Philips TV Philips Ambilight 50PUS6754/12 TV 50 inch LED Smart TV : Just perfect 👌

Delighted i made this impulse purchase, the price was just too good not to get it. Was a bit on edge about the sound, it’s nots the best, my old philips tv sound was way better, but we have a small sitting room so no need for us to purchase a sound bar. But you would need one if you have a large open area. Our old philips telly had the ambilight on both sides, this has it on 3 side, which looks fantastic against the wall. It’s the reason i won’t go with another brand. Once you have it, your hooked. Haven’t used the apps except for netflix, honestly there is a 99. 9% chance we will never ever use them. So can’t give any feedback on that department.

Wps did not work at first so had to input the wpa key, no worries and got online. Streaming is good and through the wifi is very smooth. Let me warn you now that some films are super smooth if you have never seen a hd tv like this, it can take some getting used to. Watch lotr on netflix and you will see what i mean. When it tuned in initially snooker was on bbc hd which was great to fix the colours, they are to vivid imo so i dulled them a bit. The ambilight the nicest surprise. What a great thing to have, i can’t see me going back since it adds another dimension watching films. The interface is a bit clunky but seems like a fair trade off for the price. Managed to stream some movies files via dnla , i used the philips app for that – app isn’t the greatest so have patience. I made put the tv on static ip via the router to help connect all the time.

It looks like the tv requires a polarised figure 8 mains cable (one side squared), and several reviews mentioned this. Even though the cable included looks like it will not fit, it actually fits if you push it in using a little force (this is from philips official customer service). I was misled by some reviews saying the cable was wrong, it wasn’t. If the cable you received is the same attached in picture, it is the correct one even there is no squared side on it. The tv itself is very good, ambient light is definitely a plus.

I have a wireless headset and its receiver unit needs to be permanently plugged into the tv headphone socket. However, i found that when the tv was turned on, even though audio out was set to ‘tv speakers’, after about 10 seconds it switched to headphone output, muting the tv speakers. After a while, i found the solution was to set the easylink setting to ‘off’. Really, philips should have a default audio setting irrespective of whether easylink is set to on or off. Apart from that, so far i have found the tv to be absolutely brilliant, and what a low price.

We are really pleased with this tv and love the ambient lighting and its very easy to set up. One thing i dont like is it if you set a programme timer it automatically turns the tv on from standby at the selected time which can be annoying as i often move between rooms to watch tv and have been alarmed when i suddenly hear this tv on when i’m not in that room.

 i have put off buying a 4k set for so long just because of price. I am so happy that i did or i would not have found this gem of a tv. I have an xbox one x to use with this tv so i did have some things that i needed from it to have and this ticks all the boxes for any current gen xbox oneit is everything i expected, it has everything you would expect from a modern set, nothing missing. The ui is easy and fast, the settings for setup and optimization is vast and deep so it should do exactly what you want it to do. Personally i have never seen so many options. It looks great, sounds great, and ambilight is definatly not a gimmick once you use it, it becomes a new way of watching tv. I have never been more immersed than when using this phillips wicked (3 sided) ambilight product. Update:now i have had this under my control almost non stop since i have had it and have fully setup all my smart tv things, the large amount and versatile settings i must mention are tweaked and the display is beautiful, and works great for tv, netflix or gaming equally. The ambilight has a gaming function to make it more aggressive and faster, rather as the softer options for movies, tv and music.

I brought this tv as my daughters tv broke down, i gave her my 55” hisence, i decided i’d have a change and go for the 55” phillips, if i’m honest it’s not as good as the hisence, it feels cheap, the connections aren’t as well laid out, the stand is okay but doesn’t feel solid. The remote is adequate, it doesn’t have the youtube button i miss that feature, the picture is okay nothing better than i had, the sound is poor in comparison, (i’ll buy a sound bar)to summarise i wish i had brought something else.

