Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones : Good value, with some flaws.

Very impressed with the product. Very comfortable and pairing was straightforward with my htc one m8 via nfc. Also bought the creative bt-w2 usb adapter for my windows pc which paired easily as well. Noise cancellation has worked really well at work in open plan office, its my first pair of active noise cancelling headphones so i cant compare them to others but it works well for my use case. The music pausing when you take the headphones off and resuming when you put the headphones on is a really useful feature when working in the office and saves me having to find the play/pause buttons over and over. Still a 5 star product but some minor issues for me so far are:1) the headphones being over ear headphones are rather large so the fact they do not fold up like some competitors do makes them rather awkward to fit into a bag. Allowing them to fold inwards and providing a harder shell case would be great improvements in my opinion. 2) the only other minor issue is no easy way to swap between audio streams when you have 2 devices paired. It would have been nice to have a hardware button for this. I contacted plantronics support to confirm there was no way to easily swap audio streams and while they confirmed there was not an easy way to do it, their response was quick and informative.

Very comfortable, great sound quality, brilliant noise cancelling. I use these headphones to play music from my phone in an open plan office next to a road. The noise cancelling completely eliminates the aircon noise, people using the microwave, phones ringing and passing road traffic. Voices near me are much quieter and sound a little flat, it’s a little like hearing someone talk in an anechoic chamber. Sound reproduction is very good, i’d say they’re comparable to my sennheiser hd 215 closed back headphones with high passive noise attenuation. They’re not a flat response curve, they are a little bassy without booming. Volume is good, but not excessive, i find myself listening at lower volumes anyway due to not needing to drown out background noise. Bluetooth audio is a2dp profile, so if you claim to be able to tell the difference between 320kb mp3 and raw, then buy the akg n60nc foldable active noise cancelling on-ear headphones with carry case – black instead. Fit is comfortable, pressure is even and not too strong. They’re not going to stay put through exercise, but they don’t move while nodding along to music at the desk or walking to the kitchen for a coffee.

Really great value for money and great audio quality. Audio quality not designed to be punchy (i. E lots of bass) like some popular brands so probably not a good choice if you like that. The battery lasts a long time between charges and the noise cancellation is quite effective. Range seems to be at least 10m but if you go near an open fridge or running microwave, expect interference. I don’t find the fit to be very tight and too much head movement can cause the headphones to fall forward. The ear cups are very comfortable but can make your ears very sweaty. I tried these once at the gym and that was a very bad idea as the vibration caused the headphones to keep falling forward and the ear cups were filled with sweat. I also don’t think its designed for outdoor use if the weather is poor. Overall at the time of purchase at least, this was by far the best value vs quality product available and i’m sure thats still the case.

These headphones are by far the best sounding headphones i’ve ever owned, i can’t get over how good they sound – and they’re comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. Pros:● connect to two devices simultaneously● active noise cancellation is fantastic● truly excellent sound quality● connect via audio cable (provided) to save battery instead of using bluetooth● make phone-calls using the headphones as hands-free● comfortable enough to wear all day in the office● great feature – press a button and be able to hear the world around you instead of having to remove the headphones● battery life is great● they feel high quality and look greatcons:● these are definitely heavy. You get used to it, but at first you notice it. Worth it for the sound quality. ● i can’t think of anything else bad to say aside from the weight.

These are some of the best headphones i have ever used. They have literally saved my life on my daily commute: i no longer have to listen to students having their early 20s existential crisis conversations. More seriously, though, these headphones tick all the boxes: very comfortable, excellent bluetooth range and connectivity, impressive battery life. They’re a little heavy, so i wouldn’t say they should be used for running, sports etc. The active noise cancellation feature is where these headphones really shine, though. The experience is a little like someone turning down the volume knob of the outside world. It works very well, but don’t have the expectation that you won’t hear anything outside. Ambient noise is reduced, and by enough to enjoy whatever you are listening to. If you are exposed to noise regularly, these could massively boost your quality of life. Plug in with some podcasts and audiobooks and you’ll be happily in your own world.

Had for a few months now, bluetooth function is great, pairs with no issues, they are not the lightest, but i could wear them comfortably for 3 or 4 hours, the pressure people report from some noise cancelling cans does not seem to be an issue at least for me. As for the noise cancelling, don’t think you are going to put them on and the world will go quiet, it takes the edge of plane engines, and dulls the chatter, my noisy neighbour putting in an rsj was dulled for the weekend, but they don’t cancel out the world. Never tried the bose so i cant compare, but i’m happy enough with them, answer phone calls, and general metalica duties are fine.

