Polycom Speaker USB CX100 Desk Phone Communicator – – Excellent speaker and mics

Required speakerphone for conference calls using microsoft lync. Had experience of a similar unit working effectively for this purpose. This unit is easy to use and works perfectly providing excellent audio capabilities. Certainly recommend as an effective, compact unit which delivers good audio communication.

Vastly superior performance compared with my laptop built-in microphone and speaker. Two handy features make this stand out: firstly the usb cable neatly folds into the back of the product making it very easy to slip into a brief case, or even a pocket. Second, there is a clear easy-to-use mute button. This was a real boon as using the screen-based mute button on skype for example can be awkward during conversations. Further, it auto-installed in seconds on my windows 7 laptop.

I needed a desk top speakerphone for my cisco soft phone as was spending hours in calls with a headset. After a bit of research settled on this one. Although it does say it is optimised for lync it will work with the cisco communicator soft phone too. I had a bit of hassle setting it up, but seems much if that was down to me plugging it into a usb hub rather than direct to the laptop. Once direct connected it worked fine with windows 7. Comes with a nice case and the cable stores in the back of the unit itself too. Not cheap, but for me it does what i wanted and expect it to last.

You have to be careful when wrapping the cable around the back of the unit – the cable is thin & fragile & my previous one of these shredded which it really shouldn’t do.

I use this with lync / skype on a variety of laptops. It has always worked with no set up needed. I have used it in meetings of up to 10 people with no problems.

I bought this for work conference calls using lync. The polygon cx100 unit is every bit as clear as my polycom desktop phone. Great microphone pick up and brilliant speaker. Also has a headphone socket. Easy to install as plug and play, and the portable case and cable tidy is very neat. One of my better investments.

This little voice conference unit provides absolutely first class call qualities – i am told the microphone works extremely well even some way from the unit, and the quality of sound is pretty much identical to the caller being in the room with you. It is super easy to set up – just plug it into a usb port. Because the unit is apparently permanently fixed so that its controls only work in conjunction with microsoft lync. It will of course also work with skype, provided you use skype’s on-screen controls, and no doubt anything else that can be piped to a microphone and speaker. This sounds like a commercial decision rather than a technical one – the version hooked into skype is currently more expensive than the lync one, presumably because skype is a bigger market. Linked to this software affinity is, apparently, a complete lack of ability to upgrade it or reconfigure it in any way. (for some people that may well sound like a very attractive attribute, but for others it looks a bit limiting. What happens, for example, if lync is updated so that it no longer meets this unit’s expectations?).

If you use moc and you work from home this device is a must have. Wearing headphones all day long is no fun – and now i no longer have to do so. This device is solidly made and feels ‘quality’. The sound is excellent, and it works seamlessly with moc and livemeeting – but don’t buy it if you want to use it with anything else – it won’t double up as a speaker.

Does exactly as it says on the tin :).

I wanted a small speakerphone unit to travel with my surface pro 2 device – although the built-in speakers/microphones are fine on the surface, they don’t work well brilliantly when trying to involve an entire meeting room in a conference call. As per the other reviews, the on/off-hook buttons are specific to lync (and ocs), but the volume up/down and mute buttons work fine with any application. Indeed, i’ve been able to host great conference calls in a reasonably large meeting room via skype. Another perk is that the polycom cx100 is recognised as a full speaker/microphone set. I’ve been able to record audio directly into onenote – great for capturing the audio in meetings for future reference. Sound quality is great – i’ve had no complaints about the audio from my side, and the microphones appear to pick up voices from all directions – even from speakers placed at a distance behind the polycom unit. I’d have no problems recommending this unit – a great portable device with top quality sound. If only the on/off-hook buttons worked with skype.

Here are the specifications for the Polycom Speaker USB CX100 Desk Phone Communicator –:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Hands free freedom
  • High fidelity wideband voice quality
  • Microphones with 360-degree pickup – 2
  • Easy to use
  • Built in stereo headphone port
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology
  • Portable solution for CD-quality music and presentation audio
  • Wideband audio providing excellent range for small group conversations
  • Seamless voice and video communications
  • Connects and powers through integrated USB cable
  • LED indicators display incoming, muted active and voicemail calls
  • Integration with audio capabilities on Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Integration with audio capabilities Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007
  • Ultimate Portability
  • Weight – 151 grams (5.4 ounces)
  • Ships with integrated USB cable, user guide, neoprene carry case

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Top quality technology at a reasonable price
  • Works best with Lync, but still good with everything else.
  • Excellent speaker and mics