PORTTA HDMI SWITCH SPLITTER 4×4 Matrix : Faulty power adapter

So far so good, we’ll see how it goes longer term but seems to be alright. Simple to set up and operate.

Good quality have not used yet.

Found this only works on my setup with 4 inputs but only 3 outputs. Signal drops on 4th output everytime it is connected. 3 inputs are from satellite boxes – 1 from egreat android tv box. Output cables 1x5m,1x 10 mt, 1×15. The one that drops out all the time is only 2 m. At the price happy overall as picture quality is good but would have been good to have all 4 outputs available as it is sold as a 4×4 matrix.

This works great as a replacment for the cheaper multi-hdmi ports. As an added bonus it has two outs each with seperate controls, this way you can select any of the four hdmi input to go to either tv. I had previously bought an hdmi splitter for this function. I also bought an ir boster wireless remote control ir extender repeater transmitter receiver blaster emitter usb power supply battery operated 1080p for pc dvd sky hd box ps3 ps4 satellite box so that i wont need to be in ‘line of sight’ of the unit to control it remotely.

I love this thing, have it setup for three different tvs including one in another room which i use an ir extender for, brilliant piece of kit.

Nice hdmi matrix, which does exactly what i needed – i can push sky, ps3, dvd to 3 different tvs, and they can all watch the same, or all different. Great for throwing the kids off the ps3 when i want to watch tv, they just move to the next room, and flip the screen across. Just a note, the leds are quite bright. It does not worry me, but i can see if you put it close to the tv, and are watching a film in a darkened room, then it might be disturbing.

Great to use with 4 sources to 2 different screens. Uses it in the car with mini-pc, chromecast and nintendo switch. Some difficulties occurs occasionally. It has happened that the picture goes black when changing source but it returns when changing again.

  • So far so good!
  • Output A will not work for me.
  • Works but flickers from time to time – remote is pointless

Portta HDMI SWITCH SPLITTER 4×4 Matrix with Remote control RS-232 and DC Adapter Support Full-3D 1080P HDCP1.3

Size Name:HDMI Matrix  |  Style Name:4×4 Matrix
Product Description, Portta 4×4 HDMI Matrix (with RS232) lets you share up to 4 distinct HDMI or DVI inputs (using DVI to HDMI adapters – not included), with audio, between 4 independent displays or projectors. Providing convenient front push-button and RS232 PC software control, this matrix switch allows each input and the corresponding audio to be switched individually, meaning that different A/V sources can be shown on each output, or a single source can be output to several offering maximum flexibility. The matrix features front LED display for easy status monitoring, plus an included remote control for simple control from a distance. Feature •Four HDMI 1.3 input signals switched or split to four HDMI 1.3 sink devices •HDCP 1.3 protocol compliant •Support deep color 30bit, 36bit •Support Blue-Ray 24/50/60fps/HD-DVD/xvYCC •Digital audio format, as DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD •Support input up to 10metres AWG26/AWG28 HDMI 1.3 standard cable length,output up to 15metres AWG26/AWG28 cable length •Inputs can be switched with the IR remote control,serial RS-232 remote port control, also can be controlled by four buttons. •With the smart function of memory, it can come back to the latest status when restarted or reconnected. •No loss of quality Operating and Connecting: 1) Connect all source devices to the HDMI inputs on the matrix 2) Connect the HDMI/DVI displays to the outputs on the matrix. 3) Connect the 12VDC power supply to the matrix. 4) Use IR remote control、Panel Button or RS232 Software to remotely switch between sources. Package contents: Portta 4×4 HDMI Switch Matrix x1, 12V DC Power Adapter x1, Remote Control x1,CD-ROM x1, Mounting Ears x2, Rubber Foot Pads x4, User Manual x1, Warranty Card x1(5 Years Worry-free Warranty).

Box Contains, Main unitPower Adapter

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Verry good easy to use verry good delivery.

All combinations of input/output without issues.

Excellent matrix , feels very well made with an all metal case- but insanely set of bright leds. The matrix runs as it should but has a few negative points, it is slow to change over device and there is no way of changing device unless you are in the room where the matrix resides. The whole point i thought was you could use any device in any room , which is true but you have to do all that changing at the matrix, there is no facility to add extra ir emitters to make this what it really should do. I bought this from amazon warehouse at a cheap price for a matrix with four outlets, but at full price i’m not so sure i would have paid the price it’s sold for. Overall it does what i want it to at a price i wanted to pay but if i had to pay full price i would consider if it’s worth paying a little extra for more convenience.

Arrived quickly and well packed. Works as expected but a little slow in changing the selection. If one stream is already being displayed, it blanks out temporaryily if a second device then displays the same stream.

Bought this to replace the one installed by my tv engineer which was cutting in and out every few seconds. Have some trouble with this doing the same, but only occasionally, not sure why.

Quick delivery works perfectly.

Works well with many hdmi sources, easy to use.

It’s a little complicated to work out what channels to select, but once you’ve fiddled about with it for a while you’ll figure it out. The remote only works from about 1m away, so it’s completely pointless. I’ve had this for a few months now and when watching a movie or something on netflix the screen will flicker only once or twice during the viewing. Doesn’t make it unwatchable, just annoying really.

  • So far so good!
  • Output A will not work for me.
  • Works but flickers from time to time – remote is pointless

Portta HDMI SWITCH SPLITTER 4×4 Matrix with Remote control RS-232 and DC Adapter Support Full-3D 1080P HDCP1.3

Edit – i ordered almost the exact same model again (the exact same one without the coax port on the back was out of stock). This one arrived with a uk plug, and it works perfectly so far. . Will come back and update this review if that changes. Sending old one back now for a refund. —-i spent ages testing this and making sure i wasn’t being stupid with different leads and different devices. Output b works 100% for me even with 5m and 17m. Output a refuses to work at all. It’s a shame as it seems solidly built and the cables fit in very deeply and snugly (unlike the last hdmi matrix i had which stopped working after a few years). I’ll have to get it sent back.

When working the product is great but mine arrived with the power block doa. Unfortunately the project it was purchased for was delayed a few months so by the time it was unboxed it was too late to return. I had to go to maplins that day and pay £34. So beware of this when purchasing.

Features and Spesification

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  • 【HDMI Matrix 4X4】Switch HDMI 1.3 input signals switched or split to 4 HDMI 1.3 sink devices, distribute any source to any display, the four output signals can be different or the same output at the same time, great HDMI distribution product for your Blu-Ray Players, satellite receivers and game consoles.
  • 【Wide Digital Audio Compatibility】Supports LPCM 7.1, DTS, and Dolby Digital,Let you Enjoy Various Auditory Feasts.
  • 【Full HD Support】Maintain highest resolution up to 60/50HZ @1080P, backward compatible with 60/[email protected], 60/50HZ @720P, 60/[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • 【Rmote Control Function】Control the matrix switcher through Press the front panel push-buttons, RS-232 PC port and IR remote included for simple control and flexible switching options. 【Optimal Signal Transmission】This units contain in-built automatic equalisation and amplification to ensure optimum signal transmission without loss in video/audio quality. HDCP 1.3 Compliant.
  • 【Package Contents】Portta 4×4 HDMI Switch Matrix x1, 12V DC Power Adapter x1, Remote Control x1,CD-ROM x1, Mounting Ears x2, Rubber Foot Pads x4, User Manual x1, Warranty Card x1(5 Years Worry-free Warranty).