This tv gets solid reviews online, albeit there are little, if any, in depth video reviews. I picked it up for under 300 on warehouse deals, but would be willing to pay full price in hindsight having seen it in the flesh. Smart system:the remote gets a bit of stick, but honestly i think it’s really well laid out and easy to navigate. The saphi system has a good user interface and everything you need is a click away. The big positive here, is that no matter what you are on, pressing the ‘home’ button brings up the smart apps overlaid on whatever you’re watching, as opposed to coming out of the app you’re on, or moving you to a completely new screen. I’m yet to try netflix on this set, but going from the performance of youtube and iplayer, i’m sure that will be carried through – there is no issue with the responsiveness of button presses or app loading times. Audio:i used to sell tv’s, and am well aware that nearly all tv’s nowadays need a sound bar otherwise you’re listening to very tinny audio. Again, i was impressed in this department. The sound does have some depth to it that is very rare on a tv, with some separation between voice and music/sound effects, although as always a sound bar will be on most people’s setup. Video:i was literally taken back when i loaded up some youtube content before tweaking the picture settings on this.

  • Ambilight is not a gimmick it really does add that wow factor!
  • Exceeded already strong expectations
  • Super bright 4k smart tv at an amazing prime day price!

Philips Ambilight 50PUS6754/12 TV 50 inch LED Smart TV (4K UHD, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV) mid silver

Size Name:50 Inch  |  Style Name:2019 Model
Product Description, Philips 6700 series 50PUS6754. Display diagonal: 127 cm (50″), Display resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, HD type: 4K Ultra HD, Display technology: LED, Screen shape: Flat. Smart TV. Motion interpolation technology: PPI (Picture Performance Index) 1200, Aspect ratio: 16:9. Digital signal format system: DVB-C,DVB-S,DVB-S2,DVB-T,DVB-T2,DVB-T2 HD. Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN. Weight: 13.1 kg. Product colour: Silver

From the manufacturer

Philips 6700 series. Designed to fit right in.

philips tv

Looks great wherever you place it

Bring the emotion into any room with the Philips TV that’s designed to fit right in. Picture quality is so sharp you’ll think you’re there. 4K performance is bright and vibrant. 3-sided Ambilight sets the mood for movies, music, or gaming.

philips tv

philips tv

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    3-sided Ambilight

    3-sided Ambilight takes the emotions beyond the screen. Completely immerse yourself in the action.

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    4K UHD and HDR 10+

    Enjoy a sharp image with noticeably more depth, and absolutely brilliant, lifelike colours.

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    Dolby Vision & Atmos

    Superb contrast, amazing brightness, and vivid colours. Hear spacious sound with clarity and depth.

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    Saphi Smart TV

    With Saphi Smart TV, you can totally immerse yourself in the world of digital entertainment.

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    Triple tuner

    The TV supports DVB reception for ‘Free to air’ broadcast.

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Philips 50PUS6754/12

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Philips 50PUS7303/12

Inch size
50″ 55″ 55″ 50″ 50″
4K UHD resolution
3-sided Ambilight
HDR type
HDR 10+ HDR 10+ HDR Plus HDR 10+ HDR Plus
Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos
Smart TV OS
Saphi Smart TV Saphi Smart TV Saphi Smart TV Saphi Smart TV Android TV
EU energy label class
A+ A+ A A A
Colour and finishing
Mid silver Mid silver Dark silver Light silver Dark silver

What does 4K UHD stand for?

With four times the resolution of conventional Full HD, 4K UHD lights up your screen with over 8 million pixels. Experience improved images and enjoy a sharper picture with superior depth, contrast, natural motion and vivid details.

What is 3-sided Ambilight?

The Ambilight technology makes your screen appear much wider. LEDs on three sides of the TV project the colours on the screen onto the surrounding wall. The action takes place in your living room and creates an emotional viewing experience.

What do Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos mean?

