PowerDoF Digital Programmable : it is worth buying.

This is a great no frills product, it makes coffee, that’s it. I use this pot daily, connected to my solar power system. I get 3 mugs of coffee without draining my battery bank. Another good feature is that when its off, it is really off. It doesn’t have a clock or other bells and whistles using power when the appliance is not in use. Besides i already have a clock on the stove, the microwave and 1 on the wall, i don’t need another. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Makes coffee, not too much, just enough. 14-oz(420ml) of water produces 24 oz of coffee. Toss a paper filter in (4-5 cup filter works best, you can fold a 12 cup filter to work if you need too) 2 heaping scoops of coffee grounds and in 10 minutes you have coffeeyou have to wait till it is done brewing to pour your self a cup, if you remove the pot, there is no stopper on the maker and coffee keeps coming out and onto the hot plate. If waiting 10 minutes for a cup is a problem for you, you need to seek professional help. This is a small, sturdy, coffee maker for a small area and it does what it should at a very reasonable price.

Easy to use, you can set a timer so you have coffee ready for you in the morning. It’s really easy to clean and works quickly. You can buy any brand of ground coffee so you’re not tied into expense products. The cup holds a good sized coffee and keeps it hot for quite a while. Was a really well received gift.

Tried a couple of these now and this seems to be a pretty good one. I use it mostly to wake up to my morning coffee and what i like is, when using just a normal mug instead of the thermos, it doesn’t spit coffee everywhere like others i’ve had do. Takes a few minutes to brew and makes a pretty hot cup of joe.

Makes about 2-3 cups of coffee quickly, it doesnt scold the coffee and the warmer keeps the carafe just the right temperature. I also like that it does not auto shut off so my coffee is still warm hours later. I was going to take a star off because the first one i received was missing its brew basket and cup. But because of the hassle free return to amazon, i had a replacement in two days.

This is a wonderful coffee maker. Perfect for on the go or just to drink in the morning at home. The finished coffee is really hot and stays that way for a long time in the insulated mug. For best results, use a coarse grind to eliminate fine particles falling through the reusable filter. I highly recommend this little coffee maker. . Great coffee and very good price.

Nice little coffee maker – perfect for my office if i feel like making just a cup for myself, or enough for a colleague, as well. Seems sturdy enough and works well, what more could you ask for?. Oh, just be sure to buy the round filters, not the cone type.

I already used this machine over week. This machine is quick and easy to set up. Cleaning the filter is simply and easy with some running water. Great for making a cup to take with you when going out.

  • Great little coffee machine
  • Very pleased
  • nice coffee maker

PowerDoF Digital Programmable, Automatic Drip Glass Coffee Maker, Plastic

Product Description, Features: Anytime and anywhere, brewing a cup of personal coffee in convenient and cost-effective way. Ideal for your easy-home style and modern on-the-go lifestyle. Single cup coffee maker with 14-oz(420ml) travel mug with permanent filter Mug fits in most automobile cup holders One-touch operation switch with light indicator 2-in-1 to brew ground coffee and soft coffee pod 24 hour programmable timer with blue backlight Automatic switch off With travel mug Specifications: Product Name: One-Cup Coffee Maker Rated Voltage: 120V/220V-240V Working Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated Power: 650-750W Capacity: 420ml Package Includes: 1 x One-Cup Coffee Maker 1 x Travel Mug

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I bought this for my office and it’s perfect, simple and fits anywhere. Keep in mind it’s cheap, so be careful with the glass jar.

Bought this as a replacement for a coffee maker. It is great for narrow apartment kitchens. Sits right on top of microwave for easy access and daily use. The coffee maker is efficient and outputs great tasting coffee. It’s also easy to remove the different parts for regular cleaning. This will be easy to store and take care of. Can’t beat it for the price.

