Plantronics 87670-02 Voyager Legend Professional Mobile Unified Communication Headset : The call volume quality is better than the jawbone era (where people could hardly hear

Pairs to both my phones immediately once switched on. Love the charging case so no need to always carry another power cord unless traveling for an extended period. Sound quality is good, very clear although i would prefer a couple more notches up on the volume. Unobtrusive to carry around and once you accept you look like a geek (and probably are one if you want one of these to use when out and about) it makes total sense as both hands are always free. I also use it with a laptop and it works well. Fits my ear very well and overall a great design. Very pleased and highly recommended (for all us geeks).

I bought the voyager legend professional mobile unified headset, optimised for skype about 2 months ago. This is the best decision i ever made for working from home. I am a project manager, based in the uk and regularly hold conference calls with teams in ireland, holland, brazil and russia,(where call quality can vary), dialling into conference calls via my mobile phone, skype or lync. Connectivitythe headset connects perfectly with both my laptop and mobile phone at the same time with no lag. When holding skype / lync calls, i can accept mobile phone calls and switch seamlessly between the two. I also get email alerts directed to the headset if i am away from the computer. When putting the headset on, a voice informs you that you are connected to the mobile phone, the laptop, and the number of hours usage you have. The same function provides caller id on incoming calls and allows voice commands to accept or reject calls. Call claritysome interference can become apparent if you move to another room from the mobile phone, however, i have been able to receive calls when the phone has been inside the house and i have been in the back garden 5+ metres away. I have used the earpiece in the home office (with screaming kids in the background), on the road and on construction sites where both i and the other caller have been able to speak and hear each other clearly.

I bought this because i was switching from bt to voip an wanted to be able to make & receive calls from my computer using a softphone. I had a bad experience with bluetooth headsets in the past and therefore decided to avoid the cheaper products. I’m more than pleased with it. Setup is straightforward, battery life is excellent ( 7 hours talk time ), sound quality very good, bluetooth works at a reasonable distance and its comfortable to wear. It works with more than one firm simultaneously so i can also pick up 7 make mobile phone calls when in the office. Its great to have both hands free. I also use it in the car as its better sound quality than my range rover hands free. It comes with good accessories including a charging case which will 100% charge the headset on the move. If i have one slight criticism ( and they are difficult to find ) this case could be a little more robust or include a soft protective pouch.

Great, no problems at all, quality of sound is excellent as is the battery. Yes it is not cheap but it looks and feels well made, if i lost this i would purchase again.

I was looking for a headset working with the phone and pc. This was the only one support this. It was a little expensive, but after week of use i can say it’s tottaly worth it. The best head set you can buy.

Truly excellent practical choice for home worker. I have however, struggled to get spokes working with jabber (i use this with my work laptop, and the software build is a little limited, despite local admin rights), but it is not a big deal at all. It is not the cheapest option, but the practical accessories kit you get with it is perfect for me – desk stand for home office; case that protects and charges the unit holding the usb dongle and headset in magnetically; usb cable connector to keep in your bag. Imho someone has clearly given this headset a great deal of thought when designing it. Definitely the most comfortable headsets i have owned. I work long days and i am a fan of conference calls, i am technical so i need to talk on the phone and operate a keyboard at the same time. The headset also switches to my mobile when it rings without me doing anything, giving me that ‘single reach’ feel. Worth the money as i feel i am getting good use out of it (use it all the time), instead of going cheap and never using it – which is a waste of money and therefore in reality more expensive option imho. ~you can’t really go wrong with plantronics.

First, be aware that there are several different products you can buy that start with the words “plantronics voyager legend”. The variant that i’m reviewing is the unified communications (uc) model, which comes complete with a charging case and desktop charging stand. More importantly though, the headset includes a dedicated bluetooth dongle that allows you to use the device as a pc headset and mobile phone headset at a press of the button on the headset. The headsetthe build quality of the headset is first class. The fit is very comfortable. The battery life is very good. I really don’t like holding mobile phones to my ear, so i have owned several bluetooth headsets in the past, the latest one being the jawbone era. I have several friends who complained to me about the audio quality while using bluetooth, even in a quiet room, so when i received it i was anxious to know what they thought of this one. The good news is that the audio quality for this headset is a significant improvement on anything i have had in the past. To get the most out of this headset i think you will need a phone with bluetooth 3.

I’m a trucker so i needed some thing which would work withy loud background noise. I did a lot of research before i bought this two weeks age. I have had major problems with bluetooth and didnt want any more problems. This is by far the best ive ever used. Very comfortable to wear even with spec’s. It connected with bluetooth to my phone straight away and has caused no problems whatsoever. They say you pay for what you get and with this you pay a bit more than you want but its worth the money.

  • Truly excellent practical choice for home worker
  • Outstanding Headset
  • An excellent product will made and cleverly designed doing a very good job I would recommend this is so good.

Plantronics 87670-02 Voyager Legend Professional Mobile Unified Communication Headset

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I have owned one before but this is an improved version which comes with a charging case, not a carry case: this means that as well as charging from a fixed point such as a power socket or a usb port, you can simply slip the headset back into its case and the case’s battery begins to recharge it wherever you are. The little dongle for bluetooth connection also fits into the charging case and the case has magnetism and neatly placed electric contacts to make seating and retaining the headset and dongle impressively secure. Connecting and pairing with devices is now near instant, and a synth voice tells you which of your devices you have acquired. I don’t use it to handle calls on a pc but the manual is full of clever things you can do if you are – anybody considering this should perhaps read the online version of the manual. I contacted customer service at plantronics to check on compatibility and received a very swift and courteous reply.

A typical plantronics product excellent design excellent functionality and good money well spent. Unfortunately i bought it to work with dragon naturallyspeaking dictation software and the short microphone boom wasn’t sufficiently sensitive to pickup my speech accurately. This seems a little odd as most of the time people understand what i’m saying, this then is probably the real difference between a human hearing and machine sensing. I have recently replaced it with a another plantronics product called the savvi which is working 1000% and with which i have no problems whatsoever. Leaving home the voyager legend often gets the last word as you drop out of range of the pc. The legend is a really good product whose only drawback (apart from the microphone sensitivity) is the size and weight of electronics behind one’s ear. Everything else is very good.

Great product and definitely recommend.

This is the best bluetooth headset i’ve ever had. The noise cancelling is brilliant, even out in the wind you can be heard clearly. This would be a 5 star review if it wasn’t for the magnetic charging. 3 types of charger in the package is excellent but i have real trouble getting them to stay connected, especially when on the road. Also, the old versions let you charge and use while driving, a great feature i’d like to see back in the future. Brilliant headset plantronics, thanks.

The call volume quality is better than the jawbone era (where people could hardly hear me) but the plantronics voyager edge seems to be the more superior product.

Product arrived quickly and was well packaged. Brought for use in a noisy office environment and works well. Comfortable to wear and good sound. Well made with solid controls. Voice commands and instructions work well.

It’s a great piece of kit love it will never use another kind again can link 2 phones to it.

  • Truly excellent practical choice for home worker
  • Outstanding Headset
  • An excellent product will made and cleverly designed doing a very good job I would recommend this is so good.

Plantronics 87670-02 Voyager Legend Professional Mobile Unified Communication Headset

This is a very good device i’m extremely pleased with its performance.

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