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are premium sound and video formats. They deliver cinematic vision and sound. Contrast, brightness and colours reflect the director’s original intentions. Enjoy spacious sound with clarity, detail and depth.

What does Saphi Smart TV offer?

Saphi is a fast, intuitive operating system that makes your Philips smart TV a real pleasure to use. Enjoy one-button access to a clear icon-based menu. Operate your TV with ease and quickly navigate to popular Philips smart TV apps.

philips tv

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The display and the ambilight are this tvs two biggest draw cards. It’s a va, back-lit 4k panel. And it’s absolutely stunning for the price. So many other manufacturers have moved to ips, edge-lit, with various local dimming gimmicks and they just don’t look anywhere near as good as this panel. The contrast and black levels are best in class for an led. Where most led panels struggle with hdr source material this panel does not, which is a great achievement for the price. Movement is smooth and it handles fast action without two many artifacts and handles slow movement without judder. The software is basic, but good. Not much in the way of bloatware or apps that you can’t uninstall. The channel browser is linux based, simple and fast.

Decided to go for this during a black friday sale, i have been looking at oled tv’s but never seemed to want to budget for them especially at the price they are now. I play games and watch films so need a tv that would be suited for both. My main things i looked for with this purchase was screen size, 4k and colour options (hdr etc), motion smoothing and finally no moire. (moire is when something like a striped shirt or chain link fence would cause the screen to look strange and kind of glitchy when fine lines or patterns are displayed)the contrast modes and black levels on this tv are insane, they are as close to oled as i have seen and this is no exaggeration. Obviously, its not oled, so it won’t look like an oled. But going from this to paying for an oled makes little sense to me simply because the black levels are sooo good on this screen. It has a contrast processing mode that you can play about with to get it even darker and more vibrant and not a simple setting such as “high contrast on/off” it has many different levels, and different single adjustments to make. You hardly notice the backlight on the tv when end credits are playing or say for example the netflix logo is shown the screen is as dark as it could possibly be and the netflix logo is very vibrant. It is a seriously good upgrade from my samsung hdtv, that one had poor speakers that distorted with certain pitch sounds, it had a smart tv option but you needed to buy a dongle.

After owning a 55″ sony 4k tv for the last 3 years, i wanted the next size up in screen size. I always rated sony and was really concerned that a tv of this price could be as good, how wrong was i, the sony picture compared to this was dull and lifeless. When i connected this up and put a freesat hd channel on, i actually said “wow”, it was that good compared to the sony. I then played back a short piece from avatar in upscaled 4k. It was like being there in the actual picture, even my partner has mentioned it is like 3d, that is because the picture is as if you can reach in to it. The television is nice and the picture is so bright, added to that the lights on the rear just make viewing that much better. Am i happy, yes i certainly am.

Absolutely amazing tv for the price i paid (£379 black friday deal) coupled with the philips ambilight feature you won’t be disappointed as long as you are prepared to tweak the picture settingsso i had to do a little research online to find the best settings for picture quality as the standard settings do not do the tv justice. I found settings not for this tv but a similar philips tv and used this as a basis then played around further until i was satisfied. I can’t share the website but it’s for the philips pus6272 on the whathifi website. Also the hdr setting is hidden away until you play hdr content so bear this in mind when adjusting your picture setting, i found that hdr vivid is the best setting for this. Once i tweaked, i was very impressed with the tv. Both for watching content and playing video games one my xbox one. The ambilight feature is truly amazing, booted up planet earth 2 on netflix as i had the uhd membership and was blown away by how well it’s integrated into watching tv content, there is a slight lag but it’s not noticeable. As for sound i cannot comment as i used a sound bar straight away. The remote is ok and has a dedicated netflix button which is useful. The smart tv feature has all the usual apps you need – netflix, prime video, iplayer, all4 itvplayer and 5ondemand.