It took me a while to get used to using these and i have always used good quality earphones. They can become slightly uncomfortable if wearing for a long time and as they are leather you may sweat. Despite this, the sound quality, base, battery life, noise cancelling and build quality are all excellent. I like the feature that when you remove the headphones it stops the music, it’s good for when you forget you had them turned on and pop into another room.

I am very happy with these hp’s and think that as far as blue t h’phones go, they are excellent. Comfortable for long term use with good noise cancelling. Not quite as good as the bose qt on the noise cancelling front, but more than compensates on the tech side. I won’t go into details of the full spec as this is highlighted elsewhere, but these will be replacing my bose on my next plane flight. There have been comments re the bulk of these hp’s. Well if you want the spec, you have to put up with the housing of such. I don’t have any issues with the bulk and i don’t consider that there is any weight consideration either. I have a large size head ( 62cm hat size ) and these fit easily, with room to spare. Bass is adequate, there is a verbal on the battery status when switching on, volume is more than adequate unless you are partially deaf ( vol can be controlled on earphone r side or on device ), and the ability to skip < >tracks is useful as is the pause function which can be activated by a touch or by removing the phones. Pause feature also pauses video as well as sound and phones will connect to two devices simultaneously.

  • battery life still very impressive and super comfortable. The ANC feature is really affective and
  • 2 years on and still going strong!
  • Great headphones, only minor cons, but would definitely recommend!

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic

Style Name:Backbeat Pro  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, CREATE A LONGER PLAYLIST With up to 24 hours of continuous music streaming, BackBeat PRO outlasts most playlists and movie queues. Power-saving features include automatically pausing the streaming audio and active noise cancelling when you slip off your headphones, and a DeepSleep hibernation mode. When the battery finally runs low, switch to the cabled connection to keep listening longer.
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN MUSIC Our signature audio performance delivers all the rich bass, crisp highs and natural midtones of your music and media. Slip on the exceptional comfort and find refuge in a noisy world. Whether working, travelling or just relaxing, switch on the active noise cancelling (ANC) to block out the noise and turn a modern, open office layout, noisy caf​e or long flight into a private concert.
TAKE YOUR MUSIC WITH YOU Wander up to 100 metres away from your paired phone or tablet thanks to Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 technology, controlling your experience using easy-to-find on-ear buttons and familiar-feeling dials. Listen to a movie on your tablet and quickly answer a call without removing your headphones or reaching for your phone. When it’s time to leave, slip these fold-flat headphones into the slim travel sleeve.

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I tried the akg bluetooth headphones, but they were too loose and let in too much noise. I then tried the bose bluetooth, but, although the sound was amazing, they too let in too much noise. These are cheaper than both, but have far more features. They also block out a lot of sound, even without noise cancelling on. I was afraid they would be heavy, but they are actually quite comfortable. I was umming and ahhhing between these and the beats, but these won on price and the fact that you can use them with a cord if the power runs out. You can’t do this with the beats.

The sound quality of these headphones is sensational for the price (. I’ve worn them on the tube, bus, at the office, and whilst walking, and my music and media has sounded crisp and clear. They’re very comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the active noise cancelling technology, whilst not the best, is pretty good. You can still hear faint sounds of people talking around you and street noise, for example. My one issue is that the material on the earcups has begun to separate and fall apart after about a year and a half of low impact use. I’ve seen other reviews that show the same issue, so i can only assume this is a build quality/durability issue. I would recommend paying more for a better built product if you’re able, otherwise these make a fine budget choice for nc bluetooth headphones.

Owned for 2 years and these guys have just given up the ghost. I’ve decided to write their obiturary on the very page i bought them from to pay my respects in full. I have used and abused these headphones from +40*c to -20*c (i have a strange job) and they have stubbornly performed to their upmost. Despite never having heard of plantronics before i bought them, i am now sold on this brands ability to produce high quality audioware. Yes my headphones are dead but holy cr*p, the way i treated them they should have lasted me 4 months at best. Rip my beautiful backbeat pros, you sing for the angels now.

Controls are good and easy to learn. Noise cancelling fairly effective. Power lead is short and only on the left (not good for me). However,after about six months the left ear pad came apart, not good as i only use these at home maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I glued it but it was never going to last and the right is now also going. Meanwhile, the cheaper brand that i bought for my daughter are fine. Ebay does replacement ear pads but at some point i suspect i’ll go back to sennheiser kit.

This baby is the best i have tried. I have ran it continuously for 13 before charge warning. Gives a verbal update of battery levels every time you turn it on and put on the headsetpauses video and music when you take of headset. (can be turned off with the headset updater)gets updates. Bluetooth calls are a breeze and a must with this. Consit tooks soooo beautiful that i’m scared it will be stolenwill be testing out the noise cancellation soon.

