Pioneer Onkyo SKH-410 – Dolby Atmos beats all the sound formats hands down

These speakers work very well with my onkyo av receiver. I haven’t had much opportunity to use them with dolby atmos tracks yet, but of the few atmos titles i have tried they do the job well.

I purchased these speakers at the same time i purchased the onkyo tx-nr656 7:1 surround sound audio amplifier. These are superb speakers, are top quality and have complemented my existing 5:1 system that’s now 7:1.

Good speakers, takes a bit of time to set up to get the atmos experience.

What a difference atmos makes, great speakers.

Have a surround sound system and these allow the usage of dolby atmos for more realism giving us a more enjoyable film. Supplier fast and efficient. Items arrived before estimated times considering it was the run up to christmas a job very well done.

The speakers are good and they really send the way it appears to be coming from the ceiling. The only thing is i had to sacrifice my surround back speakers as my av receiver won’t power 7. 2) which is a bummer but of course it’s not onkyo’s fault. I would highly recommend them if you don’t wanna mess with your ceiling.

For their price – they are fantastic. Made a huge difference to my already high end cinema system. Would love to compare them to higher end ones now.

Don’t make a massive difference to normal surround sound. Quite good when watching 4k bluray discs. Got mine from amazon warehouse for £45. The ‘person’ who previously owned them didn’t return the brackets and drilled a hole into one of them.

Excellent loudspeakers, for the money. Connected, adjusted and forgot. In a set there are 2 cables, length was not measured, but i think 2. Generally, was enough for me.

Affordable, does the job of projecting sound towards the ceiling.

Really effective, very easy to install, no cutting holes in the ceiling ;).

Excellent speakers by onkyo. I was bit skeptical about build quality and performance but i was wrong. I did not feel atmos effect when i placed this on top of my front speakers but after mounting them on wall it was on another level, you got to love 3d immersive sound.

Easy to install, great sounding speakers. Here are the specifications for the Pioneer Onkyo SKH-410:

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  • Speakers: Special Dolby Atmos speakers – capable speakers for your home theater for placement on an existing front speaker or for wall mounting to reproduce Dolby Atmos height effects
  • Sound experience: The sound coming from above, from which the precisely located effects seem to touch, envelops you completely and lets you dive even deeper into the world of movies
  • Equipment: Dolby Atmos-certified filter, transducer with 8 cm paper cone, output sound pressure level 81 dB/W/m, nominal input power 25 W, max. sound pressure level 81 dB/W/m: Input power 100 W
  • Design: wooden casing, high-quality fabric grilles, elegant black vinyl finish in “Brushed Hairline” look, dimensions (W × H × D) 120 × 143 × 150 mm
  • 16-Gauge Speaker Wire 1.3 mm² – 30.48 m – Strand Count 65 – Copper plated aluminum
  • Connects audio speakers to your A/V receiver to amplifier
  • The plastic jacket around the speaker wire helps to deliver high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of your audio equipment
  • One side of the wire is marked with a white line, making it quick and easy to distinguish the polarity and get your audio system set up properly

Wall mounted just about my monitor audio mass front speakers. The difference to an already sweet sounding system is a larger soundfield giving the feeling of being fully immersed in the sound. The difference is subtle in as much it is a general improvement on the overall effect but i really think that it is worth the spend and wall space.

They work ok but if you can pay a bit more do so.

I now have atmos on a budget. These speakers for me are great ,i can’t believe the difference a atmos amp and these speakers have made.

A great little set of speakers, i brought them to replace my jbl es30 speakers as the jbls are not dolby atmos and wow they really make the difference just place them on your floorstanders and your away, the dolby atmos website advises you to put them halfway between your floor and ceiling this lets the atmos effect work to it’s maximum potential. Avoid placing them near to the ceiling as the sound won’t be reflected properly and will severely impair the overall atmos effect. The best advise is to read the dolby atmos website for your particular setup and you will be set for the best possible sound. Ps transformers age of extinction and expendables 3 sound truly awesome now that i can hear the proper dolby atmos soundtrack.

The sound is best when using dolby atmos but they work with any soundtrack. The speakers have been well made and look beautiful in my lounge.

