Premier 2 Litres Tilting Stone Wet Grinder : Had to do a repair as the plastic cracked in

Had to do a repair as the plastic cracked in use – since the repair it has worked perfectly for making my own chocolate.

It is easy to use and clean.

I didn’t get the attachment which was supposed to come with it.

Working as expected and no complaints.

I’m in the uk, and purchased this item because i am taking a russell james course on working with stone grinders for raw cuisine. It arrived very promptly from india and came with a uk adaptor plug and instructions in english. Despite coming from india, there was no import duty to pay. Unfortunately it wasn’t white as in the photo but maroon, but since it won’t be on show permanently i didn’t mind too much. It was easy to use and worked well. Cleaning it afterwards by hand took fifteen minutes. I had the machine running for about five hours in a cool room and it worked perfectly without overheating. My first impressions have been good. The plastic parts don’t look as high quality of other kitchen appliances i have but, for the money, this machine would appear to be a good buy. When in use it makes some noise which is to be expected.

Good service, delivered on time. Used few times and can’t complain. Only the downside, you need a flat plate to pour the batter. But other than that , its a good buy.

I enjoyed using this machine to make my bean to bar chocolate although i found it could not grind cocoa nibs properly until the cocoa nibs was in powder form.

  • Good value. Maroon not white plastic finish.
  • A great stone grinder
  • Good maschine but got a defect after two times using

Premier 2 Litres Tilting Stone Wet Grinder

The Premier range of products covers almost the entire requirement of modern kitchen. With emphasis on quality, safety and product innovation, Premier has been reckoned as a leader in the kitchenware market. The Premier Tilting Grinder is used for a wide variety of wet grinding applications, yielding pastes that form the base for delicious preparations around the world. Premier Grinder can be also used for pulping vegetables for soups, making semisolid masalas and chutneys. The grinder stone in Premier Wet Grinders is made of hard black, export quality, special hard stone that ensures no chipping or powdering during wet grinding applications ensuring a longer component life. All plastic components used in the grinder are made of food grade quality. The rotation of the grinder stone is optimized to avoid overheating in an effort to retain the micro-nutrients in the paste. The roller stone further crushes, mixes, pounds and grinds simultaneously, so that all the food is ground to exact proportions and is thoroughly mixed. With Premier Tilting Grinder you discover total convenience, all you need is to tilt and pour the batter, remove the grinding stone and clean the grinder with ease.

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I am satisfied both from the service and the machine , can recomend.

Not good plastic partsmine has broken. Can we buy parts for this machine?. The plastic centre paddle has broken off as i hit it on the sink when washing.

Grinds well and easy to operate.

Seems to do every thing it claims to. Delivered with a uk plug and instructions. The only thing to beware, it’s quite noisy. Don’t expect to be able to leave this running overnight if your bedroom is anywhere near where you’re running it. The only advice i would give, make sure you wash it well before first use.

I bought this because i have been involved in a raw food course and this melanger is the one they use to make raw chocolate plus nut and seed butters. When i first used it i was a bit frightened of it because it is quite heavy. Also i had not tightened the knobs on either side properly and when i switched it on the drum tilted forwards. Anyway, i have now used it for chocolate and nut butters. I really love this machine and think it is very reasonably priced compared to some i have seen. It is quite noisy but not at the level of say a food processor or blender. I have left it on overnight and could hear it upstairs from one room (my house isn’t the biggest in the world ) but i’m not doing that all the time. It is a heavy item and you need to be mindful of that all the time i think and be careful washing it. Another reviewer broke a part on it and i think that could be easy to do so handle with care.

Works like a dream, using it for making chocolate. Only thing that stops it from getting a 5 star as a product is that there is a hole in the plastics cover that’s attached to the milling wheels, meaning that if you add too much material it flows into where the mechanical parts are and i’m only making 1kg at the time so can’t see this being very good with 2kg.

The grinder itself is very good – unfortunately it has a defect after some month an i two times using and can`t return it. And its no fun anymore to work with the grinder.

  • Good value. Maroon not white plastic finish.
  • A great stone grinder
  • Good maschine but got a defect after two times using

Premier 2 Litres Tilting Stone Wet Grinder

Features and Spesification

  • 2 Litres (grinds up to 8 cups)