be usable so pleasantly surprised 👍.

When looking straight at it the image is vibrant and crisp. The ambilight feature adds further depth to a great picture. Minor niggle but when viewing from a slight angle the colours seem a bit overblown and un-natural. Not sure if that is something that needs tweaking in the settings but it is something that i have noticed that i did not notice with my other tv. Had one issue where hdmi input kept blacking out. Could not fix it and ended up carrying out a factory reset which resolved the issue. Odd one which has not re-occurredthe menu system is quite convoluted and clunky, whilst this is an android tv it does not seem to be as easy to use / navigate as i had expected. That said the netflix capability is pretty good. I’ve not really spent too long exploring what i can do with this tv, i am sure i will be able to do a lot more than my other lg tv with a bit of tinkering.

I had been in the market for a new tv as our old panasonic plasma was slowly giving up the will to live. I’d initially settled on getting a sony and had been waiting for the black friday deals. This one popped up and after a bit of googling i couldn’t really find a lot of info on it. But had seen great reviews on the cheaper model, so decided to take a punt on it. At £400 it was kind of a no brainer. I work in the creative industry in animation, so i feel fairly qualified in saying the picture quality on this tv is absolutely stunning. Out of the box it looks great. But with a bit of tweaking (there are many settings) it really is a beautiful bright and punchy image. I was really unsure whether the ambilight feature would be distracting, but we absolutely love it. Friends and family that have been over also say the same.

Fantastic imaging, breathtaking quality and depth of colour. This tv has a built in guide but doesn’t answer my one problem of how to stop the tv going into standby every 10 minutes. Having a comprehensive built in book for complete guidance on all matters i discovered a help line phone number for support. I contacted philips by phone they were incredibly helpful regarding my one problem. I was advised to follow the instructions for reinstalling the tv. It stopped my tv going into standby and i standby my own earlier comments. The ambilight interaction is brilliant, fantastic depth in colour and built in sound. Everything is easy to follow and installing is easy. If you are looking for a new tv this would not be a disappointing choice. I bought the 43′ because my lounge is not really big enough to accomodate a larger model. I have returned to ad to this review to pour more praise on this tv it has4 hdmi inputs which i still have.

I’ve had this tv for a few months now, so feel better equipped to provide a helpful review. In short, this mid range tv has pleased me in many ways and continues to impress. This is my 2nd ambilight philips tv so have ‘previous’ if you like. Upon starting up i noticed the advances in picture quality, sound, connectivity, etc. Also, the ambilight function has more options, including syncing the ambilight to sound (great for parties). Of course, the ambilight effects are vastly improved if wall mounted on a bright wall (white best but most off whites are fine). My tv is 55′ on a 9° tilt, the ambilight adds a foot of light each side while a glow reaches the ceiling. This makes, therefore, a lovely centre piece. (you can add to the effect plugging usb lighting rigs into the 2 available slots on the tv)so it makes everything look nice but is it a good tv?.Well, i don’t own multiple similar age tellies, like most people, so am no expert, but compared to an old ambilight, 22′ bedroom tv, and a 3 year budget philips, it is vastly superior.

The picture quality is truly the best in class and great value for money in my opinion. Vibrant, true to life colours combined with a sharp image makes watching any hd or uhd content a pleasure. Android tv is a great os even if it doesn’t support all the uk catchup apps currently. The built in microphone and keyboard make input easy; better than competitors’ solutions. Cons:•sound quality – this doesn’t effect me as i use external speakers but the built-in speakers sound hollow; i’d reccomend a sound bar if you’re purchasing this tv•outdated software – while this is being updated to android 8. 0 at the begging of 2019 (i contacted philips to ask), android tv 9. 0 has recently been released. Like most manufacturers, it’s going to be a generation behind. This isn’t a huge issue howeveroverall, i would reccomend this tv. Great image quality, fluid software and wide variety of features make it a pleasure to use. I looked at many models such as sony, samsung and lg and this offered the best overall package for the price.

Its alright, duno why there is reviews about the sound. Lovely colours mostly on ps4 pro and the picture is fantastic. Haven’t tryed the android bit but i think i will as im mostly on ps4 anyways lol.

Initially bought the 2018 (7303) model (65′). The tv was very good, but i had to return it due to some dead pixels. Instead i got the 2019 model (7304)believing the changes were cosmetic. The 2019 model feels like a huge upgrade, the picture is simply sublime while the improvement to the sound is also quite noticable. Can’t wait to actually try it with some genuine dolby atmos content, where the difference should be even bigger. Reccomnedation: unless you get a really, really good price on the 7303, go with the 7304 instead. They are both great, but the latter model is simply fantastic.

I love android tvs but normally go for sony, i just needed a tv for the kids and sony android is expensive, anyway this tv us great, the picture is good and it is very easy to use. There is a good feature on the remote, it has a keyboard on the back so the annoying scrolling through an onscreen menu is a thing of the past, as is the aching thumbthe ambilight feature does nothing for me but the children love it. Highly recommended if you want an android tv.

Found this tv just ‘as it says on the tin’ the but comes with the price point, its approx £150 dearer than its little brother the 63 series. Although you do get a better performance from the 73 there’s a few niggles for me at the price you pay. There is no freeview with this tv , which means ** no catch up tv ** you cant even add the apps to it because they’re not compatible. You cant use bluetooth headphones ** once again not compatible **i know the niggles can be overcome using. But should you really have to ????its like buying a car and paying extra for the mirrors (was going to put ashtray.