Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phone – Expandable – Good sound quality

After holding back on spending on a conference phone for my home office, i finally decided to buy a proper conference instrument to use for regular voice conferences. I should have bought the polycom 300 earlier. Great clarity and even removes the echo created by a delegate phoning in on their cellphone. Now able to sip my coffee with the device on mute until it is my turn to speaka must for the soho market.

Extremely compact with superb audio quality and better than the polycom soundstation 2 that it replaced (a complete end to ‘it’s very echoey where you are’. One star less strictly for the lack of an lcd, it would have been useful for directory purposes, otherwise immensely happy.

Purchased the polycom soundstation 2 conference phone and wasnt at all impressed. Managed to get a refund and purchased this instead. The sound quality is so much better and easy to set up. Purchased a 2nd had one which was alot cheaper and works like newstrongly recommended.

Unfortunately it did not work. However the feedback was good and i got a refund.

Using this phone with voice over ip and it is excellent. I would hve given 5 stars if it had a last number redial and/or a number memory.

Great reception all around office. Came with wrong cable but have been promised that they will send a new one. . Otherwise great conference phone.

I have started to use this conference phone daily but i wish there was a better designed alternative on the market at this price point. As someone who has to listen into remote team calls for an hour or two each day this phone does the job and the audio quality is excellent in both directions. I particularly like the no nonsense glowing red indicators when i am on mute, the unmute button is also relatively easy to hit in a hurry when i want to jump into the conversation though in a perfect product this button would be 3 times larger. So why only 3 stars?the absence of a small phonebook memory is a real problem given that the typical user will be dialing into a small set of conference access numbers and using numeric passcodes. There is no display to double check key presses during dialing. The device has poor quality electronics which means it gets warm 24 hours a day and draws 6. 5 watts even when on-hook and idle. Furthermore there is a continual white noise hissing from the speaker when on-hook, i have to pull the mains plug out to stop this.

Clear phone for business usage.

The product came in flash time. I managed to use it following week after i ordered it. The sound quality is just fine. It was well packed for the delivery.

The first phone sent had a faulty power supply which smelled bad and then failed after about 5 minutes. I sent it back and a replacement was dispatched the same day. I had to pay for return postage, but otherwise can’t complain. The new phone works very well.

We purchased this product to replace a desk phone in our boardroom, which had very poor quality pick-up beyond a few feet, and the speakerphone sound was often distorted. The polycom soundstation 2 has provided a much better solution and was very simple to install.

This is a great conference unit. I’ve used polycom and other makes of conference phones for many years, and this was perhaps the best value for money unit i’ve purchased so far. Sound quality is better than the older but much higher end units i have access to. Some of the finish on the plastics are a bit rough, but only noticable if you’re looking.

Excellent very good high-quality conference phone. I am using it as a normal desk phone in my fairly small office and beauty is that i just never never need to pick up a receiver and i have quality chris telephone calls all the time. Expensive for my purposes, sheet for its intended purpose of perhaps 10 or 12 people sitting around a conference desk, but from my point of view absolutely wonderful. Here are the specifications for the Polycom Soundstation 2 Conference Phone – Expandable:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Superior voice quality
  • Full duplex operation (2-way)
  • Cellphone connectivity
  • LCD display
  • Echo cancellation
  • Increased microphone pick up
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated keypad
  • Mute button
  • Flash key
  • Easy to install
  • Standard analogue telephone jack
  • Excellent sound qual

Good fast service and great product.

It doesn’t avoid the whole speakerphone sound entirely, but its a material upgrade on my last one. No mobile noise means just that too, which is a huge relief.

Received with thanks, not yet used. I am certain that it will be fine once we use it, probably next week.

We use this daily and the quality it very good.

Excellent buy compared with price of new soundstation, works well, no complaints, only thing missing is the box and handbook.

Very clear sound, easy to use, not over-complicated with unnecessary confusing features / buttons. Just the thing for my home office (and probably a normal office of course).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Just good enough is not good enough
  • Extremely compact, superb audio, no complaints!
  • Excellent