Like with neon micro hifi, i took a risk with less known or obvious brand. Fell asleep twice in them, and they didn’t get damaged, just slid off gracefully at night. Usb cable included for charging. Came beautifully boxed, so would be a great present. I’m so happy it was a gift for myself. It tells you when you put on if phone device connected. Press a button, and it even says battery status. Easy twist motion for volume and tracks. I haven’t noticed loss of quality to sound bluetooth vs its wired play times. At the beginning they needed ‘burning’ that is when you let them get used to the volume, so as you start playing, every few moments push its volume limits on the dials and it will let you go higher. I read in reviews with various brands sometimes it’s needed to start off with new headphones. They even have a sturdy protective pouch for storage.

They’re good headphones for audio quality and is compatible with the aptx technology which is a plus. The build of these headphones gives you the confidence that they will last for sometime. You won’t need to charge them that often as they last for 24 hours of constant use which is greatit has anc which could be beneficial for people who want to cut out low noise ambiance. With it being an over-the-ear headset it does a great job in isolating the outside noise in general. They’re not as portable as some you may find on the market with the weight being on the heavier side but not enough to make you ache as they are comfortable and can be used for long durations. One improvement this could have is having a little more height adjustment if someone has a big head.

I’ve had these headphones for around three months now, so i’m going to detail the pros and cons from my perspective:pros:- the sound quality: okay, perhaps i’m not a sound engineer but i love music and have listened to many headphones and these really are good sound. They don’t blow your mind as if you’re hearing music for the first time but they’re surprisingly good in my opinion. – noise cancelling: the anc works well and a lot of people talk about the buzzing when no music is playing or volume is low. I noticed it when i first got them but either i listen to music load enough, or, i never hear it. Don’t let it get to you as soon you won’t hear it. The noise blocking is pretty good, however, on the train i can still hear the announcements in the background when anc is switched on. When flying, the constant sound from engines/air outside was significantly reduced meaning i could listen at a comfortable volume due to not having to drown out that noise. – battery life: this is quite impressive and i would estimate it’s in the region of 20-24 hours as tested. I listen on my commute (40 mins) morning and evening and can also listen to music for a few hours during the day, along with conference calls. I would charge at most once a week.

  • battery life still very impressive and super comfortable. The ANC feature is really affective and
  • 2 years on and still going strong!
  • Great headphones, only minor cons, but would definitely recommend!

Plantronics Backbeat Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Mic

Sound quality is pretty good. Minimal lag when watching videos on my tablet whilst wearing these. Battery life is excellent and really will go on for at least 24 hours of play before charging. Main issues would be that these are heavy, and you never forget you’re wearing them. If worn for prolonged periods they can make your ears ache (not from sound, but from the fit). Also, the black covering around the foam on one of the ear cups has ripped, exposing the foam even though i’ve only had these for 6 months. I presume sweat has eroded the stitching around the seam as i don’t roughly handle these. Overall i would recommend these though. Do a great job for half the price of parrot zik’s.

These are a cracking pair of headphones for the money. I bought them to drown out a noisy commute but couldn’t justify bose prices and i didn’t want in the ear plugs. I’m not an audiophile but listen to streamed music and podcasts on a daily basis and these have been an absolute joy. These are quite a chunky size but have a really high quality feel to the manufacturing and the materials used. Noise cancelling is better than i would have given them credit for and were quite capable of cancelling out the drone of a noisy hovercraft on my daily commute. It is worth remembering that noise cancelling can only do so much and will cancel a consistent drone but made bugger all difference to the noise of my snoring partner. Pairing was the easiest i’ve come across for bluetooth headsets and controls for volume are easily accessed by a wheel/ bezel on one earphone.

I’m sooo happy with this product. . I will buy again and again. Super quality sounds and bass. I’m using this without charging whole week.

I use these every day on the train and metro. They are very comfortable, and keep the sound out. They also keep your sound in – they don’t leak music to others. The inbuilt rechargeable battery is great. No need to find aaa batteries or anything, these have a micro usb port for charging. These headphones are full of features – the noise cancellation can be toggled, nfc bluetooth pairing, there is a play/pause button, forward/backward button, volume control, and a button that redirects the mic to the headphones so you can hear your surroundings without taking them off if you wish. The only problem i had with these headphones is the automatic pause when you take them off. I don’t see the point of it, there is a play/pause button on the headphones so you can just press it when you take them off. The electric/magnetic interference of overhead train wires meant that they were constantly being play/paused when i was stood on the platform.