I bought this tv on amazon prime day and got a great price. I was a bit wary of buying it as i’m usually not a philips fan but the price was good and decided to give it a try. The first thing i noticed was the size ( lovely big screen ) and secondly how light it was to lift. Once turned on it was very easy to set up and internet connection was so quick and easy. Once i learned how to navigate the settings and finding where everything was , i then went to work on the picture settings to get the best possible viewing experience. I tweaked the settings bit at a time taking in what everything does until i got a vibrant very clear and sharp picture. Next i did the same with the sound settings which has a handy little graphic equalizer to tweak. I now had the picture and sound i hoped to get. I also bought a sound bar and connected that which enhanced the sound , this too connected very quickly via wireless. One thing i can’t find which possibly lets this tv down is bluetooth which is why i took a star off my rating.

I bought this tv in the black friday sales 2018 after my ageing toshiba set finally gave up the ghost. I am really pleased with the picture quality and i love the ambilight feature, but the software on this tv is poor. The epg for both antenna and satellite is very clunky. It can be very slow to populate when you select it, and switching between channel lists, for example between favourites and everything else, is needlessly a chore. Nothing about the epg function on this set is intuitive, having to consult the manual to work out how to do something a simple as adding a channel to my favourites list is a bit of a fail. Browsing for local network content to stream is also painfully slow, to the point where i have given up with it now and gone back to using an external solution. I have also had the tv crash completely a couple of times while using this feature, which required a hard reboot to rectify. I have had iplayer vanish due to an update on the bbc side, it took phillips over a week to roll out an upgrade to fix this. I have had the set forget my login details for the amazon app a couple of times too. By far the most stupid an annoying thing on this tv is the advert for phillips ambilight tv’s that is permanently taking up space on the home screen.

So, we bought this tv because it is 4k, right size, has the ambi-light feature, and was available at an amazing price. It arrived very well packed and it was easy to install, hardware wise. When we switched it on, well, that’s a different story. It didn’t want to connect to the wi-fi at all, despite us entering the right password. I gave up at some point and just connected it through an ethernet cable. The picture quality is very good, if you struggle for hours to set it. I like that the blacks are proper blacks, not a faded black-grey-like colour. For that, i give it 5 stars. The 4k resolution is amazing and everything looks greatthe sound quality is pretty good, although i always use external speakers as i like to have proper bass, because we listen to a lot of music using the tv.

Excellent picture on this tv, and the ambilight really adds a great perspective to films. However only drawback is software, sometimes difficult to actually turn the tv off, and sometimes glitches on apps. I did consider returning because of this, but found regularly turning off at mains seems to alleviate problem, and also anything similar in spec is actually a lot dearer, so great value at the price.

  • Ambilight is not a gimmick it really does add that wow factor!
  • Exceeded already strong expectations
  • Super bright 4k smart tv at an amazing prime day price!

Philips Ambilight 50PUS6754/12 TV 50 inch LED Smart TV (4K UHD, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV) mid silver

Other shoppers, if you are looking for an affordable tv that is worth the money, then go for this one. This is our first smart tv and we use it with wifi only ( no tv license ). Our internet connection is pretty basic and whatever we watch on netflix, amazon prime, youtube is delivered in a very good quality. The ambilight feature is a fantastic extra i wasn’t expecting to be this great. The remote control and the software are highly responsive, making the tv smart a piece of cake and the thing is leight and thin enough.

Wow, phillips have changed the tv game forever, people have tried to reinvent the wheel many times and failed, 3d, curved gimmicks etc. But ambilight is actually a new idea that works and adds to any viewing experience. The likes of blue planet 2 and planet earth 2 are incredible on this tv.

I have purchased this tv having read about it about a year ago and having purchased the 65″ a month earlier and i have never had such a fantastic picture in my life, they are amazing and the ambilight is fantastic for movie night. I am so confident in this tv’s image (and being 4k is no guarantee) and price that i would recommend going to your local tv shop and comparing it against any 4k smart tv (i doubt you can beat the price on here though because i tried) a 5 star tv through and through.