Great value and build for a very cheap speaker, having an onk 3030 atmos amp fitted today so it will interesting to see how they perform next to my monitor silver set of monster speakers. Replace the short cheap wires supplied with the speakers with a good 14 core cable to improve sound. I bought the good quality cable off amazon really great value for 50 metersm & g techno ® germany speaker cable 100 % cca copper cable boxes audio cable transparent 50m 2×4 mm².

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The difference to an already sweet sounding system is a larger soundfield giving the feeling
  • Entry level speakers in Atmos content

Very different sound we’re ever you put them, just started to build my complete sound system.

Bought these to hook upto my denon 2300 amp for the full atmos effect and wasn’t disappointed with the sound quality from them. Arrived quickly,well packaged and took only minutes to setup.

You have got to love dolbt atmos, only 2 or 3 bluray discs support it in the uk (you can get the demo disc via bittorrent) stunning positional audio.

Had to buy these for dolby atmos on my onkyo system all i will say if u like great sound with movies got to be bought won’t disappoint.

I was initially in two minds about buying these onkyo atmos speakers mainly because the alternative dobly atmos speakers are so much more expensive. As with all onkyo products in my experience the quality is a very high standard and offer excellent value for money. So whilst they are a little larger than i expected, they are quite heavy and have a good solid feel about them. They look good sat on the front floor standing mission tower speakers. You may think (like me) you are satisfied with an existing 5. 1 speaker set up, however with the addition of these speakers you will notice a subtle yet noticeable improvement to the sound field which for me now seems more immersive. Excellent quality and superb value for money.

Can’t comment on sound quality as i never used them. Just be aware they are bigger than you probably think they are.

Overhead sound is great and adds atmosphere.

Work great not to big, only time will tell if they make a difference. All tho i did notice a difference when i first connect them as i was using to normal sony book shelf speaker so these are a vast improvement on them.

Set on top of my floor standers , setup the height etc. Now i need more movies in atmos ,.

At first i was skeptical about speaker sitting on top of existing speaker especially with the room size i have but these speakers are for a different spec, and a very subtle. Watch setup 5 and with these speaker running in the setup, i felt like i was in there on stage. If you are looking for the atmos experience and not able to apply speaker to your ceiling then thiese are the best option. For atmos software, setup 5, alice only from hong kong, expendables 3 (the audio is not properly synced sadly, gravity not sure which verion yet, will update when i find out,.

Great speakers really work on atmos system.

Amazing sound effects from these speakers. They really do give the impression of sounds from above you during movies and tv. Saves a lot of hassle from fitting ceiling speakers.

Not expensive easy to fit but i struggle to hear the additional sound, may need more fiddling with settings.

Not great but you get what you pay for. Still have to find the best spot for them, give some hight for atmos disc sound tracks.

Fantastic does what it is expected to do creating a three dimensional sound stage.

These onkyo atmos speakers are pretty good, they certainly are exceptional but they fill a price point that has few existing products. Apart from these you are looking at speakers that are more than three times their cost. They sound pretty good, but then again i’ve only tested with truehd atmos content via a denon avr-x2500h, and not listed to music on them in stereo. So judging them compared to other speakers is a little difficult. As said above, you can certainly get better, but for significantly more cost and better speakers are also usually much larger. Their size is good and fit well on bookshelf speakers, denon, onkyo front small/large speakers. Their build quality is quite good nothing to write home about but also no particular negatives. As for do they do what they are suppose to do?. I’ve found this does depend no the content you watch, if it’s not atmos then they do absolutely nothing (why did you buy them??) also some atmos content seems to utilise height speakers better then other content. And if you set theses up correctly using audyssey i would say they do help to expand audio, whilst true atmos height speakers installed in the ceiling would probably produce audio that sounds above you better than these do, audio does sound as if it’s elevated to some degree and not all coming from the front left/right, where these are positioned.

I’m not sure what i was expecting. At this price, to add a little more verticality to the front soundstage is certainly very nice. In terms of its actual atmos abilities, i’d say you definitely get what you pay for. Get something a little more expensive and i’m sure the results will wow you, these were a little half hearted. But the more expansive soundstage does further allow dialogue to come through along with some nicer stereo elements at the front which no longer have to contend as much with front height elements in the sound design. If you’re expecting helicopters above your head, it’s probably not going to happen without in ceiling speakers and that’s not what these are meant for and not are they in the budget range forum ceiling installations. By all means, i’m enjoying them, but i am certain i could get more enjoyment out of a more expensive pair of speakers (as always).

