Plantronics .Audio 326 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset : No good for speech recognition

Bought these to replace an old plantronics set because the ear pads had deteriorated. Hopefully these should last as long. Good performance and volume control in the cable is very handy.

I use this for gaming and being lightweight find it very comfortable when wearing for long periods. Quality is good and i have had no problems with it.

5 stars for now the stereo sound quality is good, mic works well. Only time will tell i have had so many headsets where sound disappears from one speaker because of lose wires in the volume & mute controls so we will see. One more thing many people over the years blamed headsets when they stopped working on the mic side of things when it was to do with microsoft windows un checking a box in sounds speech & audio devises.

Got these for use in long conference calls and gaming. Audio quality is ok from headphones and no complaints from people on the other end about microphone quality. Big downside for me is that flicking the switch from mute to high/low often sends a click through to the 3rd pin, triggering siri, music, or worst of all, hanging up a call. I especially wanted an easy mute that didn’t require unlocking my phone, but now i have to use the phone mute, or play roulette with the switch.

Not good quality, but it is hella cheap, so yeah.

It did what was required (for dragon naturally speaking software) and was comfortable to use.

I bought these as i started to do some group syypes and always had to mute the mic. The head set make sit very easy and it is so comfortable you have to remember to remove it.

This is a brilliant headset for the pc, i use it for skype and it works wonders, no static and my voice sounds clear to the people i chat to. I also done a recording of my voice and played it back and was so perfectly clear. The headset is comftable on my head aswell and can adjust it to suit me, i would defo recommend this headset.

  • Good value if you have a quiet computer
  • Great for Skype!

Plantronics .Audio 326 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset

Product Description, Enjoy the rich sound of music and internet and telephony. The Plantronics .Audio™ 326 is a multi-function, full-purpose headset that delivers rich stereo sound to the full range of multimedia-music and games, internet talk, speech recognition, video conferencing, and voice recording. A noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy and voice transmission quality.

Box Contains,

  • .Audio 326 Headset
  • User Guide

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    .Audio 326 Stereo headset

    Ideal for Internet calling, stereo music and gaming.

    Talk, listen and play. Get the most out of multimedia on your PC with the Plantronics .Audio 326. The perfect all-rounder that delivers rich stereo sound to a full range of media–music and games, Internet calls, speech recognition, video conferencing, and voice recording.

    A noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy and the inline controls lets you adjust volume and mute at the press of a button. The bendable boom adjusts for perfect microphone placement and conveniently stows away when not in use. A lightweight, adjustable headband and feather-soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions provide all-day comfort. The .Audio 326 is compatible with popular PC sound cards–just plug it in and start talking, listening and playing.

    Key features

    – Full-range stereo intensifies audio experience

    – Inline controller for music volume, microphone volume and mute

    – Noise-cancelling microphone boosts speech accuracy

    – Adjustable boom assures ideal position

    – Microphone boom stows discreetly out of the way when listening to music and watching DVDs

    – Lightweight and comfortable headband ensures all-day wear

    – Swivel-mounted, soft ear pads provide comfort and acoustic accuracy


    • Speaker driver size 32 mm
    • Speaker frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
    • Speaker impedance 32 Ohms
    • Microphone frequency response 100Hz – 8kHz
    • Microphone impedance 2k Ohms
    • Cable length 1.7 metres
    • Plug type 3.5mm
    • Noise cancelling microphone Yes
    • Microphone boom Rotates and bends
    • Microphone mute Yes
    • Volume controls Yes
    • Wearing style Over-the-head
    • Ear cushion material Soft foam
    • Service and support 2 year limited warranty

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    As you would expect from plantronics.

    Good standard product for the office needs at a good price. With online conference calls, these headsets are an ideal product.

    Perfect for our needs, arrived within two days.

    Just the job for online chats and working with customers ,i dont do gaming but i assume that they work just as well.

    I had one of these at work for skype calls. It is really good for these. I liked it so much that i bought another one for home use where i use skype and also record videos. It is the best thing i have found for recording my voice clearly and loudly. I would definitely recommend this.

    Simple to use and very easy. Plug and play, clear audio and very comfortable headphones to wear. I use these for my internet phone.

    The headset has got very clear sound and excellent microphone. It has noise cancellation control. The only drawback is the length of the cable is short and the controls is too far away from the headset. Unable to clip it closer to the top of your tee-shirt/shirt.