The positives:first & foremost a tv should be judged on its picture (& sound) quality and on those two counts you aren’t going to find better for the price. Give this tv a high quality 1080p or 4k source and the results are quite amazing, easily on par with tv’s costing two or three times as much, even the sound, usually atrocious on budget tv’s is very good without a sound bar, far superior to the budget panasonic tv it replaced, so much so that i’ve put on hold a decision to add a sound bar, so that was a pleasant surprise. The ambilight feature is also far more than just a gimmick and really adds to the experience if you position the tv correctly (flat against the wall, ideally mounted on the wall rather than a tv stand). Even the fake ‘hdr’ adds nice depth to the picture, it’s no oled but it’s better than no hdr. The negatives:the user interface and remote control are straight out of budget tv hell. Very slow and clunky, even compared to the ones on my 5yr old panasonic tv, that this replaced. The remote is very cheap feeling, with stiff unresponsive buttons and the fact that the user interface is so s. W in responding to your button presses, you’ll often find the selection you make on screen, lagging two or three button presses behind on the remote, often resulting in you overshooting your desired menu option, meaning you have to keep going back up the menu.

Anyone looking for more needs to drop more dollar because this baby is mint. If you’re worried about the backlighting, it can be turned off, wife loves it as it draws her imperfect eyesight into the picture i’m not fussed one way or another, but will use it as disco lighting for house parties because it can follow audio. The interface is a bit slow, but who doesn’t use a console or skybox for the majority of their content. Nice to have netflix et-al there at a button press if needs be.

Old samsung broke 46′ led that cost £799 five years ago. I was concerned that i may get an inferior tv but now feel silly as it blows the old one away. I am not yet able to put on the wall as you can see in photo due to thread size in back of tv is smaller than samsung was. All in all my best buy for a number of years. Hard to believe there is a better tv out there for less than £1000. If you haven’t got hdr get it and even better with ambilight. 55′ model is ideal from four meters away.

Wanted to upgrade our tv for a while but finally convinced the mrs when we redecorated the lounge. I’ve kept my eye on this tv for some time as the reviews were good and i liked the ambient light feature. I got this when it was on offer and can’t believe how good it is 4k uhd 65 inch for £600 is ridiculous. I’m more then happy so far, the only slight gripe i have with it is the amount of hdmi connections it’s got ‘ 3 ‘ could do with one more, but i knew that before i brought it.

After purchasing this tv with no reviews available due to it being only just released, i took a gamble on purchasing this tv. The tv is such a transformation on my old basic he tv, the colours ‘pop out’ on even mormalntv viewing, but once you play a 4k film. That’s when it comes into it’s own. With the added bonus of having the lights on the sides and top at the rear of the tv ot projects the picture to be even bigger than your viewing, it’s adds a nice touch. The tv is of basic smart apps, but i got this for such a steal on prime day that i can’t complain as i stream my 4k films from apps so it was no biggy to me. The sound is a bit of a let down compared to say the higher brands but again adding a sound bar or in my case having a cinema system makes this a needless complaint for myself, but thought i would be honest if you decide to consider purchasing?overall i’m very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this tv.

Purchased on amazon prime day for a £379, the ambilight is great and with a 4k input the screen is impressive, std definition tv on the other hand is terrible and greys look polarised, we stick with hd channels, streaming services and xbox one x and at 1/3 the cost of a top end 4k tv we are happy enough.

A nice large screen, and actually good value for money. Picture quality is decent enough, but anything other than blu-ray discs looks average. Netflix, amazon video, sky and dvd’s all look okay, but lack the dazzle of more expensive televisions, the sound from the speakers is actually quite good for a thin screen tv. Buy it for its hugeness, not the impressiveness of the pictures. (although ‘blade runner’ ‘batman returns’ and ‘the matrix’ on 4k blu-ray looked astonishing, again that’s down to the source being premium quality not the tv).

