PowerLead Vacuum Sealer – My new favourite gadget

I had a vacuum bag sealer years ago which was pretty useless, but seeing the reviews here decided to try another. I do a lot of cake decorating and seemed to be wasting a lot of fondant and modelling paste through drying out, no matter how thoroughly i wrapped it. This seals so well and the vacuum seal never fails until the bag is cut. Bags can be cut and resealed over and over as long as you leave some spare when you make it. I haven’t used it for anything else yet, but i’m sure it will seal and preserve lots of other things too.

I decided to buy this gadget after reading the great reviews on amazon. Looking elsewhere i couldn’t find any others for such great value and i’m happy to say it does what it says on the tin. Vacuum is pretty powerful for something so small. I liked the sturdiness of the finished seal as i’m not worried about it coming loose.

Used it yesterday to bag up bulk purchase of spices that cannot buy here very easily also chicken breasts. Cut bags to required size and sealed easily. Bags & roll of good quailty, why skimp to save a few pennies which you probably won’t in the long run.Freezer burn should be at an end now with this.

The gizmo and 10m continuous roll of ‘bag’ cost me £51. People say the manufacturer bags are expensive. I’ve never had another sealer, so i can’t compare. What i can say is that the bags are of a very good long-lasting gauge and they are very easily reusable over and over again. 50 for 10m of reusable bags. Also i read in peoples’ reviews that only manufacturer-made proprietary bags can be used if vacuum sealing is required. With a little ingenuity other-brand plastic bags can be used. The sealer is incredibly simple to use and appears to be well designed and crafted. Those with fewer than two braincells to rub together would find it difficult to do something wrong. I would not hesitate to recommend this vacuum sealer to anyone. It’s so flipping easy and satisfying to use, i just wanna go around the house vacuum sealing everything :-).

Here are the specifications for the PowerLead Vacuum Sealer:

  • Keep Fresh:The machine adapt to nondestructive type seal alone,easy to keep the air out and store the food.
  • Easy to Use:The Vacuum Sealer support a key to automatic completion with the precision manual and it could stop halfway,easy to get the bags sealed.
  • Strong Power:Worked with -75 – kpa80, finish within 5-10s,and can work more than 40 times in a row.
  • Fast and Efficient:The machine can support package more work at the same time,don’t need wait more time.
  • Avaliable for Various:The Sealer Machine can fit the bags or contains size range from 3-12 inchs and available for various food and even non-food items.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Vacuum Sealer – Brilliant!
  • Worth every penny!
  • excellent product at good price