PMD Personal Microderm: The At-Home Microdermabrasion Kit

If you’re a regular on this blog and have seen the vast array of skincare posts dotted around, you’re probably aware of my skin type by now. If not, I have dry skin which appears dull and often features a bit of redness around the nose and cheeks too, plus large pores. just lovely. When it comes to improving my skin, I’m up for trying everything available – from store bought goods to homemade masks, just to trial what really works for me. This time round I’ve been trying the PMD Personal Microderm*; a personal microdermabrasion kit for safe, at-home use.PMD Personal Microderm 1

A couple months ago I was offered the opportunity to receive a free microdermbraision treatment at a local salon through this blog, which I was all excited for. However after doing my research on the treatment and the upkeep thereafter for the most effective results, I soon realised this one free treatment would then cost me an extra £250 of my own money to actually see ongoing results as time went on…ouch.

Professional skin treatments can be pricey, but often you’re paying for great results that last, so long as you’re committed. But that’s when I was introduced to PMD, a personal microderm device for safe use at home. Although a steep £135 (many discount codes available throughout the year, just keep an eye out), this is a one off fee for ongoing use. I’ve been using this product for 5 weeks now and wanted to share with you my thoughts so far – spoiler alert, it’s flippin’ amazing!PMD Personal Microderm 2

So, what does Personal Microderm do?

This small and wonderful device works to remove the dead, dull skin cell barrier – hallelujah for us dry skin sufferers – increase, blood flow and stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin for more youthful looking skin. The results? Bright and smooth skin with even skin tone and texture, reduced appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and large pores.

But, that’s what it says on the box. Does it actually provide these results when using this device at home? Let’s find out…

As I said, I’ve been using this for 5 weeks now – once every week. Skin clinics recommend various treatment lengths from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, whereas with the use of this product others recommend a whole 8 weeks before noticing real results…but 5 weeks is offering more than I expected right away! This is something I will definitely be continuing with on a weekly basis, but I believe as the weeks go on I’ll be cutting back to a bi-weekly treatment as a test.

The device features an exclusive patented spinning disc with aluminum oxide crystals which exfoliate away the dead, dull cells on the surface of the skin. This is what really does the magic for me. It’s a weird sensation on the skin, I’ll admit. It’s vacuum technology helps suck everything up as you move it across the surface of your skin, which is also what helps with the improved blood flow.

As I suffer with very dry skin, exfoliating is something I incorporate into my skincare regime weekly, but it only works to a certain extent. If you suffer with dry skin too, this device is a way more effective method to removing dead skin cells to achieve smooth skin and get rid of the annoying dry texture (dry patches) you can find dotted around your face.

If you’ve done your research on other microdermabrasion devices (maybe you’re looking for a more affordable one to trial), one thing you need to note is that the suction power is a vital element to the treatment. Yes, it feels weird – but it doesn’t hurt. Yes, it sounds odd. But, it feels good and offers amazing results. Not only does the suction power remove dead skin cells for ultimate exfoliation, but it then helps the skin’s surface to soak in products to make your moisturiser as such, a lot more effective – keeping your skin hydrated to the max.PMD Personal Microderm 3

The results

Immediately after the first treatment I did notice my skin felt a lot smoother, but no different to that if I had just manual scrubbed with my bog standard exfoliator. However after the 3rd or 4th treatment, it definitely felt noticeably smoother in a different way – the texture of my skin was much better and genuinely just felt healthier, as well as looking much better. Plus, the benefit to this is that my makeup sits on the skin A LOT better. Base products have always been an issue for me due to them clinging to dry patches, but now I feel like I can achieve a flawless base with no effort at all.

As for my dull skin, it now looks noticeably brighter. I still have redness to my skin and my skin can look extremely red immediately after each treatment, even 5 weeks in, but this is simply due to the increased blood flow. I’ve found no irritation to my skin to date, which was a main concern of mine initially as I have fairly sensitive skin.

If you’re looking to invest in a skincare device/tool that genuinely offers results it claims to offer, then I can highly justify the price tag of this product. Although an investment to begin with, it lasts and offers the results you want and has all the features and accessories you need for a highly effective treatment.



*gifted product