Wow, i love these headphones. I searched amazon, youtube and google quite literally for days to find a pair of wireless over ear headphones & i’m so pleased these were the outcome. There are so many headphones available and it’s tough to decipher what are best value for money. I have the jabra move headphones which are about £60 and great for the gym. I wanted some better sounding headphones that are overear with noise cancelling. These headphones look great, fantastic quality, very long battery life, good active noise cancellation (not the best but certainly very good), and the sound fundamentally is brilliant. These headphones are comfy, the wireless bluetooth connection is strong. The voice is cool as well with battery levels etc. The size, they are fairly large but they look cool.

Had no worries buying plantronics as they’ve been making robust quality office phone headsets for years. These cans look, feel and sound top quality. I originally had the equivalent 7dayshop headphones which weren’t bad for the price at all, but returned them in favour of these beauties – well worth the extra 45 quid. More powerful, richer sound (especially bass) and quicker & easier to connect to bluetooth. Battery life is amazing – easily 20+hrs with bluetooth & anc on. Controls and features are awesome – so easy to use, and very rare to find at this price point. I would have liked it to cut out more external noise, but it cuts out enough noise on my daily commute for me to enjoy my music/vids much more than before. I’m sure the bose pair have better anc, but then they’re three times the price.

This was worth every penny of the price. The fit is perfect for long sessions even for an old fogey like me. The sound quality is excellent; and the volume more than adequate. I like all sorts of music [if it is worth listening to this headset covers them all. Especially however, i have found my classical collection on my ipod coming through witha new brilliance and tone; and for that alone i would have paid twice the price. Thankyou plantronics for a great piece of audio kit and thank you amazon for making it available. ]

This is almost a great product. I find the sound quality perfectly acceptable. Some of the extra features that persuaded me to buy this product over others seem to work really well on initial use. For example, pausing whatever you’re playing when you take them off is a nice touch. Similarly, being able to hear your surroundings (and your own voice) at the press of a button works. What really lets them down is that the audio quality is choppy from my computer when i also have it connected to my mobile. Since i bought these intending to use them at work in exactly this configuration, this is really disappointing for me. I’ll see if they’re worth using just connected to my computer before deciding whether to return them or not.

I had a pair of bluetooth beats which i thought were good headphones until the band snapped after 6 months of very light use. I returned them and decided to try some different headsets, i tried 2 others before these plantonics that were absolutely rubbish. These headphones are excellent, the sound is on par if not better than the beats, they are as comfy and less than half the price. I only use them around 40 minutes a day and the beats use to last about a week, so far i’ve had these 2 weeks and it still says battery high and i haven’t charged them yet so excellent battery life. Only bad point is the noise cancellation doesn’t seem as good as the beats.

Extremely statisfied with this headphone. Sound quality is excellent via bluetooth. Deep bass without it being thumping. Have only charged them once since buying them early december and i use it everyday for a few hours at least. Love the volume and track skip controlling wheels. So much easier than trying to find little buttons blindly. Noise cancelling is good with low humming sounds like on an plane but don’t expect it to give you complete silence. Tad heavy but to be expected for a bluetooth headphone with so much features. Cups cover my ears and are very comfortable. More prominent when on the head than other headphones but i like the all black understated look.

Everything about them is class. Robust yet elegant in design and so easy to operate. I love the two large circular dials on each can to control volume and skip/ff a track. Battery is excellent lasting that many hours i forget when they were last charged. I have large ears and wear glasses and where other cans would make the ears hurt after a short spell these give no issues whatsoever. I waited and waited for these to come down in price. . I should have just bought them on day one.

Pros:- unboxed this today, charged it for 3 hours and paired with my pc and phone no problems at all. – installed the update software on the pc and updated and changed preferences easily. – i was surprised by the full size, yet the very lightweightedness of these headphones, especially considering the long 24 hour stated play time. – i have to say the sound is amazing. Deep, rich, crisp bass, yet very clear sound throughout. – the call functions work very well and clear. I was extremely impressed with the active noise cancellation. It took away all the noise and car rumble next to a busy main road, yet let through the birds singing, which was really surprising. I can’t wait to try this on london underground tubes when i commute- i have a windows phone lumia 1520. The track forward, rewind, start, stop, volume work well on the phone and pc. Cons: *not quite as loud as beats by dre, but certainly more deep, rich sound. – *beats by dre are able to attain higher volumes by cutting low bass, typically below 50 hz, which are very hard for most transducers to reproduce accurately and they also require more power. By so by cutting low bass, they can perform louder but at the loss of low atmosphere-creating bass. They may also use resonant harmonics to try to mimic low bass.