Bought this for my sons bedroom at a black friday price, worth every low cost penny. Good picture, pretty good sound, ambilight is great and plenty of built in apps – all you could need really. Menu is okay but not great for settings etc but not anything to really grumble aboutthe 43 inch size used to be for a main room but it doesn’t look big at all in a bedroom.

Excellent tv at a very good price.

The ambilight is amazing and really enhances the viewing experience and the picture and sound quality are fab. Sometimes the smart features don’t load straight away and we have to change the channel but overall no issues. This is such a high quality tv especially when you consider the price. Its nicer than some tv’s which could easily cost double of what this one did. Will not be going back from ambilight now.

 the ambient lighting on this 4k smart tv is of brilliance and unique intelligence by philips. The tv has a sound to light facility with the 3 side ambilight. The ambilight can be set to off, follow video, audio, colour or flag. It has sensational bold deep colours that enhances the picture quality. The installation was smooth and effortless.

Best tv i have ever had, links up with your hue bridge, and there are loads of options to set up your lights in your room. The ambilight is awesome, as lots of different colours can be displayed on each side of the tv ( i had 2 bulbs behind my tv before) , it helps with the immersion in films and gaming. The sound is ok, its never gonna be as good as external speakers, but its better than my last sony tvthe picture is great , even at some of the lower resolutions netflix and amazon stream at, still looks good, looks awesome at 4k tho, i just plugged it in to my router to have the streaming services come right through the tv , it even has a netflix button on the control. I feel like for the price you wont get a better tv anywhere, especially one that will link up to your hue bridge.

Really pleased with it, here’s a breakdown:design:it has thin bezels which improve immersion but rather cheap plastic is used here. This is only really noticed when you get up close to the set so it’s not a big deal. The stand is metal, however, and it feels sturdy. The tv is quite thick when compared to others in it’s price range but i suspect this is because of ambilight. Overall, it’s a smart looking tv. Picture quality:the screen can get impressively bright and the black levels are also excellent. I would recommend fine tuning the picture settings and turning off (or setting to minimum) a lot of the image processing such as ultra resolution and motion style. I set the picture style to standard for normal tv and adjusted the brightness, contrast etc. Uhd and hd video looks very nice and the tv is great for all types of content.

With all the standard smat tv features. Ambient light is just awesome show stopper. 3usb & hdmi outputs, have built in netflix, prime and youtube, free channels are also there. Overall a great value for money buy for the price. With much more features and clarity than contemporaries.

I had a 10 year old song bravia which had an amazing picture and i was waiting to be disappointed but this is an amazing tv for the money. The hue lights are so much fun as well, they really add to the experience, its a real talking point and it makes games and films so immersive. It does need to reconnect to your hue badge every time you switch it on which is super annoying and for some reason the world connection is a bit flakey but wireless has worked fine every time. Maybe that’s a bug that a firmware update could solve.

Features and Spesification

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  • With 3-sided Ambilight, this 50 inch TV turns your living room into a cinema. The screen colours are projected onto the wall in real time. Thanks to this function, films you are watching on this 50 inch television feel more intense.
  • The 4K UHD resolution (3.840 x 2.160) contributes to a phenomenal picture. The 50 inch TV delivers a clear and sharp picture, frame for frame.
  • The combination of HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision provides an absolutely stunning picture. Thanks to the integrated Dolby Atmos sound format, the 50 inch smart TV comes with a high quality cinematic sound for the best sound experience.
  • With the 50 inch TV, you are just one button away from all the entertainment. Get access to many films and series, play games or simply download and install your favourite app on your TV. Saphi Smart TV makes it possible.
  • Included in delivery: Philips Ambilight 50PUS6754/12 TV 50 inch LED Smart TV (4K UHD, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Smart TV) mid silver (2019/2020 model); remote control, batteries, power cord, quick start guide, legal and safety brochure, table top stand