    No good for speech recognition, otherwise good.

    • Good value if you have a quiet computer
    • Great for Skype!

    Plantronics .Audio 326 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset

    These are so good, should of got these earlyer can’t here the wife taking at me now with many thanks so good.

    I have used other plantronics products with dragon naturally speaking but have had difficulty with this headset being picked up correctly by the program, aurally the headset gives a good sound to it. However, as i am disabled and wanted a headset for dictation i am disappointed with this set and have gone back to my old headset that came with software until i can afford the more expensive plantronics headset i have had recommended to me by the ou.

    I bought these to use for my open university language course so i could record my assignments and also to participate in the on-line tutorial. The in-line remote is really handy as you can mute the mic, change how receptive the mic is and adjust the volume of the headset. When i am using these my voice sounds clear both when i am on participating in a tutorial and also when i am recording myself. The headphone quality is a lot better than i expected as all of my previous experience with headsets has been poor, but i found that the sound quality was clear and with no interference. I would definitely recommend these headsets to others.

    Good quality sound need stretching bit tight for ears but they are new.

    Nice headset but a little flimsy. The wire on mine broke near the ears in normal use. They were good enough to buy another set though.

    Fast delivery and great quality.

    Got this to use for skype and lync communications at work and at play. Works well and very strong and portable.

    Speakers work, mic works, remote control works. Cord is too short, cheap ‘loose’ feel to all components. While it does the job, it’s not worth the money. Find a similar product from a different supplier, or buy one of the higher models.

    You can feel this is quite a tough unit and will last a long time, a little bit tight around the head but that will loosen with some stretching over time. I usually have it around my neck so it is no bother. Overall a solidly built headset at a very reasonable price.

    I bought this item as a replacement for the supplied item with dragon naturally speaking. They are not on the “official” nuance list of accuracy checked headsets, but many other plantronics headsets are, so i thought i’d take a chance. I was, initially, a bit disappointed with the poor audio quality scores i was getting with dns. I then tried the ‘phones with my laptop, which also has dns loaded, and got a perfect audio score until the fan kicked in. My conclusion is that the noise cancelling is not a good as it might be. The solution, in my case, was to quieten my pc down with a new case fan and psu. I now have acceptable, although not perfect, audio quality scores. I certainly have a quieter office. I hadn’t realised what a racket my pc was previously making. I find this headset comfortable to wear ( i don’t like the “half-phones” that nuance supply with dns) and the listening quality, for music & dvds etc is very good for the price.

    I wanted a simple and comfortable headset for using with skype, and at a reasonable price. So i bought this plantronics. Audio 326 headset, which i’ve now been using for more than 6 months. It has good features:- the sound quality of the earpieces is great, and according to people at the other end, the sound quality of the microphone is great too. – it has a handy control in the cable with a volume wheel, a switch with 3 settings for the microphone (high/low/mute), and a clip to attach it to your shirt/sweater/etc. The control is positioned around 80cm down the cable from the headset. – the cable length is approximately 2. 1m (from headset to tip of plugs). – at the end of the cable there are two 3. 5mm plugs (earpieces and microphone) which plug into the computer’s audio sockets/sound card.

    This edition of the plantronics basic headset is well designed and a significant improvement over the last edition.

    I purchased this product to use with voice dictation software. For this specific use, the product was not ideal. In particular the microphone was not good enough. However as a general purpose headset i would say performance was acceptable to good, particularly when you consider the very modest price of the earphones, many of which are four or five times the price of this product. As always you get what you pay for, and at the current price this product represents good value for money.

    Worked for about two months then mic wouldnt work at all.

    Great headphones at a great price from a well established company. Plantronics always seem to have the leading edge.

    Good sound quality, happy with product.

    Was okay, shame i have a habit of breaking headsets.

    Features and Spesification

    • Make sure this fits
      by entering your model number.
    • Full-range stereo intensifies audio experience
    • Convenient in-line controls for quick response in the heat of the action
    • Noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech recognition accuracy
    • Stowable boom microphone ensures it is neatly stored when listening to music or watching DVD
    • Lightweight, comfortable stereo headset which can be folded for travel-friendly storage
    • QuickAdjust telescoping, bendable boom assures ideal placement
    • Swivel-mounted, soft ear pads