Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Stereo Bluetooth USB Headset – Great integration with Skype for Business

For the price, you’d expect a perfect product, but sadly there are issues- noise cancelling only works on bass sounds (which is true for all active noise cancellation, apparently). So it will get rid of the hum of air conditioning, but you’ll still hear everyone talking around you. Passive noise cancellation is what stops you from hearing other people talking, and that means better padding than these headphones have. – the active sensors which determine whether you are wearing the headphones aren’t reliable and have to be repeatedly reset. I’ve turned the feature off in the end, so the headphones always think they are being worn. – clamping is quite hard and after hours of use, they start to feel uncomfortable. – there’s no graphic equaliser. – you only get a soft case, so need to buy a hard one. – they don’t seem to support aptx, which a lot of android devices do support – this would increase the sound quality from the phone. – the pc usb dongle flashes continuously when listening music.

Had a replacement pair of these as plantonics support said a faulty pair may be the issue, but the nc is so negligible that they are not fit for purpose for a commute. Good for calls, although some said my voice wasn’t as natural when holding the phone to the ear.

I’ve been testing the plantronics 8200 side by side with the bose qc35ii. It would seem i have a bit of a dilemma, the bose are fantastic with noise suppression both passive and active. The sound from the bose to my ear (playing some laid back isley brother ‘summer breeze’) is good if a little flat. The plantronics in comparison gets no where near for noise reduction passive or active. To be honest after using the bose i thought the plantronics were faulty so i got another pair. Sound wise i think the plantronics are a little more dynamic and i much prefer them. However when it comes to using them for voice, the plantronics are miles ahead for clarity in both directions incoming calls are clear and outgoing your voice is well isolated from background noise. The person i called from my busy office mentioned how good they were before i asked. So in essence, if we say the use case spectrum goes from business use to listening to music in fairly quiet environs you will need to decide where on that spectrum you sit most of the time and what you find more important. If you travel often on any public transport and value quiet above all else then the bose qc35mk2 are going to be extremely hard to beat.

Contentscloth bag – this is a nice touch and feels like a reasonable quality bag for a premium product, made from a material that feels durable. I personally like the fact that it is lined and will protect your headphones from knocks and accidental bumps. The additional pocket to store a couple accessories supplied is handy and doesn’t add additional bulk. Usb dongle – although i have not used the product yet i was a little surprised and disappointed to see this. For a premium bluetooth product i didn’t expect to receive a dongle and i’m hoping this is just to cover all eventualities for those who don’t have bluetooth embedded into a device. This device has been updated since original production and now has a reseated button to enter pairing mode. Instruction card – i like this touch and it is simple yet affective, small enough to keep in the device bag. Charging cable & speaker cable – again nice that everything is included and yet small enough to keep in the bag without being too bulky. Headphones – first impressions – wow just wow, first glance i’m really impressed with them, exactly what i’ve been looking for and can’t wait to try them out. The device has enough weight to feel both sturdy to live up to everyday use as well as having a comfortable look and feel.

I spend alot of time on skype etc so makes things alot more comfortable. The noise cancelling on the mic is good, especially when working in busy spaces. The ambient noise cancelling is a bit disappointing it only cancels rumbling and background noise not voices etc. Also open mic is not very sensitive so not really useful.

I replaced my plantronics backbeat pro 2 with these, as i make a lot of skype for business calls in the office. My only gripe would be that i wish the noise cancelling was better; i cannot hear much difference at all between the two different settings. That said, the n/c is absolutely fine for a noisy office environment, and people have commented how clear my voice sounds at their end (with no source noise being transferred through the call).

I’ve had many headsets, mostly corded but also had a wireless one the corsair h2100, the only thing this one was subpar to it was the bluetooth range by a couple meters. However, those couple meters were made up for with unbelievable sound quality and epic features such as the side controls as well as the bluetooth app for easy firmware updates. The smoothness in its ability to switch between devices also makes it an amazing travel headset.

Excellent audio, good build quality, comfortable on the ear for long periods. You can plug in by cable too. I’ve used it for a voip call and the audio was excellent. I have yet to use it for voip calls in noisy places – looking forward to trying the noise cancellation. Handy to have the mic built into the headset and not sticking our on a stalk.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 5 stars if you use them a lot for calls, 3 stars for noise cancelling so 4 in total.
  • They are growing on me
  • Premium Headphone that is worth the money