I bought these after the price had dropped because my new amp had the atmos decoder built in, so why not?. They were delivered fairly quickly from germany by courier in their own box with plenty of protection, a little booklet, some cheapo speaker wire, a set of little stick-on ruibbery feet, and some brackets for wall mounting. They’re pretty small and unobtrusive sat on my large main speakers, and they’re capable of dishing out plenty of noise when you’ve got an atmos enabled source playing. 1 enabled blu-rays isn’t all that high at the moment, but with the introduction of uhd 4k blu-rays now, that should improve over time. Well worth a go if you’re dipping your toes into atmos, especially if the budget won’t stretch to the big money ones.

Very pleased with the addition of these speakers. I’ve placed these either side of the tv on the tv cabinet which puts them about two feet above the floor. The main front speakers are spaced wider than this. I reconfigured the denon amp to dolby atmos and ran the calibration routine with the microphone. The change is very noticeable and i am very impressed with the result and the immersive sound experience i now have. From my experience, this really has been a worthwhile upgrade and i am delighted with the result.

These are great, have partnered on top of dali zensor 1’s up front (they’re up about two metres off the floor which as others have said, positioning is important). Denon avrz2200ww driving them in 5. 2 mode and even just for an up-mix of stereo music to all channels creates an impressive sound stage – haven’t even tried a real atmos source yet and i’m already happy at this price for the difference it makes to the sound stage if your amp is capable of mix-up for stereo, and 5. 2oh, and yes, do get some decent speaker cable for them :-).

Even the mrs heard things and commented on it so it must work. The sound is subtle but listening to rain in the ceiling and a helicopter flying out of the top of my window is amazing.

Very good construction height about 6inches. Press down connections on the back of speakers. Using these in set with eltax utah floorstanding speakers and atmos on the top of those. The sound is amazing for atmos and dtsx format blurays and cds it does create high and new sound depth for music and movies.

Received speakers next day amazon prime. Discounted ‘open box’ from amazon warehouse, some parts were missing from the box: wall attachments and speaker stands/dampeners. I kept the speakers, and for my needs they work fine without these, but have docked a star because the box was incomplete. (i have bought a few items from amazon warehouse before, and this is the first time something has been missing). Placed on top of my fl fr surround speakers. Took about 20 minutes to connect, setup, and then configure on the amp. So far i have gravity, leon (new usa atmos blu ray), terminator genisys and expendables 3 with atmos soundtracks, and as one would expect, these all sound very detailed with an impressive immersive spacious soundfield resulting from these speakers adding discrete dedicated channels to add ‘height’ to the soundtrack. Not much atmos content out there yet, but speakers work well with ordinary surround content also, providing some ‘higher’ ambient sounds for normal surround content. On my atmos onkyo amp, selecting dolby 5. 1 content leaves these speakers inactive, but dolby surround (and orchestra) settings output as 5. 2 so feeding matrixed (not discrete) ambient sounds to these speakers. Sounds very good, i hadn’t expected these to work with non-atmos content, but these add a subtle ambience to normal surround tracks also. Very happy with purchase, despite a couple of pieces missing.

Well, they look as described and sound fine. I can’t get the sound to bounce off the ceiling though – sounds like it’s coming directly from the speakers which makes them pointless. I’ll have to fiddle some more with positioning them to see if i can achieve any form of atmos effect.

I do recommend these speakers as they work brilliantly with the one and only atmos disc i have. . The atmos demo disci read the other user reviews with interest and it beats me how some reviewers were able to judge and test these speakers so thoroughly. I found that most of the atmos enabled discs available are imports from the usa with a high price tag, and anything you can get here in the uk has to be a ‘special edition’ which is difficult and expensive to procure, and is usually not in the 3d version. I suppose a ‘vicious circle’ could ensue if the movie companies were to never issue atmos discs because people don’t have the equipment to play them on and people won’t buy the atmos equipment because there are no atmos enabled discs to be played. However, i do think it’s the latter which has to be addressed first. As with everything else in the consumer market these days, if it’s sold at the right price, i. The companies don’t want to make a huge profit in the spave of a few weeks, the product delivers and the advertising is strong, then i cannot see why atmos shouldn’t succeed.