This review is overdue, but for the 1st time today i’ve tried these headphones cabled in: they sound lame, lack depth and detail, although turning on noise cancelling adds a bit of crispness. Turn of the power and wack up the volume, and they become seriously boomy, with mids and highs sounding flat. You could amp them up, but you’d also need eq. But waitthe backbeat pros are wireless headphoneswhip out the cable and bluetooth kicks in, and with it depth. The base is well stated but no longer boomy and never distorted, the midranges balanced and rich, the soundstage wide and uncluttered. Switch on the noise cancelling and the base (which is the region where the nc really operates) is slightly suppressed, arguably where it should be, and the mids even crisper. Listen to a nice and open acoustic track, like ed sheeran’s one, and appreciate the detail: the breathing, scratching on the fretboard, beautiful lyrics. I’ve owned twice as expensive headphones, and they’ve sounded muffled in comparison. I’ve also owned headphones with better nc, but none of the depth and crispness. And i’ve tried the qc25’s which produce utter silence, but the sound is not as nice and they are cabled.

Superb quality, love the dual bluetooth connections. So glad to have left wired headphones at last. Works a treat with my apple tv4 as well so it’s great for late night/early morning viewing or just walking around the house with music. Battery life is terrific and reports in to my iphone on remaining percentage. Anc isn’t bad but is only really useful for planes. I flew recently and it made the flight ultimately more bearable. Only negative is the weight of the headphones after sustained usage.

I went through three different bluetooth headphones and this is the first pair that ticks all the boxes. – battery life is exactly as promised- sound quality is comparable to good wired headphones- super comfortable, padding feels nice in contact with your skin, but it is also easy to clean (unlike my audio technica ath-ad700 which hoover up every dust particle and are annoying to clean)- range is rock solid, my phone can stay on the table while i go to the other room and there are zero drops (10-15 metres with a wall between headphones and phone)- might not be super cheap, but it’s also not outrageously expensive, solid value in my opinionthere is a little bit of lag though in some situations. I use it with my iphone 6s and ipad air 2 with ios 10 betas and two windows 10 desktop pcs. On ios video playback is fine, seems like they are using some sort of algorithm to offset the delay in youtube, twitch, hbo go, netflix and streaming in safari and puffin. On my windows 10 pcs it’s a bit more hit and miss. On one pc it’s great when streaming anything in chrome or playback in vlc. On the other, the delay is small, but noticeable. They don’t use the same bluetooth dongle though, so this might be the issue. The one which works well is some asus dongle, while the slightly problematic one is some supermarket bin no name. I’ll try to update the review when i get the same dongle for the other pc.

In short, absolutely fantastic headphones. Noise cancelling works very well on trains and in the office. Cups also give good isolation. I found the music on some bose noise cancelling headphones i borrowed to be slightly muffled. The bass is so very well defined, and all instrument sounds are all wonderfully separated. I can hear parts of songs i’d never heard before. Not having a cable trailing about is not to be underestimated. I use the volume control all the time. Personally, i switched off the function that pauses the music if you take the headphones off because i found it stopped if i had an itch on my left ear. Can’t recommend these enough. And now far cheaper than i paid for them.

Audio quality is really good but noise cancelling could be better. Also, if you want to use the feature of having 2 devices connected at the same time, make sure both of them are really close to you. When, for instance, you are listening to something on your ipad on your bedroom and your iphone is on your living room, the song will intermittently ‘fail’ (stop for a second). Not a big deal but annoyed me until i realise when the ‘failing’ was coming from so i just keep both devices close to me or disconnect the one im not listening to.

I bought these to take on holiday, as i can’t stand the noise inside an airplane. They were a replacement for a decade-old set of foldaway sennheiser noise cancelling headphones. The old ones were an ‘on-the-ear’ design which i found became quite uncomfortable after a little while. These, on the other hand, are well padded and sit ‘over-the-ear’, surrounding rather than pressing on it. Leading to the fist point, comfort: i had no problem wearing them four hours at a time, the top band is well padded too. Battery life: they last all day long. I think they quote 24 hours use. I never managed to run them down, even travelling with music all day. Noise-cancellation: very good. They beat my previous set, which at the time were quite expensive.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Up to 24 hours continuous wireless streaming
  • Automatic music play/pause when headphones are put on/removed
  • DeepSleep mode puts headphones into hibernation device, when away from device, extending battery life up to 6 months
  • Up to 100m* range from Class 1 Bluetooth device. Connects To Tablet,Mac (3.5mm),PC (3.5mm),Mobile Phone,Mobile Phone (3.5mm),Tablet (3.5mm)
  • On-demand Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)