Perfect size for making one large mug and a 1/2 (5cups) enough caffeine for one hopped up person or two coffee sippers. Usually hot enough for most people but i like mine near scalding (especially adding 1/2 and 1/2)so 1 minute in microwave. One plus is cord is long enough unlike some makers which give you this 6″ thing that just reaches. Great price-good also for the workplace.

Quick delivery and a great coffee maker, love it.

Thai is a fab coffee maker, coffee is always piping hot. I set the timer for coffee in the morning and its ready for me coming out the shower.

Bought this cute little coffee maker for my father in law who is 93 because it would be easy for other people to make him coffee and he could use it with his regular coffee. Easy to fill, easy to load the coffee, makes the coffee very hot which is important to him. It’s a great buy and a great little coffee maker. I think it would probably make a great little travel coffee maker.

Used multiple times daily for a few months now and its been fantastic. Easy to program an automatic brew. Easy to do one when you please. The cup is quite durable as well as its been everywhere with me so far and still going strong. Only (slight) downside i can see is the performance of the plastic filter that comes with it is going to degrade with time but that is it.

This little coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee. I have owned a really expensive ‘one cup’ coffee maker, and this inexpensive machine makes as good as the other did. It is small and does not take up a lot of room on the counter, which is another plus.

  • Great little coffee machine
  • Very pleased
  • nice coffee maker

PowerDoF Digital Programmable, Automatic Drip Glass Coffee Maker, Plastic

My husband loves his coffe, we have three coffee makers at home (we use all three) and he wanted to take one for our weekend trip. I found this one, which is much smaller and more convenient for travel, and he loves it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to pack in the car.

Bought for my son, he has been using it daily, sets the timer for when he starts work early coffee ready to go, good present, his words.

I bought this to replace my second kitchenaid personal coffee maker. This is just as good but smaller and quieter. The mug seems good but i transfer the hot coffee to a vacuum insulated travel mug (also purchased from amazon) which keeps the coffee hot for 3 hours or so. It’s great being able to make the coffee to your own taste and it being a tenth of the price of a shop bought coffee.

Knock at the door an amazon delivery of the coffee maker i ordered on friday. I have used this coffee maker for years. It has served me well for several years. I didn’t hestitate to choose this product again. I never cease to be amazed at the service amazon provides. If you live in an apartment or need a compact coffee maker you won’t go wrong with this one. I am an elderly female and live alone this makes just the right amount of coffee for my morning.

Does the job, and i like to fact that you can programme in the time when it starts making the coffee. So you can set it up the night before if you want.

Does just one thing and does it well makes coffee. Just one problem, and it’s probably my fault. It got plugged up with mineral deposit (i assume). So i just bought this new one and now i’ll clean it out with vinegar to prevent that happening again. I put a splash of white vinegar into a full pot of water and ran it thru.

I’ve only used this 2 or 3 times but i really like that you just pick how much coffee grounds you want tot put in the reusable filter and pick how much water you want to pour in. It will fill the entire travel mug it came with if you want it to, which is like 2 normal size cups of coffee, so thats pretty nice. I like that i can just brew a small amount if i want to as well. Overall for the price i couldn’t be happier.

You can use coffee powder and coffee beans, make the perfect coffee, it is worth buying.

I’m a bsn student and was tired of spending a fortune on kcups and killing the environment with them. This is a perfect alternative. It takes probably like 5 minutes to brews 5cup pot so i just turn it on before i get dressed in the morning. Make sure you turn it off after you brew it so you don’t forget since there’s no automatic shut off. Since i live off coffee this has saved me a fortune between k cups and starbucks.

Features and Spesification

  • 14-oz(420ml) travel mug fits in most automobile cup holders, less splashes or spills.
  • 2-In-1 function coffee maker can make coffee with ground coffee or coffee pods.
  • Low energy consumption, 24 hour programmable timer with Blue backlight.
  • Scientific insulation System, safe operating, long-time stay warm ensure mellow taste.
  • Convenient one-touch operation with indicator light, permanent coffee filter reusable and no deformation.