PIONEER SE-M531 For TV : Good sound, but somewhat fragile

These are great, really nice sound quality and background noise cancelling, they’re also incredible comfortable, they just sort of mould round my head. The only possible downside is that they’re not that loud but i am yet to use them in a noisy environment. Just a note to other potential buyers, the cable is really really long, i used a velcro strap to coil it up a bit to use for normal stuff.

What people think of what they’ve bought lately doesn’t bother me.

Pioneer always make high quality audio products and equipment, these headphones typify that. I was searching for a cheap pair of headphones to use for watching movies late at night and to listen to music with on my lenovo tablet, so i thought the se-m531 would be a good option. What i was expecting was different from what i heard. It says “powerful bass duct” in the product descripition and it does have a powerful bass, but at £29 you normally get a muddy mess with bassy headphones, not an accurate/near audiophile quality bass. Which the se-m531 does havei was expecting them to be good value for money but they are stupidly good value for money. I’ve been comparing them to my beyerdynamic dt770’s and the pioneer’s are just as pleasing to listen to.

Excellent, especially like the material around the ear piece.

Nice enough headphones, would have given 5 stars but dropped 1 star because the cord keeps tying itself in knots, braided or coiled would be better bet.

Plus : sound quality is fine, bass is fairly clear. 5m / 11 ft cable is miles long. You’d look a complete idiot on the train with these. Noone travelling needs a cable this long. As per comment, it makes sense for sitting on other side of the room though.

Decent pair of headphones for the price. I’m not an audiophile, i don’t need to spend £1000 on a pair of headphones my ears probably aren’t worth it and i wouldn’t notice the difference. These do the job very nicely, rich tones across the whole sonic range and they fit comfortably.

Excellent monitoring headphones , they sound better than i. Expected , made a massive difference to the music in producing.

  • Insane price for budget audiophile sound!
  • Comfortable and great sound
  • Good sound, but somewhat fragile

PIONEER SE-M531 For TV, DVD and Blu-ray optimised reproduction, Black

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The sound quality is excellent and they are relatively comfortable, but the build quality isn’t quite as robust as the appearance would suggest; the plastic parts featuring the l and r indicators are especially brittle – i accidentally broke my first pair and have had to give them the glue-gun treatment. Provided that you are careful with them, they should serve you well.

These work like a charm, i get the right amount of sound quality and bass while playing mmorpg games. Highly recommended for gamers on a budget.

These headphones cover the ears well, and are almost as comfortable on the head as i would hope for, they don’t squeeze too hard. The sound is excellent, and there is a long cord, if you need it. There is a £10 price premium over the m521, which has ‘leather-type’ ear pads, which seems a bit price difference to have velour.

Nice set of headphones for tv sound – not for high end audio but perfect for tv sound. Helps the wife continue to watch tv when she wants to and not disturb me whilst i am in the conservatory reading.

Very comfortable on head and ears.

I looked for some comfortable headphones that you can wear for a long time. This are very comfortable with a nice sound and a long cable. So far quite pleased with the quality. Edit: one of the side brackets broke after six months. Too bad, they’re quite nice otherwise.

Pro: acceptable audio quality.

These headphones are really comfortable, and the sound is great.

  • Insane price for budget audiophile sound!
  • Comfortable and great sound
  • Good sound, but somewhat fragile

PIONEER SE-M531 For TV, DVD and Blu-ray optimised reproduction, Black

40 on a sunday night , arrived 09. 30 next morning , with prime. I love the phones , comfortable , great sound , extra long lead , which i find handy when it’s plugged into mixer. Really glad i made this purchase.

Really like the headphones however, have to return due to the plug not being able to fit into my phone with a case on top and also the wiring is too long. Pioneer may want to shortening it. But apart from that a great set of headphones.

Good sound but not the best.

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