Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine – This is great for producing my own normal looking cigarettes but using

The person who had problems with it was nor using it properly.

Easy to handle and work with.

. This is supplied with german instructions. . Have asked for english instructions. Say they cannot do this before xmas. Cannot understand why this as an electrical item is allowed to happen as is dangerous. . Not up to british standards. 24/12/15 have received instructions after contacting on 23/12/15 amazon-luxfux.

Having been a smoker for 30+ years and using a manual machine for the past 15 years,i thought i would give this machine a try. All i can say is why did i wait so long the machine delivers a quality smoke every time with no ends falling out to burn your clothes. In fact so impressed that within two days i ordered another one as a spare (admittedly not from amazon-found one cheaper in the u. )if you are thinking about an electric machine i cannot recommend this machine enough,go on try it you will not be disappointed.

Little bit messy,apart from that ace.

Best thing i have ever bought.

This is great for producing my own normal looking cigarettes but using much cheaper tobacco. I don’t like having to roll a cigarette or using cigarette papers. Using the rizla roll you own filter tubes and gold leaf tobacco my weekly tobacco spend is massively reduced and the taste is better, in my opinion. Far less chemically tasting and more like cigarettes used to taste in the 70s and 80s. The tobacco needs to be quite dry to stop in from clogging the filler mechanism, but now i have found the perfect level of moisture in the tobacco as i let it dry out slightly in a large cake tin for week before using it. A quite expensive purchase but has sped up the whole process so i can now make 100 or so cigarettes and put them in older packets or a metal packet and keep some ‘in stock’ ready for the week ahead. Hope you enjoy using this as much as i have.

Produces cigarettes like shop bought ones at a fraction of the cost. Added bonus is you can blend your brands to suit yourself. Just buy a box of tubes and filters and you are ready to go. Quick delivery from germany as well. If it doesn’t work then it’s operator error not the machine. It only jams if you pack the tobacco in to tightly. Light finger pressure is fine. Plenty of youtube tutorials if you struggle with german instructions. Take your time with your first few of new batch and you will work out how much you need to put in as all blends are slightly different and will burn at a different speed depending on how tightly its packed. You can do filter free ones as well if you use a bit of imagination. Leave a small gap in the chamber as you fill it then cut the filter off after its loaded. I don’t think they recommend it but it works okay if that’s your preference.

This is great item very quick and easy to use.

Brilliant product, fast delivery.

I am reccommending this product to everyone this is the 2nd one iv’e purchased.

I would recommend this product its fast and easy and you would save money.

The machine is very easy to use you also get the accessories to keep the machine clean and great working conditionyou do save money as you can actually get volume tabacco 200 grams for£69 online from smoking. Com a very reasonable service which makes over 200 cigarettes. Here are the specifications for the Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine:

  • Makes 100 mm and Regular (King Size) without any switches.
  • Built like a tank.
  • One Year Warranty
  • AC Powered
  • Electric Jam protection

Afterloosing the use of my left arm i found it difficult to roll cigs with a normal roller so i looked for an alternative. Bought a rolling tin but it was just as hard to use, then i saw this product. It seemed an expensive way of making cigs but i was desperate to get my roll up i am so glad i bought it as it makes a perfect cig every time without any hassle. I got carried away using it and made a whole days supply in five minuets.

Buy with confidence – thank you pfeifenstudio bulentini for importing the machine (great work guys (and gals?)).

A little expensive to buy but a great time saver and makes a perfect cigarette. A lot better than manual machines and less hassle.

I had purchased it from amazon us and thought it would be good to have a 220v one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Superb cig maker.
  • Excellent product
  • A little expensive to buy but a great time saver and makes a perfect cigarette